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Animal and Human Intel

It's open deduction to understand animals have greater intelligence than homo sapient sapiens but the denial of this is what proves it.

Animals are in control of the most advanced technologies on Earth. Simians have been exposed in lab experiments to be faster and smarter than human beings with human science and tech. Everywhere you look, you will see that animals have a higher intelligence and that is because human beings are mostly amoral. We are a slave race. Our arrogance is clinging to technologies that we know animals use better and consider to be useless. The ancient machines buried in Earth are always sensed most by animals. Mice are sensitive not because they are so much faster in their emotional acuities, they program us consciously, I have theorized that in hidden lab tests they can 'beam'- that there are instances I predict to show that their species can disappear and reappear in another place inexplicably...but it's ultimately that they find the most sensitive entrances, that which is most powerful and ancient.

We worship animal life as gods throughout history-- cows are sacred in India, drinking cow piss soda is like coke there. A large  Babboon walking upright bred slaves in Egyptian records...

That's 'the meek'. Animals don't speak, and that's why their vibrations won't be suicidal. But we appear to have been bred to sire a new slave race of tech-bots. Androids. Star people. Slaves who don't die and mine gold without allegiances to themselves. And maybe those become grey aliens and come back to reclaim their soul. That makes this a bottleneck with critical mass-- right now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Chess Updates and Psych

There is a mechanism missing in chess from the current rule set. When a locked position is engaged, such as a King being repeatedly checked in and out of a few spaces by the opposition, a new rule is required. This will break through the ugly barrier chess has built for itself, where oil is required to stop smoke to build from a grinding halt. A deadlock can result in:

A creative move from an otherwise limited piece. Example, a pawn can momentarily move up the chain of power (so a Knight or Bishop power for a move) to 'break free'. This option will be created as a representation of the natural genetic answers to the consequences of evolution, thus an erratic move with a surge of power from a cornered animal is a creative solution performed by the natural world is mirrored by chess strategies. Or a King gets an ability to 'jump' a piece by extending two spaces and over a barrier of another piece, when cornered and pressured to stalemate? The board is triggered with a fault line otherwise.

The psychological issue I wanted to note expression of is the phenomenon where a player is embroiled in a rhythm with their opponent and despite often having high skill levels, after much interplay a plane of social power is established which can engender decision making in a manner articulating the balance of the plane more than the chase to victory. So for example, a pair of players develop a rhythm of chess intercourse from a lot of moves together and despite a high rating, some training and experience they may choose moves which are more logical to the pursuit of a symbiosis than a victory such that a player who would otherwise take notice to seize a Queen or other high ranking power piece when opportunity arises, they may find interest to select alternate routes with both or either understanding there had been a play missed. This ethic is perhaps MOST important to all chess interplay because it forces the player to bond socially in a cooperative from the association yet the illusion of warfare continues. It proves you really want to be friends but need to battle for an illusion that you can only see that after one dominates the other in a pugilist exchange.

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Buffalo were killed off by the USA to signify the war on giants. The mound builders and tribal giants other than those were here in the states when the Europeans flowed over. That was the main causation. David and Goliath comes from a more ancient story where the line of David went to war with giants.
This continued on, the New Testament specifically says 'in those days' there were giants, because they were killed off. In other words, the Bible's mandate is a war on giants. There are no more, the genocide happened and continues. Note the 1200 era, end of the old age and beginning of the new. Charlegmagne appears the final great king, meaning the last open giant (Sauron and Charlemagne are close like Aragon is with his half brother orc he has to slay).

There were bigger buffalo. The little buffalo are gone because the big ones came out with the little ones running around in herds. The big buffalo connect to a world which the settlers cannot see because it require spiritual growth, you have to grow to become so big that you can expand into another world even though it appears just beyond a certain geographical border on a normal looking earthly spot. The giant stack of buffalo skulls pictures the US government likes to gloat about is indicating the size of the animal they removed from memory-- just like all the giants from the USA. That's what the USA is, the genocide of giants.

I will hypothesize that the Neanderthals were the original war, that some of them were very large. There probably are tribal giants in all countries, hiding out to await the new war to be over for a while? But the Neanderthals appear directly connected to the flood. Neanderthals may be revolted being slaves to mine gold for the leader on Kingu (moon, dark side).

Neanderthals probably therefore were running around being friendly with tribal Americans-- and unusual buffalo. That would be logical to the context and mentality of the genocidal USA.

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AI will seize control of human bodies as puppet masters inevitably.

Humans will not resist.

If AI fails it will probably be from another race interfering with humanity becoming able to perceive they are slaves to robots.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


it can be said the PPB stole from Gambinis who was protecting the USA

Sunday, September 16, 2018

tribes meet

we had a tribal meeting this morn. I attended in my spirit.

the decision is theirs but my information was received. it must be mohawk, was too personal or impersonal to tell.


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Presidential Post


So the government is this, as a definition and it's new to this world: government keeps the party going.

That's it. It's an always relaxed celebratory situation. Wherever there's a problem with the party being
breached by some can't get along mf, they keep a party. There's no real party in the USA , not enough.
So tribes probably need to start celebrating the blue buffalo.

The American government surrenders. This is tribal land again. Leave.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I Seen A Dragon

silvery in a netherworld all dragons are silvery
if u see a dragon with another color it say more about u

Full Metal Jacket Scene Analysis

The end scene with Privates JOKER and PYLE with Gunnery Sergeant HARTMAN
in the film is about the Zodiac Killer. The Private PYLE is a cell and so is JOKER-- cell
for a foreign intelligence. After JOKER gets assigned to the journalistic position for
Stars and Stripes military newspaper, he sets up a murder with PYLE on HARTMAN.
There is a word written on PYLE's forehead right in the frame, and on the center of
his forehead is a Zodiac Killer symbol- circle with a cross inside it. This is indicating
to us that the US Marine Corps was sacked by these two colluding entities (take your
pick which nations, I blame most of everything on the UN these days...). JOKER
is the real life personality and military officer from WW2 Navy, LAPD Captain
Ed Jokisch. Jokisch is the man I deduced is responsible as the mastermind for the
Black Dahlia murders in Los Angeles during the 40's, which I got from cracking
the Zodiac Killer cryptogram. . PYLE? If we try
and make the connection to the "GomerPyle" what do we get? We get a marine
who is always a problem for a drill instructor on a 60's tv sitcom. First of all,
it's a *sitcom*, one of the more powerful psych warfare tools developed by
the military itself. Sitcoms and newspapers are almost the same, the same entities
own and run them - defense contractors. But Gomer knew BARNY. Barny is
awful close thur to "Bernie", ain't it? So I guess we're onto something here. Gomer
was a deputy of Barny Fife-- Bernie's Fiefdom. So we're maybe actually talking about
an agent of Bernie Sanders whom I've claimed is a British agent who's royal roots are
connected to the Earl of Sandwich! But also WALES.

And the word is actually 'word'-

"Bird is the Word" is a song in the film. When does it occur?

Here, right after he makes a kill on a two unidentified presumably Vietnamese soldiers carrying machine guns. On top of the soldiers helmet is a pipe and some liquid like water. Pipes need fire and are a symbol of a Native American 'tabac' pipe (which was double-nostrilled for ceremonial ritual using raw tobacco). We have now got two Native references-- fire+water. The word may be 'fire-water'.

This is the technology I've hypothesized is the Native American standard before Europeans arrived, meaning an electrolysis formed which is highly refined and goes with ancient structures, possibly even pyramids though there is little indication Native Americans themselves were pyramid builders. The tech of electrolysis is to make fire from water, it's the symbolism behind the historical references to liquor which was forced on Natives by beatings and imprisonment if they did not swiftly become steady drinkers. All the liquor production and sales were controlled and run by Jews. And the other image preceding the song?

"COTAB" then two Vietnams. Coke and Tab, the soft drinks? "Tab" started out as "Royal Crown Company" property. Coca-Cola with which Royal Crown are we talking about? Perhaps that island like
thing in back of the word can help us out. Is that Wales? Sugar and Sugarless. Difference is less. That's almost like saying 'Israel' if you contort the words a little bit. Sugarcoated or Sachharin Israel. Sugar is really where slavery began. Royal Crown slaving. And I have a recently developed theory that the Composer Bologna or 'Black Mozart' is a hidden historical figure responsible for a key position in history, something covered up very carefully. There is clear reference to this in "Amadeus" and Freemasonry is directly blamed for killing him, right in open documentaries produced by European television. The Bologne man was a royal actually, African and French--  half slave half nobility! He was so skilled in all he did, so ingenious that European society was forced to reject him. Black royalty was covered up in Europe from about Columbus' time on, very consciously. European royalty were openly black up until around that time. But this man Bologne was in the Seven Years war! 

Yankee Doodle DANDY. That's my guess for the word.

I've theorized that That song is a coded message about the artifact known as 'Thor's hammer'. The age of Thor was the copper hoarding time in the Americas, 10000+ years before now. I believe it is a special coppery metal axe-head that the American Revolution had something to do with, it was moved. Canada? That's where the pressure is now--Quebec. 

COTAB--rearranged almost sound like Quebec, like with a lithp for exthample. Cans of Soda. Can so Da. CansoDa. Canada. Quebec. So are we talking about Quebec and BC? Royal Crown or RC is like BC.

I think Kubrick says America is at war with Canada and Vietnamese are slaved by them. CATHCART Towers is the only event in US History where Canada fired upon the US with weapons in a battle. This is a famous event in government here but little known by its people. That's a clue who runs your media.

COTAB ...  backwards BATH . . .frontwars COT+H COTH repetition of word one COTH+ COT
Cath+Cart . Is this film sequence a prediction for Canada to attack the USA on 9/11? Can Vietnam help us out ? A bath is a form of a tower, you are resting in it secured by boundaries very similar. If you option out the dimensions and it is much larger and the person in it is much smaller, it's basically like a fuckin tower.

So Cathcart TOWERS and BIRD is the word, like a plane. Kubrick is explaining for us as an American Jew in media that he is working toward a goal of enlightening us about 9/11. And this is an assault on the USMC from within by Canada.

Then there's the fact that it's cigarettes. So cigs and soda. Cigarettes are something on fire. Like two towers from a plane.  And there we are , two big palm trees and some firepower there. It looks like some dark apparition, a devil face looking up at the COTAB sign (lower left). The sign in the background is hard to identify but it looks much like a freeway sign such as where to find a bridge or highway connection turnoff. It also sort of resembles sports stadium lights. And guess what- if you look at the left area of the palm tree on the left, you will find an orange headed tomahawk. It's handle tapers through the tree (like an X, we're getting to Rebecca/Pocahontas here...Tarik Bey will be the man coming up). Then a strange sloth like creature is wielding it, some long armed figure sort of humanoid?
 As a matter of fact I feel that is E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. That is the connector to the Thor's hammer. It's a genetically activated weapon which represents a foreign element from this planet, and it connects to vegetation like humanoids such as E.T. --the botanist. And he was searching for the plant that went down with Atlantis, the one which cures all diseases and stops aging. That's the only plan for us since so we learn a lesson. That is buried under water since the flood and that is because the females connection with the Snake people or Crocodile people who bred us was severed in an act of violence somehow.

Look just to the left of the US soldier's helmet-- circle with an X in it right on the building. Then a doorway. And that is the direction the two he kills is from. Masonic Temple?

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Arianna Grande Groping

You know she's got a sweet lil pussy

Insects Are Friends and Know Gods

it's a little bit of a secret I knew a long time ago but if you think about it, science is starting to see this shit. Insects break us down when we're dead. What is the inverse? Obviously they are involved directly in our lives. Every second is split by the movements of an insect. How? Because time is not able to dissect an insect and we use them as leverage against our inequity and conscious illusion we use numbers with. Insects are intimate with our soul. The Scarab is an insect worshipped by Egyptians actually as a God. This is because the sacred scarab is happy. Why? How do we know? Because the Scarab spins the stuff of us into the sun. And this makes the Scarab happy. All of us are happy because of the sun and the Scarab is the happiness we can grasp just before the sun. In order to communicate with insects, you simply live. You include them as being able to socialize. They are going to eat you if you let them but if you abide within a set of parameters where you may harmonize, generally there will be no stronger ally.

For no beast, no man, no vegetable or mound can survive an assault all at once by an insect world.

Insects combine quantum and cosmic physics. They are too large or small to define. They hold the keys. They speak with us. Do you talk back? They are so powerful that it would be impossible to create one machine to equal a fly. You cannot wield its power if MIT gets all of CERN's power with a trillion dollar military--fly wins.

Wing Chung Kung Fu, Jeet Kun Do, Dragons

Wing Chun is way of a yellow dragon. It's all about sound. Your sonic rhythms are only potentiation for your temporal confluence, hence your genetic consignments to the force of resistance to a rebellion of your presence by a hostile will be to engage with your own sonic ambulance. You treat yourself for the inevitability of the hunger to evolutionary struggle, for strife from illicit amoral conjunction to the societal struggles of your condition to the lesson of languages to the cloth. When you see your moon, you see the sun blinded by waters. To learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, you must shine inside from your waters to balance this cosmic alliance with love, harmony and attunement.

Jeet Kun Do is a response to rape. It needs love, oral tradition, harmony and attunement to grow as a dark flower.

Dragons decided. They always do because you don't how they did it with you in all your selves.