Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TUES MAY 23- Exploratinon of Conspiracy, Murder

Everyday the United States government attempts to complete their assassination attempts. Lastnight it occurred to me that the conspiracy of people I knew in my youth who are doing things together to ritualize me, stop my career, etc. is connected to government. When I was living by the municipal court in Burlington for ten years, where many abuses were taking place by cops with the State of Vermont, there was a man living above me who was out of place. The building I lived in was populated by mentally disabled people. Next door and across the street were disabled people. I became medically disabled when I moved there due to the intensive pressure from my Dad who
is a retired mental health government worker. His motivation was at least as much getting me to
be home and not work so we could spend time with each other in his retirement as much as any
real reason for my needing disability. I had worked 16 hour shifts a day, no days off in a cab in L.A. and lost that job but there were no other ones there. There was no problem with my being able to work in my opinion though I am anti-social, generally and have a difficult time with people. I did fine as a cab driver under those extreme conditions in L.A. of sleeping in the cab and workin 16 hours or so a day 6 days a week then 1 day a week is 23 hours at the airport.

Daniel Goh is a person who did everything he could to get me to punch him in the 8th grade and who promised to punch me and hurt me badly. He ran down my family, me, blah blah blah. It took several days but finally I clocked him in the face, he bawled like a baby and three of the biggest athletes in the school bumrushed me from behind calling me a bully, grabbing me and containing me. I didn't wrestle them off that day (later we did a last day of school thing where Federal government was doing physical tests of athletic prowess and one of them was a medicine ball wrestling event-- there I beat them, fair and square). Daniel became a Fire Department worker. I noticed a connection possibly with the newspaper libeling me and Daniel Goh a few years ago but cannot say more than a thing sort of implication from a picture he had on his Facebook profile and one the newspaper used. I know they coordinate with Fire Department -- Bernie Sanders is intimate with the FD and in my opinion has used them with the police for a child sex ring. The Sanders manifesto of child pornography and child gangrape is directly stated in his 1972 'Man-and Woman' article. It would not surprise me if there was a connection. Fire Department has long had issues with corruption, child sex rings, murderers, arsonists, etc. and now they have Federal powers.

Anyway, the guy upstairs in VT was not mentally disabled. He looked, acted, spoke, dressed different than 100% of the disabled people I knew for years and was around, also had somewhat mysterious commentary which wasn't wholly believable to me. One time he explained to that a MORMON in class while he was growing up in VT had repeatedly punched him in the SHOULDER. Before these punches he claimed to be a star baseball pitcher and he was predicted to be a star in the major leagues someday, something clearly possible to all. But this horrific Mormon just continued to punch him in shoulder so much that he lost the ability to pitch and that was it. He had no ambition above that anymore except worship of God. And now I feel that is bullshit-- a cover. I don't think he was disabled, I believe him possibly to be a DHS cell or something from the State otherwise. Part of the Federal government's gangstalking programs have included people entering homes not to steal things but to *put things out of place* inside or to do things to their food or dishes, etc. The slighty out of place object in your home will register unsconsciously and cause serious damage as the whole of your mind reassociates to the disturbance without consciously even recognizing it. This done repeatedly shakes up your insides. This is one example of what the FEderal government confesses to doing to at least 10,000 people a year for a gangstalking program.

Gangstalking programs are about engineering assassins, social agitators, intimidators, etc. who function literally as a gang to psychologically disturb and program individuals. This is confessed to and admitted. The story of a Mormon bashing his shoulder and stealing his career was believed by me for a long time but I connected it to an event which happened to me in Junior High. It was weird at the time, the guy was out of place and I knew there was something different going on but I never put it together what was going on. I was in Ralston Juinor High school in California. A kid named Mike Ray repeatedly punched my shoulder in front of the whole school in an auditorium. I was not supposed to fight, I was a late bloomer and he was already an athletic young man (who was bred closely by the school, I thought he was fucking one of the young female teachers who invested huge amounts of personal one on one time with him training him for sports, etc.-- he appeared groomed and on the inside track). I didn't fight back. I was used to being charlie-horsed by my own brother but he wouldn't have done that to break me down in an auditorium full of people. It was a devastating thing psychologically but I moved on pretty quickly.

When I was in 6th grade I think it was, some man called me and got me to jack off for him. It was a lot more devastating than the assault at school for me psychologically and took me a long time to work out. During that discussion was one about using baseball in a sexual way. When I was in Junior High, I had a 'career' as a thespian and took acting seriously enough that I considered my future career path to already have begun. I was paving a way toward a lifestyle which would eventually include a stellar career possibly-- like a baseball pitcher. If was a DHS worker or Federal government instilling a program to break me down, I'd use this analogy of repetitious shoulder punching.

Now I forgave Mike Ray, he was a bully and it didn't even seem real personal. As soon as I became a young man rather than being a pre-pubescent child, the issue of my being abused by a younger *man* versus a *child* (during the swing years when adult hormones breed new muscle, sex/murder ideations, greater swiftness and acuity, etc.) left. I dedicated myself to non-violence after the Daniel Goh situation and began to study martial arts intensely which led to the same conclusion-- defense, harmony, do not go toward fighting, etc.

My martial art became personal, uniquely developed by me and instead of a belt system was a system of life, lifelong. It took a lot of abuses for me in my adult life to consider myself more predisposed to using any defense because I knew of my lethality from about 15 on. Now they have MMA, there's a much more brutal world and I don't do anything with my art,it's almost entirely mental and spiritual. I used it once in my life memorably which was on the Burlington police man 'SWEENEY' who entrapped me, waited for me in City Market Onion River Co-Op then while I was peacefully waiting for the only clean filtered source of water in the city so I could fill my jug for it , he grabbed me. Instinctively and reflexively, I used a small move and he was off me in shock and awe. When he went for a weapon, I acquiesced and allowed him to put me under arrest though I knew he was being blatantly illegal. Then the officer bashed my head in, which was witnessed by the ice cold staff and several people who were shoppers.

Then on the way to the jail, we passed Bernie Sander's office which is across from a Federal building which has surveillance cameras. Officer CAREY slammed the brakes on and my head bashed into the bulletproof glass, causing shocking horrific pain. From that point on my life was a ritual hell in that place where I was in a Kafka situation unable to find any purchase within the legal framework. Imagine having a State deliberately bullying, mentally raping, censoring, defrauding you and then working to cover it up with the court, the cops, the newspaper, the grocery store, the Senator down the road...


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