Sunday, July 8, 2018

Afrter Lenses

If the glass lens for such things as the photographic or other optical applications is obsolete, then what has it done and where did we use it to go? The replacements will be gathering what is necessary to graphically reproduce imagery without a lens. Bending light for our entertainment was a design which seems silly now but we've almost wiped ourselves out using it! The Abe Lincoln presidency was a technological breakthrough made possible by the lens. People were convinced there was an Abe because of pictures of a person who did not really exist, or at least not the image they were using as a real human being.

But the curvature of light within a complex of fine rock particles, impurities molded into a rounded accoutrement has convinced us that we can travel anywhere we physically want to be moved to-- but without a physical cost. It has invited beings from off this planet to know all there is to know about us in our slavery and profound self-destructive ego. It has in fact compressed the timeline and warped it precisely to the desires of the wielder, which quickly became government and the collective conscience of humanity which is more or less might makes right.

When we use the lens to adjust the light we are making transitory objects align with our intentions. That these travelers are within a complex of light particles or non-particles, depending on your photonics perspective, the many objects within that are so extraordinarily small are  being re-routed the same way as a train track gets diverted to support one route over another by a switch operated from an engineering station. But do we underestimate what is within that light being bent?

Yes. There are ships in there. What's a ship? A vessel. Does it have to be intelligently designed? Ask God. A ship is a ship. It is up to the imagination if you believe it is like a little teeny spaceship in there or a causality of particulate material bound up within the matrix of a photonics environment. Let's imagine there are space travelers going to the Holiday Inn of the Earth itself, or maybe they are way out in some distant galactic avenue somewhere but the light we bend here pulls them sort of here but away from where they were when we connected with their physical realities? This is all possible. And I believe it happens. In fact, I believe the use of the camera in its various forms directly created the tool like Star Trek has for 'Beam me up, Scotty!"-- a teleportation device of a kind.

It also might make objects physically larger or smaller themselves. How do we know a camera is not an amplifier of physical dimensions? By using the light in this way here with our instrumentation, isn't it already compressing and diluting, filtering and changing the things which are depicted by it? Just the offset of being filmed has had enormous consequences for human beings sociologically, in fact the ego has been shattered and reinvented, designed like a doll and finally homogenized by governments into a very refined form of slavery. The media is the most powerful tool the militaries have-- a lot more than bombs or guns.

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