Thursday, April 26, 2018

Learning Arabic

A very elegant and refined language with an essence to spirituality very distinctive. Highly affectionate and passionate with a lot of rhythmic punctuality.

Surprising as all languages are once they've been absorbed enough to understand them even a little bit!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trump's Food Stamp Boot

This is not going to be a great week for the impostor playing the part of Donald Trump on the Hill! You hated him before or tolerated him, supported him or loved him...but whatever the case, as of at least the SOTU Trump has been portrayed by a carefully manicured, highly polished mimic who probably comes from the ugly side of the UN (meaning the 'President' is a foreign citizen under false papers). There is a specific law in Federal code for Impersonating a Public Official.

The Civil War of the USA was precipitated by the identical event. Abraham Lincoln was a President who was obtained, placed into power and operated on by Freemasonry which is a multi-national business and religious mysticism consortium which sponsors warfare, runs the banks and most of the organized crime in the Western world, if you believe the conspiracy theorists information. We have a dummy in office. That means the medium behind the man is overabundant with raw physical power and have devised a mathematical scheme to portray a character into a struggle for leadership. In other words, they know they will be able to get away with whatever they want until the man goes away and they won't be concerned because the value of their 'President' is the same as a wood doll they had a puppet maker create.

I haven't bothered and won't check to see if what I just heard is true that the Donald impersonator has issued an Executive Order that cuts Food Stamps across the nation for those who are not working. This is not something a President has the power to do under the label of 'Executive Order' and is the clear sign like a loud bell ringing in the street that the person making decisions for the US Presidential decisions is not aware of the functionality of the US legal system nor the US Food and Agriculture dilemma. This Food Stamp ban will probably lead to impeachment by the end of the week, there will be a push to secession by several or many States and if it is somehow not stopped, which seems impossible, then the opportunity for food riots, a massive crime wave, an increase on extremely serious health problems will be inevitable. This obviously will burden the system financially far many times greater than any reduction in spending by the Federal government, in fact a doubling of food stamp benefit would be logical since people who depend on it are not having enough to eat even when subsidized by charity. The math doesn't add up and that's what civil rights attorneys will say if you ask, that the Federal government does not do realistic math for survival needs.

But Trump is going to get kicked out of office pretty soon with this kind of crap and the whistle is blowing on that old Federal government!

On Honor

"Women are the heart of honor..." - "Rob Roy" (movie)

Innocence is adjunct to knowledge as wisdom is to honor.

David Bowie's "Let's Dance" (demo) and Music Itself

The necessity to remove recording devices from the earth to instill the original spiritual intention of music is practically impossible so the evolution of the cycle will be to create a hybrid being which can be musical while interpolating data as an AI. In other words, music itself is celebratory, magical, ritual,
natural healing and communication to begin with. The vibrations operate on our DNA and bring groups together, establish thoughts of motivation and dreams, we release ourselves into the music by enjoying it all within real time. To use a machine to penetrate our bodies into our soul with such precision is creating a situation perhaps where the soul itself, for example in the afterlife of David Bowie whose "Let's Dance" (demo) mix is to me better than the big hit version with masterful Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar-- where is David's soul now?

The word 'where' is not good enough for the question but it's the best we humans can have. The Egyptians laid this all out-- there is no such word for death to Egyptians and that is because they weren't wondering about all this, they had it down. They knew precisely what happens to the soul, where it goes, when, why, how and what that is like. That is what gave them the understanding of how to live, which is preparation for the afterlife. Our shattered visions of what this means to us is the peril of the planetary surface dwellers here but is inexplicably our nature. The soul is in the sun, so they say and Bowie is connecting to us using the sun.

Solar music and all music are the same, meaning we all reach the sun and come from the sun, go to the sun and are the sun. The sun is the soul, we have a sun in our pineal gland and we harness the power of the sun all the time. This is not a coincidence that using monoatomic gold as food is a road to the sun in the afterlife, in conical gold breads the most powerful ancient royalty ate to ensure their trip in death to their destiny. Our waters mingling with the sun tell David how we enjoyed his work here while he was a body on Earth animated by what's returned to his spot on the sun. And we can touch him that way! Just by enjoying the music and cohabitation with his sonic rhythms, frequencies, his sensorial impression.

He was aware of all this.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Challenge to Einstein

"Knowledge is power." Albert Einstein


Challenge: Food is power, knowledge is hunger.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Proposal for Intelligent Quotient Update

The principal of IQ's at present is to gauge academic potential in students, to measure intelligence for various medical, statistical, professional.. They are antiquated, at this point often inflated or outright fraudulent (and I do mean within the system and from the inside as often as not), limited and bigoted. The expansion of the test to include extremely relevant intellectual capacity would be an overhaul to the system so obvious that when it's accomplished, I would expect it to appear as if it were an automatic graduation from the previous, something long overdue.

1. Athleticism-- Athletic prowess is often underestimated and misinterpreted as a purely physical asset but it is not. The requirement for intelligences sometimes so advanced it could take volumes to explain the political dynamics (meaning the social interchange amongst players, not necessarily a direct tie in to electoral sort of politics or current events) of a single game in a random sport. The need to think as a leader, to organize quickly, to execute decisions and accomplish tasks... The brains of these people in these events may be out of tune with modern scholastics but they may be savants within the athletic world. The adaptation of this IQ would lead to differentiation for the ranking and recruitment system.

2. Moral-- Judging emotion and balancing them with social interactions, understanding the impact of behaviors, communication skills regarding relationships, stability within their own personal issues, recognition of worldly events and their impact on humanity or other species-- the missing element to the modern world of science perhaps is a conscience and without that, we won't get anywhere to stop the slow death of the Earth or as close as human civilization can get before something or someone else intercedes. This will help us heal from the perversion of the digital dominance of either or mentalities, freeing up our spiritual nature and hopefully our affections for one another.

3. Pressured-- Those who can operate while under strain show a specific type of intelligence and often times that is when hidden intelligences within these people may come out. There are many ways to use testing methods to see what kinds of abilities a person may have the most aptitude for which under stress from time factors, stimuli which is outside their norm or is totally insane, from impossible conjecture, from socially agitating problems, confusing or otherwise distracting auditory, visual stimulation... This will expose a maturity and a wisdom which may otherwise be challenging to anticipate.

4. Creative-- Artistic, musical, abstract thinking, philosophical, extemporaneous, facile...we don't all have to live in a box to be intelligent. The designers of the IQ tests we use today are not looking for people who are smarter than they are and that's the first clue that it's a bogus test design! Testing this might be one of the more difficult with an upgrade but probably one of the most rewarding to as it will reveal the significance of the yang to the ying of typical analytical sort of science based rigor in the norm of reality we have today.

What else?

5. Sexual-- Let's face it, fucking is the best thing we generally want to be doing, right? So how is it dumb to be good at that again? Is that 'repression' keeping us from exploring, celebrating and enjoying that facet of our lives more constantly? This is not just an 'athletic' iq issue, no-- this is
not limited to jocks. Great lovers can be ugly and out of shape. It really needs to be a return to the 'l o v e' in the world and why not start with sexual intelligence testing? How do you go about that if they are not 18? Well I wouldn't want to even broach that with an answer but can say that the mental health field labels children as 'Attractive' or 'Unattractive' when they or being forensic with court cases. This will be a breakthrough for the world, to fuck more and place more value on how smart those are doing it well!

6. Psychic-- Sexual and Psychic are the same chakra base, so the '5' goes with the '6'. You already know how good this will be!

 Have a nice day