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Why Bill Shatner Is A Christ Figure

Bill Shatner plays the role of James Tiberius Kirk in the series "Star Trek", the most popular movie and tv franchise in the short history of the media. The role of JAMES I as in James the Conqueror of England who battled at Minorca, Majorca, who connects directly with the Zodiac Killer Mafia by the implications of Bernard Sanders using the 'shirt' references of the James I autobiography... resolves into JAMES Tiberius Kirk. James the Conqueror refers openly to the exceptional properties of his favored blade "Tizo" which I will only reveal so much about prior to completing the "Sword of Christ" book in a few months (due out Christmas with Camille Spain editor). James the Conqueror meets Tiberius Caesar with the use of the magical material which the Roman was famous for having pounded like gold but appeared like glass. This is the referenced property probably of the blade which was made for the first man of the Adamu or 'Lulu', hence when James I references his blade Tizo is 'luckier' than most, he is most certainly referring to it being 'Lulu-ier' for the descendent of the Adamu, the Lulu for which it is forged.

This story is the same as the LOTR series where Aragorn son of Arathorn represents James I who is of Arathon in reality. His line is the same as Strider's who is able to reforge the blade, a genetic cycle which connects old with new in the same war. The war is mathematics, slavery, immortality, technology of sacred fires (pyramid genetic science). The blade slew a giant from another world and the bearer was married to an immortal. The immortals are the line of the slave race in the reptilian dominated planetary system so many of our earthly religions center around, the Sirius B area. These long eared elvish like beings are the basis for the symbolism of slavery, of immortality and of a kinship to the Mu Pan peoples.

The history of the 'long ear slaving the short ears' is a running theme within the historical confluence of tribal peoples, Polynesian, Pan/Mu (Atlantean) references. "Atlantis" actually refers to a sacred temple itself upon a larger continental land mass and it was confused many times to represent the sunken land mass. But Mu or Pan was the common word and there are artifacts directly from it. The Spock/Captain Kirk relationship represents this slavery, immortality (and a superhuman intellect, strength). Since the creator of the Star Trek series was a police officer intimate within the circles of Hollywood, can presume he was operating under some intelligence which included some hidden histories. Police are very close to 'slaver' in their actions. Depending on how we see their actions, they are abducting people, beating them or killing them if they are not submitting to being forced to be trafficked, labor for them, surrendering all rights during their enforcement. This is slavery turned into law that we used because of the mathematical certainties of the ubiquitous forensic statutory legal system.

But James Tiberius Kirk was selected as a name for the Captain of the Starship Enterprise not for just being James I the Conqueror in a way, and as Tiberius Caesar who beheld the same stuff as the blade for Christ (in the same time period), but also for the "Kirk" reference to the Black Dahlia murderer, who was revealed by my analysis of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram of 11-9-69. Kirk is the last name of the abortion Doctor who is named as one of either two or three murderers of the beautiful Elizabeth Short of Medford, MA. Dr. Kirk was arrested for charges related to involvement in an abortion ring which was handled in the legal system by LAPD Officer Ed Jokisch, the person I claim is the real life Warner Brothers evil villain 'The Joker". The smile on the Black Dahlia's face which was a result of a cut from her outer lips to near her ears is very overtly characterized by the Batman films where the Joker does the identical cutting of victim's faces (particularly female). There is a Napoleonic reference within the Rosetta Stone being represented (from materials in her innards), and the Egyptian hieroglyph she was arranged to be found as. The heiroglpyh means 'bearded man' but could reference laws of Hammurabi.

Gene Roddenberry being LAPD would have available insider information about the nature of Jokisch's crime. This is not a conspiracy possible at the level it functions under without complete understanding and participation by most police forces. Police departments were probably not for very long anything like honorable representations of justice since the time the citizen lost the same level of power in their civic powers. Those will be seized back all at once by a revolution as the instance of law is the survival instinct capitulated into the long-winded arrangement for government to encourage survival of its population. But the LAPD connection to "Kirk" in the abortion ring, the inside 'joke' of LAPD that they arranged the killing of the Dahlia with Warner Brothers as a statement about their Egyptian rituals is relevant to Star Trek because of this name.

James Tiberius Kirk is a concoction of words representing the Christ figure and his sword. For Jesus Christ came with a sword and he used it to enforce the laws of God.

Do. I look like this guy? Canadian Hockey man

Derek Joslin

I found out my Dad who is a published respected genealogist has discovered we are truly not Phelps' at all but 'JOSLIN'. Ironically, I may be a Phelps in another line and am related to Phelps' by blood in a myriad of heredity complexities but my assuming the name of Dana Graham Joslin for my 'Sword of Christ' book is to presume the relevance of the new identity.

JOSLIN means 'running water' in the Germanic origins and is the name of the Bishop who was important to William of England in the first reign of the new King. The most important era in history since Rome was conquered in some people's minds?

I am now theorizing in my new work that the two dots of the 'ii' so prevalent in the Zodiac Killer code that it goes to ancient history is in some way related directly to the ROME and LONDON founding by the same entities. We are getting to a Hittite context sooner than later, which is of course one of the major transitions and returning to underground for the little ones.

Since I am putting forth the concept of the King James bible prescribing a NEW war against Giants, the controversy grows as the Mounds being plundered by the European invaders was only a minor reward of their conquest. Also Abraham Lincoln appears to have a connection to the Mound Builders which has been well covered up, along with his well-known Rothschild engineered assassination.

I never played hockey but was a very natural ice skater, in fact my speed was so great within a few days of putting some skates on that was keeping up with the highly skilled older skaters with the special speed skates, me being much younger with rented blades and no lessons. Perhaps would have been a fair player.

Is It Legal To Annihilate Freemasons In A FreeMasonic Temple?

This is an ugly question and not normally one I'd prefer to ask but the occupation by Freemasons of us by using governments is more important than the US Constitution to our state of affairs. We ARE at war with Freemasons who use every advantage possible against us from positions of power they
engineer with a vast conspiracy. Their oaths are anti-American and illegal to make, they cannot legally be in government positions since it is a criminal mafia which swears to commit crimes to enforce their illegal acts. This is open and unquestioned, a tolerated racket that dates back to before Jesus Christ. It got a lot worse around Jack the Ripper's time when the evil concentrated, the rape and child slave production rings from government tightened their reigns over us.

But the question remains-- what laws prevent a person from a mass execution of Freemasons on Freemasonic Temple grounds? One would think this is of course against the laws of every country, mass murder and mayhem are prohibited by every government unless the government does it in the name of the government. But the reality is that Freemasons claim 'no crime may be committed within a Freemasonic Temple'. This is backed up surprisingly by many countries! You have to really look into it to verify the fact or not and when you realize it's true, then will understand the question I am asking a lot better. I am against violence and avoid Freemasonic Temples as a rule but the legal issue here is that the Masons conspire 'legally' there in their temples until we go there and root them out.

Jesus' Real Light Saber Is A Genetic Weapon In Space

The Dark Knight satellite is beginning to resemble Earthly technology not because we are independently finding our way to an easier life through industrial applications. It is the beacon and instruction for the slaves on the surface. That is the master program and eventually the program will be complete. Solomon's light saber stone, the light sabres tech which was used to cut through stone in antiquity, the material of Tiberius with the malleable 'glass' (a material from another world which appears as glass but can be pounded like gold)...these are signs of the same issue.

The genetic line of Adamu, Lulu, "Gilgamesh". Jesus Christ- they all reflect the function of this weapon. The original war of these people was led by the crusader who wielded a special blade that only those of his creators line would be able to activate. The line has been kept since the flood. The moon arrived with the flood for a simple reason-- incubation. The mining upon it, the Kingu gold production (for we are slaves to Kingu on the dark side, who gets all the precious ores we work for in the paradigm of our organization).

The Dark Knight is the 'handle' of this blade. The Mu/Pan people set it up to complete their program from the sinking of the Pacific continent. The one they intended to wield this power is here now. It relates infinity, immortality, slavery and gold production for an interstellar economy involved with cosmic wars.

Who is the guy? What about the gals that always go with him? Hmm?

I Am A Victim Of American and Israeli War Crimes

Terror, Genocide, Torture, Attempted Murder, Entrapment, Rape, Obscenity, Child Pornography, Trademark and Copyright Infringement, Libel, Fraud and Swindling, Gangstalking, Treason...

This is a partial list of things I can prove in the World Court of The Netherlands. The States of OR, VT and the Federal government have selected me out from justice and instead as a target. This is
directly due to the infinity formula I concocted (censored by the same newspaper which is committing many other crimes with VT), my 9/11 truth about Israelis and Nazis in the USA masterminding and pulling off the cop, for exposing a criminal rape ring run by the State of VT
with Federal powers, a crooked rape crisis center called HOPE WORKS covering it up, organizing its, prospering on it.

Everyday is a battle with the rapes of 30 men on girls as young as 12, attempted murders. This is the beginning because the Rape Trauma Syndrome (which is diagnosed officially) is concentrating an unusually high amount of trauma in my brain and body with the enormously bizarre circumstances. The newspaper defrauds a movie project which was an account of rapes by survivors themselves, in their own words. The city of Burlington stole the picture with the State of VT, getting the profits all
the way into the State Capitol building with the rape crisis center. Their fraud is open and absolute,
their thinking Ivory tower and foreign. I experience murder, rape and fraud on my name every day.
If I do not wake up screaming in pain then it is considered a rare lucky day.

This situation is threatening my life not just from the suicidal tendencies involved with RTS (I am not going to do that but it is a most common side affect of RTS even without malicious pressure to activate it, making it worse, prolong it). This is also the effect on the rape victims who wanted charges on the journalist, some of them mothers, women with disabilities and little money, people who had serious problems already with RTS in and out of suicide wards. This is a conscious murder to show us the power of the government is an occupation which gives them Rape Rights over us. I am the mascot for their abuse.

Let me say I am totally unafraid. The only thing I consider is the damage to my film company members, my family and some true friends as to what will occur should I be finally forced to defend myself and country from the hostile occupiers in this territory. Police are officially labeled as a world threat here outside these borders, all civilized countries are warned not to travel here for fear of being murdered, beaten, raped, perjured on by the insane nazi police force. The Israeli leadership and training of police from the Federal level has converted their protective ethics into one of degradation, programming for slavery, abuse outright as if we are the new Palestinians. Some of us have had enough and some of us even have training to defend themselves from this bullshit kind of occupier.

I can tell you I've had enough. Those pussies don't worry me. If they wanna end me, they might not have a real nice ending themselves. I might wind up whipping they ass. I've already reached out to a few governments for assistance, even asylum. My money and ability to make it has been removed and stopped directly by law enforcement which defrauds my royalties mechanically as a film maker, musical artist, etc. I would have been long gone if not stopped. For eight years I've done huge amounts to get something going and all projects were attacked-- musical act in VT on verge of financial success, tours, large paying gigs, etc.-- sabotaged by a person who worked with Phish. My string quartet for a film to launch the getting of work was almost stolen by another sick, crazy, wildly dishonest manipulative Napoleonic VT fuckhead. My journalism/film making was defrauded and stopped, stolen directly while I was beaten, starved, imprisoned for trying to eat, my cat was TORTURED and STARVED to death in violation of Federal and State law...then I come to OR and my new film is defrauded by fake shootings done by cops with VT court, my actors are fuckin' intimidated, then they abduct a woman from the grocery store near me who was going to go to my movie possible upon opening. The journalist Ken Picard puts her name in the picture of an article 2 days before the State steals her.

You wanna fuckin kill me? It's a lot better than what I'm going through to defend my rights. I'm unconcerned . What a bunch of fuckin PUSSIES.

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Pyramids as Genetic Amplifiers

One of the hypotheses put forth by my "Sword of Christ" book which is now in the research phase is that pyramids used advanced tech to make use of genetics. "Genetic Amplification" is the same as time travel, space travel and powerful weapons.

Take this example-- those who have taken the time and trouble to build replicas as a light bulb were missing a few big clues!

First of all, the fact there are two serpents is a clue we are dealing with genetics. But then the next example...

gives the next big clue where the arms holding the snake inside the tube/pod are coming out from a stand of some kind, some technological device resembling a square ashtray ...notice the *arms are inside and outside the surface*. So these arms are being produced by the device potentially. They may very well have bred beings with a genetic repository, hence Thoth and other animal-people would be perfectly normal to see in reality since they can hybridize life.

And genetic amplification ties into the nature of immortality which is what the Jewish-Roman war with Jesus Christ was all about-- infinity, slavery and immortality. 

Friday, July 28, 2017


Camille Spain, employee of SCi CO as a multi-faceted talent for web/graphic design, book editing, publishing, marketing, etc. was assaulted last night in Laurelwood Park outside of SCi CO FILMS headquarters in Portland, OR! She was working the park early morning (4 am or so). The appearance of the individual was: 30s-early 40's, Latino, roughly 5'6, stocky build/pudgy, khaki pants, long sleeve red and black shirt. This person indicated many things that made it clear this was
*NON RANDOM*, that she was targeted deliberately as a SCi CO Team member.

The aggressor told her that his ex girlfriend's name was "Francesca" (one of Dana's ex's is Francesca), that he wanted to 'kill her boyfriend" (meaning 'kill Dana'), that he had worked previously for 20th Century Fox FILM Studios in Los Angeles, that he had previously 'broken the nose of his friend' (Dana broke Ned Harris' nose, friend from youth at time he knew Francesca), that he had blood in his pants from breaking his friends nose, that he 'wanted to KILL all his friends', he indicated that he knew about her educational history (that she had not finished her bachelor's degree? he knew this?).

 These are indications that this person was aware of intelligences which relate to SCi CO FILMS and to Camille's personal history. The use of language seems INTIMIDATING and THREATENING. She was assaulted on her breasts over her clothes. Camille went to the Plaid Pantry a block away and the store clerk eventually asked the man to get off the property, who had followed her and loitered around waiting for her.

We are going to get this on police record. It did take place in a public park.

Before night fell and we were working in SCi CO studios, a loud lady and someone else sang
Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer'...this is interesting in how obvious, distracting it was outside SCi CO's windows and because of the connection to the Wing Wa/Wing Sing Bon Jovi singing Chinese restaurant issue which goes with the Katy Roe disappearance. Precipitating the attack in the Park?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Charles Bronson's Nephew CHRIS BUCHINKSY

It's pretty clear now to me this guy Chris Buchinsky, a famous artist in Hollywood who does storyboards, movie posters and lots of behind the scenes work. This guy responded to an ad
I had for a poster maker on my micro-budget indie NON UNION movie. Unfortunately, my belief
now is that he did this specifically to cause damage to it and to insult, impeded me and my movie!

Chris said several things in our conversation which bothered me. It wasn't his talks about cocaine use and celebrities that bothered me but more about how he 'ghosts'. Ghosting means infringing, stealing,
using someone else to do work then applying their name to it. Then Chris began to ask me for every
link to every clip, every model I worked with, everything about the film. My feeling is that he may
facilitate infringement and fraud for Paramount Pictures and/or other studios, other artists. I am
now feeling as though I am the victim of Fraud by Chris Buchinksy.

Chris was given $300 cash in December before Christmas to complete the poster. It is now July and he has had excuse after excuse after excuse. While he does nothing (after claiming he could 'do the poster while paying a phone bill'. it was so light a job...) about the work, he collects my unpublished
movie segments, details about my method, pictures I've taken as an artist, names of local models-- anything he can, before I stopped trusting him and 'clammed' up.

Chris told me HARRISON FORD is a pothead, CAMERON DIAZ has horrible acne and is nowhere near as good looking in real life, he talked about MARK HAMMIL and how cocaine had caused the famous accident. He told me something about that evening he claimed to be an industry secret but
now I wonder if Chris is a lunatic. My guess is he is a pedophile working in a ring to continue dominating over all competition. If he has the connection to Bernie Sanders I expect to uncover, it would become so clear.

But he told me after I fired him and he committed a CRIME in Oregon to get this communication to me-- he goes, 'GOOD LUCK MAKING IT IN *MY* INDUSTRY". Chris Buchinksy believes he owns the entire Movie Industry. This extends out of Hollywood and into teeny NON UNION Independent first time director/producer films. My film apparently belongs to Chris Buchinsky in Chris Buchinsky's mind. I take that comment as a THREAT since he was specifically told not to contact me again or it would be a State violation of law, then secondly that he claims dominion over the entire movie industry, which includes my work. His threat is that I will now encounter the racket of his big UNION and I better watch out.

This fuckin' asshole went out of his way to solicit a tiny, barely above water independent picture from another state and then he sucks 6+ months out of the project with a bunch of bullshit. Then he threatens me with his goddamn Union. I don't have any problems with the Union but if he's going to be busting my balls after swindling and damaging my little production, then I'm not going to be interested in one from him. Fuck his bullshit.

He did many things which were bizarre, my spiritual inclination is that he enjoys children from toddler to about 7. That's a guess. He is a mentally ill person in my opinion who plays with people psychologically, expects to be treated as some kind of royalty. First of all, Charles Bronson was accused of being a Nazi spy and pedophile many times. I don't know if it's true but judging from his nephew Chris-- probably. Chris seems to me an insane delusionary person who molests children,
does things to potentially murder and stop independent film makers, and he does it for PARAMOUNT PICTURES and VERMONT. Charles Bronson had a big connection to Vermont which is the State attempting to murder me for about eight years now.

Fuck you, Chris. You're an asshole and you doused piss all over the faces of my cast and crew.
The fact that my film is RAIDERS OF THE LOST CLAM!!! and you work for PARAMOUNT PICTURES which produced the RAIDERS...movies, tells me you are an agent to inspire destruction on my work as competition.

It will be some time, but I'll be confronting his double-talking fraudulent ass in court.