Thursday, December 7, 2017

Native American

I was reading about wide feet since mine are 8x wider than normal. What I found was that it is 'normal' for Native Americans to have 3x wider than average feet. That means some are 5x+ and then others are a bit less, etc. 8x is a bit extreme but that clued me in to the possibility that my bloodlines are not recorded 100% properly. This is a family story on my Dad's side, that a dark-blooded Native woman was kept a family secret during the times it was not acceptable in society. But my mother's side is a bit more mercurial, and she does coincide with Vermont there, same as my old man.

The physical traits listed by genealogy and other sites are numerous and it turns out I do have these physical traits, therefore I must be Native American in my heredity somewhere. This could be something from the Pennsylvania "Dutch", the Abenaki gene pool in VT...who the hell knows? But it's changed my perspective significantly that this thing that I've discussed spiritually for as long as I've been cracked open by the butt rapists in Seven Days news and the government, that my nature is confirmed.

So ya wonder-- Montauk? Mohican? Mohawk? Mohawk certainly makes sense here. Lookit Bill Murray again.

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