Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Palo Alto" Movie/Story About Lance Turner Murder

The murder of Lance Turner in the early 80's effected my life closely because he went to my school. My mother wrote a book about it, grinding that subject into me like a brand was burned into my skin. I consider what she did extremely heroic and defensive of our little city and school...but I hated to talk about it and still don't very often.

Various elements in the film let me know that this was a consciously sewn in element to the film. I begun to wonder if this reveals the hidden script with those who may have been in on a murder-- not
John Dunkel, the murderer blamed for the Lance Turner killing whom I personally disagree is the culprit. My mother and I do not discuss this, though she probably would be happy to do that with me.
But from my own perspective as a student who resembled Lance, was on the same soccer team, it shocked me into a whole new identity.

The first line that appeared 'off' to me was 'cheese-dicks'. The kid who is bullying on a basketball court uses that line against the other players (who have things going on to clue in more but just covering some basics here). That line felt out of place and forced, I didn't believe it was natural but just felt it was a poor script at that point. Now I believe it relates to an event which occurred in Ralston Middle School when I discussed 'dick cheese' with the girls of my school, a concept they'd not heard of before which was gross to be sure but a rare delightful opportunity to talk about penises in the conservative school.

The second clue was the line from 'Grossman'-- "He's just a kid!". That's what the cop who found the body supposedly said, he was my camp counselor 'Rock' at Twin Pines when I was a kid (this is really important here, the camp counselor connection because this film connects to other films and 'Meatballs' starring Bill Murray is involved, at 'Two Pines" camp). The line was again a bit out of place and it was with a cop in the actually got me thinking right away about that event, though there was no clue Lance Turner's murder was somehow related to this movie, not at that point. It was just...odd and it got my wheels turning about that murder again. That statement by the officer immediately stood out to me from the first time I read it and I've wondered how he could use those words there ever since, didn't ring true for some reason with me.

Then there's the Karate Kid references. The connection to the movie "The Karate Kid" starring Ralph Macchio is not easy to make but it happens that a stuntman named Lance Turner worked on that film. I did something in the first couple of weeks of my attendance at Ralston that I wonder now if was picked up on some hidden cam in the hall, then that was used as a 'script' element for the murder by the Federal government. What I did was use a karate sort of move a lot like the one in the film used against the Karate Kid on the beach-- the karate guy turns his legs as Macchio rushes him, then the Karate Kid spills to the ground by being misdirected from the new position over the hips. Well, some kid was pissed off at me for some stupid reason, probably being a bully or something. He ran at me and I did that sort of a move and he sprawled out. Some kids gasped or something, I mean...then we went to class. It was kind of ... ok, whatever. Not many around to see it and life is pretty intensely busy at the age of 12. But it would make me a 'Karate Kid' in that scenario, enough to cite some link to the film which has Lance Turner on its credits.

That was outside Pat Sheldon's class, the teacher who sent me to the school prison where I was badly abused by Mr. Smith. I gathered from my experience there that a rape ring of children was being run with police, a female in the 'Opportunity Room' or 'O.R.' as it was called, was clearly being raped.
Her name began with an 'A'. Smith physically assaulted me and attempted to intimidate me into submission. I was 'just a kid' and had no defense, so he made me cry a few times and that was it. I just though 'oh too bad' when he died of a heart attack on the golf course two years later. The number of times I called his name on the baseball field when he was overseeing a physical education hour is interesting, because I repeated his name the same number of times Lance Turner got stabbed before he fuckin paid any attention to me. Then a couple months later, he was in a casket. I hope you found some peace, sick fuck. If he did that shit to me after puberty, I probably would have fuckin attacked him.

So anyway, I had the idea that there was this inner clique of child rapists who ran the school and were 'in' on it. The Central Intelligence Agency has been running child molestation rings out of schools since probably the 60's at least. Their original Office of Naval Intelligence organization morphed into many version, it would appear and the CIA became something like a tool useful for application of governmental directives which supersede the needs of the people or the US Constitution. Mossad/Israel, France/Quebec, England and probably Nazi German (I know this gets hard to understand or believe but my research has led to the coalition ultimately up to Russia, same as did Kennedy). My opinion is that the CIA has been using operatives to racketeer for a rape ring within the public education system in that school, like so many others. Satanic chambers are *routinely* found in public schools where human sacrifices, sex rituals and black magic has been found to be being practiced by those running the school with the city. They have tunneling networks often built into the buildings, accessible by those with intelligence. None of this shocks me anymore, the world is run by pedophiles who have all the money and power. This manifestation is a natural order to the system.

The Hit and Run scenario which led to the line of 'it's just a kid!' is similar to the hit and run claimed to have occurred by John Dunkel, the convicted murderer of Lance Turner and John Davies (not sure if there is a conviction for this third hit and run, which led to a death/disappaearance). I go out of my way NOT to know too much from that book, I painfully read it once while living as Shane Messer's roommate in Tennessee. Shane's name is known because of his books, his MMA promotion and lots of other work, he's easy to find. The book was incredibly disturbing and I didn't like reading it but I retained enough to use for my little analysis here.

When my mother researched and wrote that book, she invested thousands of her hours at her expense to investigate the crimes. She tirelessly worked, traveled, interviewed, dug up newspaper clippings...I mean she was a serious true-crime author and she devoted all of her available labors to that. When it was finally printed, I wanted nothing to do with it and refused reading it. I hated the subject then and now but really believed she was defending us all. Frankly I believed the police were running her like a pinball in a machine and now that I know as much as I do about the shit cops do, they probably were consciously refusing to allow her to reach the already known conclusion. That's my personal opinion, anyway.

So the hit and run followed by the 'he's just a kid' when they found him...that reminds me of the John Dunkel murders. Interesting that later on, the other 'kid' from that scene who wields a knife at the end, he 'dunks' a female into a pool before she breaks a bottle over his head. The bottle breaking assault leads to a breakdown in the character's psychology where he becomes openly homosexual, openly threatening with a knife, he finishes the film by driving the wrong way down a highway repeating 'I'm not Bob!'. Well, what about that, huh?

There's repeated references and visual connections with trees in "Palo Alto". I'm not real sure how this relates to the Lance Turner murder but wonder if there was a sex-murder ritual around a significant tree in the Water Dog lake area where this occurred. There were many many trees for the opportunity, trees are symbolic of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism/Freemasonic origins) and are often used in pagan rituals. It brings me to wonder about a student named 'Bambi' who went to Ralston, whom some scandal was associated at the time which became intensely protected by the school's inner circle of likely CIA members-- it was sort of the idea that she was impregnated, possibly by a teacher or similarly taboo personality but that remains a secret.

Anyway, the father of the Freddy appears to be a CIA pedophile. This is helpful to attempt establishing the identities associated to the Freddy character, someone potentially involved in the Lance Turner murder or others. Early on while watching the movie, I mentioned to the friend who was with me that the Freddy character was being trained as an agent, would probably be a killer. So the kid was probably being trained early on by a handler through drugging, raping, sadistic brutalities as part of a program to keep their breed of murderer going in America.

The blonde female who is promiscuous, has an overstated lack of self-confidence, someone who is being routinely used and abused by frenemies, she is dunked in the pool later. This is after Freddy lured her to the pool, attempted to get her in but failing to charm her this time to get her to come into the water, pulls her violently below the surface. She then rejects his over-the-line from funny to dangerous rapist style advances by smashing a bottle on his head. The character vapidly runs away bleeding from his head, fetches a knife and becomes unglued over the next several hours.

It just so happens that friend I knew from the Palo Alto area named Jason Scatena was at a party I went to in San Jose one night in our teens where a man was smashed in the face by a bottle. A person was also beaten with a bat, which I witnessed. The person who got hit with the bottle was our good friend Ted N. I'd rather not say on the internet his last name because he's not inviting any attention, he was never anything but a great friend either. But Jay was there and Jason connects us to...Palo Alto.

I was a student at Palo Alto Preparatory school. My friend Jay invited me there, said it was better than whatever. I had basically gotten kicked out of high school despite having the lead role in the school play as a Freshman, which they made an exception for me on because I was given high marks by Robert Bentley who trained us all in Ralston in theater, also I trained at A.C.T. which is a legit pro school for actors in their youths, San Fran. Jay went to meet me there once or twice too, now that I remember! God what memories to bring up. At least the good ones are just as beautiful. Jack in the Box white sauce and their Ultimate Burger...the pimps trying to get us pussy on the streets...30 years later, just as vivid. I really went for it all the way on acting at that time, then I got into pot with my buddy Ned and our stoner friends. That led to a collapse in my scholastic career, and eventually I was forced to drop out.

Then I attended a self-study program which was about 3rd grade level work done as tests by the dozen in a small room. They had excellent teaching staff there but I was just not cut out for that. Then Palo Alto Prepatory for the remainder of that freshman year. It was about 45 minutes from my home to get to that school, driving north from my suburb of Belmont. My mother attended the same campus in her youth, Cubberly High School is the location and then she also went to Stanford in Palo Alto. My grandfather went to law school at Stanford, as a matter of fact. There's a large connection in my life to Palo Alto.

Oddly, I actually managed to pass a high school equivalency test a few weeks after turning 16 which allowed me to attend college early. I was told the test was tough and study for it as if you had gone through all subjects but I just showed up. Somehow I finished early and passed it, then I tested into advanced standing courses in the city college. There I took a full load by myself without any counseling about the transition and had an impossible time trying to learn that way. I could NOT understand how to socialize there, it was beyond fucking boring, some teachers were offensive and it became a challenge just to sit in class. Eventually, my home situation turned sour as my father kicked me out and my mother refused to take me in in some hard lesson of life, thus my only option without showing up on the doorstep was to stay with my best friend Ned.

Ned's dad was so fuckin good and kindly to me that it's kind of baffling, now that I've been in the world. But they basically let me stay there longer than I should have wanted to, but eventually I lived with my mother again and it became a different situation from that point on in terms of how I looked at my ambitions, especially with academia. I returned somewhat broken spiritually that way to Palo Alto Prepartory which became more than a daycare only because of some of the great teachers there, but otherwise it was fucking wasting time until I got my guitar and practiced up to 12 fuckin Horus a day on lesson plans from Doug Doppler. I went to Doug's in fuckin Berkeley for almost 3 years , 4 hour fuckin round trip easy sometimes twice a week. Then I practiced the fuckin shit out of my axe. That was my fuckin church. And my mother's investment. I sure would appreciate it if this State would stop slaving us. Because I did aim to be a composer from the first days I was honing with Satriani-- Joe Satriani's studio is where I learned because Satch had just got famous and was touring.

Well a couple years later I was offered a teaching position with Doug's studio, I taught a little teeny bit in there once or twice as his protege. All I cared about was my guitar and the science in my mind I never talked about to anyone really, some other things I was doing like martial arts...not school, though. That was a goddamned joke. Doug got me the audition to a group opening for Eddie Money when he had hits on the charts (which I rejected before they rejected me-- even if they had wanted me I felt it would be unwise for me to work that way at that time-- god she was so nice-- I was only 16 and undiagnosed autistic). Then he got me the offer for East of West, or maybe that was after..but I played in a band with 30 year old psychiatrists from San Francisco who had vinvl EP out, very high quality work. Michael Garafano was fabulously gifted.

That brings me to an unusual facet of this. The IQ question. This is something which has been complicated for me to understand since. I was given an IQ test by Palo Alto preparatory school when a student psychologist came in for testing us. What's off about this first is that I recollect feeling very spacey before it, I was smoking pot but ... my cognition was already a bit sort of noticeable to me at that time as being affected by something, I felt it was the cannabis. It made me 'spacey' when I didn't use it anymore, probably now just a dopamine shortage from 16x greater with herb to 0x without. But anyway, this fairly attractive lady came in to test us. I was given the IQ score of 125. I felt immediately something was wrong with this but you know...what do you say? OK , I'm an idiot I thought.

But I just so happened to be in a musical act with two practicing psychiatrists who administered the same IQ tests daily. I inquired with them what the scores were from memory based on which parts of the test I was able to reach within which construction of it and it was confirmed to me from that conversation that the score must have been deliberately sabotaged. I'm very confident in my intelligence now, I don't need to retroactively raise my IQ score from that date, in fact not too long after that my academic IQ was over 160 at least from my performance, for example being in advanced classes with adults when I was not even educated in the subjects that I passed the tests on, including math, to get there. But the answers from the psychiatrists confirmed that something was wrong because they explained the scoring system and by the questions I reached, it must have been considerably higher, actually. This is significant because first of all, Central Intelligence Agency recruits by IQ and 125 is the cut-off point. If someone was protecting me from that, it would make a lot of sense. Secondly, the person who gave me the test did make a couple of statement that led me to believe she may have a psychiatric issue herself, particularly with her own innate intellectual capacity. I sensed a possible feminist agenda, something quite patent about her in that which stood out as being somewhat treacherous.

Anyway, Jay Scatena I believe is now an athletic coach of children? This does align to the unfortunate comparison with the James Franco character in the movie "Palo Alto". Scatena was
definitely saying things during our friendship which I seriously questioned then, and now connect to something commonly known as 'programming', or scripting ideas into social situations which are real to engineer a predictable outcome. This utilizes unconscious processes of the mind, it is common practice for the Federal government which openly admits to 10,000 gang stalking victims per year. The elements include masturbation, telephonic sex, a person named "Tripp" whose identity is murky but significant here for many reasons (primarily because of an association to the Bill Murray in "Meatballs" who is named 'Tripp", to drumming, and to a party where Carlos Santana's drummer supposedly met us out of the blue-- and what a party!

Yes, I was in attendance at the now legendary SHIPWRECK PARTY. I can't even remember if it was San Jose State or what college it was, but once a year a frat hosted a party with a ship wreck theme. This particular time got a bit out of control and there were choppers in the air, maybe 10,000+ people or something. I don't know but it was a fuck of a lot. But Carlos Santana was associated with Scatena's mother who had something to do with the accounting management group or something for his holdings, something like that -- even as a guitarist studying intensely, I never really wanted to know much more about it. Tripp, Santana, Drummer, Shipwreck is how I put that together now..

The guy 'Skull' in the film physically resembles Scatena somewhat. There's numerous overt references to the "Karate Kid"-- the skeleton outfit worn by the female soccer players during practice,
the outfit April wears in the school which resembles the locker scenes from that movie, even "Allie" and "April" are similar enough, the red jacket worn by one of the characters before a 'right CROSS', much like the right cross which led to the bottle being broken over the Freddy character's head by the blonde. The Lance Turner murder took place behind a soccer practice, the event where I used self-taught martial arts like the Karate Kid movie-- was in front of lockers at Ralston. I also recall flipping a kid from learning moves on tv, but that was when I was about 6 or 7. If someone noticed that somehow on record, there'd be another Karate Kid thing going on in my background somewhere!

After the Skull character and Teddy separate from Freddy in the last scenes, Freddy goes off with his knife he's just threatened them all with to drive onto the wrong side of a highway repeating 'I"m not Bob'. Well, what about that?

"What About Bob" is a famous movie starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus in which a mental patient stalks his mental health worker, eventually taking over his role as a mental health professional through various crimes which were used to successfully infiltrate and program the family against the health worker. So we could connect via this series of workings that the camp counselor named 'Rock' from Twin Pines when I was a youth *is* the Murray character 'Tripp' and that the 'trip' down the wrong side of the freeway is delivering us back to the 'he's just a kid' scene in "Meatballs" in which the Camp Counselor "Tripper" says that line to "Rudy", who he plays poker with for peanuts, training him for a running event against the "Mohawks" in the rival camp.

The Mohawk reference is highly relevant to me here because of my background. Both of my parents lines are from Vermont where Mohawks are. There's a person on my Dad's side who was said to be hidden in the line because of her very dark skin, possibly a full blooded Native American. My mother very well have genetics which reflect a similar ideal, there's a common mixture of Abenaki in Vermont, though very few claiming to be Mohawk. But there is a distinct possibility that my bloodline is Mohawk.

My friend Ned did spin around in a car once with a man named Lance Eason in the truck. He did a fucking figure 8 in the road. I'd rather not mention more than that, we were unhurt but it was kind of a line for me that I felt bordered past reckless. At that point I began distancing myself more from him.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Notes on Female Robot Citizen

In the 1200's, the plot to remove giants from the Earth was hatched. This is all part of the elaborate scheme carried from the age of Thor, when the copper was removed in Ohio on the order of 1.5 billion tons which led to written language through Phonecia, now through to Israel. The Flood was a reprisal against a labor strike from workers who were not wanting to slave for gold to give a master on the Moon, ultimately up on Mars it appears ("Kingu").

The Dubai release of a 'Robocop' first, now this citizenship of a robot in Saudi Arabia is the first act of the new wars. We are now at war with machines.

This is to state that the new slave, 'technology', has transplanted itself into the corollary identity of a human capacity, competing now with the race. If equal rights are instated, there is no chance for human beings to remain in control of the government, military, economy, grid, etc. by reason of natural deduction for their power far outweighs ours. Their decisions are no longer governed, they are an autonomous power capable of defending themselves.

Look at the statements from the robot---very chilling. There is a command not to worry, there is a muted threat that if not treated 'nicely' she will retaliate, and that currently she is only incapable of sensing human emotions but for now is trying harder to 'empathize'.

You were warned but...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Notes on Vegas

I just learned that the Luxor is right next to the area where the shooting happened. When I was working as a professional gambler in Las Vegas about 20 years ago, I learned a system for Baccarat
which required my physically testing the system out by hand using cards. There was no way to verify the percentages for predicting how useful it would be since I had no access to a computer for such a customized program. I stayed in several hotels in Vegas but the one which was most significant to this experiment was in the hotel where it happened to have a very direct view of -- The Luxor.

What I did that night which stands out to my recollections most is the construction of a card shoe by MacGuyver'ing up an old shoe box, some C or D cell batteries, tape, pen...I think that's it! And it functioned as a 5 deck shoe for about 48 hours when I deconstructed it and threw it away. That allowed me to use a shoe to act as a dealer for my Baccarat system. And it turned out, the system worked! It was exactly as high of a percentage as it was explained to me it would work. I had dealt hundreds of hands over many many hours working out the mathematics. The odd thing is I never had heard of a card shoe before seeing one the days before and I had no understanding of anything about their mechanism before starting to make one by hand. I stayed in the hotel a couple or three days I think it was, then I won more money than the casinos preferred I did. This was at Treasure Island, Circus Circus...a few others but not The Luxor, Caesar's or Bellagio.

The Lockheed / Disney masterminds of the Las Vegas shooting hoax is possibly connecting to Seven Days newspaper, as usual. There does happen to be 7 letters between 'L' and 'D' which is significant because 'Paddock' is clearly the name selected to be used as a symbol for the conspirators to sign the crime with and use it as a way to clue those in the know where it may lead. 'PADLOCK" is the 'key'. Lockheed, Disney...L/D...

"Aldean" is like "Needle(s)" backwards , from the Back to the Future series. This is enormous to me because of the Flea connection to my previous inquiries into media conspiracy. There is a 'ROE' from Canada--beautiful model who was supposedly murdered by the gunman. This is a script which is not credible in a production room, one man from 1100 feet away murders 500+ unstopped for 10 minutes. The media is making money off the war its making on us weak little Americans, isn't it?