Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Was Dan Oniones Defrauding and Infringing on My Music?

Strange...he's in Corvallis, an obscure place on the map of Oregon or the west coast for music. He came from MICHIGAN and hooked up with someone whose parents were US Military protected in the Phillipines. They had servants and lived there for I guess a long time. The Phillipines is where the Zodiac Killer actually connects outside this country most directly because there was a copycat murder (not COPY-CAT) there which was attributed to possibly STEVE HODEL, a suspect in the Black Dahlia case. The Black Dahlia killing is revealed within the Zodac Killer Cryptogram to have involved Steve Hodel and the other killers are directly named. The same team who did that is carried on by the new regime which includes--Bernie Sanders. But in the Phillipines, the only crime to almost exactly mirror the Black Dahlia killing took place.

So this 27 year old man with a name like Onions (Onion River co-Op is hugely significant in my life because they banned me all groceries in my city of Burlington, destroyed evidence of my being bashed in the head, committed perjury with the police and worked with the city to continue the bullying) is in Corvallis where I'm looking for bands. He works with mentally disabled people which reminds me of Jay Scatena. I feel Oniones is a CIA handler meaning he sexually molests and ritually abuses children then manages adults using the psycholigical triggers and barriers in place from the abuses. This is tactical, scientifically backed by multiple billions of dollars in research with many government programs built over decades. It works, it's nasty and it requires the ice cold sociopathy of a rapist serial killer.

Oniones threw back music at me from the days in Hollywood where I wrote many many many songs. There are lots of fragments of the unfinished works I had then. The 'Recycling' symbolism inherent to the Roe crime (which had something to do with the foot/head Seattle murder where a woman was stuffed into a recycle bin...I connected that unlikely to be real crime using the ZK Cryptogram, which is used directly to sort of wordplay their crimes, very much like a word finder where you put lines over words which appear in otherwise random appearing text). Vecet Chiim, the boss I had for the restaurant I worked in as a jazz guitarist also owned or owns a recycling business.

Tom McCluskey is psychiatric, Dan Oniones is sociopathic and abusive. The band was not going to work out musically or compatability wise in personality. But it would be an ideal industrial espionage situaion for any police from LA like the son of HODEL who has authored so many books on his fathers work as a serial murderer. HODEL is known as a cartoon like mastermind of many crimes, a serial supervillain who was a scientist, evil. There was an insanely bizarre professor at Berklee where I had returned to obtain my Bachelor's late in life (in order to pursue a law degree program online, which was rejected by a rather dishonest school CONCORDIA-- sheister runs it!). It happens that I saw McCluskey, who I had a class with originally way back in the 90's there in Boston. When I returned and saw him in his chair at the desk where the next professor was expected in several minutes for my class to be taught, he stared me down. I am a survivor of the streets and much abuse, a person staring at me like that is not terribly impressive without some meaningful exchange behind it but it was clear that the man was not normal. He stared at me and I stared right back at him. It lasted a good while. After that I was like 'what a fuckin weirdo" but didn't think much of it.

But with the same name on this family as the professor as the McCluskey who is hosting this situation, with the evidence of a '2,2' theme (two eyes, two eyes) involved directly in the analogy of the Roe crime, it's an indication of potentially some form of preconceived conspiracy.

The fact that the attorney who I tried to get to represent me with the case about the journalist who is raping/defrauding/libeling, etc. with the State (probably a psych warfare Army asset), that the attorney from Mighigan was such an ice cold asshole, I reported him to the State which gave him a pass...makes me wonder if the response was a Michigan statement? MIchigan was sacked in my opinion and there was a presence of MICHAEL MOORE in the Vermont court. The day they took me to court over my Facebook commentary (which had no possibility for any crime but the cops made up a law then threw me in prison), there was a MICHAEL MOORE. There was also a City Market Onion River Co-Op presence and the name of the attorney who fucked me into a psych institution and tried to gag me in court (see PUBLIC DEFEND HER Youtube Video).

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