Thursday, March 29, 2018

Was I First To Use Ebonix Lexicon " I Feel That " On Record and Modern Usage "Ninja" Word?

I have been wondering that the Stand-Up Comedy routines I did in Dick Doherty and another club I cannot recollect the name of arranged by Neil Midman, who was a very kind booking agent I worked with, that the routines were the first to use the term 'I feel that..!' or 'I feel dat!' in the way it is understood in contemporary lexicon to be used now. I do not recall another performer anywhere up to that point, this is in the mid 1990's Boston comedy circuit. The medium of comedy was brand new to me, had never done more than perform some improv before classes or doing acting on stage. But in the routine is a bit about pro basketball players making interview remarks and they say 'I feel that..I feel that...' etc. That is on video, I won a contest with a t-shirt prize and these badass mofos came onstage next called themselves 'Guinea Pigs' because it was an Italian crew, some funny Irish guy I don't know. Real comics in there. So ya.

But in a song I did while I was at Berklee, did publish it as schoolwork for a songwriting class, that had the 'emotional ninja'ing' thing going on. Both about the same time, I don't know when it was but maybe 1995 or so.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Limerick A

A bit big for britches ya grew;Nothing but shit from McGoo;Yar fat jowls rounder, Tits quarter pounder;Till all of ya's have but to stew

 The Port and the Bureau surrender;All from their glass dented fender;The kids were thus freed, Officers scared so they'd peed;The pork rinds were never such tender

If all of the coppers go off shifts;Would all off the hookers get new lifts?;The liquor weren't quicker, But combined weren't none slicker;Then all of them joined in the sifts

Perhaps you'd not heard it before; But just now all police became whores;You can say what u think, But you pay at the sink;Then ya leave crime at the door

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Law Enforcement To Become Sex Workers

The real solution to the pandemic law enforcement corruption problem is uniting their core ideology with the reality of a political paradigm-- we make them sex workers. We need sex workers provided by the State now, it's a shoe-in for the future with the new monies being generated by porno and web cams, the nature of prostitution reform, the science behind sex as healthy and also the clear problem that law enforcement is the rapist at large we have been failing to identify for all this time. By converting them into sex workers, we can satisfy their need to remove rape and other sex crimes from prosecution while empowering our own rights. They feel they may rape us at will without consequence so why shouldn't we feel the same way about them? Where did you believe pedophiles got off-- was it just through Department of Education or Fire Department? NO! It's Police.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Models Are Scared Of Cops Now, I'm Being Slowly Murdered

At this point all I recognize in the State is an occupation. There's nothing like freedom or justice. I cannot get charges on those who commit crimes so great they violate International Trade Laws against Copyright for over 170 countries. They don't care-- you said 'Jews did 9/11' or that '1=∞'
or that 'the newspaper is raping you'. Forget about it, move on! It's a steamroller effect right on your life and it just gets worse.

So now I'm dealing with the pain and recovery process for being physically beaten in the heart and back by cops. I survived but only because I used natural defensive tactics to keep them from breaking my arms and crushing my chest. Here's that video:

My notebooks were composed by waking up on the side of freeways, or in cheap hotels, while at work, 4am walking the streets of L.A.-- before 9/11 and after. They contained patent designs, original inventions for everything from weaponry (one shared concept with Bob Lazar who works with defense contractors now in development with that, and we had the design about the same time...I worked with Carolyn Rose Goyda who worked with Lazar and knows him...wonder what's going on with that one!) to kitchen gadgets to space program things to computer chip concepts... Then there's
philosophy, poems, scientific observations, huge amounts of music. This is my most personal diary from all the time I labored and sacrificed, struggled and hurt since leaving college in my mid 20's.

Stolen by the cops and Feds and property manager for Manhattan Apartments!?

Then all the hard drives with nude models who were clear they don't want their name or face published that way, with all my evidences and records from old emails, musical copyrights and recordings...stolen.

They beat the fuck out of me almost killing me right on camera, then they stole my fuckin shit. They interacted with my personal computer which had emails opened up which contain not just private shit from Paul McCartney, my classified brother, my mother and father, all kinds of personal shit (a Grammy nominated producer is in there...Dweezil Zappa's old email).

This State is at a point which separated from its people. We cannot select anything but RESISTANCE at this point. I don't see a government but a bullying mafia. Fuck whatever this used to be, I don't even believe in it. I'm out of this country and into the next one. Maybe I'll be afforded the actual chance to survive instead of being beaten, raped and robbed at every chance I try to make a contribution to the country.

One of my models is livid and feels totally disgusted by being penetrated for her personal art sessions with me and what they've done to me as an artist against her earnings. She feels intimidated and invaded. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Portland Police Bureau Murder Attempt On Me, Kelley Wallace/Manhattan Apartments Theft

I had been bullied and abused badly in The Manhattan Apartments at 2209 NW Everett St. in Portland 97210. An insane couple lived on one side making it impossible to find peace and rest between about 10-1. Then the hysterical, dishonest and bullying property manager Kelley Robinson/Kelley Wallace began to claim the right to assault, drug and poison me, stop me from complaining about it, then stop me from going to the bathroom. The woman moved her 'son' in who is 6'7 300 lbs. and he kept me awake about everynight from 2-5 or so a.m. The place itself had seven major habitability issues including a non-functioning lock on a street window, drain not working, unclean shared bathroom, etc. But when I threatened litigation over smoke entering my room repeatedly (there was about 25 or so smoke events where it was coming through a non-functioning radiator vent which was built with the building in the old days), she threatened eviction.

Calling the Portland Police Bureau was something I felt necessary but now can see that there is no chance to get justice from the PPB, you can only become a victim of their abuses. When I met with the cop, he sided with her and ordered a 'mental wellness check' on me. It's insane since I was poisoned, drugged and all that by this smoke, the lady right on emails told me I had to put up with it and she was taking responsibility, I even had the smoke on video coming from the vent...I mean-- all I did was calmly explain the situation and ask for a charge of a misdemeanor for her threat, a violation spelled out very clearly in Tenant Landlord Law codes.

So at this point the bitch stopped emails with me, including for anything to do with the building. I felt intimidated in the hallways going to the only bathroom because she was there 'cleaning' in the hall many times I'd wake up and go to take a shit. That was where and when she caught me to threaten me with eviction for not accepting smoke shit in my place as a natural fuckin phenomenon of the architecture of the building, so she told me was the gospel. I told her to get a real maintenance person instead of a twofer for management/shitty cleaning by her.

It'll be two weeks on Thursday from the date this happened- -I woke up all groggy and grumpy (by the way, their bed was all fucked up with an oversized top mattress and the piece of shit had no support, so I was on the floor anyway) from the fucking noise all the time, all the crazy shit going on... the insane 6'4 property manager with her 260+ lb. obese body was lurching forward in the fucking hall and she had a broom extended out. I'd already told her three times not to obstruct me in the hall. She stared me down icily and I went all the way around her fucking shit. I said 'would you get out of my way, please?' then took a piss. So I went back and emailed her basically saying that she might get knocked over if she obstructed the hallway repeatedly.

Three hours later cops show up to my fuckin door. They claim right in court what happened next which was they commanded me to not take a shit or a piss so long as their master, the all powerful property manager, was cleaning. I will receive potty training or be charged. So they left and I sent the stupid fuckin insane ass occupying, corrupt mafia fuckin KGB Russian spying totally worth NATO annihilating PPB and some emails about charging the mentally retarded officer who'd claimed dominion over my bodily functions with OR Revised Statutes. This didn't go over well since they sent a crazed cop team to my door to violate a noise ordinance and attempt homicide on me.

I do have a nice video of it, unless the bums erased it since I was gone inside. But they came in, basically almost killed me. I was captured like a dog in a net, they just grabbed me as they were talking at me, didn't bother giving me any peaceful chance to go quietly. I didn't resist much but I got a wound right over my heart which almost 2 weeks later is still yellow and not showing much sign of heals. The other one over my shoulder is about as bad and large. So they yanked me off to a loony bin because the fucking nutty property manager lied and said "I Threatened and Screamed At Her In The Hall"!. This bullshit fraud went right to court lying. I did make a video of that time and it would show if I yelled from the hall, so I can nail the lying sick asshole in court. She deserves to be imprisoned.

The building owner named Brian Puezzi or something like that, an ugly and disgusting person I seriously suspect of rape and property theft on his slum tenants, he was charged with crimes by me with citizen's arrest. His totally maniacal property manager works with him carefully in their fraud. I came back to pick up all my stuff and found that about 20 hard drives and various notebooks with patent/invenstions (including weapons designs), poetry, music, science concepts-- basically my most personal record from 20 years of life after school, my only treasures. They disappeared.

I had reported to the FBI and cops that my shit was apparently taken by the manager. My mother had a conversation with her while I was in the hospital and the crazy manager had said she was moving my computer around?? She had no right to be in there, the eviction she served was not backed up by any court appearance or order and that makes it a crime for her to enter like that. They definitely did it. I saw that rat piece of shit right at the building today, too. The bald geezer really looks like he has a pacemaker and a little boy in a prison to pleasure himself over all day.

At this point will have to go for political asylum with some embassies perhaps because this government is no longer free and we must resist. I almost died and am now dealing with a huge financial strain to stay in fucking hotels and get all my shit loaded with UHauls and helpers, all the fucking crazy shit I have to get taken care of with attorneys and all that. I am not rested and healed yet so it's not easy that way at all either. And they set me up at The Manhattan Apartments for discovering those drives and notebooks missing, so wanted me to flip out and do something overt so they could try and have the shitty fucking mafia cops try to beat me to death again.

Perhaps they will see red their own way.

Stopping the LINCOLN WAS A DUMMY book is one possible motivation of Oregon and this sow at the Manhattan Apartments. Perhaps another form of news will occur there for the assholes? They do not want me to expose the leadership of African Americans in the era and they do slave, perhaps?

I looked at the video I made of the cops murder attempt. You don't see much physically of the event but the sound is all there. But at the end it shows a cop USING THE MOUSE AND STOPPING THE VIDEO. That is Federal Copyright Infringement and potentially Destruction of Evidence at some point. The computer did not become theirs and the video I was making was not theirs to stop and that does equate to a $1 million claim alone and a motivation to commit Homicide to get the point where their Copyright Infringement and Fraud would be possible. What fuckin criminal cowardly little pussies! I felt Americans were in police uniforms but now I see Commie scum! It's Pretend-To-Be-An-American!

Activate all reserves and veterans on US soil to defend.


You know not one of those mf cops was a BLACK person