Saturday, August 25, 2018

PPB War Declaration

I have declared war on Portland Police Bureau today. My legal situation is that I can pencil in any tribal heritage and affiliation I want since the grocery store slavery continued five years with a blank trespass (which means I get to write in the reason, i.e. "FOR BEING AFOX TRIBAL INDIAN HE IS STARVED".

I'm declaring it openly because my tolerance is done. I'm going to begin to dismantle their bridge and all their cops. FOX TRIBE is my affiliation directly. I am Fox.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lincoln tech

what if to solve a problem advanced tech was applied to convince our minds that the dimensions and proportions we physically are cannot manifest in the common human mind. so some of us are 17 feet, 40 feet , 2 feet and different looking. possible? I feel they climaxed in about 1845 with tech and then we been working back to the future since the

sunny delight

watch the stock, it's o fire

Eunechs were Female

I don't feel that hacking genitals off then tarring them over, forcing the men to drink oodles of wine so the hole bursts out of their loin area. They say the survival rate was very very low and their lifespan too but...I don't think it's really likely that a person could guard very well with tar loins, even with large muscles. You don't move very well with solidified sap all over you. Imagine the balancing issues, the muscular, the scraping on your thighs, the pain all day of it...

I feel it's possible that there was a way found or known early on that made females inflated with muscle but there may have been a price to their reproductive systems. That or it was another RACE of men designed to be without testicles.

Friday, August 17, 2018

There's Been A Tribal Meeting About The Property of New York Territories

I've deduced from the criminal codes already since Lance Turner's conspiratorial murder by Russia with the State of California and Federal government (one of their first big attacks on the country with their KGB seizure of FBI in The Presidio under Ronald Reagan) that their classification and motivation for warfare on me (the Turner murder was designed to state a classification for a Russian on US soil against me) includes MOHAWK DNA. This is from a film "Meatballs" which is clearly being used with the Lance Turner murder in its paradigm, which is extremely complex with publishing rights and large media corporate interests assigning characterizations to human beings for their slaver profits.

It so happens that my Dutch line is directly connected to the first settlers in the USA who met with Native American tribal people in New York. I was attacked and slaved, starved and beaten, imprisoned for being Mohawk, Montauk and Aloqonquin specifically in Burlington and this is the paper record of their five long year assassination attempt on me. Bernie Sanders personally rubber stamped the assassination and drove my physical health down to warn my tribe to never question Jewish leadership without risking further genocidal or ethnic cleansing type of actions. In my complex of claims about their starvations and their murderous assaults on me I did relate being forced to call in tribal chiefs through the spirit world since I may be the last of a tribe, such as Mohican and therefore would be forced to act as a leader of a tribe that has become extinct.

So I'm wondering if I can conference with myself in a way here to re-establish the issue of who gets to control anything on the territories there in NYC. Since the Jews bombed us on 9/11 there and the whole government pretty much said 'fine', why not let's just eschew that whole European Goddamned arrangement and get the fuck out.

This very second.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

How were there Foreign Nazis?

Wasn't the League of Nations responsible with Freemasonry for the Nazi Party movement? There were several Hitlers, that's been shown by Peter Kapnistos in his recent book Hitler's Doubles. But Germany was occupied by a consortium of international troops disguised as a Germanic political party which took over the parliament. It's well known Jewish financiers were directly responsible for the investments to get Hitler into power, that there were Jewish Nazis including Officers. But it's even less well known that there were Asian, Black Nazis. Probably other ethnic groups possibly from other countries.

Will South Carolina Be The USA's First Secession?


Secession Declaration First

South Carolina 4-1
Michigan 8-1
California 12-1
Texas 12-1
Wyoming 20-1


And Vermont 100-1 only because their numbers always are fabricated to make themselves larger, though they believe they are supremacists righteously.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Can Gold Be Made To Water

How does one turn water into gold?

How Russia May Have Attacked the USA With Lance Turner's Murder in California In the 1980s

See I was on this baseball team with this kid named Corzenkof like that and I yelled out 'Corzi! Corzi!" on the mound to encourage him. But since I was insensitive and obnoxious was unaware that it was more irritating to him than encouraging. He turned around to stare at me for a moment, which alerted me he was not appreciating the full intentions behind my encouragement. Thus I stopped the calling to him, and he continued to pitch.

His name is Russian. So some Russians maybe used that event like this-
"Corzi" is like a dog. "Pitcher" is like for water. Now water+dog, right? Lance Turner was apparently murdered at Waterdog Lake behind Ralston Middle School, which we attended all together. When the pitcher 'turned' at the mound, we had a Turner. I'm not saying the Corzenkof kid had something to do with the murder himself but I mean, it's undeniable that there's a direct symbolism involved. Then there's the tall kid with the beer-- "Coors" on a mound, which is an elevated turf. Come on..Baseball isn't soccer but it's another organized sport most youth have the option to play in the United States. The Lance Turner murder revolves around the soccer team he was on, he apparently went behind the fence after the practice to the lake behind where the practice was.

You know what, I think I met Willy McCovey at the baseball diamond there. Fruhwirth the principal brought this man to the practice one day and announced it but nobody believed him, no one wanted his autograph.

I hung out with Jeff Corzenkof as a teen, there was never a problem between me and him at all, we had good times. Just saying

US Constution Conspiracy Theory

Is the US Constitution drafted in its final form on leather that is pig and human leather? Is it a recipe for breeding a race of warrior-pigs?