Sunday, May 28, 2017

Some Notes on Jesus, James I, the Roman - Jewish War

After discovering the Bar Kamza is Jesus Christ since Bar Kamza is Izus of Edessa (the true person Jesus Christ was based on in the Bible), have reached some new conclusions! One is that Jesus Christ represents the bearer of INFINITY MATHEMATICS as the Jews were dealing with Rome about MONEY, SLAVERY, IMMORTALITY. The science of infinity goes with immortality and this is the nature of the story of the Flood. Among many of my working hypotheses is that there was actually no ice-age (which gets into quite a large bit of science which I was shocked revealed that this was a possibility since it was the only conclusion I was reaching by tracing the historical accounts of civilizations with the archaeological evidence, that it makes sense that the flood was far far farther back in time and that there was actually no Ice Age or not in the way we know it...lo and behold there's science supporting this but I am not convinced yet and need to delve much deeper...). The Flood may have really happened about 40,000 years ago about it may have been pre-dated by vast flourishing civilizations with no interruption due to the weather.

The statement of the Gods in Enki tablets and from the deeper African histories is that a Canus/Dog race of people bred the reptilians which in turn wound up breeding human beings. There was a revolt of slaves which resulted in a war and it sounds like the war was against the Neanderthals. Now get ready for this but it's starting to appear that Jesus Christ-- was actually a Neanderthal. How, why? He was A) Redheaded B) Being Pharonic in his lines, was likely a Giant C) The Jewish Revolt, if the entire history was written for us NOT to know what truly happened but to cover it up, maybe have actually been this war against Neanderthals and happened much much much longer ago. The timelines are already 40 years apart for the Roman and the Biblical, the gifted researcher Ralph Ellis has connected them! I am forced to assume Flavius is a cover for what really happened..

It's getting pretty out there at some times but there is definitely a connection between the Neanderthals and the slave revolt.

*Today I went to the Facebook of Ralph Ellis where I participate in commentary with him. My entire commentary line from lastnight and the memes were CENSORED OUT! Strike 1, Ralph! It could be Facebook or some crazy glitch but looks like the MONEY SPECIFIC posts about bar Kamza and the relationship that Infinity science has to the Jewish revolt was the bothersome aspect, along with the LIGHT SABRE qualities of James I's and possibly Jesus Christ's blade! I theorized with Ellis that Tiberius inherited the weapon and/or the material for it as it is his relationship with history that expresses this mysterious 'malleable glass', a glass harder than any metal.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Theories on the Flood

My current project book wise is on Paul Revere's '1 if by Land, 2 if by Sea,' code. This leads to Chronicles 2:29 of the Bible and the Holy sword of Adam/Lulu. The sword and the pyramidal technology connect directly to the Flood, infinity (math physics), immortality. The stories and histories collectively relating to the flood have led me to some startling conclusions.

One of them is that the rejection of numbers, alphabet possibly led to the revolt of slaves who according to Enki Tablets were put to work mining gold and other ores. The disappearance of the Neanderthals appears directly related as does the story of Gilgamesh, Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ, LOTR, Star Wars.. Some of these theories are new, I've not heard them before. I've discovered a *math coded message in Gilgamesh*!

The sword of the Adamu/Lulu is the Luke Skywalker light sabre. "Lulu" means the first line of slave humans. "Jesus came with a SWORD". The Bible states clearly Jesus Christ was bred as a WARRIOR. Most cannot bring that passage of the Bible up easily but it's the most important in its way. And I have not yet deconstructed the numerical implications of the data between Chronicles 2:29 and the 'SWORD' statement at Matthew 10:34 "Jesus said He had come at this time not to bring peace to the earth, but a sword, a weapon which divides and severs ". But my theory will connect that amount of words and numbers, all the names etc. to a general construction of a code to reach the blade itself. And this is a GENETIC code. So we may find the name of God is contained within the differences between those beyond and unbounded by the Chronciles 2:29 to Matthew 10:34 correlations!

The SWORD is outer space in origins apparently and the source of it contains the elements of the DRAGON. The 'Tizo' reference by James I the Conqueror is like 'Tarnusch' / 'Zuen' combined, 'Ta-Zu' sounds almost identical. This is referenced by the LOTR movie as the genetic line of the return King is the only one who can reforge it to use in a great time of need. And this need is to slay-- a GIANT.
The story of David and Goliath, Sauron and Aragorn, Gilgamesh and Humbaba, Wesley/The Dread Pirate Roberts the ? and Prince Humperdinck all connect to the same sword principal. The flood directly relates to this sword.

The islands of Booneh and Dara in the Persian Bay at the top of the Persian Gulf relate with extremely obvious and artistic temerity the blade and the head of the first man!!! The 'BOONEH' island is definitely what Tolkien meant in my regard for the source of the name because 'HOB' with 'ONE' is 'HOBBIT' when sticking 'IT' in place of 'ONE' because it's the same word value. 'It' means 'one' (a single object) and we can do the math ourself here which is the whole point because the blade and the first man relate directly to the nature of infinity. Infinity science is the science of the pyramid, immortality (no disease and our cells do not age as we know it).

Is the sword on the island? *Probably!* In my opinion there would also be the science of immortality, the fertility statue which was lost in antiquity (a very famous statue to go with this blade). The isle of MU or ATLANTIS or PAN or all the Booneh island and Dara is nearby. The pillars are there, the temple is represented directly by the ridgeway physically and *naturally* designed within the island. This was hand painted by God using the advanced sciences of geomancy and physics beyond the rationale of contemporary scientists.

The story of the Apple and Eve is the same of immortality. The reason we age and have illness is that we did not accept the slavery mentality within the paradigm of numbers which creates-- you guessed it, that currency stuff we call money that so much blood and loss has been engineered for the love of. We chase that stuff like it's the only source of water in the jungle and like cows we will drink drink drink and drink until the stomachs blow out. That's all because we believe in the number. Without those we would be back to trade most likely. And also we might question authority a little bit more because jails go out of style -- if an hour can be measured mathematically in the same way as 10 years then the inmate have a better argument against their incarceration for example, and most crime is about money as a matter of fact. You can see the formula on this! 

The cutting of the line to immortality is the representation of the sword next to the head with spinal column of the isle of Booneh. HEADMEME.COM has the islands on a Meme. Therein lies the implication that on the isle of Booneh and Dara relate the temple of Atlantis (Atlantis originally referred to a 'temple' and not an island according to ancient Indian references). The flood was likely engineered from there too or at least the Arc of Noah and Gilgamesh. A repository genetically for the reincarnation of the animal life on Earth to return once the flood had made its work on the Earth.

But now things are becoming a bit more clear. Jews ran Alexandria and 'Jew' used to mean actually a person of knowledge from the temple (as well as a great many other things relating to the managing of information and ancient connections to rituals). The Phoenician connection to all this is the one I'm still looking into with the most mystery because Phonecian, Minoan, Jewish and Rome all collectively come to Alexandria with Jesus Christ and the Caesars! The missing timeline which history has given us is in my opinion a fraud on the people of this world because there is something that they don't want us to see. And it has to do with slavery, the flood, NEANDERTHALS, Jesus Christ, the blade of the ancient line of the Lulu...and something else we cannot find as of yet. It's infinity and immortality at the line of evolution there in the ancient world but the time is now that we are completing this code. 

Jews came up with Catholicism out of the Cult of Aton and it changed the world. The theories I'm looking at are that Tiberius Caesar was actually the Jesus Christ figure, Neanderthals are what the representation of Christ was derived from which became the modern day version of our hero figure repeated as often as possible. But get this-- the MASTER DECEPTION was to totally rewrite historical events depicting alternate timelines, possibly with even RENAMING whole figures to describe times which happened much, much, much much older and whom were potentially in actual fact-- NEANDERTHALS!

The many breakthroughs of the British scholar Richard Ellis, the researcher of the subject of Jesus Christ as a real historical figure include that he was red-haired. Either it was dyed or natural but he was a redheaded male as the Pharoahs actually most often were. And this leads me to believe there is a strong possibility to Jesus Christ who is definitely 'Izus of Odessa' according to Ellis-- was quite possibly a Neanderthal. And if we take a look a the now famous coin represented by the connection of history of Izus with the Bible figure of Christ, the possibility reaches new heights because the shape of the man's head is larger and his features more broad.

The secrets of the pyramids are the sacred fire and the technological side of immortality! The 'Slingshot' by Dean Kamen, inventor of the 'Segway' vehicle guided by gyroscopes uses the function of heat and cold to generate power from an ancient scientific methodology. This is likely to become an available utility from the use of a pyramid which may be a hydrogen splitter from the use of electrolysis in a flowing water system. This 'sacred fire' of the power of life also is represented by the genetics of those who use it. My theory includes that the pyramid is actually a GENETIC AMPLIFIER which connects to the ability to travel the stars and to live forever, possibly to become other lifeforms. 


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Note On Humanity and Government

Government and God(s) are not much different. To confront a government opposition, particularly your own is to confront a form of your own God. You will most likely take for granted the necessities of life that are regulated by your government as automatic to nature but this is not the way history has exposed the government paradigm to actually be. If you as citizens attempt to defend yourself physically from a government, generally the conceptual realization is that you are not a threat to it but would be considered to yourself. In other words, it is something like an aphid trying to wrestle Andre the Giant to the ground using brut force. But there is a way to get things over on the government and the use of *collective ego* to confront the *collective ego* of the government is a principled practical solution.

Psych Warfare In My Apartment Complex? Arianna Grande Bombing Symbolizing Three Padlocks?

The man who is across from me in the hall of my apartment complex resembles the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram sketch so exactly that it led me to conclude that I was set up for living here. My search for apartments was online with hundreds of emails, it was easy to coordinate from inside DHS, the ZK mafia (which is inside your government). It is something possible only for billionaires with government power such as CIA, DHS, FBI, etc. The problems I have had with this individual
are extremely serious in fact.

First, he recorded me inside my house as I was manifesting PTSD and Rape Trauma Syndrome symptoms. These are existent only because the criminally insane and corrupt State of Vermont government decided to violate the US Constitution and most of my human rights (not to mention at this point more than 1 million Statute violations). This problem is guaranteed 100% to happen every single day as long as I am awake and even when I am dreaming. This includes shouting in rage,
fantasies of sick revenge, feeling as if your sex organs are being penetrated, re-experincing the rapes (which in my case and according to mental health experts is 'transferring' the rapes of a few dozen men onto 5 separate victims constantly, meaning I experience gangrapes of a 12 year old up to a 60 year old everyday, all day-- physically). Apparently this Zodiac Killer lookalike really enjoyed this because he recorded it for the property manager and then published it with them.

Secondly, the guy did this again but it seemed he was trying to record me visually with my pants off inside my own home! I often will remove my pants when I am alone in the house (not to get off or masturbate but to be comfortable). In this case I was not doing anything sexual and there is a small sheet covering the window of my door. But if you shove a live cell phone recording into the sheet then you can actually see through? He did that shit! I told him I was going to kick his ass if he didn't stop fuckin recording me with that thing and by the time I got pants on and opened the door, he was slinking back into his apartment and closing the door, cell phone still live.

That's a good thing because I was dead serious. Don't fuckin record my dick and invade my fuckin privacy. I went to the Portland municipal court that day and got a Stalk and Restraining order
form to file. Because the management company refused to furnish me with his name to put on the sheet, the court people told me I required his name to go to court with him, I was stuck. it's not on the mailbox and I did not want to knock on his door to interact with him for it (specifically the opposite of a restraining order is getting into any kind of interaction). I've been punched in the face before and not hit back because of my anti-violent mentality but that is over a different kind of fuckin line.

So anyway, the guy wound up bullying me the next day as I was sitting there in the hall by the stairwell talkin to this nice weird old guy who used to live in the building. The guy comes up to me, I tell him not to get in 5 feet of me, he does. I tell him I didn't want to discuss anything with him, he stays and forces me to. I asked him for his full name, he refused. But he wasn't threatening me or being more than a dislikable person who was incapable of respecting boundaries or my words, in other words he wasn't appearing as a menace more than a lunkhead at that point. I really have the interest of being cool with people and not having unnecessary friction so I talked to him.

The guy would not let me complete a sentence. He kept raising his voice over mine and butting in about the cops. This was months ago now. But in the end we sort of made a peace and moved on. At this point, things are fairly settled in terms of the way we are relating, I don't have animosity at all and he's not doing anything to me now. But that was not the last time, after the discussion at the stairwell. The next thing what happened is that the guy nearly beat my door in!

It was maybe 5-6 weeks ago now. I was SINGING this time in my apartment. This is recommended by counselors and doctors sometimes if you have extreme stress to cope with. I am also a musical artist who enjoys singing, does this sometimes to prepare for singing outdoors. So I was singing the Righteous Brothers 'Loving Feeling" song and the guy *pounds my fuckin door in*. I mean, it was so bad that I thought it was police or something using a battering ram! After living with the cops busting my head in, starving me, censoring, raping my life, intimidating and harassing and bullying and lyin on me, making me the enemy of their goverment wouldn't have shocked me. The door is now pushing in slightly more than it used to because of the force. The lock feels a little bit softer in terms of its position in the wood framework.

If he didn't look just like the Zodiac Killer I might not think there was some other motivation? But he -- DOES? And since I was intimidated so directly after the solution of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram I made was published online, since it's so relevant in my life with all what has happened, it is kind of obvious this is a set up here. A few blocks away I found a '7Dees' store and the name of the newspaper which predicted a terror event, is causing the rape damage and is connected to the Katy Roe crime directly is "Seven Days". There is a store next to me that has a castle that looks like the Burlington Police Department in Vermont's official image. There's a 'Woodward" on the block, the name of a building a few doors down-- think about this a moment with the relevancy: Woodward and Bernstein were famous journalists who broke the story of the WATERGATE case. Wood is like WOODS, like Owen Woods of the Katy Roe disappearance (Woods, a false character invented by US government was portrayed as missing as of 2 am, same time as Katy Roe). Bernstein-- Bernie Sanders, the "Bern" and "STEIN". Paul Stine is the name of the victim the Zodiac Killer murdered in San Francisco, the one whom I claim with my decryption of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram manifesto was murdered by Bernie Sanders himself! And Stine was -- A JOURNALIST. In fact, he worked for the "Tulrock Journal" which brings us to the "Tully Monster", the symbol of abortion that the Zodiac Killer Mafia uses. The ZK Mafia is all about abortion rings, sexual slavery, human trafficking and genetic breeding programs! This was being explored deeply in my book but that was stopped by the Katy Roe crime, a clear message to stop my work-- again. The State just won't let me complete any of my work here! So Bern/Wood/Stine...and there is a bar downstairs. A bar is like the COURT which is all over the Roe crime symbolism, court is used repeatedly. "The Bar" is what lawyers pass to practice law!

Then more on the court. 2 blocks down there is a DORI lawyer. I am at DORI COURT apartments. I don't particularly like exposing my private address for the world but in this case, it's exposing a criminal ring against me for the world so hopefully it works in my favor. 2 courts, do RO's and a DI/like 'two' is 'di'. Lady Di is also of Wales and Whales factor very very centrally into the Depoe Bay equation of Katy Roe for she disappeared at one of the best whale watching sections of
water in the entire world itself. It also happens that one of the tenants so strongly resembles my sister in appearance that it startled me. I happened to note on Rense.Com from a Vermont fair from 1940's post claiming many pictures were from a fair in that State at that of them had something about a sexual relationship with family members, one breast...there was a message I determined to be French Intelligence talking about having access when someone is away.

I claimed before moving here that my case was being brought to the World Court once I can find a nation to file the claims of GENOCIDE, STARVATION, TORTURE and other crimes, such as copyright infringement. My evidence is largely on this computer as is my $10,000 budget motion picture which for the last 6 months or so have almost completely stopped progress due to the strain and pain, the ideation that people may be hurt for me going on with it. This idea of WATERGATE and DOORS "doory" like "Dori" makes me feel the management could be using keys with tenants pre-placed to do things to my place while I'm gone. I actually used an audio-recording to check if something was going on and I actually found a key turning a lock sound and then something very much like a dish was being slightly altereed...rubbed or moved out of place? That's disturbing.

4-5 days ago I noticed three 'WB" labeled padlocks on what appears to be a municipal sort of meter for gas or power outside the building. The use of '22' is so direct to the Roe case and the Arianna Grande overt '22, 22, 22' with an explosion leads me to feel that once again (this has happened to me for so long it doesn't shock me anymore), the State used me as a catalyst to make an example of their power. They want to show that they can slave me and hide everything, make broad statemnts about the entertainment industry and their power. My first film was stopped, my second film was stopped...I cannot directly say my musical career was stopped by the State but one of the members , the one who breached contract and obliterated the band (we had a $5000 recording deal with an internationally famous producer for 1 song, possible booking on Kimmel, David Bowie, Robert Smith, Carmen Electra and others were listening to the tracks, we had a manager who could book us $5000 a night...)-- the member of the band who broke it apart at the moment of success had worked with a person who was intimate with Phish, actually. I guess the bass player of Phish worked with the drummer who was influence my bassist to leave? And the name of the band that he was leaving for supposedly was called 'learning to swim'. Phish I consider to be a direct entity of the government and a mental health worker I knew was beaten in the head on the exact same evening and time as the Phish song was played nearby at a special VT concert--- which describes being brutally beaten in the head.

'WB" is like the Warner Brothers signature to the Prince/Chyna deaths (when you see Warner Brothers is directly labeled by the Zodiac Killer to be the source of the Black Dahlia murderer-- in other words, the real life JOKER character did it (with TULLY, KIRK and HODEL). Vermont is directly labeled by the ZK Cryptogram as being an organization point for the ZK Mafia which is coincidentally laden with NAZI symbolism! The German DLR is what I deduced the signatur ---through VERMONT--- and the French poem "Garston" appears to be a coded work, seemingly for pedophiles in my opinion though I've not done much to look into that aspect of it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lance Turner and Jason Priestly's Lock Company

My mother wrote the book 'The Boy Next Door" about the Lance Turner and John Davies murders.
Lance Turner was a boy who looked a lot like me and played on my soccer team when I was in sixth grade. He was brutally stabbed behind Ralston Middle School. My mother spent about 6 years dedicated to researching the book with a lot of police, prisoner and witness interaction.

This is news to me that there is a Lance Turner who is a former Hollywood stuntman from right around that time. He was on Dukes of Hazzard and in The Karate Kid. Now he owns a LOCK based company in MARINA DEL RAY.

This leads me to believe a few things: Number 1, Mike Ray from Ralston, a student-- was somehow connected to the crime. I'm not saying he did anything illegal but his name and the situation lead me to believe that he was symbolic in some way. 2, a bizarre coincidence that I recollect is the early part of the 6th grade before Lance Turner died, I happened to have been almost assaulted by another kid and used a move I learned from --The Karate Kid! I flipped my body around as he ran straight at me and he ran into my legs, flying forward and onto the hallway ground right outside Pat Sheldon's classroom. I turned and faced him, it was a split-second move and the kid witnessing this gasped. I guess it was kind of a lightning reflex kind of move, I was just pissed off something like that was going on.

But now I wonder if this was the impetus for the set-up. I know my mother will disagree (and be terribly offended if I said this to her, we don't discuss that subject much) but I believe that the whole thing was planned, staged to a certain extent and set up with the State. That means the whole government from Federal to State to local to intelligence to military to private sector and defense contractor. In fact, I determined long ago Lockheed Martin was the primary suspect with the FBI but it comes pretty close to crystallizing here with the LOCK/KEY modality of the Lance Turner stuntman lock company.

Another coincidence is that I witnessed a murder in Marina Del Ray, where the Lock company is of Lance Turners. This was in a Safeway parking lot. I was stranded from a car that wouldn't start, penniless and had made it to L.A. pretty much to start some kind of music career going, but being mentally disabled (autistic-- 66% of autistics wind up homeless in their lives), all on my own and not really having any songwriting experience, was sort of out on a limb:) I did get my act together, wrote some songs and was discovered by a producer who now has a GRAMMY nomination and works with some of the biggest most respected names in the biz. Before that occurred, I was sort of aimless and homeless at the same time. In fact, after that evening where I was parked at the Safeway in my little car I wound up with no car even and went to Venice Beach where I experienced sleeping outside in the public cold for the first time. That was on again and off again during the next year and a half or so until I finally pleaded with family to supply me rent in a hotel. I was not in a good psychiatric state there at all but worked extremely closely to the goal of accomplishing my music. Also I worked on physics theory which I told almost no one of.

But witnessing this murder in the grocery store parking lot was horrid and devastating psychologically. The cop who came and asked me my statement fortunately didn't haul me away for sleeping on private property and I was honest with him and gave him the facts of what I had seen. At that point I abandoned the car and left for the beach. I remember I had just heard Tori Amos in Tower Records in the daytime.

Now I connect Safeway to Lance Turner in Belmont because I no longer believe the Safeway murder is any coincidence. I have been gangstalked and abused so badly, so much for so long now by the State that my comprehension of it is that it is a large one way operation of those who exploit mercilessly and without morality the public they are supposed to serve. In other words- murder, rape...all the biggest crimes are largely organized by the State in my opinion.

What was going on in Safeway around that time? The problem I have had with groceries in my life, being a victim of starvation, I was almost murdered INSIDE City Market Onion River Co-Op of Burlington VT, the only grocery store in town (by a cop). The store covered this all up and my life was totally attacked to the point I won't fully recover and the most important years to crystallize my vision artistically into professional reality were trashed. Instead of making my film and doing my band, I was recovering with brain injuries, stoppage of local food which led to obesity among other health problems, my attractiveness went radically down and I stopped getting laid as much (chicks don't generally like much fat guys, truth is the truth!).

So Lance Turner is a STUNTMAN or like a BODY DOUBLE and the issue of a BODY DOUBLE with the Katy Roe case is giving me the connection that the Matt Lande person, who was officially the BODY DOUBLE for the lead actor on NBC's GRIMM-- threatened me. Lande did a very good job of intimidation with a picture posted on FB when I was on that when analyzed showed a murderous, menacing issue within the paradigm of the Roe Murder. Lande put DEPOE BAY in the picture, there was a connection to the LIVING DAYLIGHTS Bond flick from the now I'm going to look at that and see if the Turner crime was somehow placed into that. The use of crime by Hollywood is overt. I exposed this with the decryption of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram to have the identity of ED JOKSICH, LAPD Captain Ed Jokisch. Jokisch in my opinion is definitely the source of THE JOKER character of Warner Brothers but in real life. He is directly responsible it appears and with three other men, for the BLACK DAHLIA KILLING.

So Hollywood has coordinated movies, television, papers, magazines, radio, etc. with REAL CRIMES for probably since the beginning. We all understand that CBS, NBC, ABC...all the biggies were coming out after WW2 and it has been revealed that the CIA founded them actually. That's the Central Intelligence Agency (which is now responsible for the country's drug problem, most of the horrific wars on smaller countries, mass rapes, runs all city and state government directly...) programming your mind using crimes and media-- from the beginning.

I don't like to discuss the Lance Turner crime at all and am only curious now about it because the situation with me and this government is so grotesquely out of whack that I feel that the Lance Turner crime had something to do with me. The State has kicked the shit out of me, robbed my career, stolen my name, taken my health, they fucking starved my cat and almost to death. They locked me up without food and water or a phone call. They did so much horrible shit to me that the only reason I survived at all is because I made the conscious decision not to commit suicide, instead I'd fuckin kill one of them if I had to. FUCK YOU

Well, the CROSSROADS connection to the ROE MURDER is now established as Ralph Macchio is the guitarist in Crossroads and was the Karate Kid! Robert Johnson found the music in the Roe script (the crime is a script, what really happened is mysterious until it's declassified or we make the discovery ourselves but my theory is she was abducted by Sheriffs and transported to Medford OR for the first rape, then she was taken to become the mother of Freddie Kruger, raped a million times by madmen-- your state. In this case the bomb squad most directly with Disney and the whole fuckin State of Oregon.

I have to stop, this is a lot to take in.

Ok, so anyway (after a brief break) does appear strangely coincidental to something here. This Lance Turner lock cover company directly connects to the most widely used '1500 series' Master Lock-- *which is used on ALL school and gym lockers around the WORLD*. School/Gym Lockers.
The situation with the Karate Kid move was right at a locker in a school hallway? I learned that move from the movie in fact. You get to thinking where the cameras are in the schools since you cannot see them but it's clear someone is observing. I was told by a contact in Vermont I cannot reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency has every car, store, dwelling wired for surveillance. This is not all he told me but it lets you know that you are never private. CIA is listening under the city by the sewers in fat comfort, more money than they could spend.

My grandmother was a fan of Congressman Tom Lantos. "Lantos" is close enough to "Lance Turner" that it tells me somewhere it played into this situation...

Was Dan Oniones Defrauding and Infringing on My Music?

Strange...he's in Corvallis, an obscure place on the map of Oregon or the west coast for music. He came from MICHIGAN and hooked up with someone whose parents were US Military protected in the Phillipines. They had servants and lived there for I guess a long time. The Phillipines is where the Zodiac Killer actually connects outside this country most directly because there was a copycat murder (not COPY-CAT) there which was attributed to possibly STEVE HODEL, a suspect in the Black Dahlia case. The Black Dahlia killing is revealed within the Zodac Killer Cryptogram to have involved Steve Hodel and the other killers are directly named. The same team who did that is carried on by the new regime which includes--Bernie Sanders. But in the Phillipines, the only crime to almost exactly mirror the Black Dahlia killing took place.

So this 27 year old man with a name like Onions (Onion River co-Op is hugely significant in my life because they banned me all groceries in my city of Burlington, destroyed evidence of my being bashed in the head, committed perjury with the police and worked with the city to continue the bullying) is in Corvallis where I'm looking for bands. He works with mentally disabled people which reminds me of Jay Scatena. I feel Oniones is a CIA handler meaning he sexually molests and ritually abuses children then manages adults using the psycholigical triggers and barriers in place from the abuses. This is tactical, scientifically backed by multiple billions of dollars in research with many government programs built over decades. It works, it's nasty and it requires the ice cold sociopathy of a rapist serial killer.

Oniones threw back music at me from the days in Hollywood where I wrote many many many songs. There are lots of fragments of the unfinished works I had then. The 'Recycling' symbolism inherent to the Roe crime (which had something to do with the foot/head Seattle murder where a woman was stuffed into a recycle bin...I connected that unlikely to be real crime using the ZK Cryptogram, which is used directly to sort of wordplay their crimes, very much like a word finder where you put lines over words which appear in otherwise random appearing text). Vecet Chiim, the boss I had for the restaurant I worked in as a jazz guitarist also owned or owns a recycling business.

Tom McCluskey is psychiatric, Dan Oniones is sociopathic and abusive. The band was not going to work out musically or compatability wise in personality. But it would be an ideal industrial espionage situaion for any police from LA like the son of HODEL who has authored so many books on his fathers work as a serial murderer. HODEL is known as a cartoon like mastermind of many crimes, a serial supervillain who was a scientist, evil. There was an insanely bizarre professor at Berklee where I had returned to obtain my Bachelor's late in life (in order to pursue a law degree program online, which was rejected by a rather dishonest school CONCORDIA-- sheister runs it!). It happens that I saw McCluskey, who I had a class with originally way back in the 90's there in Boston. When I returned and saw him in his chair at the desk where the next professor was expected in several minutes for my class to be taught, he stared me down. I am a survivor of the streets and much abuse, a person staring at me like that is not terribly impressive without some meaningful exchange behind it but it was clear that the man was not normal. He stared at me and I stared right back at him. It lasted a good while. After that I was like 'what a fuckin weirdo" but didn't think much of it.

But with the same name on this family as the professor as the McCluskey who is hosting this situation, with the evidence of a '2,2' theme (two eyes, two eyes) involved directly in the analogy of the Roe crime, it's an indication of potentially some form of preconceived conspiracy.

The fact that the attorney who I tried to get to represent me with the case about the journalist who is raping/defrauding/libeling, etc. with the State (probably a psych warfare Army asset), that the attorney from Mighigan was such an ice cold asshole, I reported him to the State which gave him a pass...makes me wonder if the response was a Michigan statement? MIchigan was sacked in my opinion and there was a presence of MICHAEL MOORE in the Vermont court. The day they took me to court over my Facebook commentary (which had no possibility for any crime but the cops made up a law then threw me in prison), there was a MICHAEL MOORE. There was also a City Market Onion River Co-Op presence and the name of the attorney who fucked me into a psych institution and tried to gag me in court (see PUBLIC DEFEND HER Youtube Video).

TUES MAY 23- Exploratinon of Conspiracy, Murder

Everyday the United States government attempts to complete their assassination attempts. Lastnight it occurred to me that the conspiracy of people I knew in my youth who are doing things together to ritualize me, stop my career, etc. is connected to government. When I was living by the municipal court in Burlington for ten years, where many abuses were taking place by cops with the State of Vermont, there was a man living above me who was out of place. The building I lived in was populated by mentally disabled people. Next door and across the street were disabled people. I became medically disabled when I moved there due to the intensive pressure from my Dad who
is a retired mental health government worker. His motivation was at least as much getting me to
be home and not work so we could spend time with each other in his retirement as much as any
real reason for my needing disability. I had worked 16 hour shifts a day, no days off in a cab in L.A. and lost that job but there were no other ones there. There was no problem with my being able to work in my opinion though I am anti-social, generally and have a difficult time with people. I did fine as a cab driver under those extreme conditions in L.A. of sleeping in the cab and workin 16 hours or so a day 6 days a week then 1 day a week is 23 hours at the airport.

Daniel Goh is a person who did everything he could to get me to punch him in the 8th grade and who promised to punch me and hurt me badly. He ran down my family, me, blah blah blah. It took several days but finally I clocked him in the face, he bawled like a baby and three of the biggest athletes in the school bumrushed me from behind calling me a bully, grabbing me and containing me. I didn't wrestle them off that day (later we did a last day of school thing where Federal government was doing physical tests of athletic prowess and one of them was a medicine ball wrestling event-- there I beat them, fair and square). Daniel became a Fire Department worker. I noticed a connection possibly with the newspaper libeling me and Daniel Goh a few years ago but cannot say more than a thing sort of implication from a picture he had on his Facebook profile and one the newspaper used. I know they coordinate with Fire Department -- Bernie Sanders is intimate with the FD and in my opinion has used them with the police for a child sex ring. The Sanders manifesto of child pornography and child gangrape is directly stated in his 1972 'Man-and Woman' article. It would not surprise me if there was a connection. Fire Department has long had issues with corruption, child sex rings, murderers, arsonists, etc. and now they have Federal powers.

Anyway, the guy upstairs in VT was not mentally disabled. He looked, acted, spoke, dressed different than 100% of the disabled people I knew for years and was around, also had somewhat mysterious commentary which wasn't wholly believable to me. One time he explained to that a MORMON in class while he was growing up in VT had repeatedly punched him in the SHOULDER. Before these punches he claimed to be a star baseball pitcher and he was predicted to be a star in the major leagues someday, something clearly possible to all. But this horrific Mormon just continued to punch him in shoulder so much that he lost the ability to pitch and that was it. He had no ambition above that anymore except worship of God. And now I feel that is bullshit-- a cover. I don't think he was disabled, I believe him possibly to be a DHS cell or something from the State otherwise. Part of the Federal government's gangstalking programs have included people entering homes not to steal things but to *put things out of place* inside or to do things to their food or dishes, etc. The slighty out of place object in your home will register unsconsciously and cause serious damage as the whole of your mind reassociates to the disturbance without consciously even recognizing it. This done repeatedly shakes up your insides. This is one example of what the FEderal government confesses to doing to at least 10,000 people a year for a gangstalking program.

Gangstalking programs are about engineering assassins, social agitators, intimidators, etc. who function literally as a gang to psychologically disturb and program individuals. This is confessed to and admitted. The story of a Mormon bashing his shoulder and stealing his career was believed by me for a long time but I connected it to an event which happened to me in Junior High. It was weird at the time, the guy was out of place and I knew there was something different going on but I never put it together what was going on. I was in Ralston Juinor High school in California. A kid named Mike Ray repeatedly punched my shoulder in front of the whole school in an auditorium. I was not supposed to fight, I was a late bloomer and he was already an athletic young man (who was bred closely by the school, I thought he was fucking one of the young female teachers who invested huge amounts of personal one on one time with him training him for sports, etc.-- he appeared groomed and on the inside track). I didn't fight back. I was used to being charlie-horsed by my own brother but he wouldn't have done that to break me down in an auditorium full of people. It was a devastating thing psychologically but I moved on pretty quickly.

When I was in 6th grade I think it was, some man called me and got me to jack off for him. It was a lot more devastating than the assault at school for me psychologically and took me a long time to work out. During that discussion was one about using baseball in a sexual way. When I was in Junior High, I had a 'career' as a thespian and took acting seriously enough that I considered my future career path to already have begun. I was paving a way toward a lifestyle which would eventually include a stellar career possibly-- like a baseball pitcher. If was a DHS worker or Federal government instilling a program to break me down, I'd use this analogy of repetitious shoulder punching.

Now I forgave Mike Ray, he was a bully and it didn't even seem real personal. As soon as I became a young man rather than being a pre-pubescent child, the issue of my being abused by a younger *man* versus a *child* (during the swing years when adult hormones breed new muscle, sex/murder ideations, greater swiftness and acuity, etc.) left. I dedicated myself to non-violence after the Daniel Goh situation and began to study martial arts intensely which led to the same conclusion-- defense, harmony, do not go toward fighting, etc.

My martial art became personal, uniquely developed by me and instead of a belt system was a system of life, lifelong. It took a lot of abuses for me in my adult life to consider myself more predisposed to using any defense because I knew of my lethality from about 15 on. Now they have MMA, there's a much more brutal world and I don't do anything with my art,it's almost entirely mental and spiritual. I used it once in my life memorably which was on the Burlington police man 'SWEENEY' who entrapped me, waited for me in City Market Onion River Co-Op then while I was peacefully waiting for the only clean filtered source of water in the city so I could fill my jug for it , he grabbed me. Instinctively and reflexively, I used a small move and he was off me in shock and awe. When he went for a weapon, I acquiesced and allowed him to put me under arrest though I knew he was being blatantly illegal. Then the officer bashed my head in, which was witnessed by the ice cold staff and several people who were shoppers.

Then on the way to the jail, we passed Bernie Sander's office which is across from a Federal building which has surveillance cameras. Officer CAREY slammed the brakes on and my head bashed into the bulletproof glass, causing shocking horrific pain. From that point on my life was a ritual hell in that place where I was in a Kafka situation unable to find any purchase within the legal framework. Imagine having a State deliberately bullying, mentally raping, censoring, defrauding you and then working to cover it up with the court, the cops, the newspaper, the grocery store, the Senator down the road...