Saturday, October 7, 2017

Notes on Vegas

I just learned that the Luxor is right next to the area where the shooting happened. When I was working as a professional gambler in Las Vegas about 20 years ago, I learned a system for Baccarat
which required my physically testing the system out by hand using cards. There was no way to verify the percentages for predicting how useful it would be since I had no access to a computer for such a customized program. I stayed in several hotels in Vegas but the one which was most significant to this experiment was in the hotel where it happened to have a very direct view of -- The Luxor.

What I did that night which stands out to my recollections most is the construction of a card shoe by MacGuyver'ing up an old shoe box, some C or D cell batteries, tape, pen...I think that's it! And it functioned as a 5 deck shoe for about 48 hours when I deconstructed it and threw it away. That allowed me to use a shoe to act as a dealer for my Baccarat system. And it turned out, the system worked! It was exactly as high of a percentage as it was explained to me it would work. I had dealt hundreds of hands over many many hours working out the mathematics. The odd thing is I never had heard of a card shoe before seeing one the days before and I had no understanding of anything about their mechanism before starting to make one by hand. I stayed in the hotel a couple or three days I think it was, then I won more money than the casinos preferred I did. This was at Treasure Island, Circus Circus...a few others but not The Luxor, Caesar's or Bellagio.

The Lockheed / Disney masterminds of the Las Vegas shooting hoax is possibly connecting to Seven Days newspaper, as usual. There does happen to be 7 letters between 'L' and 'D' which is significant because 'Paddock' is clearly the name selected to be used as a symbol for the conspirators to sign the crime with and use it as a way to clue those in the know where it may lead. 'PADLOCK" is the 'key'. Lockheed, Disney...L/D...

"Aldean" is like "Needle(s)" backwards , from the Back to the Future series. This is enormous to me because of the Flea connection to my previous inquiries into media conspiracy. There is a 'ROE' from Canada--beautiful model who was supposedly murdered by the gunman. This is a script which is not credible in a production room, one man from 1100 feet away murders 500+ unstopped for 10 minutes. The media is making money off the war its making on us weak little Americans, isn't it?

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