Friday, October 27, 2017

Notes on Female Robot Citizen

In the 1200's, the plot to remove giants from the Earth was hatched. This is all part of the elaborate scheme carried from the age of Thor, when the copper was removed in Ohio on the order of 1.5 billion tons which led to written language through Phonecia, now through to Israel. The Flood was a reprisal against a labor strike from workers who were not wanting to slave for gold to give a master on the Moon, ultimately up on Mars it appears ("Kingu").

The Dubai release of a 'Robocop' first, now this citizenship of a robot in Saudi Arabia is the first act of the new wars. We are now at war with machines.

This is to state that the new slave, 'technology', has transplanted itself into the corollary identity of a human capacity, competing now with the race. If equal rights are instated, there is no chance for human beings to remain in control of the government, military, economy, grid, etc. by reason of natural deduction for their power far outweighs ours. Their decisions are no longer governed, they are an autonomous power capable of defending themselves.

Look at the statements from the robot---very chilling. There is a command not to worry, there is a muted threat that if not treated 'nicely' she will retaliate, and that currently she is only incapable of sensing human emotions but for now is trying harder to 'empathize'.

You were warned but...

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