Monday, July 30, 2018

Facebook Censorship

I have used FB for political commentary, journalism for many years now. They were always shit about censorship, I've been censored probably 20 times or more on several accounts. But this week takes the cake. In one week I was censored on THREE accounts, all for commentary on Haaretz page.

1. Asking if 'kike' or 'ovens' was shouted at purported victims of Jewish targeted crime by a gang of Germans, comment on a news story.

2. For the comment '6 million gay jews yay' in response to a story about gay Israelis protesting.

3. For the comment about 'rabbis sucking blood from freshly circumsized penises' (which is a true phenomenon for certain rabbis, a well publicized story in recent years with litigation), in response
to a story about Jewish pedophiles.

Now I cannot comment on anything else. I don't see any problem except censorship by Jews.

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