Thursday, June 22, 2017

Programming, Gangstalking, French CIA Mongrels

The creepy snowman who stalks me outside the bar with his overt use of a territorial intelligence is apparently exactly as expected! As I walked down the street across the street and said 'Mongoose' as the snowman clucked his trucks, little could I foresee Sergeant Egg Cartons leveling a cell phone at me. And I do mean 'leveling'-- most people don't use cell phones by making them flat/perpendicular with the earth, they always tilt them up. So this is a threat, an attack, coordinated to occur as a ritual to the territorial domination in the psych warfare game we play as I am an occupied American living in circumstances of warfare, a prisoner of war. This claim is the one I am making with The Hague and to Switzerland, Holland, India where I've sought asylum! Isn't it nice to clarify this situation.

Obviously the backup cops had prepared for a shooting-- in case I swatted the pissant down. I guess the signal that SCi CO FILMS is moving onto the FBI/COPS scene today and that Frosty Dickerson is stalkin with the Zodiac man.

Fuck you. That's a rape and you ain't shit. Pyschic reading- -Russian Poppa Bear cell
But practically? To coordinate this, it clarifies they would be aware of when I leave and when I go. I did notice something interesting upon my return.

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