Thursday, July 19, 2018

Secessions, Dissolutions

The Federal government may have collapsed. Protection for States such as from enforcement of Federal statutes, monetary issues such as inflation, insane or reckless Federal spending or budgeting, occupation and Taxation Without Representation sort of behaviorisms by the Fed, open orders commanded by foreign militaries for US troops to suffer and die, de facto leadership by Israel with Freemasonry (which is the root of most Communism, Fascist movements)... 

When it happens, the States will be forced to use their own powers to defend their own turf. The Federal government workers will be in danger of becoming in opposition of the States, there will be risks of military conflict, civil rebellions, organized civilian militias and most importantly of foreign intervention to restore peace and order, such as UN Troops. That will be the critical hour for the States because the UN is the same double standard problem as the US government with the Russian or whichever. The nation of Jewry and within that of Freemasonry is being confronted as a mechanical reaction to the source of the evils in the system. 

Interesting times.

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