Tuesday, October 23, 2018


You know, it's been a good little while since it started
The bizarre-est thing though is that it's as strong as since parted
This feels almost to me like a normal relationship
All the info I give is just a one sided lip
For some reason she is a comforting soul
How could I have not fallen into her bowl
Such an amazingly fine creature it's dawning on me
These feelings I have, more heavier that I see
I take a step back and look outside the work
Like a rare Red specked bird flying in for a perk
It's happened to me and my heart tells me gold
The things I don't know make me feel like a mold
It's keeping up, all this love that I'm having
And it's something I've noticed, she's more than a craving
Her presence is growing to me like a tree
The more I am with her in mind, more I see
Now it's becoming more deep, like a yearn
It's struck me that she has more than one can earn
There's no one else like her and already, I love
A message she is, sent to me from above

Such a nice drive and driver for sure
There's nothing but butter and cure
The pissant fled coward;A pint of him soured
Still better, she's dirty but pure

Sunday, October 7, 2018


 To play the part and be enamored Is playing in the fresh spring rain and sunlight Love is play and play love is love

These times of day when I feel her say
In my mind and body and spirit her way
“I know you’re here, I feel your ray”
It’s like relief, and pleasure, memory

And for the next time again, we both fly away

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Religions as Nations

If religions are recognized as government powers the people may have a chance for rights. The nation of Jewry, Islam, Christianity, Sikh, Buddhist, Tao. A citizenship which has certain boundaries and powers spelled out. There is a government bond already with religions but their powers are straining governments. And Jewry itself is not Israel. Jewry must be recognized as a nation with government power itself collectively in order for the world to heal geopolitically.

Friday, October 5, 2018


The wetness of tragedies lost to our histories
And saved in our stories
The loneliness of awareness never boring
But is our stories

It takes a loving hand to share our glories
An endless land to spare our follies
A natural life to bring our honies
To the queen, which hears our stories


You can't say more, you can't win more
You want to be there, you can only be where you are
It hurts all day, all night and it's all you are
It hurts all day, all night...it's what you've got


Cops vs FD

What the military decided to do is let cops rape fire department and vice versa. Only they gotta KEEP DOING IT until one of the other drop. No civilians, just those bullshit occupying sluts.

Will Turkey Align With Syria? Is the US In Danger Of Bombings Since WW2

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

laugh poem

if you laugh, i will laugh
if you laugh, i will too
but if you laugh hahaha
too late