Thursday, March 29, 2018

Was I First To Use Ebonix Lexicon " I Feel That " On Record and Modern Usage "Ninja" Word?

I have been wondering that the Stand-Up Comedy routines I did in Dick Doherty and another club I cannot recollect the name of arranged by Neil Midman, who was a very kind booking agent I worked with, that the routines were the first to use the term 'I feel that..!' or 'I feel dat!' in the way it is understood in contemporary lexicon to be used now. I do not recall another performer anywhere up to that point, this is in the mid 1990's Boston comedy circuit. The medium of comedy was brand new to me, had never done more than perform some improv before classes or doing acting on stage. But in the routine is a bit about pro basketball players making interview remarks and they say 'I feel that..I feel that...' etc. That is on video, I won a contest with a t-shirt prize and these badass mofos came onstage next called themselves 'Guinea Pigs' because it was an Italian crew, some funny Irish guy I don't know. Real comics in there. So ya.

But in a song I did while I was at Berklee, did publish it as schoolwork for a songwriting class, that had the 'emotional ninja'ing' thing going on. Both about the same time, I don't know when it was but maybe 1995 or so.

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