Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lance Turner and Jason Priestly's Lock Company

My mother wrote the book 'The Boy Next Door" about the Lance Turner and John Davies murders.
Lance Turner was a boy who looked a lot like me and played on my soccer team when I was in sixth grade. He was brutally stabbed behind Ralston Middle School. My mother spent about 6 years dedicated to researching the book with a lot of police, prisoner and witness interaction.

This is news to me that there is a Lance Turner who is a former Hollywood stuntman from right around that time. He was on Dukes of Hazzard and in The Karate Kid. Now he owns a LOCK based company in MARINA DEL RAY.

This leads me to believe a few things: Number 1, Mike Ray from Ralston, a student-- was somehow connected to the crime. I'm not saying he did anything illegal but his name and the situation lead me to believe that he was symbolic in some way. 2, a bizarre coincidence that I recollect is the early part of the 6th grade before Lance Turner died, I happened to have been almost assaulted by another kid and used a move I learned from --The Karate Kid! I flipped my body around as he ran straight at me and he ran into my legs, flying forward and onto the hallway ground right outside Pat Sheldon's classroom. I turned and faced him, it was a split-second move and the kid witnessing this gasped. I guess it was kind of a lightning reflex kind of move, I was just pissed off something like that was going on.

But now I wonder if this was the impetus for the set-up. I know my mother will disagree (and be terribly offended if I said this to her, we don't discuss that subject much) but I believe that the whole thing was planned, staged to a certain extent and set up with the State. That means the whole government from Federal to State to local to intelligence to military to private sector and defense contractor. In fact, I determined long ago Lockheed Martin was the primary suspect with the FBI but it comes pretty close to crystallizing here with the LOCK/KEY modality of the Lance Turner stuntman lock company.

Another coincidence is that I witnessed a murder in Marina Del Ray, where the Lock company is of Lance Turners. This was in a Safeway parking lot. I was stranded from a car that wouldn't start, penniless and had made it to L.A. pretty much to start some kind of music career going, but being mentally disabled (autistic-- 66% of autistics wind up homeless in their lives), all on my own and not really having any songwriting experience, was sort of out on a limb:) I did get my act together, wrote some songs and was discovered by a producer who now has a GRAMMY nomination and works with some of the biggest most respected names in the biz. Before that occurred, I was sort of aimless and homeless at the same time. In fact, after that evening where I was parked at the Safeway in my little car I wound up with no car even and went to Venice Beach where I experienced sleeping outside in the public cold for the first time. That was on again and off again during the next year and a half or so until I finally pleaded with family to supply me rent in a hotel. I was not in a good psychiatric state there at all but worked extremely closely to the goal of accomplishing my music. Also I worked on physics theory which I told almost no one of.

But witnessing this murder in the grocery store parking lot was horrid and devastating psychologically. The cop who came and asked me my statement fortunately didn't haul me away for sleeping on private property and I was honest with him and gave him the facts of what I had seen. At that point I abandoned the car and left for the beach. I remember I had just heard Tori Amos in Tower Records in the daytime.

Now I connect Safeway to Lance Turner in Belmont because I no longer believe the Safeway murder is any coincidence. I have been gangstalked and abused so badly, so much for so long now by the State that my comprehension of it is that it is a large one way operation of those who exploit mercilessly and without morality the public they are supposed to serve. In other words- murder, rape...all the biggest crimes are largely organized by the State in my opinion.

What was going on in Safeway around that time? The problem I have had with groceries in my life, being a victim of starvation, I was almost murdered INSIDE City Market Onion River Co-Op of Burlington VT, the only grocery store in town (by a cop). The store covered this all up and my life was totally attacked to the point I won't fully recover and the most important years to crystallize my vision artistically into professional reality were trashed. Instead of making my film and doing my band, I was recovering with brain injuries, stoppage of local food which led to obesity among other health problems, my attractiveness went radically down and I stopped getting laid as much (chicks don't generally like much fat guys, truth is the truth!).

So Lance Turner is a STUNTMAN or like a BODY DOUBLE and the issue of a BODY DOUBLE with the Katy Roe case is giving me the connection that the Matt Lande person, who was officially the BODY DOUBLE for the lead actor on NBC's GRIMM-- threatened me. Lande did a very good job of intimidation with a picture posted on FB when I was on that when analyzed showed a murderous, menacing issue within the paradigm of the Roe Murder. Lande put DEPOE BAY in the picture, there was a connection to the LIVING DAYLIGHTS Bond flick from the 80s...so now I'm going to look at that and see if the Turner crime was somehow placed into that. The use of crime by Hollywood is overt. I exposed this with the decryption of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram to have the identity of ED JOKSICH, LAPD Captain Ed Jokisch. Jokisch in my opinion is definitely the source of THE JOKER character of Warner Brothers but in real life. He is directly responsible it appears and with three other men, for the BLACK DAHLIA KILLING.

So Hollywood has coordinated movies, television, papers, magazines, radio, etc. with REAL CRIMES for probably since the beginning. We all understand that CBS, NBC, ABC...all the biggies were coming out after WW2 and it has been revealed that the CIA founded them actually. That's the Central Intelligence Agency (which is now responsible for the country's drug problem, most of the horrific wars on smaller countries, mass rapes, runs all city and state government directly...) programming your mind using crimes and media-- from the beginning.

I don't like to discuss the Lance Turner crime at all and am only curious now about it because the situation with me and this government is so grotesquely out of whack that I feel that the Lance Turner crime had something to do with me. The State has kicked the shit out of me, robbed my career, stolen my name, taken my health, they fucking starved my cat and almost to death. They locked me up without food and water or a phone call. They did so much horrible shit to me that the only reason I survived at all is because I made the conscious decision not to commit suicide, instead I'd fuckin kill one of them if I had to. FUCK YOU

Well, the CROSSROADS connection to the ROE MURDER is now established as Ralph Macchio is the guitarist in Crossroads and was the Karate Kid! Robert Johnson found the music in the Roe script (the crime is a script, what really happened is mysterious until it's declassified or we make the discovery ourselves but my theory is she was abducted by Sheriffs and transported to Medford OR for the first rape, then she was taken to become the mother of Freddie Kruger, raped a million times by madmen-- your state. In this case the bomb squad most directly with Disney and the whole fuckin State of Oregon.

I have to stop, this is a lot to take in.

Ok, so anyway (after a brief break)...it does appear strangely coincidental to something here. This Lance Turner lock cover company directly connects to the most widely used '1500 series' Master Lock-- *which is used on ALL school and gym lockers around the WORLD*. School/Gym Lockers.
The situation with the Karate Kid move was right at a locker in a school hallway? I learned that move from the movie in fact. You get to thinking where the cameras are in the schools since you cannot see them but it's clear someone is observing. I was told by a contact in Vermont I cannot reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency has every car, store, dwelling wired for surveillance. This is not all he told me but it lets you know that you are never private. CIA is listening under the city by the sewers in fat comfort, more money than they could spend.

My grandmother was a fan of Congressman Tom Lantos. "Lantos" is close enough to "Lance Turner" that it tells me somewhere it played into this situation...

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