Friday, May 18, 2018


I've wondered since the dissension of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram which revealed a connection directly to the French Bernadotte and to Beethoven, if Beeethoven himself was some kind of fraud. After emerging from a miraculous changeover from amateurish relatively unskilled composer to polished, experienced sounding, technically astute...just after visiting a remote village location. Was there a gifted composer there at the time whose work was stolen and used by a government to place their asset in? Was there a real Beethoven? Is it all mathematical code? has an article discussing the connections..

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Just thinking back to the time when I knew those twins, Barry and Blake...their family was friends with my grandmother and would frequently visit to swim in our pool. Jeannie Molyneux the grandmother lived next door to my grandmother. But their Uncle or cousin or something defrauded my grandmother after pressure was put on her to sell her home. The Molyneux's wanted it. Then once they got it, they destroyed the tree and remodeled it violating directly the contract that they had made with my grandmother, who'd given them a cut deal on the property. That property was one of the best in the city and many wanted it for much more money.

Monday, May 7, 2018

King James bible

Joseph of Aramathea brewed up a pot of gold porridge...

Lance Turner

This strange picture appearing the day of Lance Turner's so-called murder tells us something very clearly-- that some RUSTLING leaves/TREE will be involved in where a boy is found dead, that the person who finds the boy is associated with SMOKING/FIRE as is on his COAT.

Then RUSSELL finds the boy who supposedly went to the SMOKING TREE before being murdered. Russell was the DA of Belmont, his son Thomas lived up a few houses on the block I spent a lot of time as a boyhood friend of the Harris'. I never liked Thomas Russell but didn't know his old man. Now that I see this connection it's pretty clear that there is a strong chance that Thomas Russel was being sexually molested by his pedophile father who may have been interested in Turner.