Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Models Are Scared Of Cops Now, I'm Being Slowly Murdered

At this point all I recognize in the State is an occupation. There's nothing like freedom or justice. I cannot get charges on those who commit crimes so great they violate International Trade Laws against Copyright for over 170 countries. They don't care-- you said 'Jews did 9/11' or that '1=∞'
or that 'the newspaper is raping you'. Forget about it, move on! It's a steamroller effect right on your life and it just gets worse.

So now I'm dealing with the pain and recovery process for being physically beaten in the heart and back by cops. I survived but only because I used natural defensive tactics to keep them from breaking my arms and crushing my chest. Here's that video:

My notebooks were composed by waking up on the side of freeways, or in cheap hotels, while at work, 4am walking the streets of L.A.-- before 9/11 and after. They contained patent designs, original inventions for everything from weaponry (one shared concept with Bob Lazar who works with defense contractors now in development with that, and we had the design about the same time...I worked with Carolyn Rose Goyda who worked with Lazar and knows him...wonder what's going on with that one!) to kitchen gadgets to space program things to computer chip concepts... Then there's
philosophy, poems, scientific observations, huge amounts of music. This is my most personal diary from all the time I labored and sacrificed, struggled and hurt since leaving college in my mid 20's.

Stolen by the cops and Feds and property manager for Manhattan Apartments!?

Then all the hard drives with nude models who were clear they don't want their name or face published that way, with all my evidences and records from old emails, musical copyrights and recordings...stolen.

They beat the fuck out of me almost killing me right on camera, then they stole my fuckin shit. They interacted with my personal computer which had emails opened up which contain not just private shit from Paul McCartney, my classified brother, my mother and father, all kinds of personal shit (a Grammy nominated producer is in there...Dweezil Zappa's old email).

This State is at a point which separated from its people. We cannot select anything but RESISTANCE at this point. I don't see a government but a bullying mafia. Fuck whatever this used to be, I don't even believe in it. I'm out of this country and into the next one. Maybe I'll be afforded the actual chance to survive instead of being beaten, raped and robbed at every chance I try to make a contribution to the country.

One of my models is livid and feels totally disgusted by being penetrated for her personal art sessions with me and what they've done to me as an artist against her earnings. She feels intimidated and invaded. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

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