Thursday, February 15, 2018

Abe Lincoln-- WAS FAKE

*update*2-21-18* I am retaining what is below this statement as notes for the new book LINCOLN WAS A DUMMY. It will be analyzing each of the 120 or so Lincoln pictures. So far, all of them are absolutely fakes. Maybe 1/3 or 40% are dummies, meaning wood dolls or sculptures of some other kind. Possibly some of them are miniature, it's hard to say. Along with this is a lot of analysis, far reaching and radical theorization of what transpired, contemporary analysis with regard for popular films like Back to the Future and The Terminator, current elections, technology, etc. It will broach subjects as far back as Gilgamesh or further (probably get into dinosaurs a bit) and will make claims that there is possibly a black man who Lincoln was based on or controlled by who escaped to Liberia before the election. "LINCOLN WAS A DUMMY" is being written now with quite a ways to go. Read the raw unedited research notes and basic composition has sample chapters of a fiction novel by my alter ego Sir Tokis on the About Page

I just for the first time examined the photographs of Abe Lincoln.

100% of them are fakes.

This does change things. My first impression is that an escaped slave took over the White House and used a dummy with photo-optics to achieve the illusion of the Presidential character within a vast
conspiracy. This does appear to have required advanced technology and to be the design of some extremely mysterious mechanism or plan.

But it is beginning to look like Abe Lincoln-- did not exist or not as the President we are told.

I call bullshit

This is obviously one of the best kept secrets in geopolitical history because this is so painfully obvious that it's clear the entire government bodies from all around the world collectively maintain this cover story bullshit.
example a.
If it's hard for you to detect, just look at the hands, pages, hair, eyebrows, background
and the curious way Abe's ears have a way of connecting unnaturally to the side of his head. Abe Lincoln was definitely not real. Look at the part in the child's hair-- totally unreal! There is NO FUCKING SCALP . That hairline is so fucking bad it only makes Abe's changing hairline from his various life photographs look more believably bullshitted. The size of his ears is not the same, nor the placement. His jaw is different. The creases in his face are different. There is no skin on the light of his head. The hair is not realistic at all and grossly changed from other appearances of his image with the same hairline. The child's mouth is deformed with the child's chin-- this is not a real boy. This is photorealism before photorealism.

Now look at this one. First clue to see is the size and dimensions of the hands. The middle finger is overlarge of his right hand and the index is unnaturally shaped, pointed. The fabric on that sleeve is also physically not realistic. The scale of the left arm is diminished-- not the proportionate size for one normal sized arm with the next. His hairline again changes from other pictures. The curl of hair on his forehead is also not real. If you look very carefully, the left eye is actually not even there-- it's a shadowy issue of an eye. The eyebrows are distinctly different in their size, shape and coverage from other 'photographs'. You will note a Masonic square and compass to the left of his face on the wall. Then very strangely there is no button, crease, ruffle or anything of any kind on the chest of his white collared shirt...this is a very realistic fake.

Now for the biggest fuckin freaky fake on the entire world! This is the one which made it to the almighty penny. And that appears to be the whole point. If you carefully examine this photograph (or drawing or whatever the fuckin hell it is they used) it is very clearly automatically that this is no ordinary man. The most apparent issue is where the ear meets the side of his head. There's a protrusion like a layer has been put on the outside or as if it's made of some sculpting material. This is very possible if that section of the face was rendered at a different time/location in a differing way than the ear/jawline. But there's also a dog in his hair, the "Jet" dog representing the runaway slave. You will see that there is a totally abhorrent formation of muscle tissue to the side of his lip, resembling strongly a camel toe. Then there's what appears to be metal stitching coming from the side of his head onto and over the ear! LOOK it is there. And in the hair is the lettering 'd r y'. This reminds me like of an android or robot needing grease? inside the ear is a tophat. How this passed for a real picture at any time is really strange. Then -- look ! HE HAS NO EYEBALL

Now I'm reading more about Abe and it's clear that he was a fucking tyrannical bigoted asshole. This guy sounds like a Chinese, Russian, Italian, Jewish style dictator. It literally maybe was the Chinese who took over the US government back then and just locked it the fuck down. Lincoln locked up thousands of journalists and critics, booted a major figure into Canada from publishing opinions about him, locked up a guy who was a fucking Senator with no charges just to shut him up, his troops mass raped and murdered as many as 700,000, secret police forces began under Lincoln-- this is the blueprint of 100% of the problems in the 20th. 

Thinking more about these images and imaging the capabilities back then, it is likely that experimentations would result from taxidermy, sculpture, photo-optics, drawing/painting/etching/engraving, etc. to achieve the illusionary pictures. The Gettysburg Address picture is a horrible fake. The inaugural address is not easy to see but it has some very identifiable problems, mostly with layering and dimension and people being cut out. The arguments about limitations of the photographic tehcnology of the time will not account for gross distortions and totally bizarre physical characteristics of the people surrounding him. The portraits are open frauds. His jaw is impossibly non-human. In the most famous one, the picture which we get the penny profile from, we see not only robotics infused into his head but there is no fucking eyeball in the socket at all. This is a MAP, not a picture of a human being. But then the incongruousness of his various dated imagery is clearly associating alternate versions of the character Lincoln was.

There was no Abe Lincoln presidency according to his photographs-- Abe Lincoln was portrayed probably by highly trained actors and models wherever it was necessary to keep the illusion going in a locale. He was clearly being organized by Freemasonry and there is a GERMAN connection to the photography-- a German made the penny profile pic, his father and son pic and another portrait. All of them are horrendous fakes.

Abe's grandfather apparently was murdered by Indians. Abe's father lost his farm because of a court decision that he basically had defrauded the State? Or something to this effect? Then the accounts are all that he was viciously beaten by a punishing father, something not terribly uncommon in open society then but it's noted that it was particularly forceful against him. These are signs to me of a government program, a history created to make use of a position with a puppet. He literally could have been a puppet in some cases. In the mid to late 19th century, technology was actually a lot more advanced than we have it today in some ways, with some inventions. Free energy was already found, there were photo optics claimed to be 3d hologram with sound full color (non-electrical functioning), there was wireless telephonic like services-- all this suppressed but on record if you find it.

I've decided to go ahead and devote a few hundred pages to this and will write a book about the Lincoln presidency being a fakery, at least photographically. My historical knowledge is already pretty thin but of the Civil War era American history, it's even poorer. But it won't be hard to prove the pictures are bad-- P U

I suppose it's privy to record the obvious connection to the Back to the Future movies. Pictures themselvess *ARE TIME MACHINES*. They function on genetics, astral projection, celestial mechanics, perception, chi energy and non-linear timeline association. To think of this as a car to take us one place to the next like a physical passenger using a bus, it's the symbolism of what happens in the mind to use a future or past tense. Physically moving all your bodily positioning into an area of alternate temporal distinctions is not as utilitarian as connecting with the adjustments coming to you. This is how a photograph works. You see it, and your mental and spiritual powers focus intently on what you are convinced is from the past. This is always a paradox and using it this way is weaponized. Photographs are weaponized technologies. They did expect us to find them in these pictures but what they are saying will only be mature when we are ready to see it.

This one is very very convincing-- right!? You would never say THIS one is bullshit . But I'm afraid that it is. First of all, you might notice the body. That's not Abe below the neck. The photographer is said to 'not have been averse to retouching', i.e. they did physical photoshopping on the plates or whatever. But this man is not skinny and bony like Abe. That looks distinctly like a wider body around the middle and the legs. Above the neck it's probably a totally new face or heavily retouched so that it appears as one. The most bizarre appearances on Abe's noggin are his 'hatchet' sallow high cheek bones and his bizarre camel-toed lips, which are actually disproportionate. His jaw and chin are not like any human beings and have a misshapen appearance.

The time of Lincoln's election it is reported that people had no idea what he looked like, the rumors were that he was ugly. A lot of descriptions like this were precipitating his media debut as the photograph was just barely creeping into the newspapers, no one knew what Abe was like from any pictures before that at all, generally.

His mole by the mouth in this particular picture is a lot more visible than usual but THERE IS NO PUSSY. His camel toe does NOT appear in this picture but it has in every single other one so far that I have seen. It's very possible Abe was an alteration of another human face or faces and that image was from a real person. The photographer of the above picture stated that he 'enlarged' the collar to make his neck fit? It's a fucking bullshit photo.
This Augustus Washington photographer picture of "unidentified bearded man". I found this on a conspiracy style Youtube video from a homegrown user or two. One claims that he found this in the Library of Congress with the name Abraham African-us Lincoln. This is not something normally which would be taken seriously as a real comparison to Lincoln but...I wonder if they are onto something? The first clue is the LIPS. Note the abnormality of the larger side of his lower lip. It's exactly like the exaggerated feature of Abe Lincoln the white version. That's a pretty rare feature in itself...but then the unusual musculature and shape around the mouth actually matches quite distinctly. There is a striking similarity in the features but also in the build-- he does appear to be extremely tall and lean in his build. Augustus Washington moved to Liberia and became a politician, something very much in line with the statement made by the Lincoln era Presidency. Lincoln himself declared openly that he didn't care if slavery remained or not, but this would have been a very skillful play by the runaway slave who became President to portray their character on the line enough to get them over the line...?

Was there another country called AFRICANUS which seceded from the United States as escaped slaves with their own laws, leaders and military? Was this recognized by the US and led by this man above? Did they fight and WIN a war? Was Liberia what African-us became?

I contend this picture is of a DOLL. This may be a miniature a couple of inches
high made of mostly wood in reality. Notice there is NO cleft chin. Look at the obscenely unnatural and differing hairline (this one is definitely a wig). The wrinkles around the probably glass eyes give it away as much as the lack of any skin definition of the forehead. A monstrously bad job for now but good enough for the time!

Now look at this... very convincing, right? You couldn't
believe it's not a real guy right? Look at his fucking jaw and mouth.
They do not connect functionally. The grossly misshapen jawline is
not explained by a supposed childhood injury from being kicked
in the face by a horse, which is the historical
account for his malformation. This is gross deformity here
and it would have been enormously obvious in the room,
not quite like the Elephant Man but an obvious situation.
The light in his eyes is very challenging to believe, but not
as much as the wrinkled fat beneath his gigantic pumpkin chin
Duh. This passed for Prezidential? How is his neck skin 105 years old
but his eyes are like 65 well preserved? Is there any skin visible
on his forehead? Because it's so clear on his neck you'd wonder
how there's zero rendering of any lines on his head whatsoever
even one tiny little bit. HORSE SHIT! Eyebrows are totally different
than in other pictures, too. 
So which hairline are we on now? 16th? Sure is moving around
a lot up there! Now we get to see a very interesting jawline
again with bizarre connections to the ear, which does appear
large at least, unlike the Abe with son drawing/claimed photograph. That left ear of Abe's
is hard to consider being fixed in that position. It looks almost like a flattened
appendage which is perpendicular with the jaw rather than pressing against
the side of his face? Jutting out like, and then connecting with something
other than human like tissue. This is a nasty job here! Was Abe's left
eyebrow burned off or did they forget to etch it in this time? There's a 
very tiny butt dimple chin this time, sure-- but it's not the same
as the other butt chins on Abe's face from other photographs. Then notice how the right ear is crooked compared with his face. This is all fucked up! Gross!

BUT you know what ain't gross? It's beautiful? Black female, young in the upper right corner. 
Do you see her? So clear.... I looked for something like that because Abe wears white and the central issue is racial inversion...there she was. Eyes closed, as if her afro is white smoke or mist covering the rest of the wall space or as if she is behind a veil of that. And within that? A KEY! We have a cipher! 

Is ESMERELDA in da housee!?!?!

Then what is happening with those sleeves?
Uhh..and this is supposed to be Lincoln? No. It is claimed to be a real photograph of some kind, not a drawing
but that's hard to believe. This one appears to be a similar Lincoln drawn by an artist who had fairly poor dimensional rendering. This does not even have the same facial features overall but has enough parity that it's not meant to be anyone but Abraham Lincoln. The most plain example of the fraud is the placement of his famous mole. It's risen on his face a good measure and his camel toe (which is always on the side of his right lip), not there. The cheekbones are also not as high, sunken or defined and the shape of the jaw is different from other photographs very visibly. These are my notes for the Lincoln book and I'll be getting a huge amount of analysis with more than just the naked eye and casual glances when I get to writing the whole thing..

Does the guy look among the living? NO! He has that classic Abe Lincoln
lifeless eye, m like one or both of his eyes is not using any muscle. This one looks
a lot more like a real doll to me than a drawing, I'm seeing a glass eyed doll or something
very similar to that. For some reason I think it's about 6 inches tall. Notice his fucking
left cheek bone. Do you see why I said that in the last bit about the picture, the left cheek? Can you see now how this one protrudes and looks like it has a banana slug or something under the skin?
Well that's looking a bit like a sculptor who had a little too much of that good cannabis from the 19th century... The chin again is deformed but with the butt dimple in the wrong position, the malformation is totally changed from the others (much thinner jawline and far less of a bulge, difference between left/right sides). The wrinkly veiny eye socket on the left sharply
contrasting with the right side which looks much younger is also visibly alternate from other Abe pictures. These images actually physically smell they are so fake. BAA-HAHHAAAAAAAAA
But that new hairline! Oh that's good! If you take a look at the ears of each you will see that the shape of the inner ear, the negative space itself changes. This one is a little bit like a spaceship or Aladdin's lamp or something, others are other shapes. But look! At least that mole is higher in this pic like the other picture with the high mole. We're getting some continuity here at least. It's also radically different in the way the ear connects to the jawline than all the other ghastly flaws. Then the nose
is misshapen.

I'm beginning to get to a very interesting and powerful subject here--that Lincoln connects to the concept of an android or robot. It is not beyond the realm of thinking for me at all to believe it's possible there was somewhere a robotic version which could walk, talk, think and even go to combat in a way which resembled a real human being. 19th century technology is often considered to be a peak we have never to reach again, where free energy and optics and all the things which preceded electricity on the grid, automobiles, computers, planes (which I'd wager were already in use at that time)-- none of this was the limitation of the time then and they had similar goals as we do now. There were sources of power for that and there are advanced robotics enough just with clockmakers in Europe from previous centuries which functioned for entertainment alone which indicate a governmental program to develop these engineered utilities. 

Was Abraham Lincoln an android? Was there a robotic Lincoln in use at any time during the Presidency, even if only to experiment to see how people would take to one? How advanced were they? We know they experimented with things like this. Is there an advanced robotic technology waiting to be activated in modern times which will trigger something relating to a time machine related device? Or an instrument of warfare perhaps?

The entire jaw has been artistically rendered, not from a lens/photograph.
The way the jawbone connects with the neck is comically impossible and the actual linear jawline to the chin is rough, as if there are jagged angles that would be unimaginable even in a medical deformity. You might say the hair is a toupee and that is why it is changing but he had a natural widow's peak, not a toupee according to the record. Now for the funny part-- take a look at the NOSE! What the fuck? You need peyote maybe to think of it as normal. Umm...that is a nostril there, intended to be one by the way it looks? Because if that's the case then Mr. Lincoln might have had some insane surgeon who placed a nose which would not be possible to breath normally through on top of his old one believably. The left nostril sort of rides up the other side. That is not a human nose. The lower portion from collar down might be a real picture but the face is not, or at least most of it is not. Perhaps an altered picture which has less than 2% or something of the original remaining.

Now for the totally stunning and truly dazzling portion of this analysis-- Asian male on the left! Eyes closed, appearing bearded and something strange about the mouth, could be a deity, appears to have a triangular symbol ascribed on a hat or helmet or a 'cone-head'. Fascinating! And not just because it's that kind of image but because of the unusual and striking clarity, dimensional and proportional symmetries, such a large and brazen image again appearing on the left of the President. I did theorize at one point the Chinese installed him, it is most likely their people were involved somewhere of course or some other Asiatic government. It could be Genghis Khan, I mean who the hell knows?

That pussy on the side of his mouth makes me really wonder if a female was directly running the operation? 

Doll or human being? Do I need to even ask? Could this, would this,
is this like a human being? You could imagine the hair on the top of
his head is a toupee but the side of his head too? And the lifeless eyes
of a doll look again. The dimple is not the same (as usual), the skin looks a little 
more like leather, clay or perhaps a very unrefined stone carving. The nose
is sloping to the left abnormally, also different in its abnormality than the other totally
unrealistic schnoggin. They seemed to really be creative with the mole this time by moving it
far more toward the right ear, almost on the upper cheek! Then a new pit in his face
under the characteristic stiff upper lip look. There's actually only a few which are anything but that lipped lock likeness. You might notice the whiteness of his left eye being sort of not normal? That's because those eyes are not focused on anything. There's no muscle tension and that's the same for every one of his pictures.

It's Howdy Doody Time!
Just for fun, let's get into the actual details because I think by now it's patently
clear that some of these are dummies. The crease around the left of the lips
is new. What is that, some temporary scar? Note the 'v' shaped dimple of the chin this time and a much more pronounced and rigid jawline, ooh! Wow! An almost proportionate Abe face.They went through a lot of trouble with makeup on the cheek there and they did something truly strange there with his mole. The skin looks literally carved in on this one, like wood more than leathered taxidermy even remotely. The eyebrows are doing some much more angular things there. The eyes do appear darker least they got the nose much more realistic on this one! The ear looks more like a fish 
now in that space and really, does that head belong on that neck in that suit! The body is way too big! It also looks like his neck is touching one side of the collar, making it clear it was retouched and probably the head and suit were not both taken originally at the same time or if they were then the body is also probably a dummy! They don't care too much about the placement of the hairline, do they? Because this one is him regaining his hair and there was no Propecia then.


This puts the government in a perpetual state of war with the population as well as separates between slaves and their master in the positions for this governmental paradigm.
This actually legalizes slavery and warfare against slaves. The controversy for me is not that this is the situation, since government consistently plays games for its own advantage to the point of opposing what perceived values will be for the population voting, but because it is a mechanism which has EMPOWERED this government into the beast of a military aggressor that it is. 
"That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom."
Let's loosely translate this first paragraph. Slaves in states rebel against the Federal government which makes them free.
States must make war on the Federal government to be free. Can you argue this translation?
The 'freedom' the Executive Government defends with force is the state of perpetual warfare within State vs. Federal relations. This entitles the Federal government to rape, breed, enslave, traffic, labor, tax, murder and censor the State population. The Federal Government shall encourage the survival and prosperity within the limits of their capacity as legal agents of itself to those who are in a slave rebellion continuously with their slavemasters, which is the US government.
"That the Executive will, on the first day of January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate the States and parts of States, if any, in which the people thereof, respectively, shall then be in rebellion against the United States; and the fact that any State, or the people thereof, shall on that day be, in good faith, represented in the Congress of the United States by members chosen thereto at elections wherein a majority of the qualified voters of such State shall have participated, shall, in the absence of strong countervailing testimony, be deemed conclusive evidence that such State, and the people thereof, are not then in rebellion against the United States."
This re-states the same thing as the aforementioned paragraph but it says it about the government and leaders themselves instead of the people or population which may not be qualified to vote. The next statement is the trickiest subject I've ever read in law. This is a complex equation involving double neutrality and opposing weights within a massless sensibility, overriding a predetermined paradox. This statement, the second half of the body of above text is that the State represented by its leaders must constantly argue with equal veracity against the Emancipation Proclamation or else the war continues, i.e. there is a half life on the documentation for the article of war. It cannot be stopped, so it must go on and if you voice opposition then it locks it into a vacuum without debate, such the slavery is enabled by the determination of the war to impose it, indicating the military is a slaver for the security of the enslaved who must oppose their government at all time with their orders. The fallacy of first having a 'strong countervailing' argument is enough to qualify for a neutrality of the document since it is invalid on its mathematically defined contents to the financial, ethical, practical, legal and spiritual usages of the government. To countervail is to oppose with identical force, such as the weights and measures of justice being used so the popularly depicted scale of that device in our system is perfectly even without any possibility and availability for it to tip either direction. A flawless and perfect bond which is similar in fact to infinity. This is an escape route from but also a pathway into the Emancipation Proclamation technologically.
To rebel against the United States is a crime and thus all those who are not only in rebellion but suspicious of rebellion, then they may be treated as confined individuals and wards of the state whom are unable to be defined above slavery in the eyes of the government, which wields total power over all whom commit treason. Rebellion and treason are similar enough for Executive treatment to reflect a removal of rights and an attitude of violence, suspicion, abuse, imprisonment, espionage and similar tactics necessary to defend from threats. The Emancipation Proclamation has enslaved all the States and their peoples through the indoctrination of Civil Warfare. This is not a surprise for me personally as the definition of corporations, law enforcement, secret police forces, communistic style application of governmental abuses, etc. were manifested at the time of the age of Lincoln and the function would be hard to argue at this point we are in a civilized state of war with our Federal government which the States openly hold as a secretive contract for them to become keepers of the slave farms.
Now, therefore I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief, of the Army and Navy of the United States in time of actual armed rebellion against the authority and government of the United States, and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion, do, on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in accordance with my purpose so to do publicly proclaimed for the full period of one hundred days, from the day first above mentioned, order and designate as the States and parts of States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion against the United States, the following, to wit:
Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, (except the Parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St. John, St. Charles, St. James Ascension, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Martin, and Orleans, including the City of New Orleans) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, (except the forty-eight counties designated as West Virginia, and also the counties of Berkley, Accomac, Northampton, Elizabeth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth[)], and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.
And by virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free; and that the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons."
So then the next bit here is that the Navy specifically oversees operations of psychological warfare against the population of the States which have been declared a separate entity from the Federal government itself, which is synonymous with the identity of the separating constitution of the District of Columbia which has identified itself as the Vatican and the Crown has (sovereign), that slaves are 'free' to be at war against their slavery at all times, which does forfeit rights, property and opportunity by the way to escape from the war. From slave to prisoner who is free but you vote for it, says the EP.
"And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self-defence; and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.
And I further declare and make known, that such persons of suitable condition, will be received into the armed service of the United States to garrison forts, positions, stations, and other places, and to man vessels of all sorts in said service.
And upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity, I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-seventh.
By the President: ABRAHAM LINCOLN
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State."
The arrogance reeks on this last part. What shit! The first dramatic twist is the abstinence from violence unless in self-defense. If you are on a prison camp then your body belongs to the Federal government and your declaration of voting, paying taxes and going to war for the Federal government to maintain you as property on a prison camp for your freedom, then self-defense generally may mean for the betterment of the territory, the State leaders, the Federal government and the war. In other words, it could redirect the abiding of that law into the correlation for strict adherence to the protocols of the system rather than object to any violence caused by it, i.e. you may not attack the Federal government but you may resist each other to defend the war that makes you free to be on their prison camp as property. Then you get some money for your work which is considered reasonable by the slavemaster so that you won't organize or rebel anymore like you did the last times which caused so much bullshit. Then he says that you can be drafted at any age at any time for any reason for any part of the war by the Federal government to enforce the rebellion of slavery to protect your freedom as prisoners. Then he says God told him to do it and that he has judged for ALL OF HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH and wherever the hell else they are. Well-- ya, because slavery is a crime of off-world proportions and it is a crime against humanity.

Take a look at the mole! It's right on that skin crease. The chin is much more pronounced, more like the original Lincoln photo which we'll get to, the one which is said to the be earliest verified picture of the man. The eyes are not very believable in how they are focusing, and just around the right eye is another difference from other Lincolns in the socket itself. The brows change again, the nose corrects itself dramatically from the other issues. Jawline is gaining some definition but the cheekbones lose it. They didn't worry much about the forehead in a lot of these dummies which is what I conclude is most likely the origin of this heavily altered image. The claim by at least one of the photographers, the most famous one perhaps to do an official Lincoln portrait is that he was heavily operating on the pictures after they were rendered. The neck has no visible folds or wrinkles whatsoever compared with the other crazy gobble neck Lincoln. The crease on his upper nose appears pretty dramatic, he's not squinting but it shows up visibly more than halfway across his ridge. The lips and mouth actually seem slightly off, not perpendicular enough to the face to be actually made by nature but not necessarily easy to notice on a casual glance or without much skepticism of the Presidential depiction. If it were carved in that would make sense. it's also appearing perhaps just a bit too much on the right and the upper lips are not joined quite at the center as in the rest of the Lincolns. Eyebrows are pretty laughable, particularly on the left and because of the change over other brows of his. It would have been sculpted precisely to appear as the real person from the specific angle of the photograph, hence these mistakes of proportion would be much easier to make. Ear is remarkable undefined on the left, flat inner 'panel' and the shape is distinctly smaller for the inner ear. The connections to the jaw also starkly contrast with various Lincolns. The way his neck fits into the collar indicates clear manipulation of the dimensions. This is a sculpture most likely even it were made purely from an original photograph, in which it would be possible to completely 'photoshop' the face into a new identity. The likeliness of this being a doll built from a model, with the heaviest work being considered for the jawline in terms of 'correction' or imaginative rendering and the most original dummy parts being around the eyes and nose, lips...this is becoming a consistent pattern for lots of the official portraits. This also lends to the idea that African-us Lincoln is the inspiration since his jawline is so much like the white Lincoln objectified here and that is a very unusual jawline, cheekbone area of a man's face.

Knowing that we could be dealing with a wood carving here, do you need much more to believe it is one? The left eye has a determinably strange issue for the darkness under the ridge-- not an eyelash but a hard line of something un-skin like. The nose is surreal-- totally unbelievable! Look from top where the supposed eye brow meets the bridge of the nose. There's a very strange definition of two creases then the nose itself really does appear like a sculpture to me rather than skin on bones and cartilage, but there's a sort of bump there and a pit next to this flaring right nostril and a noticeable pointed sort of flattened nose. The nose is kind of crazy already but the way his right eye connects to the eyebrow is inhuman. Notice that the brow now goes far outside of the eye socket and there's no definition or wrinkles of any kind around the right eye, but there is one by the exaggerated eyebrow all the way near the temple. Then of course, zero definition of any kind to the forehead--totally off-white and no creases or lines. The hairline invades the scalp further down with an inventive version of the wig formation around the remaining toilet-seat portion above and behind the temple. But the most dramatic and obvious things are the caving in cheek to jaw on the right side. WHOA. What are we looking at here? It's like Pi is carved into the jaw under the right cheek and then the skin kinda gets sucked inward. I don't see any sign of a set of teeth but that's how far back into the man's mouth we are at that point with the caved in part under the cheek? No butt chin. Then what are they going for with the actual jawline at the point below the ear? There's a big angular crease or shadow, not nearly so extreme as the deeply angular pits in the area under the cheekbone. The hair on this one appears almost like it could be made of wood too. The ear is not set as far back on his head and the shape of the inner ear has again visibly altered. The lower lip is incredibly poor in its angling, again leading to a conclusion this is another dummy, probably one of wood!
This is one of the more obvious ones because it's so unlike all the other Lincolns. Hairline under the receding part or widow's peak area-- do you see the angular formation that has no roundness to it? That differs from a natural normal hairline and all the other Lincoln pics. That is artificial hair with a badly sewn and designed angle for that section of the hairline. The lips are the next stand-outs to me, with the very overt difference from the upper lip which is far thinner than other Lincolns in the tapering and it's misshapen. They really get you with the lower lip always having this fat part sticking out and this thinning other half, but in this case this guy looks like the Joker! Check out the missing portion of the lower lip. There's a whole piece which is not far over enough to be real lips, they cut it off short. The next easy giveaway is the placement of the mole. This time we are inside the crease on the other side! Holy Fucking Shit! National Archives, ok... You may notice the eyebrows are flatter and do not taper around the eye at all as in several other depictions. The nose loses it's bump from the weird nosey photo but has one of the more believable nostril and nose tips of all! Bravo! The eyes appear lifeless and not even light blue. Crease on the upper portion of the nose are dramatically off, totally insane. There is a sharp angled crease where the bridge of the nose approaches the inner eye and the creases between the eyebrows are oversized, appear as tumors or carved in. The ear has shrunk to become thinner and there is a fairly believable inner ear but it is not like shape to Lincoln's other inner ears. The chin has a very clear dimple but it's not the same one at all as many others and this chin is not as narrow as others already analyzed where its been noted. It appears a model of a totally different man, perhaps a rush job?

A few ideas on all this...first of all, I wonder if Abe in the WH was represented by an African or African American female. If he was then perhaps the other Abe was in Liberia and they were communicating in a clandestine way. Then there's the idea that Africa led the USA from Liberia openly from the secret halls of the Federal branch under the secret contract with the Emancipation Proclamation, through corporatized leadership roles. I wonder seriously (and have before this usage of historical records) if the version we are told for the history of slaving and rebellions in this country is vastly understated. In fact, that an entire country would be able to have been formed with elected leaders, police and military, press, even money. The numerics of the slave trade with the methodologies of enforcement created a systemic premonition for the widespread availability of revolts. In fact, it is clear that it would be nearly impossible to prevent without huge mind control practices to inhibit the urges to leave. One factor is that there was no law enforcement but what was on the plantation or the estate of the master (whatever property in business), except for whom they would run into in another town or city. This was not an easy trek to hop on a wagon and parade into another place, it could take weeks just to get there on foot by forest and there's nothing but wilds between the civilization's reflections. Nature ruled and if you did manage to get somewhere else, there is no picture of you as a slave with your social security number and records of your life with the State, it's pretty much some 'colored' person who is there. Being colored was a crime itself, all were slaves and forbidden from public places in a lot of areas or it was a clear distinction with documentation but it would not always even be an opportunity to escape, then get to some established societal locale. With so many available opportunities, with such high numbers of slaves versus the amount of people who are ruling over them on their property, with the proximity and long years to plan, organize, acquire tools, map, etc. it would seem a very unlikely concept to keep from massive pressures winning out over the slavers in such ways that a nation of former slaves would be very very likely. I believe somewhere that I've heard of something like this but will have to look it up, certainly never an official doctrine within the US presidency and to the extent that --THEY TOOK OVER. Because I think they did! They whipped the fucking asses of the Jewish and Catholics who did the slaving for about 99% or whatever it was, then whatever whites were in the way. They got to Washington as a southern people freed with a new nation to diplomatically meet their former masters. Then they did what they had to do to take control of the White House, possibly through business and banking means with secret contracts to prosper on both sides. This is extremely possible for the time because dissemination of information was publication of newspapers, word of mouth, official government record, public proclamations (like town criers)...there wasn't much else to codify. It's the same now only we have a lot more of the same shit.

If a female ran the White House as Abe, if she was the one behind the dolls orchestrating the situation, then the pussy lips on the face of Abe-- the most consistent thing about Abe by far is those misshapen camel toed pussy lips he has protruding out  under the mole. He has an abnormal musculature thing going on beside his right lip which looks very much like a statement on pussy. The abojnomality of the lips of African-us Abe being so exact to the highly consistent protruding lips with identical featuring for White Abe gives some Creedence to these conclusion possibilities. A female president is a lot more controversial than even a black president, possibly even now. 

Since Lincoln was elected about a year prior to the official outbreak of the Civil War, wouldn't it be practical to imagine that the Southern States were onto the bullshit from the White House? They had to keep slaving because the North imposed it, then they had to elect an escaped slave leader portrayed as White to the whole world.. It was not beyond their grasp to detect photographic fakery in their day, it was easy for their military and government using advanced techniques but they wouldn't necessarily be able to publish all of that. The public may have caught on very early but suppression of 'conspiracy theory' sort of alternate versions from official government doctrine is defended all the way up to war-- which is a CAUSATION or factor for the Civil War which is not a theory I heard before. 

That the President was a fraud.

Freemasonry is the hitch between the North and South, since both sides were led by Freemasonic masters. The Freemasonic symbols within one of the faked photos is an example of how strong the ties were. But the South keeping the secret of the fake President is parallel to the leadership of military in the war. Essentially, Freemasonry ruled the nation as a nation within the nation. But it still had business conflicts, pragmatic limitations which had to be adjusted for the betterment of the machine of government to work. The might of the Executive Branch is Freemasonic as it is an international consortium with practices of ritual conspiracy. Threats of murders, castration and other horrors are standard for the rise in their ranks. Pedophile parties, drug trafficking, murders have been traced to Freemasonic temples repeatedly. The amount of power Freemasonry has is so great that it can be said there is no separation between it and banks, government, military, law enforcement, education, media and labor. 

It could also have been covered up possibly since the war ended, a new series of newspaper printings acceptable to the public domain, another hidden series allowable only to the privileged circles inside government. Native American wars are the most obvious example. Even with the extensive backgrounds available from modern resources, the totality of the coverup is as grand as the scale of the USA itself! The mound builders is the prime example, bones and commodities of giant sized human beings typically 7-9 feet but sometimes as high as 12 from what I've heard of, maybe even more. The wars that were waged here as accounted for by tribal histories between red headed giants and the many others already in American territory. The Spanish reported finding giants as high as 10 foot with huge thick lumbering arrows which hit everything with precision accuracy. There were so many reports of giants that finding them is not as much the problem as understanding what happened to them if they were able to be as tactical with military forces from Spain in such descriptions. These were not uncommon and the weaponry available to the artifact records indicate some swords and axes large enough that any who would wield it would pretty much destroy whatever it touched, let alone if it were with enormous strength even for the much larger personage with even greater accuracy. I wonder if some ancient powerful technology was employed or a contract, a treaty between nations that led to them being hidden away, or if many of the tribes led themselves away under the earth or in hidden remote areas for things to change... 

Whatever the story is on it we are not told the entire truth.

Also during the war it makes a concise statement not only that the purpose of the Presidency was to make the Civil War official from plans to battle but that to find the real President behind the dummy would be near impossible! How well known was the phenomenon? Was there open debate about who was the real Abe behind that fake? Wasn't Abe a military tactic to confuse the enemy with a scarecrow? The real leader against the South may have been in Liberia and that would make dealing with him impossible or nearly so. But this would have been official under the contract with the US government and legalistic for the war and with that, their official version of motivations was to free slaves, most of whom were of African origin. Or Liberia may not in fact be where the real Abe was ever at all, but in fact he was in a totally mysterious location -- even in the White House itself. If he was in Liberia then it would have been a state secret with the United States that no one have any public references to it for security. It also would have enabled an escape route for slaves in a manner which the masters would retain their power while slaves would find a form of freedom, and in that hour of history Liberia was very new as well as an option for slaves to find freedom. Britain endorsed the move, reported to be anti-slavery from the beginning which is a clash with the version of perspectives from Americans who challenge British power to dominate over US colonists and States while resisting slavery? Countries often have it both ways but British support is key to understanding the crux of power dynamics at the time for this dramatic scheme to be taking place. 

The American Colony Society declared independence in 1847 but what if that is when African-us was declared? It would take about 15 years (the distance of time then to the Civil War erupting) possibly for the government of African-us in the US territories to find concert with what we know now as the country of Liberia, to lead to an outbreak of war between northern and southern territories. Just for news to travel around the country and for the country itself to respond politically even with full reporting by the press about all of it would potentially be 15 years before a war could break out.

But are we in African-us today? Didn't the Executive branch reflect the Presidency and seal the deal with the war, leading into the Emancipation Proclamation? It's hard to ask if Liberia has a leadership role for us because I do not want to impugn the country or irritate its current leaders. They are not a military power and their problems are severe, there is no threat by Liberia and they represent the best of our intentions about slavery which is redemption, freedom and peace. But it would be possible for a form of Reparations to be enacted with the takeover of the Federal government by African-us, a country of rebel slaves who freed themselves then placed their leader into power? And it would be legitimate, legal, voted into being by the United States, paid for in blood. This could be a good way to broach the subject of Reparations and thank Liberia for their participation in helping us get out of the slavery quagmire today. America never paid in full.

The first thing about this to say is that it is what the penny is based on. The second thing is that the ear has the most obvious of all photographic doctoring I'm aware of for any of the 120 or so known Abe Lincoln depictions. The ear is literally creating a shadow as a flat panel kind of formation and the connection to the jaw line is coming off the face as if it is a layer of material was simply glued or strapped on over the existing material underneath it. Inside the ear is what I determine to be an oil can hooked onto the ear by metal hooks which extends in a semi-circle around the side of the head. Above the ear in the lighter part of his hair strands is the lettering for 'd r y'. You will not find any EYEBALL! But going to the tape or wood or leather or whatever is protruding over the jawline there,
it extends down and there is clear numbers and lettering though it's a big challenging to make them out. I see '162f of '183f' depending on how close I look. The pussy on the right of his lips is unbelievably inflated--this is odd because a photographer would probably not wish to bring inordinate attention to the issue unless to make a statement, it's particularly attracting. Guess what's there though? Well, it's only the cleft vagina-- NO MOLE! The penny is a fraud. There is no mole on Honest Fucking Abe. Anyway so on the thing by the 162f or whatever it is is something like a lasso or a stick man running or a key. You can be imaginative and say the 162f thing maybe looks a bit like a Choo-choo. And this will make sense if the oil can thing goes with a 'Real McCoy' which was a train engine device dripping oil in a steady pulse which kept the trains from overheating. If you look in the sideburn to where it connects into his crown then then about to 1/4 down perpendicular to the ear, you will see a black dog which looks playful, two legs out and some of rear not visible. This is a reference to the dog "Jet" which famously ran to the White House after Lincoln returned from a trip, originally belonging to the Doctor named Suckley. Suckley needed his dog to be returned and offered a pup for exchange. It's a famous anecdote but I think it's more like there was a black SLAVE who was behind all this shit. The chin juts out more than usual, the nose has a strange flat surface under the tip but otherwise is a genuinely good job compared with most of the other dummies. I feel that this one is probably a dummy which was photographed, then heavily altered with an artistic hand around the eyes, blown up in small places like the lips and the ear, etc. and there were things on the dummy which represented a mechanical man or robot concept, something potentially merging with the idea of trains and their technology. Perpetual motion or free energy? There is a sort of strange 'y' shape with a long stem and an 'I' next to it on the neck. Notice how far the eyebrow extends over the eye in this one, it's all the under the eyelids and into the puffy wrinkly surface below! Not at all consistent with the others. This is a very very good fake in terms of the definition of the face, the thing doesn't look like a dummy, the detail of the eyes and the hair is really good but...
this is not physically a human being. A BLACK eye or no eye? You decide!

Another thought I've wondered is that the EP came out before the outbreak of the Civil War. What if they post-dated it later? Did it start the war-- is that even possible? 

This is another extremely convincing fake. I determine this to be probably a photo-realist drawing or part wood dummy then operated on with a fine drawing type instrument. But likely it's actually all a drawing. This is possibly with fine enough instruments even then, there were instruments to calculate dimensions, the skill was not impossible at all for 1860 artists and during the time, they had graduated from the most detailed lifelike drawings they could (often made with optics, such as projecting images on a wall then tracing them as Hockney claims was done in Europe early on). They had moved on to tracing or drawing from photographs. And the difference between a real photograph and a drawing can be very very hard to tell with the naked eye if you are not looking for it even in 2018, but back then it was impossible to tell for most people even if they had a doubt because the photography was so limited, then printing them was not exactly easy and perfect. An incredibly fine rendering could pass for a picture but it will always be detectable. The giveaways for the drawing is the hair most notably, the tie and the shirt, the eyes if you look close, the left ear and the jaw/cheek. The chin is much more symmetrical, in fact this is the most normal looking chin of Lincoln and it's almost like Jack Palance! There's hope for old Abe. There's no deformity present AT ALL though, none. It does not have that extra beef on the right. Then look at his mole./ This time it's right on the crease but directly under the cheek, in facts it's just barely touching the cheek itself. Very new! The hairline is incredibly well done and it is made to look a lot more like actual male pattern baldness than a widow's peak (which can stay for life or most of it) but it loses it's realism on the sides by the ear and up at the top. The tuft up top really cannot be possibly real hair. No definition on the forehead whatsoever, the ear is sort of white psychedelic thing with a small inner ear. Then the sallow jaw under the cheek is obviously not something which began as skin. The symmetry, detail and the 'life' in the eyes is almost convincing but if you can see his left eye it's not defined on the right side of it very well at all, that's not an eyeball. The right eye is disproportionate and totally undefined. The symmetry fails on this one but not by a lot. The eyebtroas are also noticeably totally too thin there, the nose also is a lot more modest and has no real problems with creases or bumps like so many. One of the best artists yet by far! Note the Adam's apple and how wide his jaw is in this one. Many Abe's are very thin jawed, some are much rugged like this. The way the right eyebrow rises is not in proportion to the left. Very good definition and rendering of the cheek on the right by the mole with the philtrim and lips being highly believable but very close inspection shows it's soft, too much even for film of the day. The comparisons I've made thus far in researching is that even out in the uncontrolled wilds of the world photographs could be startlingly crisp and detailed in the 1860's. These were Presidential and they had the best of everything with all the time to schedule it, set it up for the perfect photo op. It's not possible for them to get this kind of piss poor soft bullshit with all these problems, period. A+ on the level of fake, it's not too possible for much better without getting into something which might take a number of years (but who knows how long these took? I imagined weeks after the pictures were taken). Also the right forehead is very soft on the edges, painting or drawing like especially with the obvious shadowing that looks sort of silly. You can see a very obvious rouge shadowing on the cheek to the mouth but makeup was fairly common in those days for picture. I don't feel that's what it is though! Definition under the eyes is not real, it's shading done by an artist's instrument but the gift for this artist is detail and symmetry. German? Haven'tlooked at the source but instruments for making the right proportions would be used. Shadow over the right eye is not possible. Notice the semi circular car under the left lip of Abe.

 This is one of the funniest ones. YES they claim this is a real official picture of the President Abraham Lincoln! He wouldn't even make it for a wax fuckin museum! He doesn't even look
like Abe except the fucking mole! This is the worst of the worst for believability based on a likeness.
Even the fuckin skinny one with the plaster of paris looking skin under the left eye is better than this guy. Dark eyes, bogus hairline with the first to really seem a toupee, his eyes don't look anything like the real Abe but the nose shrunk too, The mole lowered from the last picture about an INCH and the lower lips don't protrude, not nearly the same size as the others. The upper and lower lips almost look proportionate instead of a big fat lower lip which puffs on the right side. Look to the lima bean shaped inner ear this time, the rounded crown receding hairline, the lack of a butt chin, a return of the monstrous mushy jaw but not the same deformities as the others. I mean what the FUCK!? The eyebrows are the thinnest so far and they are not present past the upper eye? Remember how the others sloped allll the way down to under the eye? This one looks actually like a painting or a drawing or both, then photographed. The clothing is very painting look, it's very visible there that it's not a picture. What a fuckin BULLSHIT President. FUCK YOU

This is so important! The first official portrait of Abe the American people saw.
This is the one he claimed later 'elected him President'. They sold Abraham Lincoln
--WITH THIS PICTURE. Without this photograph we may not have had a Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation or an Abraham Lincoln Presidency. The first most obvious thing is that the man's body in this picture is probably not Abe's. The fingers are shorter and hand's smaller but he's also not as skinny. There's some bulge around his middle that's not from clothing, he;'just beefier. But the lower part does appear to be an authentic picture. I'm convinced after careful inspection that the face is not and if it originated as one then it probably was so heavily changed that it became entirely new, a mug built on top of an old one in order to make the job easier and more believable.
The jawline is the biggest clear indicator this is not a real human being. Even with the methods to take the pic at the time and bad touchups, there's just nothing human like about it. There's something more like a pumpkin. You might notice the lips next? WHAT? Remember this is the FIRST image of Abe Americans ever got, the older picture is not one which which is claimed to have been widely known at all to most in the USA. And this is what they got! The first idea of the character for all others to be based on? The lips are not the same at all. The lower lips are much thinner and the upper much longer. There's almost no protruding right lower lip at all and the mole is on the outside of the crease, under the cheek-- BUT NO PUSSY DIMPLE. The chin has sort of a feint butt chin dimple. The cheek is rouge but not makeup rouge, just bad shading. The eyes are expertly made with symmetry almost perfect. The shadowing is highly believable and the look in the eyes is severe. Very convincing! But they are not even blue eyes anywhere, it's hard to imagine the light blue  eyes being conceived of yet because there's no hint of them being light colored at all. If you think it's too dark from the light, that's not what they'd appear as. They're not really grey, they are DARK. And this might be a statement about a black person really running the country as President? There's an "A" on the right lapel, an "X" on the bowtie. "Ax"?Is that like the head was cut off and replaced, body at the neck? The nose again is very good but it's not quite extending realistically. The proportions are not quite there because the point and tip would be a little more to the left and the shadowing would reelect. This nose would actually be much flatter and smaller than Abe's. The forehead is a but wider and more bulbous. He actually resembles Edgar Allen Poe just a bit, doesn't he? At least we can find some humor here.. If you look closely, the left eye is not proportional exactly to the right and it's slightly raised. The shading of the left eye is a bit deep, that pit of his eyes would have to be much deeper than Abe's, it's a sunken eye.Look how far his lip crease on the right goes toward his jaw, though. They replaced that with the pussy cleft. That hair that is coming down a bit from the tuft on top, a bit off to his right, that;'s not real hair. You can kind of see that the idea was to be photographic as possible but it's not a real picture. There's a huge lack of skin definition and wrinkles, it's fuzzy and soft, the bone structure is physically impossible and grotesque, the symmetry is not human. To make the point clearer look to the hair by his right ear. The hairline by the crown going up to the balding part-- do you see what I'm saying? That's not REAL HAIR. That's an artists depiction of hair. And it doesn't really get to the ear diagonally very well. That's almost like drawing a doll's hairline there, just bad. Probably built in layers, like the eyes were made from tracing over someone else's eyes, then the nose, the mouth etc, built him up and got the dimensions all measured and believable...filled it out where it needed with shading and all that, plopped it onto an existing tall man's body and we got a PRESIDENT?

Is there any question this is a doll? Now we have a rounded crown hairline,
the skin under the cheek looks very much like a carving-- that's not skin. The pits
are impossible, it's like ribs or something. The inner ear again changes, the ear is more narrow. The right eye has two big marks by it like a doll trying to seem wrinkly. The eye sockets are totally discordant with other Abe's and they don;'t look remotely real, they resemble a doll's. The nose has characteristics of carvings-- look at the crease by the right nostril, which is flat. The point looks not as bad but has an odd pointy shape. It's also smaller than other Abe's. This is also one of the thinner faced Abe's. His lower lip DOES NOT HAVE THE FAT PART ON THE RIGHT! The mole again is in the middle of the crease but has two wild streaks extending from it, a hook shaped scar or intended wrinkle. The jawline hilariously pretends to be realistic, that looks like a wood carving more than a rubber or leather mask. Can you imagine it moving? It's like a tree! The eye brows are pathetically thin and do not arch up anywhere. The upper lips, far thinner and the pointy angles are not the same as other Abe's. I'll have to do a whole bunch of direct comparisons. No philtrum at all by the way.Hair definitely a wig and not a natural widow's peak. One of the poorer Abe's by far, absolutely appalling shit fake.

I'm going to begin theorizing about some radical notions in history, wild out there sort of things which will be explorative kinds of reaching. One is that Emancipation Proclamation CAUSED the war because it was not well received with the dummy (insult) President. Number two is that there
really WAS an Abraham Lincoln somewhere, maybe with the same name but that he was totally different. The third is that pre-Civil War and post Civil War are two separate ideas, post is where history had been 'restored' or 'reinvented' as well as covered up. Fourth is that Lincoln is actually in a way in the FUTURE and that that is what the movies Back To The Future are all about, getting back to the future which was the time of the Civil War. 

And this all may be due to a climax in technology. The sweet hour of ancient becoming new again with a situation with the world's people bridging together-- a summit after Noah's sons have been fruitful and multiplied. I feel a device associated with steam engine or train technology was developed and it involved robotics, communication, energy, transportation which involved a form of levitation and/or flight (but possibly a whole new form of it which does not involve traditional perceptions of motion or conquering terrain). 

Also, and perhaps most importantly is the invisibility of the Native American equation. The tribal warfare and political situation of that time was a culmination of hundreds of years, perhaps thousands if you delve deeply enough. And it's been in the interests of American Executive Branch to COVER THIS UP since. The Smithsonian is a perfect example. They do nothing but keep secrets. 

Was Lincoln over 8 feet tall? Was he a dark skinned Mound Builder? Did he elect himself with infinity science? Did the infinity science connect with the engine technology? Lincoln is the one and only President on record to have mentioned Mound Builders and the giant races here in America.

But the war of Foxes. I wonder if a Fox worked with the Chinese to make a treaty that they'd handle some of the Federal government since they were trying to kill them. The Fox's were powerful and didn't let it get too far but wouldn't want to deal with the Executive Branch's people, so they contracted for someone else to run things while they did things themselves to tend their business here. Native Americans were not less advanced in the form or system of government, they were totally different. They had meetings which oversaw and protected all life, they had meetings and a complex inter-continental system for diplomacy. Chinese have a genetic confluence to Natives by blood and it is recognized. They also enjoy order and want business to flow here for the society to develop, in my opinion. I feel they may have been invited to manage things while the rest of Americans worked out their feelings about slavery, race, technology, religion, science, warfare, etc.

Now I'm going to get crazy with ya here... this image is cropped out from the penny picture, profile no eyes Lincoln. The most famous Lincoln portrait ever, the one on his money. Well, up in the mid or upper mid-left corner. Now what if this were a Native chief who had a lot of power, and he helped set this shit up with the power of infinity-- remember the Seal of the United States has 'Out of manyone' . That is essentially Infinity or Uni-finity science. I spent over 30 years coming up with a formula for mathematical sciences which is 'no two things are alike, therefore no numbers past one can be proven except to demonstrate this formula'. 1 = ∞
It's been several years and now I know this is not unknown to humanity prior, but a secret which all government rests. And here you get it right at the Seal, 'out of many, ONE'. 1 = ∞
And this figure up top has TWO fingers held up high! I feel the tribe may have defeated American troops, made a deal to seize or help sustain government manageable with some international help, then the installation of the "President" became a complicated mess which wound up freeing slavery, incorporating the USA and locking down- -THE PEOPLE WHO WERE THE THREAT ON NATIVES.

Remember, the Emancipation Proclamation made everyone a 'free' employee. It grants the right and the power to whine at your slavemaster for wages, wages which were seized by the Federal Reserve so that your labors are now paid on credit which is backed by paper which is backed by nothing but-- 1's and 0's. More 'out of many, one'. Then you pay unapportined taxes on those wages which is forbidden by the US Constitution. You poor free slaves, however will you bitch at Master next? Just go to the Hill and tell your State representatives that you are proud to be an upset slave who is free to complain. Because that's all you get, the freedom to say 'Fuck you'. They call that a 'soldier's right' and I wonder how direct they understand this to be?

But that's not the really 'out there' part! I'm seeing a resemblance to this figure and the one in E.T.'s closet!

A little bit, right? And 'ouuuuch!"? He holds up ONE finger.

Another thing is the Emancipation Proclamation defeats itself. It's neutralized, non-functional makeup just like Lincoln was compared to a real President. The E.P. is a doll to convince you that
the Mas'a is alive and you are empowered all your own self to gripe and moan at him for denying
your rights, your wealth, your power, your country, your freedom off the plantation which is run

But the Back to the Future reference again parallels. We're to 'heavy'. The word 'heavy' in the Emancipation Proclamation is possibly the most telling of them all. It's out of place, it's non-conjunctive to the statements and mathematical like precision of the text, it's contradictory to the
next word 'countervailing'. It doesn't make SENSE as a matter of fact. That's like a giant fly on
the paper or a big blotch from the pen, or there's something they are TELLING us there. Because I
feel that the word 'heavy' -- is the hinge to a CODE IN THE E.P.

A heavy countervailing...this term itself can be useful with creative thought but it requires technological invention of the mind. It requires using your powers of thought to invent a reality
which reflects a device using a mechanical objective. To achieve this is to interact with the document as a schematic for--possibly a TIME MACHINE. Now let's pretend we're idiots. 'heavy countervailing'. 'He have a counter (he is) veiling/concealing'. Like a mathematical formula here?
Perhaps a mathematical formula for infinity which applied to mechanical sciences such as energy, motors, transportation, government...weaponry? I don't like to go to the weaponry issue much but
it's obviously forefront to defense and a governmental primary concern.

Was there a weapon developed by slaves? Was this used as a defense for their country of African-us? Was the weapon regarding the infinity science related by the '1 if by land 2 if by sea' code of Paul Revere, which I've revealed in the forthcoming book analogy for 'Sword of Christ'? I relate that pyramids functioned with electrolysis and this technology creates a weapon which can make fire
from water. This is a refined ancient tech and ancient Africans surely would have it among them, Natives had it. Europeans would have had it in their most secretive places because it all goes back
to the same sources. Etrusca or Aratta, depending how far back you go, where there were once only
female leaders, perhaps only females at all for some time, before the flood...proto-Europe was already
thriving and the pyramidal issue was natural. It does represent inter-planetary and inter-stellar beings,
travel, technology but in my opinion pyramid tech can activate genetics as an amplifier, a gene amplifier which may refute aging and limitations of spatial relevance, i.e. freeing your inhibition of
non-physical movement (giving you power to move freely to interesting locales which are not anywhere near Earth).

Now what's really interesting for me to think is if the entire Revolutionary War of America WAS FOUGHT SPECIFICALLY TO SAY 'out of many, one'. We don't use it to avert math but it is the
seal and perhaps just the establishment of that in the founding statement is enough for it to manifest
in a long-term ideal, meaning they were not intending to go out and teach everyone -- except to just
put it over the door of the country? Perhaps the great secret of Royals in Europe is this mastery of numerics since it gives them powers to organize militaries, gain treasures, get LAID and procreate
their lineages, enables wars, it gives them the power to vote or have banking, to assign rank or
status and class...the architecture for government is numerical and the idea that 'out of one, many'
or 'one equals infinity' would be enough perhaps to have a war.

So back to 'heavy countervailing'. We could be talking MUSIC. Now I don't want to necessarily say that heavy metal and rock music was known to the Lincoln people but 'heavy countervailing' could be a musical reference, as a matter of fact. Countervailing 'argument', the point is for the people to use words to sway the slavemaster that they understand the slaves are upset at being free slaves. Lyrical,
voicing, you are using your voice mostly and you probably are using words from paper to sing about
the problem. Africans are well known for being a musical people, it's not a mystery that blues, jazz
and rap alone were from black Americans. A 'heavy' countervailing argument. Now let's look at
'vail' because 'veil' is something often associated with a masking of a face, secrecy-- just like Lincoln
was a mask in secret. What you put on a counter is money, right? Especially in those days when coins were king. Paper money was there but coinage was still made of silver or gold, what have you. We don't pay for dinner at a restaurant with coins but back then it was common because they represented more wealth than they do now, not just under a dollar in value. Heavy a metal penny, like Abe's robot image, right?

And didn't Marty McFly use a metal guitar pick to make that big speaker explode, by playing ROCK music? And wasn't Doc Brown always saying 'heavy' was some issue for the future and he didn't know why Marty was saying it? And wasn't the time machine in Back to the Future depending at the end on a musical confluence, one actually which dealt with copyright and trademark infringement (of
Chuck Berry's heavy or rock and roll music), being delivered by telephone as Marty played Chuck's future music back to the original Chuck? MUSIC right there, helps save the genetic line of Marty and
his family.

A lot of time passing is what happens if you use a Lincoln coin or on a counter heavily. Time passes.
A Masonic plan would not be hatched all in five minutes, most experts claim that all three world wars
which include one which has very fortunately not yet happened, would be over more than a century perhaps. Lincoln's head was not on the coin until 1909 when David Brenner put him on there as an artist by using the robo-Lincoln picture. But that does not mean Masonry wasn't planning it since
the android Abe picture was taken! In fact, they seem to be planning for that and then another hundred and some years because the Federal Reserve came on just a few years later.

And now we're seeing a tie-in -- the Federal Reserve after the Lincoln robot penny. When the money
PASSES, when we NO LONGER USE MONEY BECAUSE WE COUNT NEWLY with a new system out of the old, which is 'out of many, one'. When we figure that out again like the slaves had,
who are ahead with the water-fire technology, then the time machine has come to the point of activation. We may get back to the future.

And the equation is carefully and repeatedly telling us that we are not going to be using vehicle to
travel by land anymore. The Emancipation Proclamation might be literally a technology which is
sort of like the disappearing ink of Roger Rabbit. We can foresee a happy ending here and guess
what...that does identify another particular problem.

Now I am not interested in being a leader on this subject, it's not one I expected to get into with this book but PEDOPHILIA does rule the world. I view Federal governments generally as 'the problem'
we cannot face, understand, defeat, talk about, control or elect to go away. They deal with it and
it directly relates to laws of age for consent. When I devised Unifini-ty it was not including anything
with regard to this subject directly in my mind, it was a culmination of many pondering decades over
finite math which did include just about everything I could obviously think of. But after I wrote it
and it got censored, after I was starved, beaten, defrauded, etc. for it or at least in part for it, I began
to really think about what it would mean now that it's out there, at least you know --if it became popular and useful. If it has an effect what will it lead to? And law about age of consent is one aspect
of Unifini-ty that it occurred to me would really be welcome actually to pedophiles. I don't like pedophelia, I am not a pedophile, I don't judge those who are but I do not like to see children harmed.
I am a victim of pedophiles as most people are at least at some point very personally. If you have no
mathematical values ruling your constitutional authorities, then you cannot convict for sex with an underage person-- necessarily. Not with the current system. I'm sure people would come up with ssmoething but frankly government does that when they want. There are national security agent safe
houses in every city of the United States which are run by police to breed children as sex slaves. The kids become government operatives for honeypot stings (like luring a pedophile for sex with one of the children while cameras are running, then the pedophile VOTES in Congress the way the CIA or Mossad wants, etc.), to make assassinations, to bully and gangstalk. Most of this stuff is right on record. Federal government admitted at least about ten years ago now that they gangstalked up to 10,000 people a year using electronic / psychic weapons to drive them crazy, they agitate them in their personal lives and bully or harass them. It's all disguised as normal social behavior but it's tactical, directed at them and usually they are political or come from important government families. What I'm saying is that the authors of the Emancipation Proclamation were NOT unfamiliar with the
ideas of pedophelia. Masonry has been accused repeatedly of being a child sex center. It's not a new problem, they did it back then and they organized the same way we do now. If you do the math on it,
pedophiles wind up in government.

How is this possible? If you are a pedophile or have other deviant sexual imprinting/desires, then you are bound to need power in order to get off consistently. To be able to get access, to cover it up, to keep it regular, to conspire to do it --- IS government. Think about it, who else would be doing it
if after all this time it's not only still going but stronger than ever? The same ones who are supposed to stop it, which is your government. Government is law enforcement, city workers, politicians,
educators, officials, fire department, often medical personnel etc. What kind of powers do these people have? Intelligence files on you and your family, stalking rights, prosperity, prestige/status/cornerstones of community, to imprison you on their judgement, to lie on you,
to make crimes and not concern themselves with being prosecuted... Why the fuck WOULDN'T
pedophiles be like magnets to government? Therein is the power to do it, keep it quiet but steady,
prosper on it and in doing so be at the highest of social pecking order. It's the way it was founded.

100% of known slave auctioneers were Jews. It was not hidden that people fancied sex with child slaves often. Slaves were sold for sexual pleasure. Most slavers were Jews and often Catholics. Slave auctions were cancelled on Jewish holidays since there'd be no business. Connecting the dots here,
we can say that Jews sold Black kids as slaves to other Jews and Catholics who would rape them,
breed more children from them, then labor them all together for more money to buy more slaves.
It's a very good system if you have no conscience and feel that you have no danger in your soul
for slaving, but I feel it was unsustainable very quickly because the country grew so large so fast.
It was uncontrollable and this possibly reflected in the slavery world with too many rebellions. Slaves
were not stupid, they were strong, they had opportunities to conspire, they had access to the masters property, family, often masters themselves, escape routes were everywhere to instant freedom since
there's little way to track's not only probably in my mind that slaves rebelled and formed their own country, it's more than likely. And it really is highly likely as well to have been covered up
historically. One thing the Executive Branch likes, is a lie from a secret.

If the Emancipation Proclamation was really about freeing pedophiles, then how else would they do it? Slavery and pedophilia go hand in hand. The slavery probably was only beginning to end then...
so when is child sex slaving underneath the slave LABOR going to be even noticed? I mean--
what the fuck!? So maybe they estimated a specific amount of time for Americans, possibly even
the world to openly confront this issue and the time may be to them when they perceive the concept
of 'out of many, one'. Think of 'out of many'. You want to be OUT or FREE by empowering the ONE.
Slaves have no education but the founders want advanced mathematical philosophy to be embraced by them. It will take time if you believe that, right?

Technological adaption requires a spiritual adjunct so it can function with not only inherent intentions by the proponents of the toolset but also for the soul. What we are doing with machines ultimately is manufacturing nature. Playing God is folly but we also have a certain innocence which could be redemptive. It is a fine line perhaps and the risk is total. If a suppressed technology which allows us to traverse the world without a fuel as we know it, to travel through time as if it's non-linear, to perhaps even life as long as we feel like it, even to be happy...if that technology were suppressed in order for it to be able to work, what would be the formula to manifest it into being? How would the instruction book appear? Would it be an Emancipation Proclamation style document? And when we STOP countervailing heavily will we stop communicating with oration as we are accustomed to, as we will synonymously refute the use of currencies as we presently are functioning with? And won't that be when we set the children free?

The same director who did Back to the Future also directed Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Have you wondered if that film is saying something about something else? I wonder if it's the Emancipation Proclamation...In their vision, children may be represented by the toons and in the movie the toons inherit everything. Almost like 'the meek inherit the earth'.

The Sermon on the Mount
1And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: 2And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,
The Beatitudes
3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

First off we see from the Sermon on the Mount that it is about MULTITUDES or 'MANY'. Meek is the third blessing there, Back to the Future 3 is when the scene with the child of Doc Brown has a male's hand touch his genitals outside his pants, giving us a message about how everything is at last in balance with the universe. Are the meek here the children? The disappearing ink in Roger Rabbit which gives the toons everything could be something like the Emancipation Proclamation literally representing a technology which displaces a person, group, other entity, device, etc. from one point in time to the next or at least such that it would appear so. Within the E.P. do we have a time traveler? Since we are dealing with a potential android here, would The Terminator movies be referencing anything specific about Abraham Lincoln? Was Lincoln or the real Lincoln arranging to time travel into a past or a future in order to project themselves into the technology? Would it make them appear to dissolve in thin air like invisible ink or like those who travel in time from the future in The Terminator and then appear in the past? Also the Back to the Future movies do take
place in HILL VALLEY, a mountain just being a larger version of a hill more or less-- the place to have the sermon for a smaller crowd, essentially.  Also we're looking at motion pictures again and again here, directly.

Motion pictures are a lot closer to being the Delorean Time Machine just like in those movies! They really are time vehicles. You may not believe it or you may know it with all your heart already that those people from those movies long ago, say Greta Garbo-- they've passed on but their spirits are touched everyday. You are mingling with them in their afterlife, which is timeless. It's a scary thing in a way, it's also fascinating but one thing it is which is guaranteed is misunderstood. They are so powerful that I don't think most Americans at least really think about it. Chinese originally rejected cinema, there were people paid to buy tickets and go in, huge advertising revenue was applied to gradually get the people to accept it. They rejected the technology like it was showing dead people's spirits. They were probably right to reject it because now we may have to pay for it.

Those films go all the way out into the stars and we don't know what the fuck is out there, do we? They go and they come back. They are ships in themselves just as waves travel, the signals are broadcast. These are communications to any worlds which may receive them, totally alien and unpredictable to us. And we send out mostly porno, then blood. Commercials of course for products which are creating a collapse of the Earth's ecosystem. The movies also create bonds with us as if personal relationships have formed. People weep when actors die though they never knew a thing beyond their public image. Would it surprise you to know that often actors double as intelligence agents, assassins? That they do things akin to hypnosis with their movements and words, their inflections and their thoughts, their emotions and their MAGIC. We are getting to magic a bit and magic is the most powerful important word probably after GOLD, the oldest word ('gol').In Roger Rabbit, the time when Lincoln reappears or when the toons get their shit is just in front of the movie screen they come out of!

Are the souls of all the lost children supposed to be the fuel for this time machine, which is the film library of the White House? Did they make unnatural pornography with advanced film making equipment (don't think Lincoln's time didn't make films, they always are way ahead of what they let you see) that hold the clue to the secret tech? Because actually I am seeing now in 2018 the opportunity to break up the media conglomerates which became a stampede of bullies after the Clinton deregulation of the FCC. All of the smaller media powers like tiny radio stations, newspapers, tv stations, movie houses, etc. were gobbled up and concentrated into about 5 companies. They were all Zionist and they've cut a political system for themselves out of the U.S. government which allows them to place their actor into the role of President for them to cover it all for you, with advanced scripting. And they do expect you to applaud, thank them and spend inflated prices on the entertainment you call politics. And what I'm wondering is if film production companies use all that equipment, money, time and opportunity to arrange for special films which they can watch on their internal networks? Wouldn't it make sense for the multiple millions of people who are in the film and tv industries alone just here in the USA to make: not just kiddie pornos but films which most crimes imaginable take place? With all those laugh tracks, editing techniques, the special effects and music (I went to school for movie music and that kinda made me gag to write!).

But then what if the anti-trust and breaking apart of Fox, Universal, MCA, Warner Brothers, Disney, New Line Cinemas, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN- --all of the biggies and I'm not singling any out, just randomly selecting from memory to note a few. What if they are not so big and powerful, cannot wield so many subsidiaries and media types, not control content? So hypothetically let's say they get broken up or better yet, all corporations go back to limited liability companies so we can all be humans beings competing, not corporations against humans. By the way, the corporation BEING the robot Lincoln's picture refers to is a very interesting concept to cover later! But if the corporations which are responsible for making the movies and the sitcoms, the news and the soaps, all that jazz... if they are broken up and punished for doing illegal things all this time, then what are the chances that the public is GOING TO WANT TO SEE THOSE XXXX RATED films which are abhorrent, evil, truly horrific, pitiful, gross and all that? Will curiosity win out? Will we purge as a hungry audience in the world by viewing all the 'bad' content? Because I bet in America they'd tune in just out of sheer boredom and wanting a fresh thing on tv or the movie screen or whatever. For real.

Imagine this with me now for a second though. And here's where it gets tricky. What if all those films and tv shows, all that stuff we take for granted as 100% special effects or pretty darn close, what if every once in a while something truly supernatural comes out? Just like in The Twilight Zone movie where the monster in the car happens, right? But say it's REALLY real for a single frame or something way in the background is there you have to see with a microscope. Or say they make films--with real giants? What about a real creature from mythology. Would you believe that a centaur could be real? They do depict these kinds of beings in Egyptian and other art as if it is real, not as if it is a fantasy. Baboons who perform surgery with advanced tools in fact were connected to our origins according to a certain depiction. Dog's head on human bodies is possible according to modern geneticists, but they aren't doing it in a lab yet exactly, only working with cells, etc. if you believe them. It's POSSIBLE. And tech generally is working to de-evolve into what is already there, in other words the ancient stuff is more powerful and what we do is shed our innocence to reach what was already in place. Computers for example have made us more powerful in so many ways but they have also caused harm immeasurably with the way the pen us in, program our minds, separate families, cause accidents, penetrate us with scalar waves, etc. And mostly they go to be used to make money, for defense or for entertainment. But they were not less powerful in the 19th century exactly, they were not less advanced either. It depends on what you define the time as and what you feel power is.

For example, free energy was claimed many times in the 19th century. When I write this into a book the edit will including research for the source of the train engine I read about a while ago. There was something going on in Ireland I believe it was, then Ameirca (not sure whose first, don't matter to me). But definitely an American, possibly several had found ways to put out more energy than was being used by the train engine. One of them in particular stands out in my memory from many years ago doing research and it was something that had a real shock effect on the industry. If it wasn't that particular device, there was a lot of rumbling about that kind of breakthrough a lot like we got now only it was a lot more of a push probably with the other pressure from the cotton gin, the industrial revolution itself and the many things which graduated us from nature into artifice in about a hundred and some years. It's ugly, stinky and we've killed off most of our friends in the wilds but we did manage to pollute just about every nook and cranny of the Earth we could penetrate. I try not to worry but it doesn't look good, exactly.

If they had a free energy device which went with a locomotive, what other technological advances would be possible with it? There was an industrial renaissance going on and there would have been a major push to get some use out of that big power. Now let's imagine with this idea that one of the devices was able to harness surrounding energy in a way which also had a side effect of not exactly levitation but more like a controlled thrust or a bond with the elements surrounding the vehicle which sourced a power to use the terrain, even the air or whatever around it as a fuel itself or a tunnel which you would perpetually be able to roll into as if moving downward in a ball, though your direction was based on your ideation of how you wished to steer the craft. Ultimately one will link that genetics are precisely what does this and the vehicle you are in is your body.

What would Charlemagne think? Did you never think he might not have croaked? I heard from some conspiracy personality that Charlemagne was the last 'great King', meaning the last of the giant kings who openly would rule as a much bigger than homo sapiens personage. And monarchical knowledge is said to work this way. The Monarch Butterfly passes information down without visible educational routes, meaning there's no direct communication interpreted by science that the butterflies are not born knowing everything needed from the parents already, or they grow into it. The government accesses this fact by training offspring of assets this way, knowing that children will know things by simply being in the bloodline. And it's very real. This is itself a method of time travel and all human beings possess the power to use it. It's the same as astral projection in a way, but thought alone is somewhere, something, touching someone. And the clue in a way can be all parts of the universe are you. You are unable to reach anything not yourself and all points of space you will find you there. Thus a paradox of not being there without yourself limits your searches and leaving is unnecessary? Star Trek is pretty hysterical, meaning funny but not exactly in a good way.

Let's get into Star Trek a bit here. Star Trek is telling us to go out in space and police everything we see with laws which suit us. These laws are those which made raping, pillaging, enslaving, genocidally exterminating, torturing, etc. possible for those similarly in power and going in a ship as if it's a ship for all countries at sea represents a world like slavery. The rules are enforced by weapons of the originators of the laws and it is entirely up to the leader of the ship to dispense full force at will against those ignorant or in other conflict with their laws. Does it sound like police to you? Star Trek was created by a police officer. I wondered one time the other day if any part of one episode was shot off world. I don't this shit anymore and I'm not joking! But that's already what we do here. The Earth is a ship and the government is sort of like what one of the ships is.

I'm pretty well convinced this is not a photograph originally but a drawing or painting and drawing which was then photographed. Possibly it may be sourced from an existing picture which was traced over, modeled from originally but it's got characteristics of art not a picture and the proportions have many problems which could be no other source. First to the face. Does it look anything remotely natural? There are lots of realistic looking images which led people to ask about Abe's deformities but it's obvious I'm sure to many now with the huge amount of pictures and digital alterations from Photoshop sort of programs that this is NOT a good photoshop. This is bullshit. The coat and tie are convincing but the face is fucking stupid. What are those, cheeks? I mean a chin doesn't look like that. The eyes-- very good shading, right? Realistic? BULLSHIT. That's just because they used a real set of eyes to trace over first, got that to fit on top of the head and now you've got a face that lives, right? I'm not even convinced it's possible that it was a dummy at any point originally. This was an art rendering. Maybe the background was from something. The chin itself was not doctored so badly by any photographer to look like that, it's just bullshit. The mole is a bit on the outside of the skin crease this time. The eyebrows arch but fucking disappear and thin out. The hair is the really obvious thing. Just look at the hairline in the center at the top. Does that look anything like follicles with strands of human hair? The ear shrank and looks like a turtle inside this time. The jaw is one of the wider Lincoln jaws and it doesn't connect to the ear the same way as so many others. Even if the deformity was a real feature it's not consistent. The clothes are mostly very credible, right? The creases in the sleeves and the tie and everything? It's hard but the creases are not real if you look close. They probably were modeled on real ones but all that is bullshit. The right sleeve is easier to tell because it's got a reduction of detail into pretty coarse and soft but it shows how bad the difference is from a picture. That wasn't a picture to start out with, that's a drawing first! The vest is good if you don't pay too careful attention but does it look like it's folding right? Are those real buttons? It doesn't look QUITE natural now does it? And the tie is obviously not real just from the bad shadowing. Look how the shading is just underneath, then the poor line of the tie around the neck. IT's definition is very poor upon careful inspection. Other pictures from this time are not so bad, they are crisp and clear, they have skin features and the clothes don't look like drawings on one half, mostly realistic on the other. The shirt has NO definition of any kind and there would be if you had a body under there Abe! check out how pronounced the philtrim is on this one! The left eye is not round, it slightly angles. OMG wow. Right eye has a very unnatural light reflection an pupil. Then the shadowing above both lids is off. Bad . The hair is pretty good in some areas but not if you look close. This is a very skilled and talented set of artists or many artists. Possibly one or a team did just the hair, then the eyes, etc. BULLSHIT!


Do you believe by now it's possible that the South may have been on (not just the North) to the falsehood of Honest Abe? Would you be upset to learn your president were an inanimate object made to insult, humiliate and mislead your nation? COULD this be anything but a doll here? I mean come on! We are starting to be able to tell which one is a doll and which one is more likely a drawing or a heavily altered picture/drawing. This one looks like a picture of a doll. Even the hands look fake to me. The impossibly shallow cheeks, the thinly wavering jaw. Mole is more toward the lip this time and not as direct under the cheek as some others. The shape in the middle above lips are not very pronounced. Not much of a fat right lip either but the ever present closed mouth look is there. Nose appears a bit smaller. The eyes are blue but the eyebrows are really rounded and fake looking. Look at the brow on the inner upper left, it's like a doll so clearly. I mean it's like he shaved between the unibrow. It's felt or something. Then there's as usual no wrinkles or anything on the forehead. The hair is TOTALLY unbelievable! What a wiglet. This one rounds out in the hairline pretty uniformly. The ear is hard to see, it's not wholly visible but it looks preset small for an Abe. No real dimple on the upper chin or in the middle but on the bottom there's a slight implication. There's no separation of the fingers on the left hand and the right one has veins and skin which is not lifelike either. The lips are pretty good but there is no pussy cleft and you see the philtrim is not really very pronounced like the last Abe. Eyes are pretty narrow here but it's one of the better sculpture likenesses. Definitely not a human but a real picture!

Abe looks like a painting/drawing here. Does this look real to you? Hair! Eyes! Clothes! Nose! Ear! They look painted. If they tried to pass this off then it's not really a good likeness to begin with but it's not even close to a real picture. They really tried to make the eyes legit and the jaw and mouth and everything are pretty good. But if you have to know if it's a drawing or painting versus a real photograph, then you cannot possibly believe that it's real? no way. Just the nose alone cannot find a real shape. The mole is kind of on the outside but right up there with the cheek. Thick lower lips but not the disproportioned sort. The shading at the temple area by the right eye is really not good. The eyebrow is much thicker than the previous few and wraps around, there's no angular arc but this one goes down more than mid-way the eye again! Bravo. Return of the philtrim and the cleft in the chin is sort of gone again. The jawline for the first time in all Abe's I've seen? Almost totally angular, flat and flawless. A real solid jawline that James Dean and Brad Pitt might envy. The shadow under the left eye is not right, it's like he has a black eye and did you notice yet his eyes aren't blue? A lotoftime the eyes are dark to say he's black in reality, I feel. Kind of a small ear with a jagged sort of inner ear this time, almost like a shark shape or something. The left eye is sort of sunken and a bit high for the symmetry. NO wrinkles or anything on forehead as usual and the hair is sort of ok for a painting, looks really like a modern 80's music video or something, then the hairline rounds again. All the hairlines are way off. The follicles and hairline would never have begun as real hair in a picture, no way. Not even a dummy, this is just playing with art supplies.

No, this not a doll it's really a human being in this picture. Honest. It's Abraham Lincoln. You understand, the President of the U.S.A. in the 1860's? Sure. That;'s why his hair is like that and his jaw looks like Max Headroom. Another angular straight jawline like the last Abe! Wow. Do you notice the cheekbone on the right has sort of a defining bulge in it midway through this time? And the jawline under the ear is completely flat angled. They did a pretty big pussy dimple this time and it connects right to the mole here! The upper lip thinner out and the butt dimple in the Chinas gone but the chin is fairly symmetrical. It is pumpkin like again. The pi like definitions are not present in the cheek to jaw area. The nose is quite small with the same big dimple around the right nostril. Perhaps the same artist as the other big nostril flares? The eyebrows are curling around, pretty thick. Not much of a philtrim but pretty symmetrical believable lips. They do sort of angle upwards. Neck is quite good of all things but lacks definition. The way the ear connects to the jaw itself is weird, it has a strange sort of ball formation though the ear is more large and believable in scale. Look at the ear though, it's totally undefined. There's something which appears like it tries to be hair under the ear but it almost looks like a bad shadow. The whole area is a farce. I mean-- wow. This is shit. I think this was a doll that was heavily altered or traced over with art supplies. The suit and lower part with the body and suit had me but upon closer inspection, it is revealed to not be real. The buttons are not the wrinkles and reflections of light are off. It's got great detail and shading in the lapels and symmetry is excellent but there's a lot of problems with just the left side fading to black smudginess, then the left being white overexposure like or some other problem, but the fading is not accounting for the fluctuation in detail.  Another one probably based on an original photograph that was artistically rendered. Nor blue eyes again either! Bow tie looks totally dead wrong in the geometry of how it's set on the collar there and it's outlines are pretty rough underneath. The light reflection on it is a white blotch like paint or usage of white shading. My guess of a doll which was painted and drawing over is I think right.

Is there any question this is a drawing or painting? Right away you know it's not the same man but you can also see just from the eyes and mouth that it's not real. It's meant to look
very real but how does it look like Abe again? Runner up in the Abe Lookalike Contest again here. His eyes are dark and not resembling Abe Lincoln much really at all. Pretty good job on nose shape overall but it's small and-- what the FUCK is that right nostril about! THE LEFT ONE TOO! Holy shit. The pi like dimples are back under the cheek to the right of the mouth and there's almost two moles this time. The jawline for the third time in a row is really straight and even. He's lost that problem with his deformity. But the chin is also unfortunately for him, or more fortunately if you believed he were ever really there, it's not so pumpkin like! The neck resembles some sort of aquatic creature's perhaps, it's not normal skin. Look at the shadow on the nose again--oMFG. The hair is rounded and poofy. Pretty thin ear but very attentive detailing on the inner ear and the connection to the jaw --well done, to a point! The white light on the lower ear is hilarious. The clothes are so obviously fake in their folds and reflections, it's not much worth mentioning but-- just look at the left arm for posterity. It's not in any position which relates to human anatomy normally. Just that is telling us that there's an artist who was drunk or something the night before making this one in a hurry or something. Do you notice how there is no reflection, wrinkle, shadow, skin attribute, anything of any kind from the right eye all the way to the cheek, nose or mouth creases? Same with the forehead again. The left ear is like an afterthought to the artist there. A pretty thin faced Lincoln, I mean-- I wouldn't know that's who they meant unless it was claimed. Check out how the neck enters the collar on his right side. This one's not even starting as a dummy. The shadow under the lip is awful. There's a lot more of these to get through.

Just look at the hair. Is there a chance you'd believe it's not a drawing or painting? It looks
distinctly like ink to me but it could be with some other medium then photographed. The interesting part for me is that there's almost no real need by the artist to do much at all
except some definition around the eyes, outline on the nose and lips, the jawline gets heavy shading like the neck, then it's mostly hair and suit. There's just nothing in the face but whiteness. Look at how the lines of black are on the right eye-- it has like several whips that look like way smudged eye shadow but it's not, that's just bad artistic interpretation of how to make believable shadowing.  But again we have a very smooth and almost flawless jawline with overly emphasized shadowing. Ichabod Crane style Adam's apple and look how rounded and idealized the jawbone is under the ear? A thin ear at that with a sort of peanut inner ear. Then that totally stupid fucking hair. Look how is head is at the top! How the fuck is that passing as a real human being anywhere? It's independent of the horrible hair and it's got this big dip in it. Then it sort of flattened and long, ending in this weird hairline angle. I mean...NO. The left eyebrow looks like he was in a bare knuckle boxing match and it puffed out or something. Or like he has a monocle over his eye. It's way too tunnel like and the right eye has an eyebrow which comes very deep and way way past the eye. That is one deep eyebrow line. The shading under the dark eye is like he had some absinthe or something. The nose is pretty good in shape but there's nothing to it except a silhouette! Do you see a mole, a pussy cleft, a CHEEKBONE or those weird dimples, anything at all? This wouldn't even pass as an Abe Lincoln under scrutiny.Look how the shadow is under the nose with a white spot in it. The thin upper lips which are missing that triangular shape. The crease of his mouth area is totally abandoned. What a fucking joke. The clothes are fairly convincing for like a bad photo which was reproduced 100 times from a really early camera to something. But that's just on the right side, the rest are almost cartoonish and mismatched. Not even a bad fake, I mean what a totally unbelievable piece of crap here.

Before we get to the next photo which is another obvious dummy, let's discuss the possibility that there was NO UNION before the Emancipation Proclamation. What if that was invented before, the nation was forced with the Civil War out of separated colonies, then the entire history was invented? Ludicrous, yes? If he was the first President of all the history of the United States, then they could write whatever they needed to in support of their new Presidency -- as if he were the 16th or 24th, depending on which mathematics are employed (8 Presidents presided over the Union as a Confederacy prior to Washington!). The Emancipation Proclamation would in my opinion CAUSE a war on any States it was imposed on. That with a dummy as the official President would be a lure to make them war. It's specifically investing in media to use powers from the Executive Branch in a way which prescribes that war will occur, then the specific response by the Federal powers to that war which was entrapped by them to happen. A lot like today, huh?

Now I'm not saying all the pre-history to the Civil War is 100% pure bullshit and fraud, but it probably is somewhere man. I don't believe it all. The massive coverups of all the Mound Builder, Giants, all the tribal stuff that was going on is so bad that it could not be anything but a coverup already. The government prefers a nice black and white movie version of Indians and that's about 2018 for ya. The war goes on because it is being covered up what is being done against Indians in America today by the Federal government. Their numbers are dwindling, many tribes have deplorable living conditions such as no running water or adequate housing, there's enormous levels of tribal law enforcement abuse and unfortunately of Americans going onto tribal lands and committing crimes against the tribal members, then no justice for it. It's bad, worse than ever without open weaponry being used (if you don't count the Sioux protesting for the Dakota Pipeline being assaulted by military and police). It's plain that the Federal government has not acknowledged their genocide and has not stopped it since it started. That's where we are beginning with the argument today and on top of it, mound building giants history, sometimes made with school film documentary style education to make people aware of the mounds. There's a coverup, some stuff gets through but the Smithsonian has made sure we don't know shit.

It's very possible that the pre-history to the Civil War is re-written or totally defrauded from what it was. Perhaps there was a massive government or a mass of governments already in place, thriving and prospering beautifully. In fact there is some evidence of this but in much more ancient times, such as the giant city in Ohio which may have had more than one million giants dwelling there at one time. It's highly conceivable that there were such governments, possibly from many nations already. The Irish were in the upper eastern regions before Columbus supposedly was, this was way in the 1200's and they arrived it appears by a footpath from the north. Then there's the settlements in the New England area which appear Scandinavian but either failed or eeradicated by the enemy. The Moors were trading heavily with Native Americans in northern Oregon, if you dig back into history enough and that lasted with peaceful sort of partying respect between the African Moors and the Natives on the coast--for supposed to have been thousands of years! Everything was cool, it was good. There's evidence of Moorish blacks in the south being discovered by explorers, Moors who had insisted they came from cultures thousands of years old. There's books written about this subject far deeper than anything I can throw out to let us make the point that there was a variance of peoples here, not even just more tribes than are recorded but also many other peoples being represented. America is a grand scale place and there was room, perhaps there still is.

And I really am beginning to believe strongly that the possibility of the E.P. being a catalyst for the war, then published more popularly later after the war had been 'won' by the North. If the government had the E.P. first, planned the war, then the publication of it at the end, wouldn't it just only make SENSE? Let's imagine that it was circulated only to State governments. What would be the response to that, that the States now must argue against being free slaves forever? Becoming employees of the Fed on a plantation which makes 'freedom' the right to argue only is not something the State powers would be failing to miss. In fact, I feel they would see that as a declaration of war. And that is exactly what the Executive powers would want them to feel. It is so clever, so benign and nice, so empowering and what the people wanted to here in specific little places (between places which they cannot fucking understand)...that they could get away with that plan. And THEN the next 100+ years would be in place for Freemasonry to put their dominance over the world with a WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Where are we now? The South had to cooperate to create this war and Freemasonic enterprise is all the glue they needed to make it into a functioning machine for the war. Freemasons have had control over the national politics, economic system and the social policies since perhaps its founding, either 1770's or 1860's. There's America I and America II. We might be on America III soon with the way things are looking during 2018. This is beginning to appear as an era like either one of those dates back then, very like the Civil War to me in terms of the open fraud and aggression by D.C. The District of Columbia works under its own Constitution, it is separate from the United States or the States, it is essentially the same as the Emancipation Proclamation which means it cancels itself out. It is a superfluous entity which we believe in as an illusion the same as our currency, backed by nothing. It's a business practice we don't want to handle, look at, replace, change, do ourselves or enforce laws over because we're too busy and we're just the people. That is why the Chinese, the Russians, Germany--whomever else has the balls, the will and the wherewithal to reign in that Fed, that's why our military in my opinion often tolerates that sort of situation. 

America found itself perhaps with tremendous levels of power in a land which was more than it could dream of in terms of abundance. My feeling is that the 13 colonies researched defense, it wasn't just cash crops. They were working on advance weapons, they wanted artifacts of the untouched mounds with thousands upon thousands of burial sites with unplundered purer than anything else on the Earth in copper, silver, fine jewels, rare shells and the corpses with histories only dreamt of in detail by those clever Europeans. There were wars here, whole civilizations and treasures beyond measure. With the bloodthirsty mentality of the war machine created by old Europe, and the modern business ethic which is a refined version of murder, fraud, rape and other forms of warfare such as media, is it any doubt that the ethical confinement to their motivations way back in 1492 or a bit before and after, that they wanted to make weapons, get the treasure, enslave, murder and rape en mass? I mean, the only thing we miss in terms of history for that to be true enough is that evidence about the mounds, the copper, the wars and the artifacts-- which have come out with declassification, alternative media, etc. We have broached a bit and we see the tip of an iceberg so large that we cannot imagine anything BUT a thriving series of countries here, and maybe there was an America already of some kind, a national identity with a set of enforced values. It may have been so ancient though that it would have no paperwork, no organized treasuries or diplomacy the way the laws and leaders would perceive in Europe from their modern perspectives. Thus it would appear vulnerable and available, as history instructs us already was their righteous case to seize the property here and that includes the people.

If you want to make a war, would you provide a President so supercilious and insulting to the States that the Federal government leads, while enslaving them on paper and saying 'Now you whine while we take your assets for ya, slave boys and girls-- by the way I'm going to have sexual intercourse with you at will you big American you'? Would you insult and slap
and put your hands in the pockets to itch their genitals like the E.P. and the puppet did? Because that pisses me off pretty well now and it's 2018. There is no way to function under the Emancipation Proclamation and prosper as a State, a civilian, a military person. You can if you are the Federal government and then the kind of prosperity they have is exactly what the Federal Reserve created next! Total and complete control at all times over the people-- communism, fascism, technocracy, plutocracy-- whatever you call it, the people get shit and the government keep it all. Then they can fuck you, beat you, torture you, do what the fuck they want and you have the legal right to bitch. You will be paid for your complaining and that is in US minted Federal Reserve notes that are not redeemable for any hard commodities like gold or silver, as it used to be. Now you get to buy goods only and that is costing more and more and more everyday on top of being less slave jobs to get anyway. With the Federal Income Tax on top of this, which is another illegal tax on our labors, there is no way to survive for most people. It's a matter of time and how much we the people are going to be able to take. And that breaking point is pretty much right here and right now.

Perhaps the Emancipation Proclamation has a Masonic code in it which both sides understood as it was published internally, through the leadership of Freemasonry and possibly internal channels of the US government? Such it would be understood by both sides of the war beforehand in 1860 when Lincoln was supposedly elected into power, the plan was hatched. Then the E.P. being published to world as a solution to the war would be the result of the collaboration, thus both sides would conspire to contain and maintain the illusion that Lincoln was not a puppet. This would be a 'conspiracy theory' which was talked about, perhaps in limited local presses. And maybe THIS was one of the reasons for Abraham Lincoln to be on record as responsible for capturing 700,000 of their own citizens, deporting opposition to Canada, silencing and imprisoning critics, murdering, raping, beating hundreds of thousands, stopping Constitutional Rights outright! Does this sound like Chinese Communism or Bolshevikism, Stalin, Mussoulini and Hitler? Because there's no difference. 

African-us if it was a real country in the USA made from escaped slaves (and who knows who else? Maybe some of those Moors), then it would not be able to stamp out Freemasonry. There's no weapon which can be used to annihilate Freemasonry. It's an International consortium of powers which loaned the money to the US government to wage the war! Fighting Freemasonry is like starting over. The only Anti-Freemasonic Party lasted officially for 18 years after 1820. The oaths in Freemasonry are illegal to take and they must be recited and practiced by Freemasons to advance. For example, those who betray the secrets of the order are castrated by other members. This was famously done in a ritual with Captain Morgan, the real personality the liquor company uses to sell booze today. Masonry is the true unelected leader of the United States and they have enslaved us. Because it is international, there is no way to fight it here, exactly. We must go there or renounce all Freemasonry practices entirely, which would actually be simply to enforce the laws. The contract the Freemasons have with the US and several other governments, if you may believe this or not, is that it is not possible to commit a crime in a Freemasonic Temple. That gives them the power to be lawless, treasonous, to conspire openly and racketeer with government officials, police, fire department, any workers who have power such as teachers or doctors--- they may all legally violate you with as much freedom as if they were your slavemaster. Is this beginning to sound like the Emancipation Proclamation with the Federal Government?

If we are going back to the future here in reality, meaning the time machine is that we are in a timeline preceding the 19th century but that we must travel to that era with a device which juxtaposes and even suspends linear temporal analogies to traversing of time, then maybe there is a real Abe Lincoln in the real future as we know it? Time itself is not necessary to discuss history. What if we held no beliefs that time existed? No scientific debates about dimensions, order, no jobs running on any clocks, no appointments...what would we be missing exactly? Is time itself as a concept the same as the Emancipation Proclamation? Will it be any easier to imagine finding something from history in the present if we don't have any time at all as a barrier? Imagine that the historians responsible in a world agreement to manage the timeline started with a problem in the time of Jesus Christ. Because about 60 years is missing from the timeline according to Ralph Ellis, the famous historian who has researched to find the true identity he claims of Jesus, who was Izus of Turkey. And he ruled Odessa.

My historical knowledge of this is bare minimal at the moment but will research for this book a bit, and it says that there is a discrepancy in the historical timelines which relates specifically to the time of the great King and it has a lot to do with Odessa. I am theorizing that there was a time without mathematical rulership, no money or work, no leaders or taxes, no marriage as we know it and not the same sort of war ethic. This is something to do with Edessa/Odessa or it's that itself. And this worked or it failed. It sounds a bit like Pan/Mu/Atlantis which is a whole different subject, I really wonder of Jud/Judea is not the mysterious Pantheon connection. But if the timelines were skewed at that time, and let's postulate that there is a collective of world curators of the histories together which function to bind all governments together with a similar mandate (very believable for me since there is such a collective already in the public domain both official and secretly held). 

Let's pontificate that if the timelines began to be skewed from a committee of historians back from Odessa, then perhaps with updates (my SWORD OF CHRIST book gets into the 1200 James the Conqueror update extensively). But let's imagine that things took place between about 1 A.D. and 2018 that were convenient to write around in a timeline. The timeline erased 60 years, then perhaps a few here, a little cut to one here, some additional here...In 2018, we may have a totally and completely altered understanding of the development of civilization in how and when it did that. We like a nice concise version of history with major events matching to dates, technology and leaders, wars and works of art-- all relate to this rigid historical reference of then to now. But we know already there are MASSIVE coverups and they are not just limited to the USA's giants. There were giants all over Europe and that became a coverup. There are coverups of tribal people's histories and their connection to ancient technology. We can guarantee from the famous saying that 'history is written by the winners' that history is re-written PERIOD. Any record is a lie since you cannot go to the past to verify it. What if there is no past? We start with the understanding that we will not get an accurate depiction of what happened and that it's written by those who want us to believe they are righteous for conquering. 2018 might be 1837 and we might be running a program from what would be perceived as futuristic technology and science to reach 1860 when Lincoln will be elected. 

Another issue to cover is that the wooden Lincoln does lead to discussing the totem poles of Native Americans. I will have to look into them to become more familiar with their usage and meaning, how they are made, etc. but I can say that it could be viewed as a Native American connection to use a wooden dummy as the President. It's not necessarily that an Indian was hiding behind the wooden doll and making every decision as if they were Abe, that doesn't seem likely at all to me, but there may be some Treaty they were involved in to maintain the secret, as indicated with the references to Chinese governments in previous paragraphsWhat if Lincoln is a robot which was designed to be built from a design in the past to be completed in a future time (say close to now 2018) and the robot would be able to handle the technology which was created in 1860, which was not possible for those human beings who had mastered time, energy, space and perhaps genetics. If we are talking of genetic amplification, then the consideration of Osiris returning is a possibility as the Lincoln character would be symbolic of the ultimate rebirth. Osiris can come back at any moment to full form, he cannot die and he is a most powerful God. I've wondered about the Devil's Tower as being the place where Osiris resides in the current form, awaiting the return of his friends from their vessels. And that the tower was a tree which became petrified, not a volcanic formation from internal magma drying without the volcano surrounding it anymore. And that those trees are the original size of trees on earth from the old times , perhaps even as far back as when mushrooms were the only forests...for the earth once was covered in almost nothing but mushrooms, that is the oldest way we know for this planet from the records science claims to be genuine. If Lincoln is a genetic program awaiting completion to blend human beings with robotics to create an android which has the capacity to manage the technology which was created in a paste tense for a future reference then we would be coinciding with the dynamics of the Terminator films, Back to the Future and the Lincoln penny machine man Lincoln. 

This one is pretty tough to know if you only look fast. But it's not a dummy and not a photograph originally. This is a very carefully rendered piece of artwork that was done with something like a pen, pencil and/or paint brush, whatever the tools were for the photographic medium, then probably a picture was taken at least once of it. The piece was likely built in layers like many, with the eyes done separately then overlaid, same for the rest. The biggest giveaways are the hair, the tie and collar, the ear, the eyebrows and the totally mis-centered chin! What a bad chin. It has no dimple but is off-center on the facet's hysterical. The left cheekbone has a funny line on it, not the same sunken cheeks that the others have. There's sort of a little mole there but it's almost not even there. The jawline is pretty perfect compared with most other Lincolns but again, is dissimilar with even the better jawlines of the Abe character. The ear has zero definition- none, not one wrinkle, there's I guess an inner ear but I thought that was hair, it's partially covered up.These are some of the better lips but they are inconsistent with other lips, obviously. The left cheeks are very clearly not real just like the left ear. Now look at the fucking hair. They really didn't care much about how the hair looked back then, did they!? There was no hair dryer, no gel and no permanent. The just kind of straightened it out and made sure there was no dirt or horse shit, then it was good to go. The eyes are extremely well detailed. If this was just a drawing randomly and no picture was involved, not intended to fake as a picture, then it would phenomenal, right? But if you started with a picture and then traced over it, maybe changed them up a bit from the original, then you'd be pretty close, right? Imagine using like a lens to magnify it and put it on a flat page after something else like the hair was drawn and the shape of the face. Then you could enlarge it from the original drawing, make it smaller, make it fit just right, etc.? This is layering, just like software has now.The eyes are pretty bad themselves, like the eyeballs. The left one is not round. The eye lids are very blurry. The eyebrows actually are a dead giveaway, those are really not passing for Abe brows-- no angle, they're thicker than many but not bushy in the right way and these ones just stop above the eye. We're all over the place with the brows. The eyes again look fairly convincing if you don't check closely but once you see it's possible, they are not really that realistic anymore are they? The Adam's apple and neck skin is very obviously not painted or drawn like the bowtiw and collar. Just look how bad the hair is thoug-- do I need to go into any explanations?

I'm not sure from the video I'm using too get these which are claimed to be pictures, which are just paintings/drawings but this is a painting. There's not much to debate. This cannot be a real picture. Just look at the hair, first. That's artistically painted or drawn or both, then photographed. The face looks very much like it was intended to be realistic as a photo but with minimal inspection it does not pass. This one is of the few with feint wrinkles on the forehead and that must be one of the toughest to get right, because it does stand out as pathetically unrealistic and they probably would have avoided making those lines because it's so easy to tell. The eyes have some very good detail, shadowing and symmetry but they are not real. The wrinkles and skin creases are laughable. Note how far over the mole is on this one compared to the one which is under the cheek? WOW! One whole inch or more for that shift? The jawline magically has transformed to a smooth and almost flawless line and there's no pumpkin chin whatsoever-- perfectly symmetrical with a BIG old dimple like a butt. The chin jutts up now , too and the neck skin is totally young while the face is like an older man's. The shading is a joke on the neck and the cheek. But just look at how small and pitiful the ear is. That's a more normal sized ear but the inner ear now is tight and small, more like a worm shape. The upper ear also has an unnatural sharp angle in it where the artist connected the top round part of the ear to the mid ear. Then you'll notice inside the ear above the inner worm shaped dark area is something with no real skin or wrinkles, blood vessels, veins, anything. That's because it's paper or whatever, photographic glass, who knew. The ear has a funny curvature where it connects to the jaw and this wide expanse between it and the actual face, I mean---this is a fucked up guy! The nose goes up a little bit now but is one of the more convincing features. The philtrim is really prominent and the left cheek did you notice sort of creeps out behind the mouth? Or is that the ear? Because it doesn't look right. The pussy lips on the right side of the mouth are really clear and then all of a sudden nothing, no wrinkles or skin at all under the cheek.

Total shit!ddd

This one takes some study because it's so realistic you would never believe it was anything but a picture at a first glance but-- it is NOT originally anything but a painting or a drawing! It's not a man in a picture. The suit and clothing are some of the best photorealism I've seen but that's not a real tie and suit. They are almost certainly traced and colored from a real photograph then, then the face is entirely rendered by an artist. Again, the layering is present and the existence of a photograph or more than one used to base the features of the face were almost certainly employed. The best way to tell aside from the hair again, which has become the litmus test to know almost immediately if it could be real or not, it's the left eyebrow. What was that, a shaving accident? There's like a bunch of scarring. Maybe that's where The Terminator scene comes from where he's gauging his eye out and there's a red pupil underneath with robotic computer messaging choosing which line to use on the asshole in the scene with him. Because it looks totally alien and weird, not like a person. It's not even realistic as caring. It's a mess. There's sort of like burn tissue with some hair maybe, some pits and scarring, then shadows. Pathetic. The part of the right eyebrow which goes in toward the nose is a lot better but looking closely, it's not fine hair at all but a smudgy kind of portrayal of hair. Then of course there's the 'real' hair on his head. The hairline has corrected itself but just look at the strands and it's clear there's not much effort for real hair there. People really must not have paid attention to people's hair because in this day and age it's a lot more obvious probably than anything else. There's a lot of black coloring and then a few thick strands of hair, some sort of fine colorings of white and it's all horrible. Nothing like real hair. It's about 1000 times too large to be hair strands where they try. Sorry, bullshit motherfucker! The wrinkles on the head again do stand out as really bad. 

We'll have to get a lot of photos from the same time to compare and show what faces looked like from real pictures.
This is not a real person. Just look at the left half the suit then the hair? The symmetry and overall likeness to real pictures of the time is very convincing for the face usually with the eyes and mouth areas especially. Those are probably the most important of the era, the eyes and how people interacted personally (no radio, tv, telephone, internet..) and what came out of their mouths. The hair is almost never close to lifelike and they do a lot of flubs with the suits. The jaws and chins are all over the place for some reason. Just look at the hair you might consider that painted over the real face or something, but then you realize they tried to pass this off one way or the other. The eyes are cross eyed if you notice. The problem with the eyebrows here is the left one juts out like a mountain range and the left one appears to be sort of carved in or something. Notice this one on the right ends before mid eye, another shift from previous Lincolns. No butt dimple, I can't even see a jawline on this monitor with this reproduction of the image. The nose is pretty good in scale but has no discernible details. Big philtrim again and the lips are one of the better proportional Lincons. The mole is more in than out on the line of the crease. looking again, that chin actually has serious problems-- check close and the butt dimple is actually sort of off to the right? WTF Smaller ear, new shape for the inner again and there's something on his upper ear. Totally stupid stupid and tie, not close to photographic.
Not even close!

Couldn't find a better copy of this. This one has almost not dark lines on the face. But it's not real hair.
The eyes are a lot different, he looks a bit more Jewish actually. Totally rounded eyebrows, no angle and they appear much narrower. Pretty good job it would appear on the eyes, better on the ear but horrible on the hair again (does have style). The tie is a BAD tie I mean-- who the hell believed that one at the time anyway. Can't say much, don't see the mole or jawline or cheeks ...much of lips.

It's a fake though.

This one is not a real person. This is a painting or watercolor or drawing or all of those. Very often they could project an image on a paper then trace it, become masters of shadow. They could build in layers as mentioned twice already and this looks like one of those cases. Look at the mole, it's OUTSIDE the crease again! Yay. The nose shadowing is hilarious. The jaw looks more symmetrical and real with a butt chin on the bottom, but not real enough to pass for a chin of a human. The eyes are really overtly un-photographic like. It's clear from the way the white reflection part in the iris that's it not an eyeball, that's a flat surface with ink or something similar over it. I mean, it could be scratched in somehow, some technique I'm not aware of but that's not a picture of a real human being at all. The left ear in my version is blaring white but not at all a realistic shape. The right eye is nothing like consistent for eye and eyelash, just look at the upper lid with the jagged reflection? We're in like Monet and Renoit territory with this man. My impression is it's false! The eyebrows are a bit bushier and more angular this time. There's no real neck in it, sort of a shadow and a hint of an Adam's apple. The way the lower right jaw connects to the neck is that it disappears. There's really abysmal detail and shadowing for the right side of the face under the cheek. The light on the left cheek is more like watercolor again. Very crude shading. Hair? OMG. LOL Ya there's something like hair, it's like they spent 2 months on the face and clothes then 2 hours on the hair, then they tried to make it look like a wig or something. Compare the hair detail to the suit detail. That's not some lens flare thing, that's just BULLSHIT.

I had to adjust my monitor because my settings are such that
it was causing me to believe it was the screen that was having such a problem. All it was is the color was different, so the black and white was sort of bluish and grey. But now I see it's black and white, can tell you the face is BULLSHIT. I'd guess the bottom is a real picture or a fine photo-realism drawing directly on top of a real one, but the face is unreal. Again, the hair has vicious shadowing, meaning it's so offensive to watch them style hair on an art piece like Lincoln's head as they did from the White House there! That looks again more like Male Pattern than a Widow's Peak that stays but it's not real hair. Left cheek is either a makeup problem or a poor attempt at a real cheek line. NO jaw on the left, totally ambiguous neckline with impossible shadow. The right eye is a horrible shadowy mess without any distinction, as if the artist was trying to achieve an eye with the least possible amount if light!? Come on! Nose shrank it seems, no mole I can find but it is small. Look at the right cheek. FAIL! There's no line like a face. The lines are pretty fine underneath that with all the wrinkles and boots and all that, but nothing on the face. Imagine how little ink would have to be used to draw the face without the hair? Almost none, right? That's how little it took to buy a Presidency with the image of a character. The eyebrow on the left disappears and Lincoln's left eye again has a deep shading issue. I don't detect a hint of blue in those eyes but...ok. Nothing much like pupils either. Wow. Some attempt to make strands of hair at the mid receding hairline. Ear is...just a line. The head doesn't quite align with the body, it's a bit tilted to Abe's right. Look how the jawline is different even in its attempt on the left from so many other Abe's. Not real!
Hair. Hahahahhahaha. Ok so now that we know it's a fake, look at how the neck totally doesn't match how it goes into the collar. RIGHT. The left cheek has totally fallacious shading and it's way too thin connection to the jawline. Nose does not have the pointy bulbous quality and it shrank, the shading is horrible. Left nostril not as large as right and shadow , right nostril horrible symmetry problem, shading, it's not skin! WOWSERS. Left cheek is sort of a grey stroke, not a skin area, meaning the artist only used a single color there and made it like a shadow. The tie is really not believable even as a traced over a photo kind of situation. See how botchy the shadow is under his left pec? The fogginess on the left shoulder is not photography, that's a picture of an art piece like ink or paint. The lips are very very believable, again one of the best features they almost always get right but the left side kind of goes in a bit too narrow, meaning it's deformed. Also the whole mouth is beset slightly to the right! Also very barely slanted. The mole is full on the outside of the crease again now, hahahahahaha. It's also literally just tailing on the end of his high cheek line. There appears to be an "E" on the left jaw, there's no real chance of that being normal reflecting light. Sort of a similar inner ear to some others but the inner ear seems to go almost all the way up to the jaw this time? An the ear is narrow with fairly obvious grey shadowing rather than skin, blood vessels, veins, complex light and shadow, etc. The Jair is a masterpiece of deceit-- it's so clear now but at the time it was probably the last thing people noticed. The left eyebrow is a bit small and the shape of the crown is a bit bulbous. The eyes are not actually set on the head quite realistically. I don't see a pussy indentation on the right of his lip. Imitation President!

The hair is much better but the eyes are horrible. It's not real hair other but one of the better ones overall. Those aren't strands of hair! The right eye is really dissimilar in it's shape from the left, almost almond and it's more separated than otherwise. They are blue looking however. There's no real eyelashes on the lower, the upper kind of makes an effort but they are not hairlike. The lower right of the right iris is a bit angular, not round!The most blaring thing though is that in the left eye-- he has NO FUCKING PUPIL. It's white. As if the artist was trying to make the reflection over the entire pupil, a pupil eclipse. The overemphasis of shading and/or eyelash is distinct. Pretty unnatural shading leading into the nose out of the left eye. See where the eyebrow ends this time? Not even to the mid-eye, it's high eyebrow time! WOW. Not a real effort on the eyebrows at all. Again, very strong lips and good overall sort of symmetry and detail on the eyes but...not really 'there'. The chin has no butt dimple but it is impossibly square. It's FrankenLincoln! Hahahaha. Very strong right jawline here, it almost looks like a cosmetic mask done by a special fx makeup person for a burn under his right cheek. No pussy dimple on the right of the lip. The lip again is a bit wonky, set sort of high. Ears are better than usual but look at the ufo like inner ear shape! hahahah. Narrower ear but a bit more shadow detail. The lower part looks like a very good imitation of a picture, which is a lot easier to tell on the left than the right. Tie is not quite naturally set. This man is not nearly a human being! Look also at the right nostril. This one is sunken and bigger than the left. But the part between them is not realistic. The nostril is highly deformed. 
Not even a doll!!!

I guess it's the big guy standing out in the picture there who is supposed to be Lincoln. First of all, the face is not convincing the it's an Abe. I guess I can see that but the body appears much more broad shoulder. The face could be many other people, there's almost no distinction to it at all. But how the hell is that high up? There's men at his waist. What is he supposed to be standing on? Look where the man just where his left hand is supposed to be. That man's eyeliner is where Abe's legs begin.The man just in front of Abe is looking like he is one level above the ground on a set of steps, right? Then the crowd is on the street or something? Well.. where is Abe supposed to be then? Is he on the second set? If he's on the second step then his chest is at the height of the other guy on his right there, the guy next to that guy is maybe up to his bowtie at the most. If both those men are 5' on his right then just by judging looks alone, it looks like Abe might be pushing 6'10, then pretty beefy. He's not thing and scrawny. More like a modern basketball player or something. But if those guys are like 5'6, then he might be like 7'3 or something.It looks like he is on the first step though, just above the ground? Or even on the ground. Because his body is next to the guy on his left who is at the same level as either the ground of the first step. Abe Lincoln would be more like 8' maybe. It doesn't seem possible this is a real photo of Lincoln based on height but also questionable just on the scale and positioning of the man, too. It's sort of a weird position to be in, too. The crowd is moving it appears, there is action. None of them are really patiently waiting except perhaps the female behind him which perhaps is-- the wife? I don't know without reading into it, but she's just in front of the wall there. I guess it's sort of possible but there's something about it which is off. There is a weird nose on the guy just behind him on his right? This is looking more and more like a fake. Look at the weird face on the guy in the door on the right? Muhuhuhuhaaa. I'm not so sure he would be in such a position with that kind of motion around him. He looks a bit out of place and stiff for the moment there. But whatever the case may be, this is not appearing like a verification as an Abe Lincoln just by the picture alone anyway. It's way to blurry.
This is one of the pretty tough ones. It had me believing it was a dummy for a minute. Look how real they got the hair this time-- pretty good, mostly because of the reflections and stuff. Truly talented artist but--- definitely not real! The giveaway for me was the eyes and the ears but then you get to the cheekbone area, the jawline and the neck (neck is bad), the tie...I thought maybe it was a dummy too because the body is so skinny from the side, appears fake. But it's a scale issue, head is way too overlarge for the body if you see it that way, wouldn't even be supported by the lower part. Looking much more carefully it must not be real. It's clear above the ear most directly. What convinced me was the symmetry, the reflection, the naturalness of the folds, etc. First of all, the hairline is not possible even from all the other hairlines just because Abe has too much hair.But also if you check very closely the forehead doesn't actually connect to the follicles on the very top at all! They connect in a way physically not possibly, there's no biological realism there whatsoever. Quite stylish there in the hair, absolutely the best yet in terms of attention paid perhaps and even style. The cheek is really giving it a go to find some skin detail! High marks to the artist, a very good effort here well above the mark from the others. This is the first I've seen which actually tried to make skin marks like little bumps and moles, some contrast there and even the flakiness when you see it close, sort of cracks, etc. Skin is rather complex. But it's more like he was painting wood or something coarse ;ole a curved nrocl or stone. The mole is sort of double moled this time and it takes over the crease! Look at this-- the moles become the crease and it goes from inward to protruding outward? Holy shit! The eyes are really very well done, I mean they look pretty good here in terms of their overall form but not quite really a person's eyes. First of all, there's no reflection whatsoever on about 70%+ of his eye. The shadowing on the beginning of the nose from the right eye is whipping out, it's got like wisps. The shadow under the eye is blotchy and the eyeball itself looks like a black mark intended to be the shadowed circular form of the iris without any reflection. What exactly is that silvery sort of bump on his head there-- another robot reference? But the hair kind of breaks up in its portrayal as if they are strands of hair around that area. The jawline is hideously untrue, there's little definition to the bone and it juts up at the chin in a way that even deformity cannot account for. There's almost NO upper lip, it's the thinnest yet and the artist was really putting the right lower lip out and he removed most of the left half of the lower lip from their thoughts. Look at the ear-- is that real? Come on, now! Some weird things going on there but again more detail than all the others so far! A for effort. There's som real funny things in the skin area to the right of the ear there, 3 big hash like marks. The nose is a bit short but very high quality shading there, overdone it is. No philtrm this time. The nostril on the right is really well proportioned but the skin and cartilage are not very good form. The tie is not realistic it's soft and smudgy, the collar blurs. The shirt definitely kind of pushes out. The sleeves and suit are very thoroughly convincing but if you check the area between the lapel and sleeve you can kind of start to see it might not just be operated on but penciled or whatever in over a real photograph. Also the crease at the shoulder or armpit is pretty crude. This whole thing is not real but it's a good painting or whatever!

This one took more time than any of them so far to believe it was a fake but it's a fake. This is really really hard to tell if you don't take the time and look at fine detail. I wondered if it was a doll but the jawline gives it away--they don't seem to operate much on the image afterward for the dolls, just put the whole thing up as is. But this a finely detailed painting or drawing, etc. whatever. The skin is really new for the Lincoln series up to this point, whatever the timeline actually is because it's trying so hard to have some real skin traits. But those fail. They are a lot more realistic though and they can take quite a bit of examination to understand how unreal they are. But let's start with the area under the left eye. There are two sort of bumps there that are looking like they are intended to be like skin such as bags under the eyes and the upper cheek area. Thisis not possible for a lot of reasons but mostly because the upper one is almost a perfect straight line. It's extruding quite a bit and the one beneath it is similarly straight but not quite as much. The surface area is shaded in an untrue way, you may notice the distinct dark line going all the way from lower right chin area to the eye. And to those eyes-- well the eyebrows should give it away because there's nothing like hair really there at all, now is there? Did you notice this? They get away with mere shadowing. They kind of fan out a little bit on the upper right. It almost looks like a bird if you look at the shadow of the right inner eye which is a right wing, the left wing is above that and behind a bit, then the body and the beak is the crease on Abe's upper right nose area. The left eye itself has overwhelming shadowing there and the angle is really --angular, only not like a 'v' sort of shape over it at an apex, but sort of a diagonal line, straight then another unnatural upper one. Then the other one is rounded but birdie like. The right eyelid is actually kind of overlong. The right eye itself you will; notice does not have a round iris and the reflection is a single dot. That's not an eye. The eyelid has really remedial definition but it was traced from real eyes or very closely from something like that. The nose is a good scale but the face is too thin on this one for it. The mole shrank a bit and is on the outside of the crease again. Getting to the jaw, it really is a weak spot for all of their renditions. The cheek has no real roundness to it. There'sno pussy dimple in this one either. The nose is one of the bigger giveaways. Nostrils are uneven! Shading is off. Big unnatural shadow under left nostril, like a dark booger. The philtrim is a big off center. The upper lip is totally uneven, like the right upper half and left upper half are not matching at all.And the center of the upper lip is way weird like a ckitoris or that thing in the center of your mouth that hangs down, a button or something. There's no chin dimple, the Adam's apple is not in the right place it's to the right. The ear is a bit small and again lacks definition. Really small inner ear. Hair is really good for reflection and symmetry, it's mathematically a lot like photographs of hair but that's not enough fine lines in there for hair at all. It would be stiff in real life, not curved right either, more flat and chunky. Almost like wood but not even a statue like, more like cardboard with weird flat paneling and grooves. The bigger giveaway though is the head does not match up to being on the body with the rest of the lower part! It's not in line. The head is almost perfectly straight but it would be tilted more to that neck tie. The tie itself is bullshit. The whole thing is another traced over a picture job with a. new head on a body from someone else's pic. And the head this time is really fairly good but that's not a real person in a picture, more drawing.

I thought again this was maybe a dummy but look at the hair. Then the jaw. You might be convinced by the eyes, the symmetrical-ness of the character. But look at the left eye. Do you see how it's kind of blurry? Like paint or a drawing? The lower left eye doesn't even have a circle it arcs but that's not from reflection! It's way too much and it's melding into the white of the eye. Then there's really unnatural shading in the white of the eye. The left eye is half closed but again has problems with roundness, shading and the reflection. Eyebrow pitifully degrades, all toward mid eye this time!! Another deviation. The ear is a bit angled with a sinewy inner ear. The jawline on the bottom is soft and soft of weird again, always with the totally bizarre jawline. The chin does dimple a bit but it's not shaped like bone and skin there! The effort for skin definition is horrible. Angle of head again not properly aligned with the body. The shadowing under left cheek is like a chevron!!! "V" shaped,. not even rounded. Wow. Then the lower left jaw is disproportionate and disguised but also blocky. Adams apple misaligned. Hair is just bullshit  no need to even bother going into it. 

If they say this one is a picture you can ask them on the tour at the national archives to bust out the real thing....

These are my favorite ones. The ones which are outdoors and with other people for perspective. Historical or real life situations. Portraits are so many and they all blend in after a while, even this far into it.First one is identifying Lincoln. I assume it's the one by the house itself in the yard with the boy. The picture appears probably authentic but there is no way to identify that as Abraham Lincoln. First of all his body is much too wide and I feel he might be a bit less than 6'4 there, but his face is not distinguishable from many other faces. You can't make out much of a jaw , ear, out, nose, eye shape.. it's a rough image taken far away enough without a good focus. If this were released as a press picture for the President it would probably have been deliberately ambiguous for the person to be determined by their face.

And as a matter of fact these similar photo ops show someone who doesn't appear to be anything like the portrait Lincolns or the tall skinny Lincolns in meetings with military personnel, etc.

This one again had me for a minute. But look first in the left of the beard. That's an interesting goatee like form, there's none around the jawline and I didn't know they did that much! Wow. Well anyway, the scar there is sort of a dark line. That's not a scar in skin there. The chin (not dimpled) on the right has an asymmetrical issue and you'll see the right lip and the muscled area to the right of it has some dimensional, shadowing issues! Very obvious in that region. The beard there unnaturally cascades under this angled area outside the right of the mouth. The upper lip is not proportionate with the left at all, there is some strange bump on the right of his lower lip and DO YOU SEE A MOLE!?!?!?! no MOLE! NO Abe mole. The nose goes to the left too much where it's his right. The left nostril sort of flares but the shadow underneath somehow accounts for no nostril tunnel like area whatsoever. Notice how the left outer nostril kind of goes up in a hurry and is a bit shortened. There's a lotto attention paid to get skin detail in there but it does fail. This is some of the best I've seen. The pitted scars or whatever in Abe's left outer eye area, where wrinkles would be-- those are deep. Those are not normal wrinkles, those would be scars. But the left eye doesn't actually have normal shape around it. Notice how the upper left eye is really like a dark pitted line or a deep scar. Inner left eye is continuation of this deep deep pit! Imagine in real life how deep this is. Then the right eye is a bit imbalanced it seems or perhaps that is only because the left eyebrow characteristically arcs up in an angle, but has no continuation down the eye at all, not even to mid! The ear has crazy markings all over it like a psychedelic thing or some bizarre ritual tattoo markings-- who knows. Burn victim or another special fx version. The way the jaw connects to the left ear is a complete mystery, there's a fold of skin over it and then the ear becomes crazy. The hair is unbelievable to the extreme with the upper part being the worst. The right side for Abe is pretty bad, on our right it's a bit better I feel but pretty bad detail. The skin on the left cheek would appear with something like overlarge goosebumps all over it. That's not really skin it's more skin 'like' and those aren't moles are liver spots, it's just art. And the lower left jaw has magically reformed into a much more linear and handsome version. It's a thiner face but the cheeks are not nearly so sunken or high. The mouth is just a bit off to Abe's right. There is sort of a mole just to the right of his mouth but-- that's not anywhere the other moles were!! I bet the artist was fuckin told the wrong place to dot the motherfucker! It becomes impossible to deny on the beck area with the strange markings there. It's got a lotto shapes but the shading degenerates and there's not a skin like issue going on, that's got some angular markings and the neck disappears in this murky dark shadow on his right.The chin has no dimple again, the pubic hair on the lower right of his chin means they shaved the lower part of his chin then they let the rest fan out-- uh uh! Notice the difference in eye color from left to right, not really a light issue but the left eye is not even fucking round! It's got an angular left eye and it doesn't have a continual color. The pupil on his left Is not round and neither is the right iris itself. Pretty good effort for wrinkles in the nose which is too wide, he looks a bit neanderhall. Look to one of the hugest blunders in all of them yet here next though-- look at to the left of his right eye. There's this angular outcropping thing. It's like something on top of his right eye but I think that's supposed to be the shape of the bone with skin on top? His right eye totally goes all way over to the other side of the head like it's been stretched. And then this weird shading in there. Something really would not look normal, that is like having a knot as if a tree on your right eye. That's a medical condition not too possible Abe!!

This is one of the worst yet! Look at the eyeliner like thing going on under the left eye. Then the left eye itself! It's kind of blurry. This guy doesn't exactly look like Honest Abe. Doesn't he seem sort of like a pudgier Abraham Lincoln and don't the eyes seem nothing like proportionate? Dothose eyebrows even resemble hair? The artist might have been in a hurry if this is supposed to be a photograph. Maybe the other team couldn't do it, because this was absolutely horrific.  The chin is misshapen but the beard is so fuzzy and soft it doesn't pass for anything like a photograph. But the bottom part is a lot more like a picture, from the neck down? So this really IS supposed to beobne? Look at the HAIR!? There's no hair there! The top of his head is like the painter or drawing person just had to sort give a general concept of hair, as it were interpreting the hair or something. What a total joke. The hair falls over on the right of his head in a really cascading weird tufty way. The ear is angled a bit flatly and the inner ear does have a new shape, a bit closer to the UFO one. The weird rounded way the jawline goes from the ear is one of the strangest yet of all Abe's. The actual eyes are so bad, so far from round and having traits of true eyes that it's not even worth commenting on much more than that. I see a very serious issue with the nostril there on Abe's right, because it sort of goes almost all the way to the side so there's next to no skin between it and the far right of his face. That would be weird then the left nostril is way on the left side with this shark like thing between. Totally strange. There's the mole sort of but smaller around the right crease.  The left cheek is really not very rounded or sharp in how the skin supposedly reflects light. Notice how the shadowing is on the upper left of Abe's eye, how it kind of rides up and just continues at the same cloration into the inner eye and nose area? Then the left eye is bigger than the right? This is a piece of garbage!

The detail to the skin and the beard makes it very hard to think this is a fake. But if you look with a critical eye it is not a person in this picture. First look up at the hairline. That is the most unnatural hairline of all the Abe's. The hair on the rest of his head is not as bad, but the hairline is giving a few things away and one of them is that that ain't a forehead. Note the totally insane proportions there and the way the hair falls over it on his left pate. See how there's no crease on his forehead? Care to explain how that's possible, exactly? The ear is a bit silly, just look at it for a second and try to imagine it's real? The shape again changes on the inner ear and there's not a real chance that the shading and shadowing are real. It looks a bit like a large vein stuck in a flap of skin, not an ear. That's a huge inner ear this time! It's bigger than his eyes! How did the National Archives get away with this so long? Now look how it's bear by the ear connects to the cheek bone. No, that's not carpet glued on, that's a failed attempt to make art look like real pubic beard hair. The mole is exceptionally good on this one but the contours of his crease and cheek are not at all good right next to it, and again of course it's out of position only bigger this time. The lips are very very convincing.and it's the most challenging so far, the nose is good too...but look at the extension of the mouth past the lips. That's an unnaturally long mouth for those lips. Lips go with the opening and shutting of the mouth, they don't stop and then we get more mouth? What? And there's no real creases or lines, it's not lips at all. But the proportions, the shading, the shape--very believable. The shadowing under the nose is a blunder- - do I need to into it more? It's ridiculously off but angular and blocky. It gets into trouble with the geometry of a human face under the nose there, artist clearly makes lots of errors as the nose is sort of off from the positioning of the mouth beneath it. And the crease of his left cheek is a bad rendering, far too deep-- that's about 1/2'' deep pit there only on one side, impossibly shaped and it leads to this sort of strange island around the left side of the mouth! What the FUCK is that? That just is not a human being's face over there on Abe's left lower side. Bullshit! The nose is good at first glance but if you notice, the left cheek is too 'far' behind it? And the eyes give away serious flaws in the artistry-- nothing like skin or veins going on there, it's a mess. That's like bad hurried shadowing in 21st century terms. We have software to do this crap! But then look at that utterly stupid left eye? Most of that is just black ink or whatever, darkness. Then the eyeball itself sort of has this contorted angular way with the lid but the eye itself just isn't appearing, there's no eye. It's like a little teeny bit of light in a roundish area that passes for an eye if you look fast. 

They were experts at using other pictures to model the Abe faces off, they had advanced measurement systems to make sure the angles and all the symmetry would be about as close as possibly needed to pass with fairly high degrees of scrutiny from laypeople. But this is not a human being in this picture, it's a bad fake.  The right eye is better but it has no pupil separate from the rest of the eye-- the pupil extends like a feline into the lower section of the iris all the way down to the white of his eye! Then what is going on with the ridiculous area called his upper eyelid and eyebrow? That's a joke. That's not hair up there, that's not shadow but if you look very closely on the right eye, you will see that the upper line is actually merging into the pit of his eye on the right. This is so freakin bad looking carefully that it's making me wonder how this shit had me fooled for a second. But again, it's those key secants of eye, mouth, nose, head being reasonably believable that you WANT to believe it. You don't suspect it could be a fake, so how could it be? But when you really get down to it, IT IS.

Not a picture. This is a bad drawing. This is obviously not an altered photograph but something done originally with a form of pencil, most likely. The hair is very very very good, the best part about ths. Just look at that gorgeous tuft of shiny dark hair. But there's just one problem-- It cannot be real. The hair is not forming with strands but climbs of lighting and shading. They are sectionals of artistry with a very similar appearance to natural hair but aside from the impossibility of the styling, the combing or setting of the hair itself, it has problems within the lighter areas very significantly. Real hair does not form that way at all, where sections are flattened where there is lighter coloring and real hair is finely stranded, not gobbler clusters with totally bizarre affectations of the light. The light is not falling in a physically probable way at all, it's utter artistry. But if the hair is not going to convince you, and it's understandable if that's failing to look fake to you because it's quite a good fake, just look at the ear. Did you just see an inner ear shape totally different in size, shape and location than this one? How exactly is the ear connecting to the face in this, because it looks like it's sort of carved in as an overlay on top of the jaw. But the shape of the ear is hidesouly, hilariously, utterly and profoundly crazy. That is nothing like a human ear but it does appear to sort of wander off in its upper left quadrant? What the FUCK!? Then the jaw next to it. Ya sure, ok. This is a real picture, bulls fucking crap. I'm not sure how his neck is supposed to have gained several inches around for it to jut out in front of that collar but the pubic beard hair again is expertly rendered. The lips look like a duck and are so sadly unbelievable that it's probably not worth going into much. Those are not Abe's lips and they aren't lips. They are artistic workings of lips. The mole shrank again but is in at least a sort of similar position as some of the others. But-- -what's this? Is that like a smiling face? Because it's like a little fish or something being made out of Abe's mouth. That stupid cheek is so ROUNDED that the mouth with the little mole looks like some cartoon shark or a big fish popping it's head out of the water. Oh sure, it's ABE LINCOLN.

But wait! There's more! He has no eye! That silly eyebrow attempt with a sort of arcing splotch of black is much more believable than the sludgy clown eye that sort of drips down his face. This is sort of not even passing as Abe Lincoln to begin with, whatever they were trying to do. Possibly the worst artist so far. I don't believe that's a real suit, there's no body in that outfit and it's not fabric. It has not shape or fold or crease or wrinkle, etc. There's no eye, lid, lash...just a sort of crappy shadow which is looking like it could be on the wrong side of his face. But that nose sort of pops out in front of it which would make it sunken in a way behind the eye that other Lincoln's didn't have. The nose looks good for a second but notice the tip of it-- it sort of stops off. It's not as big as other honking Lincoln noses and it is stubby. Again this consistency with their problems on the cheeks -- look at the cheek bone there and try to imagine that's real skin? It can't be. It looks like some burn victim after skin grafting, totally wrong.


Whichever one Lincoln is supposed to be is unidentifiable before even attempting to prove it's a fake. This is probably a real picture but there's no Abe. A lot like the other distant Abe pictures, they are not trying very hard.

0 respect, there's nothing remotely Abe like here.

Oh, now I get it. Abe is supposed to be there, maybe with his son? So Abe on the left. Well, it's a little bit like Abe but that's not an Abe nose. It just isn't showing enough detail to really even make a good comparison other than to see it sort of looks like him but not really, it looks like someone else who just sort of looks like Abe. Not even sure if there's a bear there but all we have is a nose, forehead and some hair pretty much, Whatever!

Very convincing photograph! I believe it is a real photograph for the most part-- the suit, the body, the surroundings. But there's a lack of definition to the face that starkly contrasts with the excellent detail of the rest of the picture. Look how much of the creases on the legs we get, how much of the coat has clear folds and shading on the arm. The face is more angular than other Abe's, clearly this was altered from an existing face on the same picture or a total replacement over the original body. One of the bigger giveaways is the lips which do not have a complete crease? That would make Abe have a natural connection between upper and lower lip on his right side. The right eye is distinctly missing a lot of eyebrow hair, as if he shaved it-- but he didn't? And the fuzzy area where his eye is supposed to be just sort of fades out. We don't get much of an eyeball there, we get a dark round shape and the whole thing is very poorly defined. Then the black blotch above the right eye, something like an eyebrow but it's more like shadow than hair. Then the left eye is just a dark pit, there's only darkness and that's not realistic lighting. The hair is slightly better but again sort of forms unnaturally against the forehead-- do you notice at the forehead the angles break down? The forehead becomes unnaturally sort of oblong and deformed as the hair sort of shoots back in a shock of a widow's peak. That's just not hair or a real forehead there at all, and there failure of the hair coming off the left side of his head makes it into a joke!  At least there's a style there with his duck ass. The cheek is another bad mess but one of the cleaner Abe's we've had for that area. I kind of see a mole but not really? At least it hasn't moved. There's sort of no cheek line. This is the first Abe missing a dramatic cheekbone. Where'd that go? The nose is one of the better features in its minimalism but this one kind of points up slightly. The bear is pretty good but has a real stupid dimple? That ain't a real beard and in fact if it was, his chin would be about an inch too far out.

Everything else looks good though!

Now this one is strange. the body and coat look pretty good, the rest looks real -- in fact it looks like the same place as the last one. The hands are doing something weird but they don't look fake necessarily. It's just a weird position. Is Abe supposed to be asleep here? Because his eye is closed. And he has that same shaved eyebrow thing going n. this time his nose flares outward unrealistically to the left but his mouth does have a complete crease. There's NO mole visible in this one at all or possibly a white spot over the mouth crease and behind the other one, where it normally is. But wait-- what exactly is his cheek supposed to be doing? Is that like a topographical map of a cliff or maybe it's like a brand from a hot iron of an angular 'T'? I mean-- that ain't a cheekbone that's normal. That cheekbone would be like this thin weird bone that has skin hugging it as if it were being sucked in with a vacuum. Then there's a weird sort of shadow as it goes to the nose, just not real at all. Then the jaw line again is a total impossibility with it's sort of caving in sallowness and it falls into his face. The ear disappears fast enough that it doesn't have any real proportional problems but it's just a white blob. There's no shading, it's almost white, it's just not fleshy. Beard isn't bad but if you look close it breaks down a bit, being mostly a smattering of large clumps of color rather than particulate hair strands. The bear also does something unnatural out of the left half of his face, the thing would be jutting out a few inches in a bizarre way that would stand out.The mouth has a problem where the upper lip ends-- it's short. It's not symmetrical to his face at all and the angle coming from under the nose-- is PERFECTLY straight. Not human!

Fuck this Abe, it's appalling.

Obviously not much to go on here...let's get closer!

Oh, I see! It's the invisible man in that cloth getup with the shades?

The face on this one is about as bad as some of the worst artistic renderings but the clothing and body are a lot tougher to discern. This looks like a very very highly skilled drawing over a real photograph. I believe below the collar is a trace style drawing over a real picture because the folds, the shadowing, the fabric, all of it is not quite there. Look at the right shoulder and how obviously it slopes in an unnatural way. The way that the right sleeve rises over the mid part of the coat-- totally wrong, the President would not have such a fitting. Then the left shoulder shrinks, so Lincoln is malproportioned again. This is the subtle difference from a real picture to a drawing which is a trace over sort of rendition. But let's get to that face and hair. What a joke!

Starting with the Superman sort of little tuft, the little bit of hair that flops from the top over his forehead-- that cannot be real. Look at how it sort of has this lip or a beak in a large clump-- that's not real hair, it's probably paint or ink. Notice how the artist tried to shadowing on the upper left of his forehead-- but failed? The hair is sort of like aspic, it is not really seeming like it's going to move. The way it grays off is as a painting, not hair. The ear is bigger than the last Abe but a very skillful appearance. Obviously the shape of the inner ear changes yet again but they did get a pretty good curl on the upper part, with nice shadowing. The only trouble is that that section is not matching the rest of the outer ear at all, the tissue that is so definitive at the top of his ear with the fold and the shading, why it complete disappears! Then it almost looks like an earring hanging of the inner lobe, like a black stud-- but I don't think it's intended to be one. It is an ear that is too high on the head, too large for the face, not matching the other Abe's of course and is betraying physics with the shadowing, particularly of the inner ear which only shows a shadow in the upper portion before losing 100% of its definition!? 


The left eye is fairly believable at a glance but upon closer inspection has almost no believability whatsoever, it's a grayish circle without any real pupil, focus, definition and the nose sort of angles off a bit to flatly? Do you see it? But the right eye is hilarious. Like, doesn't he require an eye in his eye socket? It's like they tried to continue with that flattened sort of half-asleep look he always has (since he's a dummy) and they fucked it up.  Look closer, it's really a closed eye and it doesn't have believability in the shape. The part of his right eye by the nose has a totally strange dark spot on it, an errant shadow? That big black mark is the biggest giveaway. But note how his eyebrows are not shaved off anymore. That nose angle just keeps coming out of the picture, the angle is not right with the nostrils or the face. The bridge is too far over on his left! Do you see it? The beard is pretty good, one of the tougher places of the fraud to spot. But it's doing some funny things, like crawling up the left half of his face? They couldn't control it or the artist just had a poor sense of symmetry? The left cheek is not nearly so pronounced as the other Abe's but the feeble attempt at skin coloration and shading is in line with the rest of the horrid attempts to do something with his strangely conceived cheeks and jaw. Notice how there's a sort of half-attempt at a crease into a shadow going down in a line parallel almost to the sideburn? That's not real 'skin like'.One of the biggest aberrations if the mouth. Look at the strange crease over the upper right lip? What the hell is going on with that? That's a runaway line. No way that is real! It would be a scar and it's nowhere on other Abe's, the artist just simply fucked up. This is one of the worse fakes. The proportions are badly off, the detail is fair in some places but overall bad enough that it's insulting. How the fuck we failed to see this as a nation up to now is telling me they started drugging us back then.

I had a hard time deciding if this was a doll or just art. I really wanted to say it was a doll, mostly because it looks so believably real (especially in the eyes and clothes, right?) and we usually don't see whole eyeballs like this in our Abe, or both eyes. Notice how his eyes are light blue again in this picture, they cover quite a range of shadowing from brown to light blue (even black in some cases). But this is an artistic rendering, not a real picture of a real human being. First of all, try and find his right ear? You might say 'well this picture is old, it deteriorated'. That's not the case because it simply blends into the background perfectly, as in the original? Check out the blotchy angular hairline and forehead on the upper left of his head. Can you pretend now that's real hair? The hair on the top of his head took some careful examination to see how it's not real. That looks very real to the naked eye and would pass if you don't really take the time to pore over it. But that cannot be a head of hair. The lighting nuances are great, he's got a lot more of the fine strand sort of look but it folds unnaturally, it is not reflecting light on single strands but over larger surface areas which try to portray as blending into finer hair. The tuft at the top where the part is made does not fold naturally into the right half of his hair, it blocks over it and there's a large recess between the top and the side but the lighting there from the top is not falling on the right side of his head naturally, it's isolated on the top? 

Now for something completely funny...look at his -- sort of sideburn? Did you think this was a real picture for a minute or so? Now you don't, right? Do you?! The eyes are pretty good, there's a little life in them for a painting or drawing or whatever, but there's not a whole pupil and iris. Look carefully and you can see it's an impression of eyes. That's an artist who knows how to portray eyeballs to trick the human mind when it puts the image together, but when checking the individual organs themselves they fail to measure up to human anatomy.Then the right eyelid slopes in a totally unnatural way. Just look at the right eye itself for a second---that cannot be the shape of an eyelid? Umm, no way? NO lashes, the bottom part is not symmetrical with the upper lid. The hair is bushier on the brow there than the others but the hair--magically disappears and sort of forms into this grey shadowing on the right, I mean...this is hideous. There's a pretty good attempt at forehead creasing and wrinkles, at least they tried but it is the forehead which has the most clear blockiness and angular sort of issues with what should be round and smooth. The left cheek is ghastly-- can you see how it's this grey splotchy attempt at an angle? The beard is undefined, garbled mushiness. Not even close to real pubes. No mole but is there a cheek? Then the nose has this pencils shadowing. 

A talented artist to be sure, one of the better in terms of the overall proportions, the 'life' of the face but cannot possibly argue this is anything but art and not a photograph of any kind, at least not originally. The collar and below appears traced from a much more realistic image than whomever create Abe's face out of thin air!
Ok, now we're cooking. A challenge! Fake you say? But just look at those wrinkles, and that must be real hair, right? There's two real eyes and everything, right? Hmmm...... Definirelt the most strikingly real Abe yet. So where can we get to the truth? Is this life or is it Aborex? 

The answer is that it's not a real human face at all and it's not a dummy. But you have to get pretty up close and personal, like with a magnifying feature on your software. First giveaways just on technical value alone is the beard. NOT HAIR! See how the lines jut out in thick ropey strands from under his lip? That's because the artist used single strokes there to depict hair! Hair is not that large there and it cannot be jutting out straight, pubic beard hair curls up and is much much much more fine. We got him on the hair but I tell ya, that collar and suit sure look spiffy and realistic, huh?

Again, I have to say this artist is pretty ingenious. This is a good piece of art work here, meaning whomever this is probably is in museums somewhere, maybe did a lot of art fraud or was just some famous person who got paid and then was forced to keep a secret. Because this is fascinating. Great work, bud! But not real enough to be convincing.

Let's get to the left cheek. Now I've heard of varicose veins, I know of scarring. But what are these strange markings running across his cheek bone? And that circular sort of image in the middle between his jawline and the cheek bone? Almost like a little Swiss Army image there! Then another quickly line, almost heiroglyphics. Try imagining that's real skin now because you cannot do it with imagining someone scrawling something into the side of his face and making weird stretch mark like scarring? Then the crease on his mouth is so over large and deep that you can put credit cards in and they'd have a chance to stay enlodged in the fold! The nose is masterful, what brilliant shadowing and texturing. I have to say this is an artist who really was meticulous and gifted-- but again, not enough to convince! The nose is just a bit to high and short, it's pointing up and the left side of it has an unreal angle. Just look at the nose connecting under the eye there and you can see it's missing a bit of bone there. The portion above the right nostril is blotted with three little dots and it is shading problems but the nostrils is really pretty tough to find the flaws in...but they are there, such as the extra shadow just above the darker one under the nostril--that's an angled shadow, impossible in real light on flesh. Then the philtrum is so pronounced over the other Abe's that you have to say it's not the same Abe anyway, but that's not a real philtrim! It's too deep, too angled, I mean it looks like a little necktie. 

The lips break down with flat angles on the lower and it's unnaturally thick. The lips are mega-proportions problems here. But they disappear on the right side of his face as if that lighting could somehow be achieved-- with what, candles? Not even modern Hollywood lighting could make that possible, it is not real light. The mole this time is very prominent and do you notice-- SPOTLIGHTED!?!? It also moves over to the right quite a bit and you will now see and incredible problem with the face. Can you tell how the lips sort of go inward a little bit on the right but then this mass sort of appears on the right side of his mouth? Above the beard and under the right cheek, which is totally crazy in it's shape, there's just no cheek in existence shaped like Abe's right cheek there, but there's like this meaty area which is too big for the face. The right lips do not rest naturally on the right side of his face even remotely! It's a bad mistake. And the lighting of course, fraudulent. Any modern photographic expert would have an easy time with this lighting.

Let's face those masterful wrinkles and the light in his eye. The wrinkles on his forehead and under his eyes are so far the best we've seen, right? They really paid attention to the skin issues here and unfortunately not only did they fail miserably but they exposed that the other Lincolns are all MISSING WRINKLES! How many times have I mentioned so far that the wrinkles are not on his skin? Well they did a fine job here and it's definitely not real. They remind a lot more of like currency portrait wrinkles where they are more round and symmetrical than in real life? Notice how the forehead wrinkles continue up over the area where they are on men's heads-- they go up into the widow's peak! And check what happens there...The way that Abe's hairline is on the top of his head at the part is balding. That's male pattern baldness, not a widow's peak that will stay. The hair is thinning but it's not real hair. They tried a few streaks with the light but you cannot find any wisps, any strands of individual hair or light that falls naturally on those strands. 

The ear is strange. It's overlarge again but it looks like a topographical map or something. There's bumps on it and hey wait a minute-- NO INNER EAR. This time the mad artist didn't get the inner ear shape different, wrong, asymmetrical, disproportionate or whatever else...they just left it out completely! WOW. Did I mention Abe's ear got covered over with skin? Deaf Abe with this weird sort of bumpy thing going on over his ear is so far the wildest craziest Abe yet! What the fuck!? Maybe the guy was on Absinthe who drew this. 

The eyes are great. The light in his right eye is very convincing. It has a great shape overall. But the right eye disappears into shadow without any explanation and light should be reflecting there. This is a highly skilled artist but it's not a perfect piece of work. The eyebrow on the left is one of the bigger problems with this picture. Notice how it just sort of juts out above the skin? That's like one thick piece of hair placed onto his shaved eyebrow area. Then the rest of the eyebrows are just skin? Fuckin weird!

A very dramatic, impeccably lifelike at a glance...but this person would be more to study than the original Elephant Man if he actually existed.

Without going into greater depth as to the origins, this above picture is the SAME picture as the one just previously analyzed, only this one is far less doctored! Identical. Notice the eyebrow, the facial hair, the meaty right side of the face, the philrum, the ludicrous single strand eyebrow-- and the litmus test, the ear! Identical. Whatever this turns out to be, we finally have a very very clear case of heavy doctoring. If it was not detected before that this is the same picture as the one we just did, then that's only because those who realized it covered it up! This cannot be argued, but that problem with the differences is that it proves beyond any doubt that the HUGE amount of photo doctoring was to the point of making one picture seem like a different one from the next, though they are the same. So now we can understand that the faces can be drawn over just like Photoshop only it was the 1860's? And how detailed, how elaborate and profound the differences are! 

Looks like a real picture except for the face. The hair is the most deadened giveaway, meaning it has no life to it. That's just a large clump of a single thing, not individual fine strands of hair clumped together. The top part of his hair is looking like paint more than pencil. They may have had some advanced photographic technology to do this, it could have been many things but certainly optics, tracing, measurements were very widely in use. 

Facial malformation on his right side, does not have dimension proportions as in realist. The shadow from his hair on the top of his head onto his forehead is more than real. The shading of his right eye and cheek does not match the environment (has zero reflective). The left cheek is horribly drawn with some white dots, some abominable shading and what looks like possibly measles? Then the jawline with the beard is too sharply angled. The nose is pretty good but not matching other Lincolns, wider than likely for that face (not matching right cheek anyway, which would be too great a distance) but the nose is not shaded in the left nostril realistically, it creates a boomerang like line. The crease of his left cheek line over the mouth is exaggerated but abturply stops? Come on!! The most would be good if it didn't sort of end on the left side with this strange continuation of jagged beard markings? The beard makes a twin apex, two little mountain peaks and one of them goes directly into the most crease-- what fucking garbage! The left eye is greyed, not reflecting light as flesh, the portion that appears open does not reveal white of eye, iris or pupil but also does not reflect ANY light whatsoever. The left eyebrow stops midway but seems to converge instead into one chevron like marking from the nose to the beginning of the cheek area. And the eyebrow meeting the nose mingles impossibly with the attempt at the eyebrow muscle crease. Not a very detailed job, bud! The hair is ghastly, just almost smeared on over the ear but has a very silly concentration of light over totally unrealistic swaths of large hair ropes. The ear...hahahah. But the ear is just as fucked up as the worst ones. Look at this ear on Abe. Not only is it 1/3 the size of his head but it's got to be a toilet seat. That's not an ear, Abe's got a crap can on his fuckin ringer.

Oh ya, no -- this ain't fuckin real either. Yo fuck you Fed?

This one is pretty good. I thought for a minute this would be impossible to prove as a fake. The nose, the cheeks, the hair and the eyes...all look great, right? Really realistic. The proportions and the shading, some of the absolute best yet. But now that we have seen just how heavily the Lincoln pics are doctored, let's peek into the mind of the artist. Because this is a fake.

First giveaway-- his fuckin EAR. Of course! Look t how the inner hear makes a sharp angled sort of deviation just below center. That is a mistake! Holy fucking shit. Sure, people's ears are shaped like Aladdin's lamp on that little space they all have on the outside. Once I saw a guys who had like a Ferrari silhouette ear, you know... Ok Bullshit? Get the fuck outa ear, that ain't a goddamned ear. Who the fuck let these people into the fucking White House? It's an Elf slipper in his ear. 

If that doesn't do it, let's ask ourselves just what happened to his eye? You will notice it's open but happens to be sleeping at the same time. How did the artist accomplish this? By making NO EYEBALL and by greying the whole area out. Then they grey shadowing continues down into his cheek bone which in this picture gets much rounder. He has rounded cheeks now and some new blotchy markings on his face there underneath. A bad job. The sideburn is silly because it not only appears sort of blurry without details but it disconnects from the rest of his hair! There is no hair between mid ear level face just above cheek and where the sideburn begins. And that was not a fad where politicians began shaving sections of their hair off above a sideburn, it's just shitty artistry. The bear is actually one of the better pubic beards we've seen but it does have some incredible features, such as the way the tousles all form together without really interlocking as curly little hairs.The chin juts out way too much, just see under his lips and the chin is BEYOND THE FUCKIN NOSE man! Wow.

The nose itself is good but it doesn't connect well to the eye ridgelin. Then note the dizzying weird eyebrow here. The blackness goes all the way down the fucking side of his eye? It's a crayon? What the fuck is going on, is it shadowing or is it eyebrowitng because either way it's not working! Then the Cro Magnon type forehead Ridgeline. The only thing missing is a unibrow. But then another hugely outstanding mistake-- the forehead itself? Look just above the right eyebrow and find that there's a real issue with the shadow and the formation of the head up by the hair. It's not real a skull there. The right brow juts out far too much but the forehead has totally alien anatomical arc into the hairline. The hair is one of the best features of this Lincoln, the artist has done one of the most convincing jobs with the hair but upon closer inspection, look at the top? The way his part combs over is not real at all, it's sort of flattened on top in one section but then scoops over into a rounded way on top of that That's not the way hair behaves, it falls into place and reflects light on exposed hairs individually. This is like a single item with some definition on it, that's not hair. The left of his head does have superb lighting characteristics with a great attempt at getting it to sort of flare naturally, but the way the hair itself actually rests and falls is physically impossible! Look at the comb job on the back lower part of the head compared with what's just above it-- it looks like a kangaroo jumping around in there or something. Streaks of hair don't really get that way without modern hair gel, and then it's probably not going to be like that. Glad Honest Abe doesn't have an eyeball to see this picture because he isn't in it?

Before moving onto one of the biggest obstacles in proving my photographic theories, being an outdoor picture with union soldier and an upright Lincoln with topcoat on a bright day...I'd like to broach the subject of some mathematical codes layered into the mechanisms of the Emancipation Proclamation. It is a schematic, a blueprint, a technology, an equation, and it does contain codes. In theory all words are coded such that we can only presume to be using codes to communicate, but factoring them in consciously in a diagram to achieve a sub-text overtly and directly for those to interpret with a cipher or generalized concept of how to clue oneself in would be much more rare than typical daily conversation-- though the codes are unconsciously there if you look! The E.P. does appear to have some fairly precise measuring tools and does insist on insight to a currency system which may be adoptive to an adjusted timeline for a science for infinity to involve monetary adjustments for futuristic political systems. 

The EP

"Whereas, on the twenty-second day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, a proclamation was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the following, to wit:"

22  9 1862 are the basic open numbers here . 22 is the first number. so #1=22 .  This is significant in itself that we have an infinity type arrangement here as the seal is 'out of many
"That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom."

now it's 2x 1, 1 1863

1,22 then 2, 11 

Do you see? This is indicating to me that there is a mirror communication decipherable to the data underneath this numerical sequence with 1863 tying in to the mathematical nature of 122211. 3132 would be a way to say 122211 since we have 3x1 and 3x2. 3131 with 1863.
That would give us a 1269. Let's see if that does anything later. 1863x2 is 3626. for fun let's say 3626-1269-2357. What about just Dec 22 2011? Anything happen on that date regarding Lincoln to note?


General Sherman gave Lincoln Savannah on Dec 22 of 1864, and that was to complete a 300 mile march to the sea from Atlanta begging nov. 16!

Savannah is a SEVEN nearly and 11/16 is another formation like 12211 or 3132.., such as 3132 being would be like 3x1 or 1 1 1 and 3x2 or 6. already there's parallel and symmetry, a very clear nomenclature to a language based within the finite mathematical system. what is this revealing about the 300 mile march? march again is '3' . if we use 'A' for 1 from Atlanta and 300 with march we can come up with 31300 which is like 3132 without '2' being '00' or two of 'o', hence a 2. what do all of this variables mean to use for deciphering the emancipation proclamation?

"That the Executive will, on the first day of January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate the States and parts of States, if any, in which the people thereof, respectively, shall then be in rebellion against the United States; and the fact that any State, or the people thereof, shall on that day be, in good faith, represented in the Congress of the United States by members chosen thereto at elections wherein a majority of the qualified voters of such State shall have participated, shall, in the absence of strong countervailing testimony, be deemed conclusive evidence that such State, and the people thereof, are not then in rebellion against the United States."
Now, therefore I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief, of the Army and Navy of the United States in time of actual armed rebellion against the authority and government of the United States, and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion, do, on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in accordance with my purpose so to do publicly proclaimed for the full period of one hundred days, from the day first above mentioned, order and designate as the States and parts of States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion against the United States, the following, to wit:
Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, (except the Parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St. John, St. Charles, St. James Ascension, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Martin, and Orleans, including the City of New Orleans) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, (except the forty-eight counties designated as West Virginia, and also the counties of Berkley, Accomac, Northampton, Elizabeth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth[)], and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.
And by virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free; and that the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.
And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self-defence; and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.
And I further declare and make known, that such persons of suitable condition, will be received into the armed service of the United States to garrison forts, positions, stations, and other places, and to man vessels of all sorts in said service.
And upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity, I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-seventh.
By the President: ABRAHAM LINCOLN
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

This is the one I really wanted to get to. How would they have possibly faked this one, right? This one gets a lot of people instantly. It's outdoors, he's upright and there's a lot of people around for comparison for how much detail to expect, for scale and of course as believable witnesses.

Before I get to above images (which are extremely challenging and fascinating, really looking forward!) I want to explore some things. First of all, looking into the history of the Pinkerton Security outfit, was led to very obvious conclusions that the Freemasonic  most likely Scottish Rite was behind a lot of the empowerment of Master Pinkerton. It's very clear that the man was an inside man in Scotland before he got booted out with a price on his head, essentially for breaking strikes just like the Pinkerton's got their reputation for doing in the labor disputes of the 20's and 30's. The fact that one of his residences connects directly to the Underground Railroad is inspiring greater research and is a very large clue of his nature. The Underground Railroad into Canada was exploited for ulterior purposes than just freeing slaves! But the biggest issue in the Pinkerton's life doesn't seem to be Lincoln-- it's the issue of one Jesse James.

Jesse James is a dangerous subject even today for it is the hinge issue between North and South during the Civil War. There is a technology, a secret motivation, a connection to Biblical history, infinity and money that is telling me that at some level James and Pinkerton allied. Either they did this out of necessity from the positions they held for either side or they were hatched out of the same organization. That Jesse James was actually killed by Ford is probably not true but it does tell us that James may connect to a Presidency? The Ford Theater where Wilkes-Boothe supposedly assassinated the President was selected for its name, in part. The 'Ford' who assassinated James from behind in a similar manner may have been making a similar statement. I've theorized that James was involved in a breeding program by US government, something which involves applying genetics to a line of useful human beings which become tools of the laboratory creators, i.e. US Defense. This lends to the pedophile rings which run most of the world geopolitical landscape and to the abortions which came later, turning into rings which evolved into crimes like The Black Dahlia where abortion Doctors committed the murder apparently with a police captain (E. Jokisch, as contained in my cryptogram reduction-- the 11 9 69 cryptogram was cracked!).

What's interesting in a brief scouring of the James information from researchers is the fact that the train robberies by James gang were done with intelligent design to the trafficking of Federal currency. They only got into cabins with passengers by mistake or happenstance during the seizure of cash, according to the historians. To get the routes for currencies specifically would most likely have been a challenge, meaning there would even back then have been security issues to knowing precisely when all the money was being delivered on a train? But when transports by Federal government are arranged for what would equate to billions in cash on a railway, not only is the security going to be tight on the train itself. And not just for the money-- wouldn't it be illogical to presume the government would not use the highly monied transportation opportunity to put other sensitive things onboard? Technology? Intelligences? Weapons? Hmmmm....!

I must get into some theories for my other book 'Sword of Christ' which became such a research job that it will be months before I really can make new entries. One of the theories I am presenting in that book will be that the Jewish Revolt occurred on the idea that infinity was understood by Jews, Romans or both Jews and Romans but that the revolt occurred by a secret of it getting out to the masses, which disrupted labor! Slavery is possible ultimately with the system of numerics we enjoy today, that the economy must always enslave somewhere to work since money ultimately in my opinion is an illusion. My theoretical physics equation is 'no two things are alike, therefore no numbers past one can be proved except to demonstrate this formula' thus 1=∞! This was censored by Nature magazine, largest scientific publication in the world and then by Seven Days newspaper which has been running a hit-piece on me which commits blood libel for eight years. It's a dangerous concept and if people generally concede that math is redundant then we probably won't hold the system of government we have for very long now, would we?

Thus we are presented the conundrum potentially faced by the leaders of the governments in these ancient times and that the Jews, represented by Jesus, created a revolt after being oppugned from another Jew's party which led Christ to deliver news to Caesar which erupted in a war. This is a famous anecdote only recently attributed to Jesus but within it is a mathematical code for infinity. The use of 1.2 is involved and the idea that infinity is a secret to behold for those who possess its mysteries of simplicity, which is to say that the idea that there IS NO SUCH THING AS A TWO IN REALITY is prosperous to those who keep it over those who believe there is? People will work for a set value in weight or digits now (before it was salt, gold, gems..then paper money, etc.). "Will Work For Gold" is tattooed across us humans at birth since that is the basis for economy since its origins, the oldest known word is actually 'gol' for gold according to some linguists. You don't care so much if numbers are not useful in the way we understand them. 

Was Jesse James a keeper of a secret of infinity with Pinkerton? Is Biff from Back to the Future modeled after Pinkerton and Marty McFly the James line? Because this would lend to synonymous concepts to the above analogies: a) that there is a technology relating to a train/transitory vessel which is the source of the embattlement between the two b) that there is progeny, i.e. that there is a breeding/rape ring closely beside the genealogical tie-ins we see present in the BTF series...the many McFly's, the Oedipal incest plot-line, the the alternating timelines with disappearing/reappearing family members... c) that the time machine involves some form of genetic science relationship to the physical technology . The 'Clay County' massacre relationship to the 'Clara Clayton' character, in which the Clayton woman was an educator who was killed in a tragic train wreck. The massacre by the James gang of 100 'unarmed Union troops', also reported civilians who were caught up in the fray is something like a train wreck for the James gang or for the Confederacy, depending on your take. It also originated that the troops were coming off a train!

"McFly" can represent more than the real line of McFly's but a farmer who was onto flight of some kind, and this case a technology? Also that Doctor 'Brown' is next to the farmer with the technology can be significant to the identity of the real Lincoln potentially. The concept of Abe Lincoln being an android or robot of some kind is getting a bit closer as the possibility for the android or robot to be the only capable of handling a technology so profound. Androids and robots are possible to see on tv now, though they are easily detectable at this time. Back in the mid to late 19th century, the concept was so far advanced from reality that it could take 150 years for them to imagine one being built? Say about now? And thus the plan would be hatched possibly that the technology would be utilized by the android or robot after it had developed from the schematic created by those who created Lincoln?

And now that I have just recently reviewed the Gettysburg address photo from 1952 official release, can say that the technological adherence to the theory is right in line. The Gettysburg Address picture featuring the 'only known image of Lincoln at the G.A.' is -- A FRAUD! But it directly reveals a technological nature to the communication and it also depicts *Alien Life-forms* using the technology! But it also is the basis for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover! Tyrone Power is Lincoln-- TRAIN POWER. 

And it depicts an assassination of Lincoln. Setting aside that this is not common knowledge, let's get onto the above photograph and then make the G.A. one next!
You can see pretty quick here that the middle Union soldier's head is impossibly
thin and deformed. But let's focus on Lincoln. This is really, really tough to isolate but once
you see it, there's no doubt. The biggest giveaway? His right eye! That Cro-Magnon brow is sticking out like a cartoon bulging out eye.And it makes a very peculiar angle. I mean-- look at that area for a second. Then there's a distinct dark shadow spot on the tip of the nose which doesn't seem real possible under direct sunlight like that. I guess you could say that's intended to be from that hat but uh...will have to check some math or something, that's not looking like a hat shadow. The jawline under the ear is badly deformed because it's not real, it's an altered or traced over real photograph. Then notice the shape of the shadow under the hat, like between left eye and ear. It's almost perfectly straight! That's not the shape of the brim above of the hat, it's rounded. That's not a natural shadow. Then look at the hand. The finger is not the same length as his fingers in other photographs. They are wildly disproportionate and the middle has no knuckle. The ring finger has an unnatural angle. The middle finger goes much higher into the hand than the ring finger but meets in an odd position, meaning that one half of his middle finger has a longer bone than the other half of the same finger!? The fun!?? No button on his shirt, no crease/shadow. With that shadow/light the temple area would show some form of dimple, could not be a flat white surface area under a flattened black shadow. Very convincing fake at a glance, it sure looks a lot like a real person but it is not one. No the strangely tapered sideburn? Sort of like a little mountain apex or something? And that pointiness of the under-the-chin portion of the beard. What is that, a chisel? A bird feeder? The mouth is another perfectly straight line, where the lips meet? The ear is sort of flat and small for the head and -- what exactly is that supposed to be there? Because hair doesn't behave that way. The hair or shadow oozing under the rear section of the hat? That hairline behind the ear is hairline is again almost perfectly straight. BULLSHIT!!!!!

Nice try, motherfuckers.

When I first got into the Gettysburg Address photograph, it was much like this whole work which is pretty innocent. Of all the above pictures for Abe, they took less than five minutes to really remove all doubt of their lack of authenticity. There are lots of secrets to them I'm not noting but they were not real interesting for the most part beyond whether Lincoln was fake or real. The Chinese man profile, the hidden female in one...MAsonic sign hidden, etc. Those are the closest we have to real juicy encrypted kind of ideologies presented by the Abe Lincoln fraud phenomenon. But that's all changed, now. We have a genuine mystery here. The Gettysburg Address photograph is easily the deepest, most complicated piece of photographic fakery I've ever seen and that analysis I've made of it has lasted a couple of hours total now, just pouring over the image . And that's just the beginning! I can see that doing a lot more analysis over years would probably continue to reveal many fascinating secrets. This G.A. photograph of Lincoln is highly relevant today and is certainly not from 1860's but 1950's. And I feel that may be the point, that a computer back then was already around of some kind and helped make this piece of art work. Also that this technological device like a computer in some way must have been around either in whole or part during the Lincoln era. It could be fun to play with the idea that we are actually in the past going into the 19th century and that the idea would be that we are building the future from a plan we are not consciously aware of except in a way which is presented as historical. History as a precept!

So let's get to it. This may become the rest of the book, I don't know. It won't be necessary doing much more of the Lincoln portraits once the G.A. has been discovered by readers. The juiciest part? I have definitively concluded that the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover by The Beatles is BASED ON THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS PICTURE, in fact that Tyrone Power is the Lincoln figure. And the alien in it is the basis for E.T. the movie, and that relates to "Gollum" from LOTR, and that there is a Bigfoot *(of sorts) within it, that the LOTR has been officially connected to Stonehenge for the first time. This indicates The Beatles were either borne as a military operation or were taken over at some point. There's indication Brian Epstein was an S.S. agent or Nazi, that Black Africans may be responsible directly for some of their success in some way behind the scenes. And again there's very direct and overt symbolism that The Sword of Christ, the magical light saber, the blade of Gilgamesh... and that this may be somehow connected to Stonehenge, that the weapon is buried there or is mapped from there to its burial point? 

If Jesse James is the McFly character in the BTF flicks, then Doc Brown could be the black man that Abe was based on? And this black President would have been an inventor who conquered energy in a way which fused it to the temporal fluxes of physics, thus creating a paradox which endows several timelines with the abilities to intersect in previously unattained ways. That Jesse James could have worked with a scientist on those trains filled with money is a prospect for historical conjecture which is pretty exciting. What was James holding? How does it relate to the energy issue of a train which could fly, need no fuel or tracks, but was not possible to control at the time? Was James retaking the treasure of the technology back from the Federal government which had stolen it and then covered it up with a white dummy President in a Civil War?

The Gettysburg Address

Let's get to it!!!

The large man is out of proportion. The Lincoln face is doctored--stripe on hair, impossible nose, distorted features but clearly designed to be in motion, in my interpretation as if struck by a weapon of some kind (such as the object jus above him, buckle). The alien is on the right shoulder of the overlarge man. The "WALRUS" from Sgt. Peppers clearly is the Cecil B Demille character with the walrus like protrusions coming off his nose. We have impossible double imaging effects from the top to the bottom the greater picture.

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