Saturday, September 1, 2018

Insects Are Friends and Know Gods

it's a little bit of a secret I knew a long time ago but if you think about it, science is starting to see this shit. Insects break us down when we're dead. What is the inverse? Obviously they are involved directly in our lives. Every second is split by the movements of an insect. How? Because time is not able to dissect an insect and we use them as leverage against our inequity and conscious illusion we use numbers with. Insects are intimate with our soul. The Scarab is an insect worshipped by Egyptians actually as a God. This is because the sacred scarab is happy. Why? How do we know? Because the Scarab spins the stuff of us into the sun. And this makes the Scarab happy. All of us are happy because of the sun and the Scarab is the happiness we can grasp just before the sun. In order to communicate with insects, you simply live. You include them as being able to socialize. They are going to eat you if you let them but if you abide within a set of parameters where you may harmonize, generally there will be no stronger ally.

For no beast, no man, no vegetable or mound can survive an assault all at once by an insect world.

Insects combine quantum and cosmic physics. They are too large or small to define. They hold the keys. They speak with us. Do you talk back? They are so powerful that it would be impossible to create one machine to equal a fly. You cannot wield its power if MIT gets all of CERN's power with a trillion dollar military--fly wins.

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