Thursday, June 15, 2017

GOP Baseball Shooter Connections To Targeting ME AGAIN

In all the years since the bullshit drama began from Seven Days, Kenneth Picard, the Seven Days news staff, Bernie Sanders, the lawyers, all the cops and assholes in VT and government who have heaped abuses on all this fuckin time, I have only written to a few politicians.

When was it, four days ago? Five? I wrote to BARASSO, Senate Republican Policy Chair. I told him about the Bernie Sanders rapes and the Seven Days news fiasco (, upper left hand corner for the scoop!). I never do this. I also wrote Ron Paul. A couple weeks before I wrote Dennis Kucinich but he's not in office so it doesn't count. But I asked BARASSO to have a *Senatorial or Congressional Hearing/Inquiry* about SANDERS!

The HODGKINSON shooting of the GOP BASEBALL practice of SCALISE is a bizarre connection.
First of all, it is a GOP thing and the guy doing it is obsessed with presumed Zodiac Killer Bernie Sanders. It so happens that the sculpture series I am doing, which is an erotic series (I was punished badly for my erotic fine art in Burlington VT which is where all this drama bullshit got started!) is with a sculptor who is named --HODGKISS. Hodgkiss actually is the name of a famous Scottish gun, it's like being named 'GATLING'. I think that's the right spelling of her name! But anyway...that's almost exactly the same as this Bernie nut.

I wrote here about being molested on the phone. That had something to do with baseball, actually. I was bitching about Scatena, a childhood friend I knew and how he may have connected to some devious plan by the San Francisco PD man Charlie Coates to be put into my life as a means of programming, cutting me into something. This has to do with my connecting the names/magic/timing and several programming sort of things Scatena said regarding masturbation.

Jay did many many many dishonest and abusive things behind my back. He definitely facilitated infringement on me as an artist, was dishonest and delusional in my opinion and repeatedly gave me these weird scenarios about his friends masturbating masturbating masturbating. I am guessing that his mother is a CIA programmer and used Jay as an agent in my home after the Coates fight.

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