Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trump's Food Stamp Boot

This is not going to be a great week for the impostor playing the part of Donald Trump on the Hill! You hated him before or tolerated him, supported him or loved him...but whatever the case, as of at least the SOTU Trump has been portrayed by a carefully manicured, highly polished mimic who probably comes from the ugly side of the UN (meaning the 'President' is a foreign citizen under false papers). There is a specific law in Federal code for Impersonating a Public Official.

The Civil War of the USA was precipitated by the identical event. Abraham Lincoln was a President who was obtained, placed into power and operated on by Freemasonry which is a multi-national business and religious mysticism consortium which sponsors warfare, runs the banks and most of the organized crime in the Western world, if you believe the conspiracy theorists information. We have a dummy in office. That means the medium behind the man is overabundant with raw physical power and have devised a mathematical scheme to portray a character into a struggle for leadership. In other words, they know they will be able to get away with whatever they want until the man goes away and they won't be concerned because the value of their 'President' is the same as a wood doll they had a puppet maker create.

I haven't bothered and won't check to see if what I just heard is true that the Donald impersonator has issued an Executive Order that cuts Food Stamps across the nation for those who are not working. This is not something a President has the power to do under the label of 'Executive Order' and is the clear sign like a loud bell ringing in the street that the person making decisions for the US Presidential decisions is not aware of the functionality of the US legal system nor the US Food and Agriculture dilemma. This Food Stamp ban will probably lead to impeachment by the end of the week, there will be a push to secession by several or many States and if it is somehow not stopped, which seems impossible, then the opportunity for food riots, a massive crime wave, an increase on extremely serious health problems will be inevitable. This obviously will burden the system financially far many times greater than any reduction in spending by the Federal government, in fact a doubling of food stamp benefit would be logical since people who depend on it are not having enough to eat even when subsidized by charity. The math doesn't add up and that's what civil rights attorneys will say if you ask, that the Federal government does not do realistic math for survival needs.

But Trump is going to get kicked out of office pretty soon with this kind of crap and the whistle is blowing on that old Federal government!

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