Friday, May 26, 2017

Theories on the Flood

My current project book wise is on Paul Revere's '1 if by Land, 2 if by Sea,' code. This leads to Chronicles 2:29 of the Bible and the Holy sword of Adam/Lulu. The sword and the pyramidal technology connect directly to the Flood, infinity (math physics), immortality. The stories and histories collectively relating to the flood have led me to some startling conclusions.

One of them is that the rejection of numbers, alphabet possibly led to the revolt of slaves who according to Enki Tablets were put to work mining gold and other ores. The disappearance of the Neanderthals appears directly related as does the story of Gilgamesh, Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ, LOTR, Star Wars.. Some of these theories are new, I've not heard them before. I've discovered a *math coded message in Gilgamesh*!

The sword of the Adamu/Lulu is the Luke Skywalker light sabre. "Lulu" means the first line of slave humans. "Jesus came with a SWORD". The Bible states clearly Jesus Christ was bred as a WARRIOR. Most cannot bring that passage of the Bible up easily but it's the most important in its way. And I have not yet deconstructed the numerical implications of the data between Chronicles 2:29 and the 'SWORD' statement at Matthew 10:34 "Jesus said He had come at this time not to bring peace to the earth, but a sword, a weapon which divides and severs ". But my theory will connect that amount of words and numbers, all the names etc. to a general construction of a code to reach the blade itself. And this is a GENETIC code. So we may find the name of God is contained within the differences between those beyond and unbounded by the Chronciles 2:29 to Matthew 10:34 correlations!

The SWORD is outer space in origins apparently and the source of it contains the elements of the DRAGON. The 'Tizo' reference by James I the Conqueror is like 'Tarnusch' / 'Zuen' combined, 'Ta-Zu' sounds almost identical. This is referenced by the LOTR movie as the genetic line of the return King is the only one who can reforge it to use in a great time of need. And this need is to slay-- a GIANT.
The story of David and Goliath, Sauron and Aragorn, Gilgamesh and Humbaba, Wesley/The Dread Pirate Roberts the ? and Prince Humperdinck all connect to the same sword principal. The flood directly relates to this sword.

The islands of Booneh and Dara in the Persian Bay at the top of the Persian Gulf relate with extremely obvious and artistic temerity the blade and the head of the first man!!! The 'BOONEH' island is definitely what Tolkien meant in my regard for the source of the name because 'HOB' with 'ONE' is 'HOBBIT' when sticking 'IT' in place of 'ONE' because it's the same word value. 'It' means 'one' (a single object) and we can do the math ourself here which is the whole point because the blade and the first man relate directly to the nature of infinity. Infinity science is the science of the pyramid, immortality (no disease and our cells do not age as we know it).

Is the sword on the island? *Probably!* In my opinion there would also be the science of immortality, the fertility statue which was lost in antiquity (a very famous statue to go with this blade). The isle of MU or ATLANTIS or PAN or all the Booneh island and Dara is nearby. The pillars are there, the temple is represented directly by the ridgeway physically and *naturally* designed within the island. This was hand painted by God using the advanced sciences of geomancy and physics beyond the rationale of contemporary scientists.

The story of the Apple and Eve is the same of immortality. The reason we age and have illness is that we did not accept the slavery mentality within the paradigm of numbers which creates-- you guessed it, that currency stuff we call money that so much blood and loss has been engineered for the love of. We chase that stuff like it's the only source of water in the jungle and like cows we will drink drink drink and drink until the stomachs blow out. That's all because we believe in the number. Without those we would be back to trade most likely. And also we might question authority a little bit more because jails go out of style -- if an hour can be measured mathematically in the same way as 10 years then the inmate have a better argument against their incarceration for example, and most crime is about money as a matter of fact. You can see the formula on this! 

The cutting of the line to immortality is the representation of the sword next to the head with spinal column of the isle of Booneh. HEADMEME.COM has the islands on a Meme. Therein lies the implication that on the isle of Booneh and Dara relate the temple of Atlantis (Atlantis originally referred to a 'temple' and not an island according to ancient Indian references). The flood was likely engineered from there too or at least the Arc of Noah and Gilgamesh. A repository genetically for the reincarnation of the animal life on Earth to return once the flood had made its work on the Earth.

But now things are becoming a bit more clear. Jews ran Alexandria and 'Jew' used to mean actually a person of knowledge from the temple (as well as a great many other things relating to the managing of information and ancient connections to rituals). The Phoenician connection to all this is the one I'm still looking into with the most mystery because Phonecian, Minoan, Jewish and Rome all collectively come to Alexandria with Jesus Christ and the Caesars! The missing timeline which history has given us is in my opinion a fraud on the people of this world because there is something that they don't want us to see. And it has to do with slavery, the flood, NEANDERTHALS, Jesus Christ, the blade of the ancient line of the Lulu...and something else we cannot find as of yet. It's infinity and immortality at the line of evolution there in the ancient world but the time is now that we are completing this code. 

Jews came up with Catholicism out of the Cult of Aton and it changed the world. The theories I'm looking at are that Tiberius Caesar was actually the Jesus Christ figure, Neanderthals are what the representation of Christ was derived from which became the modern day version of our hero figure repeated as often as possible. But get this-- the MASTER DECEPTION was to totally rewrite historical events depicting alternate timelines, possibly with even RENAMING whole figures to describe times which happened much, much, much much older and whom were potentially in actual fact-- NEANDERTHALS!

The many breakthroughs of the British scholar Richard Ellis, the researcher of the subject of Jesus Christ as a real historical figure include that he was red-haired. Either it was dyed or natural but he was a redheaded male as the Pharoahs actually most often were. And this leads me to believe there is a strong possibility to Jesus Christ who is definitely 'Izus of Odessa' according to Ellis-- was quite possibly a Neanderthal. And if we take a look a the now famous coin represented by the connection of history of Izus with the Bible figure of Christ, the possibility reaches new heights because the shape of the man's head is larger and his features more broad.

The secrets of the pyramids are the sacred fire and the technological side of immortality! The 'Slingshot' by Dean Kamen, inventor of the 'Segway' vehicle guided by gyroscopes uses the function of heat and cold to generate power from an ancient scientific methodology. This is likely to become an available utility from the use of a pyramid which may be a hydrogen splitter from the use of electrolysis in a flowing water system. This 'sacred fire' of the power of life also is represented by the genetics of those who use it. My theory includes that the pyramid is actually a GENETIC AMPLIFIER which connects to the ability to travel the stars and to live forever, possibly to become other lifeforms. 


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