Saturday, August 19, 2017

Devil's Tower, House of Osiris

The Tet or Djedu is so clearly being used in the depiction of the 'light bulb' devices in the famous Egyptian wall art. This must be understood by Egyptologists around the world who can make the comparison and see plainly that they are there.Hence, one wonders why there is not a field of science relating to the genetic amplifiers being described by the Egyptians? This open secret seems to be indicating that the Tomb of Osiris is-- The Devil's Tower!

It has been theorized that the true location of ancient cities described by certain texts related to the presence of Egypt like societies only in early Americas. The pyramids on the Mississippi are an indicator of some of this possibility! There is a video on Youtube from a man who claims the famous Devil's Tower in Wyoming is actually an ancient petrified tree. It is described in The Legend of Osiris by Plutarch that the death and the resurrection of the God is made possible by his body being stored in the hewed tree of magnificent size, which represents the Djed Pillar. See

We can expect that Osiris is right there in the tree stump in Wyoming and that Osiris himself will be reincarnated through his genetic materials being activated with the Djed at some point, whenever the Gods feel like it.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

There is an idea in quantum physics which extends to entanglement about a particle appearing to be in two positions at an instance. This is a measurement paradox, the entanglement is in the measurement hence 'measured entanglement' may be closer to the mark than 'quantum entanglement' in the view of its nature. If it is in two places then it is not the same, first of all but the eloquence of the question to the bearing of a temporal disorientation becoming automatic to the logical confluence for the appearance of this apparent duality is also the dynamic of infinity. Yes to both, no to either.

Schrodinger requires the conscience perhaps that I managed to shit out a paper about on Facebook. I will attempt to piece those together from the former hard drive soon out of the rambling commentary.
But the concept is again reaching the same conclusion of a mathematics paradigm which represents the surface tension since the introduction of the system, it appears. This is again the war of slavery, immortality, infinity and inter-stellar commerce.

The presence of Enkidu in Gilgamesh, the species of trees which the guardian giant wielding the blade, this represents the felling of the female entity which protected the species prior to the Flood from a mortal consequence. Disease, 100 year natural lifespan-- since the flood. The giant is likely Bigfoot, which was bonded within a female priesthood (Aratta-ref.) which linked these bonds of creation to the natural order of worship, society then on the Earth. According to the record, there was *no moon* in the sky prior to the flood! And this is essential for our incubation in the little colony of this tiny globe with an incomprehensible atmosphere. The idea that the giant race of miners was imprisoned here with a genetic shield around the planet is directly correlated to the ancient teachings. The trees were specific immortal races...probably Elvish/the slave race on the Reptilian planet in Sirius B, Bigfoot and the little ones (like the Hobbit, who have large hairy feet to represent the direct connection of Bigfoot to the little folk).