Saturday, September 2, 2017

Note on Hobbits, Bigfoots and Me

Having some foot pain, I measured my feet to get the exact size for orthopedic shoes. I always knew my feet were wide but I never bothered to measure them properly. There was never any foot pain but I would veer toward wider sizes. But it turns out that my feet are off the charts in terms of width. There are no shoes typically made for my 10.5 shoe size with a size XXXXXXW shoe! The lowest size made with the minimum width I need is 15. I require a size 15 XXW for width and a 10.5 for length. It happens the arches are extremely high, this is a very unusual situation. Thus will have to be
facing the cost of custom made insoles and a very rare shoe size. They may have to be custom made at a factory as if I were a basketball player needing a 27 shoe or something, like Minut Bol.

Maybe there's something to this shit!

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