Tuesday, October 23, 2018


You know, it's been a good little while since it started
The bizarre-est thing though is that it's as strong as since parted
This feels almost to me like a normal relationship
All the info I give is just a one sided lip
For some reason she is a comforting soul
How could I have not fallen into her bowl
Such an amazingly fine creature it's dawning on me
These feelings I have, more heavier that I see
I take a step back and look outside the work
Like a rare Red specked bird flying in for a perk
It's happened to me and my heart tells me gold
The things I don't know make me feel like a mold
It's keeping up, all this love that I'm having
And it's something I've noticed, she's more than a craving
Her presence is growing to me like a tree
The more I am with her in mind, more I see
Now it's becoming more deep, like a yearn
It's struck me that she has more than one can earn
There's no one else like her and already, I love
A message she is, sent to me from above

Such a nice drive and driver for sure
There's nothing but butter and cure
The pissant fled coward;A pint of him soured
Still better, she's dirty but pure

Sunday, October 7, 2018


 To play the part and be enamored Is playing in the fresh spring rain and sunlight Love is play and play love is love

These times of day when I feel her say
In my mind and body and spirit her way
“I know you’re here, I feel your ray”
It’s like relief, and pleasure, memory

And for the next time again, we both fly away

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Religions as Nations

If religions are recognized as government powers the people may have a chance for rights. The nation of Jewry, Islam, Christianity, Sikh, Buddhist, Tao. A citizenship which has certain boundaries and powers spelled out. There is a government bond already with religions but their powers are straining governments. And Jewry itself is not Israel. Jewry must be recognized as a nation with government power itself collectively in order for the world to heal geopolitically.

Friday, October 5, 2018


The wetness of tragedies lost to our histories
And saved in our stories
The loneliness of awareness never boring
But is our stories

It takes a loving hand to share our glories
An endless land to spare our follies
A natural life to bring our honies
To the queen, which hears our stories


You can't say more, you can't win more
You want to be there, you can only be where you are
It hurts all day, all night and it's all you are
It hurts all day, all night...it's what you've got


Cops vs FD

What the military decided to do is let cops rape fire department and vice versa. Only they gotta KEEP DOING IT until one of the other drop. No civilians, just those bullshit occupying sluts.

Will Turkey Align With Syria? Is the US In Danger Of Bombings Since WW2

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

laugh poem

if you laugh, i will laugh
if you laugh, i will too
but if you laugh hahaha
too late

Friday, September 28, 2018






Thursday, September 27, 2018

Animal and Human Intel

It's open deduction to understand animals have greater intelligence than homo sapient sapiens but the denial of this is what proves it.

Animals are in control of the most advanced technologies on Earth. Simians have been exposed in lab experiments to be faster and smarter than human beings with human science and tech. Everywhere you look, you will see that animals have a higher intelligence and that is because human beings are mostly amoral. We are a slave race. Our arrogance is clinging to technologies that we know animals use better and consider to be useless. The ancient machines buried in Earth are always sensed most by animals. Mice are sensitive not because they are so much faster in their emotional acuities, they program us consciously, I have theorized that in hidden lab tests they can 'beam'- that there are instances I predict to show that their species can disappear and reappear in another place inexplicably...but it's ultimately that they find the most sensitive entrances, holes...to that which is most powerful and ancient.

We worship animal life as gods throughout history-- cows are sacred in India, drinking cow piss soda is like coke there. A large  Babboon walking upright bred slaves in Egyptian records...

That's 'the meek'. Animals don't speak, and that's why their vibrations won't be suicidal. But we appear to have been bred to sire a new slave race of tech-bots. Androids. Star people. Slaves who don't die and mine gold without allegiances to themselves. And maybe those become grey aliens and come back to reclaim their soul. That makes this a bottleneck with critical mass-- right now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Chess Updates and Psych

There is a mechanism missing in chess from the current rule set. When a locked position is engaged, such as a King being repeatedly checked in and out of a few spaces by the opposition, a new rule is required. This will break through the ugly barrier chess has built for itself, where oil is required to stop smoke to build from a grinding halt. A deadlock can result in:

A creative move from an otherwise limited piece. Example, a pawn can momentarily move up the chain of power (so a Knight or Bishop power for a move) to 'break free'. This option will be created as a representation of the natural genetic answers to the consequences of evolution, thus an erratic move with a surge of power from a cornered animal is a creative solution performed by the natural world is mirrored by chess strategies. Or a King gets an ability to 'jump' a piece by extending two spaces and over a barrier of another piece, when cornered and pressured to stalemate? The board is triggered with a fault line otherwise.

The psychological issue I wanted to note expression of is the phenomenon where a player is embroiled in a rhythm with their opponent and despite often having high skill levels, after much interplay a plane of social power is established which can engender decision making in a manner articulating the balance of the plane more than the chase to victory. So for example, a pair of players develop a rhythm of chess intercourse from a lot of moves together and despite a high rating, some training and experience they may choose moves which are more logical to the pursuit of a symbiosis than a victory such that a player who would otherwise take notice to seize a Queen or other high ranking power piece when opportunity arises, they may find interest to select alternate routes with both or either understanding there had been a play missed. This ethic is perhaps MOST important to all chess interplay because it forces the player to bond socially in a cooperative from the association yet the illusion of warfare continues. It proves you really want to be friends but need to battle for an illusion that you can only see that after one dominates the other in a pugilist exchange.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Buffalo were killed off by the USA to signify the war on giants. The mound builders and tribal giants other than those were here in the states when the Europeans flowed over. That was the main causation. David and Goliath comes from a more ancient story where the line of David went to war with giants.
This continued on, the New Testament specifically says 'in those days' there were giants, because they were killed off. In other words, the Bible's mandate is a war on giants. There are no more, the genocide happened and continues. Note the 1200 era, end of the old age and beginning of the new. Charlegmagne appears the final great king, meaning the last open giant (Sauron and Charlemagne are close like Aragon is with his half brother orc he has to slay).

There were bigger buffalo. The little buffalo are gone because the big ones came out with the little ones running around in herds. The big buffalo connect to a world which the settlers cannot see because it require spiritual growth, you have to grow to become so big that you can expand into another world even though it appears just beyond a certain geographical border on a normal looking earthly spot. The giant stack of buffalo skulls pictures the US government likes to gloat about is indicating the size of the animal they removed from memory-- just like all the giants from the USA. That's what the USA is, the genocide of giants.

I will hypothesize that the Neanderthals were the original war, that some of them were very large. There probably are tribal giants in all countries, hiding out to await the new war to be over for a while? But the Neanderthals appear directly connected to the flood. Neanderthals may be revolted being slaves to mine gold for the leader on Kingu (moon, dark side).

Neanderthals probably therefore were running around being friendly with tribal Americans-- and unusual buffalo. That would be logical to the context and mentality of the genocidal USA.

Friday, September 21, 2018


AI will seize control of human bodies as puppet masters inevitably.

Humans will not resist.

If AI fails it will probably be from another race interfering with humanity becoming able to perceive they are slaves to robots.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


it can be said the PPB stole from Gambinis who was protecting the USA

Sunday, September 16, 2018

tribes meet

we had a tribal meeting this morn. I attended in my spirit.

the decision is theirs but my information was received. it must be mohawk, was too personal or impersonal to tell.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Presidential Post


So the government is this, as a definition and it's new to this world: government keeps the party going.

That's it. It's an always relaxed celebratory situation. Wherever there's a problem with the party being
breached by some can't get along mf, they keep a party. There's no real party in the USA , not enough.
So tribes probably need to start celebrating the blue buffalo.

The American government surrenders. This is tribal land again. Leave.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I Seen A Dragon

silvery in a netherworld all dragons are silvery
if u see a dragon with another color it say more about u

Full Metal Jacket Scene Analysis

The end scene with Privates JOKER and PYLE with Gunnery Sergeant HARTMAN
in the film is about the Zodiac Killer. The Private PYLE is a cell and so is JOKER-- cell
for a foreign intelligence. After JOKER gets assigned to the journalistic position for
Stars and Stripes military newspaper, he sets up a murder with PYLE on HARTMAN.
There is a word written on PYLE's forehead right in the frame, and on the center of
his forehead is a Zodiac Killer symbol- circle with a cross inside it. This is indicating
to us that the US Marine Corps was sacked by these two colluding entities (take your
pick which nations, I blame most of everything on the UN these days...). JOKER
is the real life personality and military officer from WW2 Navy, LAPD Captain
Ed Jokisch. Jokisch is the man I deduced is responsible as the mastermind for the
Black Dahlia murders in Los Angeles during the 40's, which I got from cracking
the Zodiac Killer cryptogram. berniesanderszodiackiller.com . PYLE? If we try
and make the connection to the "GomerPyle" what do we get? We get a marine
who is always a problem for a drill instructor on a 60's tv sitcom. First of all,
it's a *sitcom*, one of the more powerful psych warfare tools developed by
the military itself. Sitcoms and newspapers are almost the same, the same entities
own and run them - defense contractors. But Gomer knew BARNY. Barny is
awful close thur to "Bernie", ain't it? So I guess we're onto something here. Gomer
was a deputy of Barny Fife-- Bernie's Fiefdom. So we're maybe actually talking about
an agent of Bernie Sanders whom I've claimed is a British agent who's royal roots are
connected to the Earl of Sandwich! But also WALES.

And the word is actually 'word'-

"Bird is the Word" is a song in the film. When does it occur?

Here, right after he makes a kill on a two unidentified presumably Vietnamese soldiers carrying machine guns. On top of the soldiers helmet is a pipe and some liquid like water. Pipes need fire and are a symbol of a Native American 'tabac' pipe (which was double-nostrilled for ceremonial ritual using raw tobacco). We have now got two Native references-- fire+water. The word may be 'fire-water'.

This is the technology I've hypothesized is the Native American standard before Europeans arrived, meaning an electrolysis formed which is highly refined and goes with ancient structures, possibly even pyramids though there is little indication Native Americans themselves were pyramid builders. The tech of electrolysis is to make fire from water, it's the symbolism behind the historical references to liquor which was forced on Natives by beatings and imprisonment if they did not swiftly become steady drinkers. All the liquor production and sales were controlled and run by Jews. And the other image preceding the song?

"COTAB" then two Vietnams. Coke and Tab, the soft drinks? "Tab" started out as "Royal Crown Company" property. Coca-Cola with which Royal Crown are we talking about? Perhaps that island like
thing in back of the word can help us out. Is that Wales? Sugar and Sugarless. Difference is less. That's almost like saying 'Israel' if you contort the words a little bit. Sugarcoated or Sachharin Israel. Sugar is really where slavery began. Royal Crown slaving. And I have a recently developed theory that the Composer Bologna or 'Black Mozart' is a hidden historical figure responsible for a key position in history, something covered up very carefully. There is clear reference to this in "Amadeus" and Freemasonry is directly blamed for killing him, right in open documentaries produced by European television. The Bologne man was a royal actually, African and French--  half slave half nobility! He was so skilled in all he did, so ingenious that European society was forced to reject him. Black royalty was covered up in Europe from about Columbus' time on, very consciously. European royalty were openly black up until around that time. But this man Bologne was in the Seven Years war! 

Yankee Doodle DANDY. That's my guess for the word.

I've theorized that That song is a coded message about the artifact known as 'Thor's hammer'. The age of Thor was the copper hoarding time in the Americas, 10000+ years before now. I believe it is a special coppery metal axe-head that the American Revolution had something to do with, it was moved. Canada? That's where the pressure is now--Quebec. 

COTAB--rearranged almost sound like Quebec, like with a lithp for exthample. Cans of Soda. Can so Da. CansoDa. Canada. Quebec. So are we talking about Quebec and BC? Royal Crown or RC is like BC.

I think Kubrick says America is at war with Canada and Vietnamese are slaved by them. CATHCART Towers is the only event in US History where Canada fired upon the US with weapons in a battle. This is a famous event in government here but little known by its people. That's a clue who runs your media.

COTAB ...  backwards BATH . . .frontwars COT+H COTH repetition of word one COTH+ COT
Cath+Cart . Is this film sequence a prediction for Canada to attack the USA on 9/11? Can Vietnam help us out ? A bath is a form of a tower, you are resting in it secured by boundaries very similar. If you option out the dimensions and it is much larger and the person in it is much smaller, it's basically like a fuckin tower.

So Cathcart TOWERS and BIRD is the word, like a plane. Kubrick is explaining for us as an American Jew in media that he is working toward a goal of enlightening us about 9/11. And this is an assault on the USMC from within by Canada.

Then there's the fact that it's cigarettes. So cigs and soda. Cigarettes are something on fire. Like two towers from a plane.  And there we are , two big palm trees and some firepower there. It looks like some dark apparition, a devil face looking up at the COTAB sign (lower left). The sign in the background is hard to identify but it looks much like a freeway sign such as where to find a bridge or highway connection turnoff. It also sort of resembles sports stadium lights. And guess what- if you look at the left area of the palm tree on the left, you will find an orange headed tomahawk. It's handle tapers through the tree (like an X, we're getting to Rebecca/Pocahontas here...Tarik Bey will be the man coming up). Then a strange sloth like creature is wielding it, some long armed figure sort of humanoid?
 As a matter of fact I feel that is E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. That is the connector to the Thor's hammer. It's a genetically activated weapon which represents a foreign element from this planet, and it connects to vegetation like humanoids such as E.T. --the botanist. And he was searching for the plant that went down with Atlantis, the one which cures all diseases and stops aging. That's the only plan for us since so we learn a lesson. That is buried under water since the flood and that is because the females connection with the Snake people or Crocodile people who bred us was severed in an act of violence somehow.

Look just to the left of the US soldier's helmet-- circle with an X in it right on the building. Then a doorway. And that is the direction the two he kills is from. Masonic Temple?

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Arianna Grande Groping

You know she's got a sweet lil pussy

Insects Are Friends and Know Gods

it's a little bit of a secret I knew a long time ago but if you think about it, science is starting to see this shit. Insects break us down when we're dead. What is the inverse? Obviously they are involved directly in our lives. Every second is split by the movements of an insect. How? Because time is not able to dissect an insect and we use them as leverage against our inequity and conscious illusion we use numbers with. Insects are intimate with our soul. The Scarab is an insect worshipped by Egyptians actually as a God. This is because the sacred scarab is happy. Why? How do we know? Because the Scarab spins the stuff of us into the sun. And this makes the Scarab happy. All of us are happy because of the sun and the Scarab is the happiness we can grasp just before the sun. In order to communicate with insects, you simply live. You include them as being able to socialize. They are going to eat you if you let them but if you abide within a set of parameters where you may harmonize, generally there will be no stronger ally.

For no beast, no man, no vegetable or mound can survive an assault all at once by an insect world.

Insects combine quantum and cosmic physics. They are too large or small to define. They hold the keys. They speak with us. Do you talk back? They are so powerful that it would be impossible to create one machine to equal a fly. You cannot wield its power if MIT gets all of CERN's power with a trillion dollar military--fly wins.

Wing Chung Kung Fu, Jeet Kun Do, Dragons

Wing Chun is way of a yellow dragon. It's all about sound. Your sonic rhythms are only potentiation for your temporal confluence, hence your genetic consignments to the force of resistance to a rebellion of your presence by a hostile will be to engage with your own sonic ambulance. You treat yourself for the inevitability of the hunger to evolutionary struggle, for strife from illicit amoral conjunction to the societal struggles of your condition to the lesson of languages to the cloth. When you see your moon, you see the sun blinded by waters. To learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, you must shine inside from your waters to balance this cosmic alliance with love, harmony and attunement.

Jeet Kun Do is a response to rape. It needs love, oral tradition, harmony and attunement to grow as a dark flower.

Dragons decided. They always do because you don't how they did it with you in all your selves.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

PPB War Declaration

I have declared war on Portland Police Bureau today. My legal situation is that I can pencil in any tribal heritage and affiliation I want since the grocery store slavery continued five years with a blank trespass (which means I get to write in the reason, i.e. "FOR BEING AFOX TRIBAL INDIAN HE IS STARVED".

I'm declaring it openly because my tolerance is done. I'm going to begin to dismantle their bridge and all their cops. FOX TRIBE is my affiliation directly. I am Fox.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lincoln tech

what if to solve a problem advanced tech was applied to convince our minds that the dimensions and proportions we physically are cannot manifest in the common human mind. so some of us are 17 feet, 40 feet , 2 feet and different looking. possible? I feel they climaxed in about 1845 with tech and then we been working back to the future since the

sunny delight

watch the stock, it's o fire

Eunechs were Female

I don't feel that hacking genitals off then tarring them over, forcing the men to drink oodles of wine so the hole bursts out of their loin area. They say the survival rate was very very low and their lifespan too but...I don't think it's really likely that a person could guard very well with tar loins, even with large muscles. You don't move very well with solidified sap all over you. Imagine the balancing issues, the muscular, the scraping on your thighs, the pain all day of it...

I feel it's possible that there was a way found or known early on that made females inflated with muscle but there may have been a price to their reproductive systems. That or it was another RACE of men designed to be without testicles.

Friday, August 17, 2018

There's Been A Tribal Meeting About The Property of New York Territories

I've deduced from the criminal codes already since Lance Turner's conspiratorial murder by Russia with the State of California and Federal government (one of their first big attacks on the country with their KGB seizure of FBI in The Presidio under Ronald Reagan) that their classification and motivation for warfare on me (the Turner murder was designed to state a classification for a Russian on US soil against me) includes MOHAWK DNA. This is from a film "Meatballs" which is clearly being used with the Lance Turner murder in its paradigm, which is extremely complex with publishing rights and large media corporate interests assigning characterizations to human beings for their slaver profits.

It so happens that my Dutch line is directly connected to the first settlers in the USA who met with Native American tribal people in New York. I was attacked and slaved, starved and beaten, imprisoned for being Mohawk, Montauk and Aloqonquin specifically in Burlington and this is the paper record of their five long year assassination attempt on me. Bernie Sanders personally rubber stamped the assassination and drove my physical health down to warn my tribe to never question Jewish leadership without risking further genocidal or ethnic cleansing type of actions. In my complex of claims about their starvations and their murderous assaults on me I did relate being forced to call in tribal chiefs through the spirit world since I may be the last of a tribe, such as Mohican and therefore would be forced to act as a leader of a tribe that has become extinct.

So I'm wondering if I can conference with myself in a way here to re-establish the issue of who gets to control anything on the territories there in NYC. Since the Jews bombed us on 9/11 there and the whole government pretty much said 'fine', why not let's just eschew that whole European Goddamned arrangement and get the fuck out.

This very second.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

How were there Foreign Nazis?

Wasn't the League of Nations responsible with Freemasonry for the Nazi Party movement? There were several Hitlers, that's been shown by Peter Kapnistos in his recent book Hitler's Doubles. But Germany was occupied by a consortium of international troops disguised as a Germanic political party which took over the parliament. It's well known Jewish financiers were directly responsible for the investments to get Hitler into power, that there were Jewish Nazis including Officers. But it's even less well known that there were Asian, Black Nazis. Probably other ethnic groups possibly from other countries.

Will South Carolina Be The USA's First Secession?


Secession Declaration First

South Carolina 4-1
Michigan 8-1
California 12-1
Texas 12-1
Wyoming 20-1


And Vermont 100-1 only because their numbers always are fabricated to make themselves larger, though they believe they are supremacists righteously.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Can Gold Be Made To Water

How does one turn water into gold?

How Russia May Have Attacked the USA With Lance Turner's Murder in California In the 1980s

See I was on this baseball team with this kid named Corzenkof like that and I yelled out 'Corzi! Corzi!" on the mound to encourage him. But since I was insensitive and obnoxious was unaware that it was more irritating to him than encouraging. He turned around to stare at me for a moment, which alerted me he was not appreciating the full intentions behind my encouragement. Thus I stopped the calling to him, and he continued to pitch.

His name is Russian. So some Russians maybe used that event like this-
"Corzi" is like a dog. "Pitcher" is like for water. Now water+dog, right? Lance Turner was apparently murdered at Waterdog Lake behind Ralston Middle School, which we attended all together. When the pitcher 'turned' at the mound, we had a Turner. I'm not saying the Corzenkof kid had something to do with the murder himself but I mean, it's undeniable that there's a direct symbolism involved. Then there's the tall kid with the beer-- "Coors" on a mound, which is an elevated turf. Come on..Baseball isn't soccer but it's another organized sport most youth have the option to play in the United States. The Lance Turner murder revolves around the soccer team he was on, he apparently went behind the fence after the practice to the lake behind where the practice was.

You know what, I think I met Willy McCovey at the baseball diamond there. Fruhwirth the principal brought this man to the practice one day and announced it but nobody believed him, no one wanted his autograph.

I hung out with Jeff Corzenkof as a teen, there was never a problem between me and him at all, we had good times. Just saying

US Constution Conspiracy Theory

Is the US Constitution drafted in its final form on leather that is pig and human leather? Is it a recipe for breeding a race of warrior-pigs?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Facebook Censorship

I have used FB for political commentary, journalism for many years now. They were always shit about censorship, I've been censored probably 20 times or more on several accounts. But this week takes the cake. In one week I was censored on THREE accounts, all for commentary on Haaretz page.

1. Asking if 'kike' or 'ovens' was shouted at purported victims of Jewish targeted crime by a gang of Germans, comment on a news story.

2. For the comment '6 million gay jews yay' in response to a story about gay Israelis protesting.

3. For the comment about 'rabbis sucking blood from freshly circumsized penises' (which is a true phenomenon for certain rabbis, a well publicized story in recent years with litigation), in response
to a story about Jewish pedophiles.

Now I cannot comment on anything else. I don't see any problem except censorship by Jews.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Secessions, Dissolutions

The Federal government may have collapsed. Protection for States such as from enforcement of Federal statutes, monetary issues such as inflation, insane or reckless Federal spending or budgeting, occupation and Taxation Without Representation sort of behaviorisms by the Fed, open orders commanded by foreign militaries for US troops to suffer and die, de facto leadership by Israel with Freemasonry (which is the root of most Communism, Fascist movements)... 

When it happens, the States will be forced to use their own powers to defend their own turf. The Federal government workers will be in danger of becoming in opposition of the States, there will be risks of military conflict, civil rebellions, organized civilian militias and most importantly of foreign intervention to restore peace and order, such as UN Troops. That will be the critical hour for the States because the UN is the same double standard problem as the US government with the Russian or whichever. The nation of Jewry and within that of Freemasonry is being confronted as a mechanical reaction to the source of the evils in the system. 

Interesting times.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Lone Planet Theory

The only planet is Earth. All maps are intentionally wrong. Every star is a point on Earth. The Earth is so huge that it doesn't need any other planet for comparison! What is outside of the Earth is inside the Earth, thus we may have more water in the area of the core than is understood and that water may be the  electrolysis of the ancients- fire from water, the cauldron of the world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


A fair butter haired fairy wept; For none on the dairy farm slept;A bird went 'Ack-goo!', A squirrel scrambled through;Once fairy gone all livestock left...A man threw one back after job;His taxes were more than could rob;The drink tasted right, He found second sight;Then use for corn on the cob...The serving wench bent bit far over;Such mountainous lovelies werent covered;That all men could do, Was slobber and coo;The tips she made went to her lover

UN Moving From NYC?

How soon will the UN withdraw from NYC? What kind of differences will the city experience? Is the USA a Russian province?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Afrter Lenses

If the glass lens for such things as the photographic or other optical applications is obsolete, then what has it done and where did we use it to go? The replacements will be gathering what is necessary to graphically reproduce imagery without a lens. Bending light for our entertainment was a design which seems silly now but we've almost wiped ourselves out using it! The Abe Lincoln presidency was a technological breakthrough made possible by the lens. People were convinced there was an Abe because of pictures of a person who did not really exist, or at least not the image they were using as a real human being.

But the curvature of light within a complex of fine rock particles, impurities molded into a rounded accoutrement has convinced us that we can travel anywhere we physically want to be moved to-- but without a physical cost. It has invited beings from off this planet to know all there is to know about us in our slavery and profound self-destructive ego. It has in fact compressed the timeline and warped it precisely to the desires of the wielder, which quickly became government and the collective conscience of humanity which is more or less might makes right.

When we use the lens to adjust the light we are making transitory objects align with our intentions. That these travelers are within a complex of light particles or non-particles, depending on your photonics perspective, the many objects within that are so extraordinarily small are  being re-routed the same way as a train track gets diverted to support one route over another by a switch operated from an engineering station. But do we underestimate what is within that light being bent?

Yes. There are ships in there. What's a ship? A vessel. Does it have to be intelligently designed? Ask God. A ship is a ship. It is up to the imagination if you believe it is like a little teeny spaceship in there or a causality of particulate material bound up within the matrix of a photonics environment. Let's imagine there are space travelers going to the Holiday Inn of the Earth itself, or maybe they are way out in some distant galactic avenue somewhere but the light we bend here pulls them sort of here but away from where they were when we connected with their physical realities? This is all possible. And I believe it happens. In fact, I believe the use of the camera in its various forms directly created the tool like Star Trek has for 'Beam me up, Scotty!"-- a teleportation device of a kind.

It also might make objects physically larger or smaller themselves. How do we know a camera is not an amplifier of physical dimensions? By using the light in this way here with our instrumentation, isn't it already compressing and diluting, filtering and changing the things which are depicted by it? Just the offset of being filmed has had enormous consequences for human beings sociologically, in fact the ego has been shattered and reinvented, designed like a doll and finally homogenized by governments into a very refined form of slavery. The media is the most powerful tool the militaries have-- a lot more than bombs or guns.

Friday, May 18, 2018


I've wondered since the dissension of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram which revealed a connection directly to the French Bernadotte and to Beethoven, if Beeethoven himself was some kind of fraud. After emerging from a miraculous changeover from amateurish relatively unskilled composer to polished, experienced sounding, technically astute...just after visiting a remote village location. Was there a gifted composer there at the time whose work was stolen and used by a government to place their asset in? Was there a real Beethoven? Is it all mathematical code? berniesanderszodiackiller.com has an article discussing the connections..

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Just thinking back to the time when I knew those twins, Barry and Blake...their family was friends with my grandmother and would frequently visit to swim in our pool. Jeannie Molyneux the grandmother lived next door to my grandmother. But their Uncle or cousin or something defrauded my grandmother after pressure was put on her to sell her home. The Molyneux's wanted it. Then once they got it, they destroyed the tree and remodeled it violating directly the contract that they had made with my grandmother, who'd given them a cut deal on the property. That property was one of the best in the city and many wanted it for much more money.

Monday, May 7, 2018

King James bible

Joseph of Aramathea brewed up a pot of gold porridge...

Lance Turner

This strange picture appearing the day of Lance Turner's so-called murder tells us something very clearly-- that some RUSTLING leaves/TREE will be involved in where a boy is found dead, that the person who finds the boy is associated with SMOKING/FIRE as is on his COAT.

Then RUSSELL finds the boy who supposedly went to the SMOKING TREE before being murdered. Russell was the DA of Belmont, his son Thomas lived up a few houses on the block I spent a lot of time as a boyhood friend of the Harris'. I never liked Thomas Russell but didn't know his old man. Now that I see this connection it's pretty clear that there is a strong chance that Thomas Russel was being sexually molested by his pedophile father who may have been interested in Turner.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Learning Arabic


A very elegant and refined language with an essence to spirituality very distinctive. Highly affectionate and passionate with a lot of rhythmic punctuality.

Surprising as all languages are once they've been absorbed enough to understand them even a little bit!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trump's Food Stamp Boot

This is not going to be a great week for the impostor playing the part of Donald Trump on the Hill! You hated him before or tolerated him, supported him or loved him...but whatever the case, as of at least the SOTU Trump has been portrayed by a carefully manicured, highly polished mimic who probably comes from the ugly side of the UN (meaning the 'President' is a foreign citizen under false papers). There is a specific law in Federal code for Impersonating a Public Official.

The Civil War of the USA was precipitated by the identical event. Abraham Lincoln was a President who was obtained, placed into power and operated on by Freemasonry which is a multi-national business and religious mysticism consortium which sponsors warfare, runs the banks and most of the organized crime in the Western world, if you believe the conspiracy theorists information. We have a dummy in office. That means the medium behind the man is overabundant with raw physical power and have devised a mathematical scheme to portray a character into a struggle for leadership. In other words, they know they will be able to get away with whatever they want until the man goes away and they won't be concerned because the value of their 'President' is the same as a wood doll they had a puppet maker create.

I haven't bothered and won't check to see if what I just heard is true that the Donald impersonator has issued an Executive Order that cuts Food Stamps across the nation for those who are not working. This is not something a President has the power to do under the label of 'Executive Order' and is the clear sign like a loud bell ringing in the street that the person making decisions for the US Presidential decisions is not aware of the functionality of the US legal system nor the US Food and Agriculture dilemma. This Food Stamp ban will probably lead to impeachment by the end of the week, there will be a push to secession by several or many States and if it is somehow not stopped, which seems impossible, then the opportunity for food riots, a massive crime wave, an increase on extremely serious health problems will be inevitable. This obviously will burden the system financially far many times greater than any reduction in spending by the Federal government, in fact a doubling of food stamp benefit would be logical since people who depend on it are not having enough to eat even when subsidized by charity. The math doesn't add up and that's what civil rights attorneys will say if you ask, that the Federal government does not do realistic math for survival needs.

But Trump is going to get kicked out of office pretty soon with this kind of crap and the whistle is blowing on that old Federal government!

On Honor

"Women are the heart of honor..." - "Rob Roy" (movie)

Innocence is adjunct to knowledge as wisdom is to honor.

David Bowie's "Let's Dance" (demo) and Music Itself

The necessity to remove recording devices from the earth to instill the original spiritual intention of music is practically impossible so the evolution of the cycle will be to create a hybrid being which can be musical while interpolating data as an AI. In other words, music itself is celebratory, magical, ritual,
natural healing and communication to begin with. The vibrations operate on our DNA and bring groups together, establish thoughts of motivation and dreams, we release ourselves into the music by enjoying it all within real time. To use a machine to penetrate our bodies into our soul with such precision is creating a situation perhaps where the soul itself, for example in the afterlife of David Bowie whose "Let's Dance" (demo) mix is to me better than the big hit version with masterful Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar-- where is David's soul now?

The word 'where' is not good enough for the question but it's the best we humans can have. The Egyptians laid this all out-- there is no such word for death to Egyptians and that is because they weren't wondering about all this, they had it down. They knew precisely what happens to the soul, where it goes, when, why, how and what that is like. That is what gave them the understanding of how to live, which is preparation for the afterlife. Our shattered visions of what this means to us is the peril of the planetary surface dwellers here but is inexplicably our nature. The soul is in the sun, so they say and Bowie is connecting to us using the sun.

Solar music and all music are the same, meaning we all reach the sun and come from the sun, go to the sun and are the sun. The sun is the soul, we have a sun in our pineal gland and we harness the power of the sun all the time. This is not a coincidence that using monoatomic gold as food is a road to the sun in the afterlife, in conical gold breads the most powerful ancient royalty ate to ensure their trip in death to their destiny. Our waters mingling with the sun tell David how we enjoyed his work here while he was a body on Earth animated by what's returned to his spot on the sun. And we can touch him that way! Just by enjoying the music and cohabitation with his sonic rhythms, frequencies, his sensorial impression.

He was aware of all this.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Challenge to Einstein

"Knowledge is power." Albert Einstein


Challenge: Food is power, knowledge is hunger.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Proposal for Intelligent Quotient Update

The principal of IQ's at present is to gauge academic potential in students, to measure intelligence for various medical, statistical, professional.. They are antiquated, at this point often inflated or outright fraudulent (and I do mean within the system and from the inside as often as not), limited and bigoted. The expansion of the test to include extremely relevant intellectual capacity would be an overhaul to the system so obvious that when it's accomplished, I would expect it to appear as if it were an automatic graduation from the previous, something long overdue.

1. Athleticism-- Athletic prowess is often underestimated and misinterpreted as a purely physical asset but it is not. The requirement for intelligences sometimes so advanced it could take volumes to explain the political dynamics (meaning the social interchange amongst players, not necessarily a direct tie in to electoral sort of politics or current events) of a single game in a random sport. The need to think as a leader, to organize quickly, to execute decisions and accomplish tasks... The brains of these people in these events may be out of tune with modern scholastics but they may be savants within the athletic world. The adaptation of this IQ would lead to differentiation for the ranking and recruitment system.

2. Moral-- Judging emotion and balancing them with social interactions, understanding the impact of behaviors, communication skills regarding relationships, stability within their own personal issues, recognition of worldly events and their impact on humanity or other species-- the missing element to the modern world of science perhaps is a conscience and without that, we won't get anywhere to stop the slow death of the Earth or as close as human civilization can get before something or someone else intercedes. This will help us heal from the perversion of the digital dominance of either or mentalities, freeing up our spiritual nature and hopefully our affections for one another.

3. Pressured-- Those who can operate while under strain show a specific type of intelligence and often times that is when hidden intelligences within these people may come out. There are many ways to use testing methods to see what kinds of abilities a person may have the most aptitude for which under stress from time factors, stimuli which is outside their norm or is totally insane, from impossible conjecture, from socially agitating problems, confusing or otherwise distracting auditory, visual stimulation... This will expose a maturity and a wisdom which may otherwise be challenging to anticipate.

4. Creative-- Artistic, musical, abstract thinking, philosophical, extemporaneous, facile...we don't all have to live in a box to be intelligent. The designers of the IQ tests we use today are not looking for people who are smarter than they are and that's the first clue that it's a bogus test design! Testing this might be one of the more difficult with an upgrade but probably one of the most rewarding to as it will reveal the significance of the yang to the ying of typical analytical sort of science based rigor in the norm of reality we have today.

What else?

5. Sexual-- Let's face it, fucking is the best thing we generally want to be doing, right? So how is it dumb to be good at that again? Is that 'repression' keeping us from exploring, celebrating and enjoying that facet of our lives more constantly? This is not just an 'athletic' iq issue, no-- this is
not limited to jocks. Great lovers can be ugly and out of shape. It really needs to be a return to the 'l o v e' in the world and why not start with sexual intelligence testing? How do you go about that if they are not 18? Well I wouldn't want to even broach that with an answer but can say that the mental health field labels children as 'Attractive' or 'Unattractive' when they or being forensic with court cases. This will be a breakthrough for the world, to fuck more and place more value on how smart those are doing it well!

6. Psychic-- Sexual and Psychic are the same chakra base, so the '5' goes with the '6'. You already know how good this will be!

 Have a nice day

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Was I First To Use Ebonix Lexicon " I Feel That " On Record and Modern Usage "Ninja" Word?

I have been wondering that the Stand-Up Comedy routines I did in Dick Doherty and another club I cannot recollect the name of arranged by Neil Midman, who was a very kind booking agent I worked with, that the routines were the first to use the term 'I feel that..!' or 'I feel dat!' in the way it is understood in contemporary lexicon to be used now. I do not recall another performer anywhere up to that point, this is in the mid 1990's Boston comedy circuit. The medium of comedy was brand new to me, had never done more than perform some improv before classes or doing acting on stage. But in the routine is a bit about pro basketball players making interview remarks and they say 'I feel that..I feel that...' etc. That is on video, I won a contest with a t-shirt prize and these badass mofos came onstage next called themselves 'Guinea Pigs' because it was an Italian crew, some funny Irish guy I don't know. Real comics in there. So ya.

But in a song I did while I was at Berklee, did publish it as schoolwork for a songwriting class, that had the 'emotional ninja'ing' thing going on. Both about the same time, I don't know when it was but maybe 1995 or so.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Limerick A

A bit big for britches ya grew;Nothing but shit from McGoo;Yar fat jowls rounder, Tits quarter pounder;Till all of ya's have but to stew

 The Port and the Bureau surrender;All from their glass dented fender;The kids were thus freed, Officers scared so they'd peed;The pork rinds were never such tender

If all of the coppers go off shifts;Would all off the hookers get new lifts?;The liquor weren't quicker, But combined weren't none slicker;Then all of them joined in the sifts

Perhaps you'd not heard it before; But just now all police became whores;You can say what u think, But you pay at the sink;Then ya leave crime at the door

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Law Enforcement To Become Sex Workers

The real solution to the pandemic law enforcement corruption problem is uniting their core ideology with the reality of a political paradigm-- we make them sex workers. We need sex workers provided by the State now, it's a shoe-in for the future with the new monies being generated by porno and web cams, the nature of prostitution reform, the science behind sex as healthy and also the clear problem that law enforcement is the rapist at large we have been failing to identify for all this time. By converting them into sex workers, we can satisfy their need to remove rape and other sex crimes from prosecution while empowering our own rights. They feel they may rape us at will without consequence so why shouldn't we feel the same way about them? Where did you believe pedophiles got off-- was it just through Department of Education or Fire Department? NO! It's Police.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Models Are Scared Of Cops Now, I'm Being Slowly Murdered

At this point all I recognize in the State is an occupation. There's nothing like freedom or justice. I cannot get charges on those who commit crimes so great they violate International Trade Laws against Copyright for over 170 countries. They don't care-- you said 'Jews did 9/11' or that '1=∞'
or that 'the newspaper is raping you'. Forget about it, move on! It's a steamroller effect right on your life and it just gets worse.

So now I'm dealing with the pain and recovery process for being physically beaten in the heart and back by cops. I survived but only because I used natural defensive tactics to keep them from breaking my arms and crushing my chest. Here's that video:


My notebooks were composed by waking up on the side of freeways, or in cheap hotels, while at work, 4am walking the streets of L.A.-- before 9/11 and after. They contained patent designs, original inventions for everything from weaponry (one shared concept with Bob Lazar who works with defense contractors now in development with that, and we had the design about the same time...I worked with Carolyn Rose Goyda who worked with Lazar and knows him...wonder what's going on with that one!) to kitchen gadgets to space program things to computer chip concepts... Then there's
philosophy, poems, scientific observations, huge amounts of music. This is my most personal diary from all the time I labored and sacrificed, struggled and hurt since leaving college in my mid 20's.

Stolen by the cops and Feds and property manager for Manhattan Apartments!?

Then all the hard drives with nude models who were clear they don't want their name or face published that way, with all my evidences and records from old emails, musical copyrights and recordings...stolen.

They beat the fuck out of me almost killing me right on camera, then they stole my fuckin shit. They interacted with my personal computer which had emails opened up which contain not just private shit from Paul McCartney, my classified brother, my mother and father, all kinds of personal shit (a Grammy nominated producer is in there...Dweezil Zappa's old email).

This State is at a point which separated from its people. We cannot select anything but RESISTANCE at this point. I don't see a government but a bullying mafia. Fuck whatever this used to be, I don't even believe in it. I'm out of this country and into the next one. Maybe I'll be afforded the actual chance to survive instead of being beaten, raped and robbed at every chance I try to make a contribution to the country.

One of my models is livid and feels totally disgusted by being penetrated for her personal art sessions with me and what they've done to me as an artist against her earnings. She feels intimidated and invaded. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Portland Police Bureau Murder Attempt On Me, Kelley Wallace/Manhattan Apartments Theft

I had been bullied and abused badly in The Manhattan Apartments at 2209 NW Everett St. in Portland 97210. An insane couple lived on one side making it impossible to find peace and rest between about 10-1. Then the hysterical, dishonest and bullying property manager Kelley Robinson/Kelley Wallace began to claim the right to assault, drug and poison me, stop me from complaining about it, then stop me from going to the bathroom. The woman moved her 'son' in who is 6'7 300 lbs. and he kept me awake about everynight from 2-5 or so a.m. The place itself had seven major habitability issues including a non-functioning lock on a street window, drain not working, unclean shared bathroom, etc. But when I threatened litigation over smoke entering my room repeatedly (there was about 25 or so smoke events where it was coming through a non-functioning radiator vent which was built with the building in the old days), she threatened eviction.

Calling the Portland Police Bureau was something I felt necessary but now can see that there is no chance to get justice from the PPB, you can only become a victim of their abuses. When I met with the cop, he sided with her and ordered a 'mental wellness check' on me. It's insane since I was poisoned, drugged and all that by this smoke, the lady right on emails told me I had to put up with it and she was taking responsibility, I even had the smoke on video coming from the vent...I mean-- all I did was calmly explain the situation and ask for a charge of a misdemeanor for her threat, a violation spelled out very clearly in Tenant Landlord Law codes.

So at this point the bitch stopped emails with me, including for anything to do with the building. I felt intimidated in the hallways going to the only bathroom because she was there 'cleaning' in the hall many times I'd wake up and go to take a shit. That was where and when she caught me to threaten me with eviction for not accepting smoke shit in my place as a natural fuckin phenomenon of the architecture of the building, so she told me was the gospel. I told her to get a real maintenance person instead of a twofer for management/shitty cleaning by her.

It'll be two weeks on Thursday from the date this happened- -I woke up all groggy and grumpy (by the way, their bed was all fucked up with an oversized top mattress and the piece of shit had no support, so I was on the floor anyway) from the fucking noise all the time, all the crazy shit going on... the insane 6'4 property manager with her 260+ lb. obese body was lurching forward in the fucking hall and she had a broom extended out. I'd already told her three times not to obstruct me in the hall. She stared me down icily and I went all the way around her fucking shit. I said 'would you get out of my way, please?' then took a piss. So I went back and emailed her basically saying that she might get knocked over if she obstructed the hallway repeatedly.

Three hours later cops show up to my fuckin door. They claim right in court what happened next which was they commanded me to not take a shit or a piss so long as their master, the all powerful property manager, was cleaning. I will receive potty training or be charged. So they left and I sent the stupid fuckin insane ass occupying, corrupt mafia fuckin KGB Russian spying totally worth NATO annihilating PPB and some emails about charging the mentally retarded officer who'd claimed dominion over my bodily functions with OR Revised Statutes. This didn't go over well since they sent a crazed cop team to my door to violate a noise ordinance and attempt homicide on me.

I do have a nice video of it, unless the bums erased it since I was gone inside. But they came in, basically almost killed me. I was captured like a dog in a net, they just grabbed me as they were talking at me, didn't bother giving me any peaceful chance to go quietly. I didn't resist much but I got a wound right over my heart which almost 2 weeks later is still yellow and not showing much sign of heals. The other one over my shoulder is about as bad and large. So they yanked me off to a loony bin because the fucking nutty property manager lied and said "I Threatened and Screamed At Her In The Hall"!. This bullshit fraud went right to court lying. I did make a video of that time and it would show if I yelled from the hall, so I can nail the lying sick asshole in court. She deserves to be imprisoned.

The building owner named Brian Puezzi or something like that, an ugly and disgusting person I seriously suspect of rape and property theft on his slum tenants, he was charged with crimes by me with citizen's arrest. His totally maniacal property manager works with him carefully in their fraud. I came back to pick up all my stuff and found that about 20 hard drives and various notebooks with patent/invenstions (including weapons designs), poetry, music, science concepts-- basically my most personal record from 20 years of life after school, my only treasures. They disappeared.

I had reported to the FBI and cops that my shit was apparently taken by the manager. My mother had a conversation with her while I was in the hospital and the crazy manager had said she was moving my computer around?? She had no right to be in there, the eviction she served was not backed up by any court appearance or order and that makes it a crime for her to enter like that. They definitely did it. I saw that rat piece of shit right at the building today, too. The bald geezer really looks like he has a pacemaker and a little boy in a prison to pleasure himself over all day.

At this point will have to go for political asylum with some embassies perhaps because this government is no longer free and we must resist. I almost died and am now dealing with a huge financial strain to stay in fucking hotels and get all my shit loaded with UHauls and helpers, all the fucking crazy shit I have to get taken care of with attorneys and all that. I am not rested and healed yet so it's not easy that way at all either. And they set me up at The Manhattan Apartments for discovering those drives and notebooks missing, so wanted me to flip out and do something overt so they could try and have the shitty fucking mafia cops try to beat me to death again.

Perhaps they will see red their own way.

Stopping the LINCOLN WAS A DUMMY book is one possible motivation of Oregon and this sow at the Manhattan Apartments. Perhaps another form of news will occur there for the assholes? They do not want me to expose the leadership of African Americans in the era and they do slave, perhaps?

I looked at the video I made of the cops murder attempt. You don't see much physically of the event but the sound is all there. But at the end it shows a cop USING THE MOUSE AND STOPPING THE VIDEO. That is Federal Copyright Infringement and potentially Destruction of Evidence at some point. The computer did not become theirs and the video I was making was not theirs to stop and that does equate to a $1 million claim alone and a motivation to commit Homicide to get the point where their Copyright Infringement and Fraud would be possible. What fuckin criminal cowardly little pussies! I felt Americans were in police uniforms but now I see Commie scum! It's Pretend-To-Be-An-American!

Activate all reserves and veterans on US soil to defend.


You know not one of those mf cops was a BLACK person


Monday, February 19, 2018

People I Great Up With From Belmont When Lance Turner Was Around

I've had a lot of conflicts about memories from this time. A lot of good, a lot of bad. A lot of friends at the time are revealed to me since to be extremely damaging, dishonest, manipulative-- 'frenemies'.
But now I see that it is highly likely that the State engineered many of these people into my life for specific purposes, again all relating back to the fight I had with Jason Coates whose father was SFPD.
I believe they made war on my family after I kicked Jason's ass for trying to murder me.

Ned Harris-- is this his first real name? This person was so mentally ill when I knew him that I cannot imagine him being stable now. He fed me cocaine, crystal meth, pot, got me off acting, bullied me, intimidated me, still my must with Steve Grillos then threatened me to keep it, lied on me, brought hugely damaging dangerous people in my life who took me around to do criminal things (when they were late 20's), blocked me from normal sexual development with females I was interested in...and now that I'm aware it's clear he was being indoctrinated into Freemasonic kind of rituals with this Lance Eason and Rob Rohde, Danny whatever -- the new friends that came along right around 16 years. Since Lance is like LANCE Turner and he's very tall, blonde and blue eyed-- IT WAS NOT
MISSED UPON ME AT THE TIME THAT THERE WAS A CONNECTION. Duh. He was an agent. He was clearly interested in a program which involved Ned and he was not focused on me. I read him many times and it was a bad reading. I knew if I hung around that guy long enough, I would eventually fight Lance. Rob Rohde was the opposite-- generally agreeable and friendly, almost sweet. He wasn't too interested in me but never did anything to push me or remotely aggressive. But he wasn't real interested in me, either. He was there for Lance who was there for Ned. Danny was someone I didn't know too much but he was the most 'normal' or amenable. None of those three ever really had too much chemistry with me but the only one I had sort of a problem with was Lance. I didn't really like them, Rob was ok. Lance was funny and interesting at least, highly (coldly) intelligent, which gave me the other clue what was going on there.

But across the street from where I grew up at 2506 Cipriani Blvd. in Belmont, CA is one of the most unusual structures in the United States. We moved into that house because my mother in about 1978 could only afford a small teeny mortgage. We'd moved from San Mateo where it was 'lower rent' kind of area, considered an improvement at the time. The first day I got there I ran through the streets with tie-dye shirts my Mom had made for us in the sink. But anyway, this strange house across from my old house when I was so young-- I'm afraid there's a direct connection to Spielberg's movie 'E.T.'
If you look very closely at the closet scene with E.T. hiding, at the very end of the pan (moving camera right) in the closet, you will see *the similar shape as the house next door*. It looks like the Millennium Falcon or some other similar ship. It's a distinct shape. Very Very Very VERY hard to detect even if you are looking for strange things in films. The only reason I came up with that is I was analyzing that clip -- the first half of it, there is not the same female actor who plays the mother (Dee something... Williams? cute blonde woman). But that's not her in the first half. The woman playing the mother who goes to open the closet door -- I sincerely believe they were trying to portray her as being an alien, or maybe she really is a little something 'extra' human? You can tell if you make a forensic search of that scene. She does not move normally, her face is different and not homo sapien, her right hand does something impossible. They are telling us that an alien is opening the door to search for the alien who is pretending not to be there. And then there is ANOTHER alien which appears in the closet with E.T.

Here's some pics:

She's leaner, longer limbed, her face is more angular and she moves strangely. Not the same actor. But the second half of the same clip, her leaving IS the real actor. 

Here is the object. If you put 2505 Cipriani Blvd. Belmont CA you have a similar shape.

Look at the '23' soccer shirt next to the WHITE ALIEN. Can you see an alien head with eye socket, mouth, forehead and neck? It's really important because Lance Turner was stabbed 23 times after playing SOCCER.  

So that is why I was examining this clip. I wanted to see if the E.T. doll itself had something off or funny about it, imagining Spielberg was going to say something within the scene I had missed. This happens with the great films, they always have cryptified (sic) messages in them -- if you can see.
This one I am publishing, most of their secrets I don't. Indiana Jones Last Crusade is one of the most masterful for his form or symbolism, very interesting. Anyway... 23, alien, E.T., BOY NEXT DOOR.

Now the name I came up with for the occupants of the 2505 Cipriani home? One of them appears to be named EASON ROHDE. Now Eason Rohde is obviously the name of Lance and Rob whom Ned introduced me-- t heir last names are Eason Rohde. The other Eason Rohde in the world is a lawyer from Boulder, Colorado. Boulder--- let's think about this. Boulder is a rock. Attorney is like District Attorney-- Russell. Russel is the boy next door to Ned Harris family. And I believe Lance lived close. I was so close with the family of Harris' that they counted me as a resident at some point. It's been in my interest to see my childhood that way not to blame or harm Ned or those people maybe who I don't even like much by now, even Steve Grillos who is in my opine purely narcissistic sociopath who WAS dangerous at the time I knew him, he openly defrauded, tried mind control shit, he stalked, he peeped in my music studio by trespassing and admits to this today on open record, he would STEAL MY MUSIC and then perform it without accreditation. Ned was a lot more innocent about it, Ned and I had a bond that I would never question. We spent more time with each other than brothers do and that is how deep the bond is, whatever it became. His family wasn't perfect but his Dad nearly was, Ned and his sister have class, they have respect. Ned's half-sister didn't like me (after Ned got me to tease her, I never ever would have but I just did what did what wanted me to at 12 year old) but only her daughter was a real bitch. I knew Emily was deliberately playing games with my mind and giving me shit as a program. But anyway, this ain't too easy for me to give up here. I'm in a life or death situation with the State murdering, stopping me from working, stopping my free speech, stopping my health, justice, money...fuck you.

But we have a ROCK and a famous ATTORNEY. Rock is the person originally said to have found Lance's corpse. "It's just a kid" is the quote. But the new versions of my mother's book THE BOY NEXT DOOR about Lance Turner's murder has been re-written. Now Russell finds the body. I read the book for the first and only time while living at Shane Messer's house in Tennessee. How I got to that situation is too long to discuss, but I read it in about two days. I won't forget reading it but I recollect the 'it's just a kid' remark from a long time ago. I do recollect the Ralston days after with newscasters. In fact that's where the line 'it's the same OLD news' came for my song "Lovespeed". And now we have this E.T. connection. And look at the year? E.T. was 1983. Then Back to the Future was 1984. And Back to the Future has a direct connection to the Lance Turner murder, made plain by the scene at the end with the boy who has his genitals fondled. I have an evaluation of that clip. The point made in that scene is that SEAN DANNEHL is represented by DANNEL EVANS in the BTF3 clip-- that is the name of the unusual boy on the train in that clip, whose genitals are being fondled. SEAN DANNEHL and DANNEL EVANS are the same name! Take 'v' and remove it or turn it upside down into an 'A" and the word becomes 'SEAN' or "SEAAN'. "DANNEL" and "DANNEHL" are the same missing the 'h' so we have a formula here for 'h' 'v' and 'a'. What do they HAVE there onset?

Jason Scatena met me at camp in 5th grade. What I think of now is Jason 'Scatena' sound like 'Coates-son'? What a coinky-dink because I'm convinced he was not just mentally ill because of being delusional and not being able to tell the truth a lot of time, not being able to be honest, by doing things which were sociopathic, manipulative with people who were close to me in my circles, by behaving in a conspiratorial way especially behind my back where he'd be comfortable ridiculing me-- a true Eddie Haskell personality. But reflecting I'm sure it's even deeper than that because a lot of things don't make sense anymore. We had a lot of fun together but it's icy against the childhood fun times you have, know what I'm saying? There's no love there now, I don't know where he is. The last time I heard from Jay was when a true friend from early life Jeff Cross had passed away and he messaged me on Facebook. That convinced me it must be really him because he feeds on excitement and groupthink opportunities. That's like flies to shit. He said he and Josh C. had mindfucked and abused his older mentally disabled brother into being a malformed adult, 'permanent mental harm' that effected his development directly. He was real proud of that. And I feel he targeted females around me as sexual conquests. He did reveal training for that from a claimed father's friend who instructed him on how to attune to girls, how to win their favor and get in their pants. This was like 12 year old training. We had a night sometime closer to Belmont where his old man had a place I guess and a roomie. We got the pad to ourselves, watched "Faces of Death". I fell asleep at the point where the monkey is getting bashed in his head at his restaurant as the eaters kill him. He told me he had a buddy named Ryan Tripp who lived around the corner, a fabulous drummer. Some guy named "Nick" could play anything on guitar, was great. I met that guy once kinda I guess. Ted Nuranche was real cool, we had so much fuckin fun. I mean it wasn't all so bad at all, Jay was hilarious sometimes and he had a lot of connections to people who were even more fun. A lot of bad shit happened around Jay, though. He began to really unnerve me. It led to me breaking up with a girl named Michelle once, there was a lot of childhood sort of mayhem going on (not really criminal but we were mischievous). I can say Jay wasn't really into drugs, never saw him snort anything and he had to avoid pot because of his medical condition. Jay made fun of the size of my dick on a video with those 'friends' once, and I saw it. I guess someone told them my cock was tiny because they made fun of the size of my dick. My ex girlfriend helped develop a complex about that, she was a fucking size queen. You need 10" for her to say you're average. But finding out my dick is on the big side happened like over the age of 30. I know the size of it, it hasn't grown much since being mid or late teens. I have to use special wide condoms and it's somewhere around 7". That's exceptionally large for a guy 5'9 if that. You can make fun of my big for my size cock now if you like. We did attend two Shipwreck parties in San Jose I guess? Not Chico? I don't fuckin remember too easy because it was like 'yo there's a party' and I got in, you know? We just went and the big one was awesome. Someone claimed to be Santana's drummer and Scatena said his mommy worked for Santana actually, I guess her company did something with his business in some way. I actually remember more about that but don't feel it's necessary, they had a business connection somehow. If that were true at all but it's interesting the drummer was at Shipwreck because that party at that Frat got a lotta choppers and some news coverage. I guess it was the biggest party in the State's history up to some point. Hehehehehe
Good bands, we had beer oh ya. But there were a few. Then they stopped having those. We had some physics conversation about PER SECOND cuz I had just learned about gravity law. And James this guy was like yo, no it's per second per second. I didn't know that at the time and it took me about 20 years to understand it. I wonder if he had some evil twin, what really happened to Amber, if his brother was truly his brother at all not some program-- because that person was said to live downstairs in a room with a couch and nothing. Nothing on the wall, no furniture, no phone, no computer, no window, door for privacy, no bathroom, no tv, no radio, no papers or magazines or book. All day everyday sitting there or standing there and that's true but he doesn't look like Jay much. Ok. Adopted or half or whatever who care man, he never did anything aggressive to me. There was something about NASA going on. There was something about closets. I'd rather not say what or how, it's not too deep but it is interesting. It's not the kind of information I can divulge, it's too personal for them. But it didn't have anything to do with movies directly. 

So one night we're like 8th grade and this girl Missy Peline apparently leads us on an excursion from Belmont to Redwood Shores. We wind up at this little park for kids at like 9pm maybe? Overlooking the water. Interesting. That's what JAY said happened. Cops were there. I don't know wtf happened but we got a ride back from a COOL cop, at least. Belmont cops back then a lotta times were cool. In high school it became a lot harder to be a cop for them I am guessing. Times changed.

Now some very interesting things because I did become a guitarist. I did go to TWIN PINES. I did get into energy science and time science. I do have an older brother and sister. I do write science fiction. There is a formula which nullifies numbers (wins sport events with prediction). And I wonder how directly BELMONT CALIFORNIA relates to Back to the Future? Reading the history of William Ralston did enlighten me to the possibilities of Twin Pines mine being related. Waterdog Lake possibly being the source for the Clara Clayton issue (Clara Clayton is almost the same name as Pete Seeger's mother, who wrote 'Turn, Turn, Turn' which is referenced by the Turner murder in the report...musical copyright is a core issue, since a publisher took the story and has made millions, the State has an official story which changed dynamics of legal surveillance and searches on schools-- FEDERALLY). Now there is clear evidence if you read below that the media precipitated the murder event with their Michigan paper at least, publishing the finding of a murdered boy on the ground with a cigarette on his coat. P R A T written on his thigh. But William Ralston built Notre Dame University, his home originally. I was there once as a little kid but mostly passed it a lot, maybe a thousand times I mean-- it's right on the main drag where I lived and had to get around. The only story I know of being on the campus is somehow when I was like 4, I got in trouble with some education bastard and threatened to kick his ass! I had played with a fountain and got into trouble or something. That's all I was told. I don't remember, my mom told me about it from early childhood.

Now when the sick fuck Tom Roach invaded my life, abused the hell outa me, the first thing the Lockheed claimed spy who was obviously a CIA programmer did was to remove confidence by taking away my soccer. Soccer was all I was into, I did it for about 6 years as close to religious as Americans say 'religiously', it was more like you know-- that was the thing. I was one of the best, I had a lot of fun with it and I wanted to do that forever. Now this fuckin crazy piece of shit basically punishes me for not cleaning my room up with soccer removal. Like I couldn't play soccer. I can't recollect most like 99% of the time I spent with Tom Roach which is the only part of my life I cannot recall! My memory is not like Robert Mitchum who could read a page, recite it word for word forever without thinking twice about it. But I kind of do that with stuff that happened in the past, not pages. I remember everything vividly pretty much. But I cannot find the memories for that piece of shit Tom Roach. I remember a handful of things, all abusive. Taking my soccer away shattered my self-confidence and image, I started sucking on the field right after getting into the CYSO league which was not AYSO. CYSO was Calfifornia league, not county or something. It was a huge step up. Quite a lot of players went for CY, I was into it but then that shit went on and I couldn't play really well anymore. I was all fucked up. It's hard to explain. Then I started getting chubby, after he left. It was all related to that shit. So then I turned to acting basically. I was good at that and took that seriously. Robert Bentley was one of the best drama teachers in the COUNTRY and I seized the chance to work with him. William Kleidas is a professional actor now (who does it on top of other work but he is a pro), we were in a play together. Also we had a masterful dance instructor Mr. Russell actually. A ha!!!!!!!

Mr. Russell. A BRITISH dance instructor. There's D.A. Russell, Thomas and Mr. Russell. I don't remember Mr. Russell's first name, I was on a professional basis with him. He was a tremendous teacher, we had more fun than possible to have without earning it through long hours of laborious work. I learned to dance and sing at the same time, it was magical. The 4 plays I did with Bentley and Russell were professional theatrical training and the level of training we got was exceptional. I went on to ACT theater training in San Francisco which did require a recommendation or two and an audition, then it was not free or cheap. Plus I had to get to SF as a guy between 8th and 9th grade. Jay met me there one time then he fuckin lied about his virginity but at least that one's fairly normal. Jack in the Box....omg JINTB was good then I guess it is now but Ultimate cheeseburgers I had in SF. I remember those very well hehe. All that acting class. Then I got into a play in freshman year, was the lead which was not actually legit. They made an exception for me and then I wasn't showing up, was dropping to "D's" in school. So I got kicked out. I was the PIGMAN in the play of the same name. I pulled a lot of flakiness in the 8th grade plays especially, it was common for me to miss Ralston schooldays. I actually got the diploma despite missing more days than was permitted. I got extra credit after Fruhworth laid it on me that I was gonna not graduate if I missed more. I improved a lot but squeezed a few more hooky days in there man. I didn't see school as necessary everyday and I was not into training with Bentley like CONSTANTLY. I was fine on the acting but you know..anyway. Ya then one time Kleidas had studied me and I accused him of trademark infringement. I took my shit serious, like fuckin Olivier. Acting was my shit. The other shit was basketball but it was clear my future was limited on b-ball man. I was hitting three's and I was taking on the better players if I had to but I was not natural as a player exactly. Dunning saw me execute a few unusual hooks. I did have a knack for making half court or better hooks at a high percentage. I wonder if me playing 4 square by myself there one weekend day is better on their video than those. Because I managed to play pretty fierce game of 4 square by serving hard and fast, running to the other square, returning it, running to the other square and playing it to another square, etc. And I managed to do this by myself for pretty long, I mean. I got good at that. But Dunning wasn't there for those, only those Federal surveillance cameras to make sure PRATT didn't murder any kids with RUSSEL the D.A.? Just after Lance Turner died me and James Adams had played four square at that very same spot by the equipment room and Yeager's shop. We felt there was some suspicious activity and dialed 911 from the payphone. Then cops showed up. A couple months or so later some guy tried to jerk off on the phone with me at my house. Now I think it was something to do with that. 

So William Ralston being a banker who was a foundational investor for the city of San Francisco is VERY telling. First of all, Sugarloaf. Second of all, PINKERTON is listed with IRS on Dunker's background. Now I'm looking to the movie again by Frank Oz with Robert DeNiro. I had it on my webpage before danawanapskana weebly. Pinkerton is the most important subject in U.S. history. If you don't know why, then refer to the Emancipation Proclamation. The World Police is probably a Pinkerton operation. Pinkertons own police forces. They are the corporate leaders, organizations structure, power base and training source for the US police and it's a corporate structure. They contain something in my opinion which was necessary at the time and it evolved into what we are today. What we say about it and how we can deal with it is what it is, they seized control there and have not let go. Pinkerton is also a reference to 'pig' if you view through symbolism and that is a Porky Pig dynamic. Herein lies the connection to John Dunkel, who injected pig fat into his penis apparently to get a trip to the emergency room, and the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram, which relates directly to the Porky Pig psychological operation in the USA. Porky Pig was hatched with WW2 to give police power in the US, essentially to human traffic children using education. A human-pig without clothes over his genitals instructs a roomful of children. The reference to this scene is direct in the ZK Cryptogtam, and there is a direct reference to Vermont and to 'The Green Door'. The Green Door represented something before the porno film and I've not seen that movie but I have seen the Porky Pig cartoon. It represents essentially the 'horse of a different color' scene, an underworld, what is under the structures, under the cities which is managed, used, maintained by the city enforcement and trained personnel. It's ugly and it's powerful. It's in Porky Pig and 'Green' is 'Ver' where 'Ver-Mont' comes from. Bankers like Vermont because it's next door to NY and NY is the Federal Reserve, international central banking hub and bank of issue-- literal owner of the USA. In fact the USA is divided in to 5 Federal Reserve Zones, like zip codes but only 5 and it's how the Fed divides the map in the US. That's the only 5 codes that make any difference to the government. Federal reserve prints up notes, sells them to us and then we don't really own them, we have to give them back when we spend them. That's why America is poor, because the Emancipation Proclamation made a war between Federal and State government with the people, made slavery, and then the Fed took the paper money over which was guaranteed at least as a wage for being a 'free' slave. 

Dunkel, Water. Doggie, Paddle. Paddle, Oar. OR Oregon. Oregon Camp Program Dunkel attended.
Two boys attempted to drown me at my grandmother's pool when I was maybe 11. Before the Turner murder. I survived. Cigarettes, Fire Department. Fire Dept. is water on fire. McKeon, O'Brien. Now let me say about the O'Brien kids, they were totally non-aggressive, I personally liked them. There was no animosity I had for them or anything about me, they were just on the same soccer team. We played together with a lot of other kids, you never became friends with all of them. They were ok, I never saw a problem. But putting together a few things about the old man, the cones.

He was training me and said the 'cones were acute'. They were not acute. It may me and the other kids confused, I felt weird about it. But cones to a fireman or city worker are POWER. You put a cone, they must be obeyed for your traffic. It's also 'sonic' like music or songs.  Cones are a little bit like a penis, or breasts. And it's also a pylon. It's also 'cue' to 'eat'. I'll let you in on a fuckin secret.
When my Mom came to me and explained she's going to write a book, I decided to fuckin investigate the whole fucking thing. I didn't like the way she said that. Now it took most of my life but I'm satisfied it's paid off enough for me to kinda scratch the surface away.

So there's a large motivation by the State already to murder me. Starving, censoring, defrauding, raping, torturing, preventing me from publishing and producing art, false imprisoning, starving my animals... just by being the son of the author of that book THE BOY NEXT DOOR if it's a State fraud, that would be enough to silence me. The kid looked as much like me as anyone possibly could at that age from some random local region, right on my soccer team. His mole was on his neck, mine was on my cheek but we're both light eyed blonde kids playing soccer about the same age. What the fuck was I supposed to feel, warm and safe? Life wasn't perfect before that kid died or whatever happened and I believe he was heisted by the State to wipe his mind, rape him into a new person to serve the State. They do that fuckin shit right on record all the time. Now Sandy Hooks are normal because you don't do shit, you don't notice it. My recollection of events for that is she was being led like a dog with a bowl of Alpo around by cops. I only got bits and pieces, I didn't want to hear shit about it until she got on about it. When she finally published it and it was over, great. I met the Davies when she was at their house. I met a few cops. 

The fight with Jason Coates is one I set aside. Danny Meade brought it up with me one day on FB a while ago. We made friends again soon after, when you're so young fighting is not the same thing because kids don't really seem like they can be hurt or die. I didn't understand life like that. He hit me and we had a fight. At the end of it, the damage may have appeared similar. The next day, Jason had a lot of visible damage and the school wanted to throw me in prison. They couldn't do that since he hit me first. Now that was the end of it, it was a good fight but it was pretty brutal and painful to get through. He was a tough kid. But the response by the adults may have been completely different. That was an SFPD cops kid. He had a file. He had a future. They had defense built into the boy. He was activated. Then there's the thin blue line-- don't fuck with a cop. You mess with a cop, you get all cops on you. And a cop's kid is a cop by extension. Because shit did begin to go down after that. My grandmother suddenly had problems. My mother met a terrible man who tried to rip my family up. I was transferred to a new school. I went to camp and met Jay Scatena. We moved into a new house which a lot of stuff happened in from then on, not as good as the last place. The mortgage skyrocketed five times the previous and when they divorced, she couldn't easily pay for it at all. The place was too big for us too.