Wednesday, December 27, 2017

John Lennon's Death/Double, Paula Is Dead/"Faul" McCartney

I always wondered wtf happened with The Beatles. If you take a step back and really look at 1966 with other things you know about The Beatles now about the crazy powers behind most political
movements, it begins to materialize as a vision into the past.

The first clue is the "more popular than Jesus Christ" statement. 2017 is not a year we easily may understand the power of such a statement, but in 1966 Christianity was still expected to be practiced to some extent even when in public schools, through the use of money, in popular culture and media, etc. Christianity was targeted by the CIA (example, Gloria Steinem) in order to break apart families, which were classified as 'weapons' by the Communist enemy which seized our government after world war 2, and mostly from within. But the solidarity, overall might and the
social attitudes about Jesus Christ in 1966 the words were able to cause riots potentially.

The death threats and the other forms of intimidation spread to other band members in various ways. Security became not just impossible but so expensive that it was becoming unsustainable. Also they began to sell a lot less records and concert tickets, their 'meat babies' album hit which was an immediate flop (repackaged into a hit months later). But it was over the line. Obviously Lennon was only being honest and direct as was his habit, he was not even saying something necessarily controversial in his mind but he was controversial himself, it was no use trying to censor it apparently. He might as well have said that he rapes children or that a nuclear war would be great for Canada or that he was giving all his money to Vietnam to fight against the Americans. It was one of the worst possible statements he could make, probably worse than all three of those last combined. Religion is the most sensitive area of a person's mind after sex and food. American people are not understood by Europeans generally and this is a no-no for them at the time. When Americans buck, it is powerful and all but blind. It happened in 1966 with The Beatles when Lennon said they were more popular than Jesus Christ!

That ordeal was so overwhelming and dangerous that it forced the group to reorganize its security, its finances, its concert planning, its marketing strategies, its interview process, its managerial oversight, its publication/record company contracts...and on top of it their families had to be concerned for their safety. That statement about Jesus Christ was probably worth more than a billion dollars for what happened because of it, including the collapse of the Beatles in 1966 which I believe took place in a very very very curious way.

Also John Lennon began to show signs of extremely high intelligence. He may have been getting into physical sciences---this is a guess, I've not read in depth enough about him or the band at the time to know if it's true or not, but it seems inevitable that his mind would branch into those areas where they could cling and find purchase for his cosmic sized curiosity. He may have been a florid schizophrenic (a condition which I personally feel is a good one, generally and usually helps to foster genius). If he were then it would make him next to impossible to control in the minds of his handlers: publicist, manager, agent, security team, etc. A person who ventures off into that world of science from art
and being in the position of world fame, a historical music act which shifted geopolitics and made more impact on the world of art than almost anyone in the century.. he would have had options to use his mind which would be classified, censored and smokescreen from public view. And I believe something to this effect happened.

I grew up in the Bay Area of California, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco and in fact I had met a woman who said she attended the famous last Beatles concert at Candlestick in '66. She was a girlfriend of my best friend Ned Harris' father, who was an older man who always had hot younger women in his life. She didn't say much about it except she was there and the screaming from the audience was too loud to hear the band over. But I read about it from a few accounts and there's contradictions.

Anyway, the second clue about the end of The Beatles in '66 is The Budokan concert in Japan! The Budokan was forbidden to play music in because it was dedicated to the spirits of combatants who had fought in the structure. The equivalent might be going into a Mass on Easter and holding a tae kwon do event which is full contact and to the death, overpowering all the music, processions and
prayers. There were threats again, protests, enormous security problems...but honestly, someone would have been good to explain to the Beatles people that the Budokan would have been best respected. They forbade it, the concert was pushed through (like Perry forced Japan to trade with the British, by attacking them with military forces until they would do business). This was a very very serious problem, at least as serious as the Jesus Christ debacle in the States for how devastating. To this day it would be a sensitive matter to bring up with Japanese, especially on their soil. It's a problem of ignorance and culture gap most likely on the part of the Beatles and their business organization to book it anyway, but there could be a governmental motive behind it. The Beatles
launched their career with a Masonic inclusion which is a quick route to intelligence groups, also to the mafias such as Jewish, homosexual, cultish, etc.

But the massive obstruction in the wake of their Budokan performance was almost invisible though permanent. Spirits are eternal and even thinking wrongly of them in your mind is a sin. To blast your music through them in defiance of their honorable beliefs is spitting in the face to many of the Japanese-- not really more than two decades after the British had been killing them, nukes dropped in their country (at least one more than necessary by popular belief). It must be challenging for Westerners to comprehend the aggression perceived by Japanese of The Beatles on that, it's not a faux pas but more like a physical slap to the face of Japan. It is not estimated anywhere on the internet I've seen at all about the severity of the Budokan performance. I always liked the sound quality and the color quality of that show, there is a great concert performance video and audio record of the show. For that reason I remembered it, then the great background from that date. They never looked better, even in Shea (where they were happiest probably, at least John appeared). The same guarantee of a problem as with a person who is insanely dedicated to people who threaten Jesus would result from the Budokan show. There is no difference in the level of fanaticism possible or religious righteousness to their hearts. It is equal in my estimation as to how problematic the situation was for them from both issues but the Japanese side represented the other literal half to the connection.

I'm not saying that some Japanese nut arranged some wild assassination of Lennon or McCartney, but it may have been an influential factor of getting some massive sized operation over under the nose of the Japanese. Japan was becoming a power base of industry from then on, Casio was about to be the most successful watch in history and they began making radios, they were becoming an industrial powerhouse. Their national plan was many hundred years in its projections and they were warming up. The West was going to need Japan and their power, as usual was all but impossible to see. There is evidence in my deduction to the symbolism of the Candlestick Park operation relating to the Budokan.

Now this brings me to an odd area. I am technically in business with Sir Paul, the real life person and the corporation of Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle and Wings man. I respect and admire this person from early youth and the impact of the music of the Beatles pre and post Sgt. Peppers is similar to Mozart-- it's literally fundamental to my musical influence and processes. My musical mind is actually part Beatles. I don't have any inside information though and I cannot risk damaging Paul McCartney. But I can also expect that this is part of the program, to unveil some of these secrets that are in plain view and it seems which are meant for us to piece together through big clues.

Like the fact that The Beatles in 1966 were hauled from the stage and out of the park in an armored bank vehicle. The vehicle specifically was designed for hauling *bank property*. The cargo once The Beatles exited the stage and entered the vehicle was officially the same as gold, bond notes, currency or other commodities which are used with that kind of secured vehicle. This is a statement which is extremely clear and relevant when its connected with what happened in San Francisco-- TWO years later. I'll get to why the Beatles chose to be on second base in the middle of the park rather than closer to the crowd, losing huge amounts of volume to compete with the wild noise of the fans which they knew would be there, later. But it is significant to note that it is base two they left from. The set list and the opening acts are the next subtler clues. The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes . 

Thinking as word fetishists that spell weavers are (if you are not aware, magic is used commonly by militaries and politicians, security teams and high powered corporate personalities...the US Army alone has spent more than one trillion in research and applied usage of black magic and it can be a college degree, Magic). "The Remains" is a reference to dead people. Bobby Hebb rearranged kind of sounds like "Budokan". "The Cyrkle" is a band which was managed by Brian Epstein which is another clue because that man was suffering a very serious problem in Los Angeles while the Beatles performed because someone had gotten a hold of his briefcase with illicit pictures of men-- and possibly even slightly underage boys? Now that's only a guess, I'm not calling Epstein a pedophile but it's something to think about in his position. Also the $27,000 reported in his possession which apparently was skimmed from concert receipts 'to give to The Beatles band members'. Mhmm. 

"The Cyrkle" is a bit complex for me but I say a couple of things... the numbers between 'I' and 'y' are 16...that's 4x4, like the stage they were on and the number of their band members. It's also an upside down '91' which does factor in because this mission appears to connect to 9/11, believe it or not, at least in my opinion. There's other evidence from the same time that 9/11 was being prepared for by Hollywood through banking/government already (Outer Limits the tv program is an example). Turning the band upside down from their stage gives me the idea of: there being a 'hole' under it, which is very possible only at the second base area for the design of baseball stadiums; that they may be 'going underground' after their show, symbolically and or really; the classic drawing of the 'flat earth' depiction with the clear dome around the lush ground 'as above so below' which is an inversion equation that the depths beneath the turf may be cubic, potentiated/darkness and opposing to the rounded heavens as the mechanism balancing that which is tranquil betwixt it-- now this is extremely advanced but worthy to speak of since it again shows a grand design and a connection to a duality with a hidden layer beneath the visible layer, also something which connects to cultists who are the most common to be sorcerers practicing today, generally; that 4 Beatles will be against or multiplied or factored or replaced or reinvented or redistributed in some in position against the previous 4;and finally that the 'circle' is something which only those within it will see all this from their perspective, it's a common way to use a secret within their 'circle' (among other things about circles which may be significant). The band also had a ball called 'Red Rubber Ball' on the charts which again is a round object, one which is used for 'play', like music is 'played'. 'Rubber Soul' is a famous Beatles album and  without getting much further into the mathematical possibilities of the word interplay between 'soul' and 'ball', we can see 'red' as 'read' and we may read a message between 'soul' and 'ball',. such as that the soul will be bouncing from one person into the next symbolically-- reinvented, rebirth, reborn, replaced.

The Ronettes was an act Phil Spector made famous and are on par with Beatles in their contribution at least to musical history. Some say they are more impactful, it is hard to judge because they were a major influence to the members of The Beatles themselves. The Beatles declared early on they were doing 'black music' and The Ronettes music was black produced by a Jew who later was convicted for murder. There's a story I was related in college during the course "The Music Of John Lennon' at Berklee that the professor, who was a very affable true afficianodo of Beatles and especially Lennon's music, that Spector had essentially retained the tapes from their musical sessions together, refused to allow Lennon access and had claimed helicopters surrounded his mansion during their phone call and Lennon could not access the tapes because the FBI required them as evidence. Then Spector released the album a while later without Lennon's review, alteration, discussion, etc. of anything about the album. Also that Spector had carried a sidearm in a holster and intimidated people with it during business meetings frequently, even in recording sessions. These are clues that he was an operative who was massaged into the program from early on with systematic rape, torture and mind control programming to become a handler and probably an assassin. This is not
too uncommon but his enormous erraticism and flagrant psychoses are interesting to note for the relationship pursuant to this dissection of the Candlestick event. We can also rearrange 'The Ronettes" into something like "The Returns" so the band may be 'returning' from 'the remains' after passing through their remains/souls in the Budokan-- a spiritual transference to rebirth. 

Then the MC of the event was "Emperor" named Gene Nelson of KYA 1260 AM . "The Emperor Has No Clothes" is about a leadership which is eventually called out for brazenly carrying out a charade using a sociological phenomenon which involves the exclusion of reality from group perceptions to reinforce a security in the belief of those in power. The clothing the Beatles wore that evening were very prominently green Edwardian suits with floral prints. King Edward VII was known for many things but among them which stand out as relevant to me here are the facts the he was someone who embraced Jewry during a time of anti-semitic prevalence, that he was responsible for the Boers War failure. and that he was critical between Wales and England as a diplomat to Germanic relations. "Uncle Albert" is also very openly assessable within the paradigm to Edward VII, hence another broad connection to the new Paul declared by the 'Paul Is Dead' phenomenon of Beatles marketing. The 'mount' of the stage matches with the 'green' or 'ver' of their attire to reach 'Vermont' in a symbolic address. Vermont is a banker's paradise with connections to international businesses and the landings of the power brokers from NY to be away from the rest of the States. Having lived in Vermont and suffered massively from their oppressive and un-American government, the isolationist attitude is openly declarative with an 'old joke' that the State will become its own country because its out of synch with America, wants to be. Flowers are funerary and rebirthing in symbolism. We might conclude that the governmental leadership here is calling a fraud on the situation in front of everyone in the name of international banking interests which connect through Wales and England to Germany, Vermont being a central power base for the issue and The Beatles will be reborn from it. 

Second Base is the center of the field and the most likely spot for a subterranean network to be accessible. It makes sense for those who design the structure for maintenance alone but most large facilities include government sanctioned access points for reaching areas under the ground which relate to sensitive equipment, such as may be used by military in a war time scenario or Congress approved intelligence operations to be achieved clandestinely. Defense contractors often are responsible for maintenance, oversight, training and usage with city public works, State resources and Federal agencies. Now let's just ideate for a moment here about the possibilities: there were no cameras allowed to take movies, only one or two from the audience of the concert are in existence that are known and they are small clips of the performance. The load into the armored bank vehicle was reported by only a few people and there was a rush of fans onto the field making a lot of distraction with police rushing in pursuit of them, security available to surround and obscure, etc. It is possible to imagine that there was an available situation for them to have doubles pop in from under the stage in similar attire with two or more of the band moving underground. This would complete a *transaction* or exchange with a bank appropriating property with rights and public perceptions establishing a new public image for the act to continue with-- offstage forever. Also the number two is instated with a banking ideal, there are two people I will be discussing the exposition of being Lennon and McCartney, there is an act I and act II for the band before and after the show. It also gets into the 'One if by land, Two if by sea' Paul Revere code which led me to the authoring of 'The Sword of Christ" which imagines the infinity formula where 1, 2 are of equal value as being central to the development of mathematics during its founding as an international language, protecting ancient genetic and pyramidal technologies with secret histories. 

The connection to banking and San Francisco I've made to the Candlestick Park Beatles concert is the 555 Building. This is a Bank of America skyscraper that went up two years after the concert, was already designed and being manifested for the city. Bank of America is a bridge to Nazi banking and the Trading with the Enemy going on through the banking families during the war. It also reflects the "Boers War" paradigm from 'BofA" and if we get really clever, we can take the 52 stories its built with to represent 52 weeks of a year, each with '7' days. Arranging '7' 4x in the Cyrkle gives us a Swastika. The building went up, the band hypothetically went down a rabbit hole.

Now onto some really great news. If Paul were replaced, then it would be a very applicable gimmick to disguise that John was *also replaced* but by a person who was not nearly as convincing as Paul's double to pull it off! Paul McCartney is not possible to really prove by face that he is not the real Paul McCartney. I was interested in the debate long before I connected with the Robles Roadcase company, which is owned by a man who knows Sir Paul as a person and also is in business with representing him on the same company. But after many hours of careful inspection with huge volumes of comparison videos, articles/pictures, analyses and discussions, it has nothing to do with the face if you want to approach that reality. The man's face aligns absolutely perfect even from early pictures to the man as he is in his elder years. But actually not.

John Lennon's face changed. His eyes are different, his nose is, he has a lot of new freckles, his jaw is more narrow, the chin protrudes more, there is an appearance of the new one's teeth being filed, the distance between brow and lid of the eye is greater, the brows themselves don't match, his smile changes, his lips are different, he appears a bit taller, his neck shrinks prominently, and his entire attitude shifts to a focus on political issues with Yoko very quickly, a transmogrification away from the band into a modern artist hooked on drugs, led by a Japanese intelligence. The Paul Is Dead phenomenon might literally have really been a disguise to mask the fact that John Lennon himself was not a Beatle anymore himself. The largest clue in terms of the public address is the film "How I Won The War" which is an overt affiliation with British military, the fact that the man portraying John Lennon's part in the film *is* an actor and we will now accept him as such, and that there is a 'war' scenario within the establishment of this communication. The 'Boers Wars' again are referenced potentially, and if you didn't find the film entertaining you might discern how. If you compare his voice, the previous Lennon is distinctly lower from my perspective and the drawl is more definitive, longer and more languished. Frankly the new Lennon is distinctly American in his performance within the film as his tone and delivery is very against a Liverpudlian parlance from core memory. This reminds me of Al Capp who was involved with Lennon and Yoko's famous or infamous Bed-In protest, where Capp made a remark about how he was 'sure at least the other three [band members] were *English*' to which Lennon remarked 'but not me!?'.

What happened to the real John? Let me make some hopeful guesses because at this stage it doesn't seem as hopeless as I previously thought. He might have voluntarily submitted to a life of obscurity with a new identity, surrendering fame and property in order to establish a new way for himself with his family. He could have lots of money, a secure home life with government oversight for his protection, a job within a powerful corporation or even a small business or university-- perhaps even at the 555 Building! If this is the case, then he would be out of danger, free to develop whatever professional interests he wanted, bearing in mind he was young enough to pursue a doctorate at an appropriate age. He would retain a normal lifestyle out of the public dilemma and out of immediate harm or danger, a solution which would be humane and perhaps just by all standards, with regard for the Japanese in their being forgiving to some degree. Perhaps John went into classified programs which involved espionage, weapons research, genetics, security. He may have become an author or artist under an assumed name. It's very possible for him to have changed his appearance drastically using surgical methods of the time and even his voice could have been developed to a believable difference from the previous version of himself. The darker version might be that he was abducted, used for researched, cloned and weaponized for the governments involved in pursuing such devices but frankly they wouldn't need to do all that in order to achieve the same result as him flourishing with an alternate name, job, etc.

The new John's identity is most visibly different from the original John-- by the hairline. You cannot possibly argue that the man's hair went from a boyish line to a widow's peak in a few short months, also with the vast changes to his physical frame, face and skin. The two gentlemen cannot the same person by that alone, it is physically as well as biologically impossible. John Lennon's double does not appear as humble and sly to me as the real John, though aggressively comedic and intelligent he is.

What makes it so difficult to believe is the musical factor. The man who John Lennon was in the later years of The Beatles was an extremely skilled musician. If he were an impostor, then he was highly trained and technically, musically competent. It's all possible with the right tools developed by the right agencies and the right amount of money, training and all that, but it is a huge obstacle to get
to the point where you can see a person other than a man of Lennon's previous musical caliber playing that guitar with those songs in studio work. As a musician, I can attest that it's a serious level of musicianship which conquers a lot of skepticism in me just on the strength of that alone, much like with Paul.

Paul himself is so popularly associated with the 'Faux Paul' phenomenon, I don't really need to delve into it much. There is an Italian magazine expose, lengthy documentaries with hundreds of video comparisons and revelations, scientific method put to use for a lot of physical characteristics. If he was replaced, then it appears to me that the nature of the duplicity is coming from a long reaching historical preponderance which is being used to connect military and geopolitical objectives between generations.

The bizarre twist that the man named 'Halliday' is present in the Liverpool scene with the Paul estate is a very interesting one. he does resemble the original Paul very remarkably and even sounds, he is left-handed and the association with the estate gives him intimate access to things which would be important to the real Paul, such as the personal relationships in the region as well as a comfortable retirement circumstance. He has blonde hair though and some physical differences, it's a lot easier to discredit that man as any real Paul McCartney but his wife resembles pretty close to identically the real wife of Paul. There's a lot of paternity issues with Paul from the time before he was famous and the fact that his wife is so parallel is real food for thought. It's the sign of an intelligence operation, reflective of the film which portrays Kubrick as working for the CIA to mask a fake mission to the moon by NASA. There's truth and fiction to it which confuses and ridicules strategically so that we
are left with the idea that it's not serious to question the official version. The person on top of the
McCartney estate is a version of Paul resting on the original's property reminding us that there is some kind of duplicity from the first to the next. Halliday is a humble man who sticks to his local affairs and has no ambitions politically or musically, etc. That would represent the version of John who may have received a new life himself, similarly small and average by comparison with the globally changing Beatles. John said 'he would rather be a fisherman'-- and so maybe he became one!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Seattle Train Wreck

I believe the Seattle train wreck is manufactured by the US government. Lastnight a model contact me. I cannot reveal her name for her protection and for the anonymity policy with my models, but there is a variation on the word "RAT" and she is a college student from out Minnesota. I deduced a connection potentially from Seven Days with a coded message which hinged upon a relationship I had with a lovely person while I was at Berklee. I came up with a LANDSCAPE number in San Leandro. Leonardo's Pizza was checked out and it did match a photograph submission by a color/food scheme, there is a direct word play on their site like the names of the editors of Seven Days. This was last night and I put it on my Facebook using #sevendaysnewsvt as I have for years
protesting their rape fraud and murder.

The 'Lacey' is like a lacily clad model. DuPont is not only a chemical product manufacturer based out of New England and connected with wrestling, it's another way of saying 'Point II'. The only correlation I can see is I recently watched most of "Point Break" on Amazon movies and the 'Too-Too' or 'Tu-tu' is a symbolic theme in the gangstalking claims I've put in evidence for complains with law enforcements. Too-Too without checking for spelling was the wife of Ani, an Egpytian deity. There is a reference which reminds me of Tesla Motors but I don't want to impugn their motor company. I make some commentary on their FB sometimes but nothing too terrible other than FUCK YOU. Also "D.P." is my initials, obviously. Also "Pierce County" is like "PIE" and "ROE" if you connect an apostrophe or a comma between the edges of the 'c'/half-circle. This is like the comma used by Seven Days newspaper separating the US Fraud and Swindling Law code of 1341 into 13,41 for a cipher. The location of a Mount and then the green/'Ver' train gives us "Ver-mont".

Ivan Evangelista's family is from MN, he is openly abusing me and I deciphered a crime to lead a fixation he has on his IQ of a purported 161, apparently he's attempting to prove he is a criminal mastermind?

The situation on the train is reminding me starkly of my film, the scene I just announced to Seven Days newspaper yesterday that I was making progress on but stopped because I felt it may be endangering lives. It never occurred to me they might murder 12 people in Seattle. The name of the actor the man in the car is going to kill is "THORNTON". That is the connection to 'THURSTON", like Thurston Howell III which happens to be like something else I found in the code by the model, a connection to "POWELL"/"HOWELL". If there is any BRANDY or ALICIA involved in the accident it would be commensurate with my interpretation of the criminal programming by those who perpetrated this crime.

Update: Since posting this on here, news story came out about exclusive-us-making-plans-bloody-nose-military-attack-north a BLOODY NOSE on North Korea. NO SET ...NOSE / T . My string quartet NIGHT ON FLESH is on the table for N and S KOREA to use as copyrights for unity. I donated a piece of music in honor of my friend from Korea so that both countries could have a reason to cooperate. North Korea does have a copyright office, it is the only government outpost that communicates with the outside world. Copyrights are directly backed up by defense because abuse of copyright causes so much damage that it requires missiles to deal with one serious infringement against a country's copyright. Seven Days newspaper has been defrauding me of my Trademark and Copy and Service marks for seven years.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Native American

I was reading about wide feet since mine are 8x wider than normal. What I found was that it is 'normal' for Native Americans to have 3x wider than average feet. That means some are 5x+ and then others are a bit less, etc. 8x is a bit extreme but that clued me in to the possibility that my bloodlines are not recorded 100% properly. This is a family story on my Dad's side, that a dark-blooded Native woman was kept a family secret during the times it was not acceptable in society. But my mother's side is a bit more mercurial, and she does coincide with Vermont there, same as my old man.

The physical traits listed by genealogy and other sites are numerous and it turns out I do have these physical traits, therefore I must be Native American in my heredity somewhere. This could be something from the Pennsylvania "Dutch", the Abenaki gene pool in VT...who the hell knows? But it's changed my perspective significantly that this thing that I've discussed spiritually for as long as I've been cracked open by the butt rapists in Seven Days news and the government, that my nature is confirmed.

So ya wonder-- Montauk? Mohican? Mohawk? Mohawk certainly makes sense here. Lookit Bill Murray again.