Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Psych Warfare In My Apartment Complex? Arianna Grande Bombing Symbolizing Three Padlocks?

The man who is across from me in the hall of my apartment complex resembles the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram sketch so exactly that it led me to conclude that I was set up for living here. My search for apartments was online with hundreds of emails, it was easy to coordinate from inside DHS, the ZK mafia (which is inside your government). It is something possible only for billionaires with government power such as CIA, DHS, FBI, etc. The problems I have had with this individual
are extremely serious in fact.

First, he recorded me inside my house as I was manifesting PTSD and Rape Trauma Syndrome symptoms. These are existent only because the criminally insane and corrupt State of Vermont government decided to violate the US Constitution and most of my human rights (not to mention at this point more than 1 million Statute violations). This problem is guaranteed 100% to happen every single day as long as I am awake and even when I am dreaming. This includes shouting in rage,
fantasies of sick revenge, feeling as if your sex organs are being penetrated, re-experincing the rapes (which in my case and according to mental health experts is 'transferring' the rapes of a few dozen men onto 5 separate victims constantly, meaning I experience gangrapes of a 12 year old up to a 60 year old everyday, all day-- physically). Apparently this Zodiac Killer lookalike really enjoyed this because he recorded it for the property manager and then published it with them.

Secondly, the guy did this again but it seemed he was trying to record me visually with my pants off inside my own home! I often will remove my pants when I am alone in the house (not to get off or masturbate but to be comfortable). In this case I was not doing anything sexual and there is a small sheet covering the window of my door. But if you shove a live cell phone recording into the sheet then you can actually see through? He did that shit! I told him I was going to kick his ass if he didn't stop fuckin recording me with that thing and by the time I got pants on and opened the door, he was slinking back into his apartment and closing the door, cell phone still live.

That's a good thing because I was dead serious. Don't fuckin record my dick and invade my fuckin privacy. I went to the Portland municipal court that day and got a Stalk and Restraining order
form to file. Because the management company refused to furnish me with his name to put on the sheet, the court people told me I required his name to go to court with him, I was stuck. it's not on the mailbox and I did not want to knock on his door to interact with him for it (specifically the opposite of a restraining order is getting into any kind of interaction). I've been punched in the face before and not hit back because of my anti-violent mentality but that is over a different kind of fuckin line.

So anyway, the guy wound up bullying me the next day as I was sitting there in the hall by the stairwell talkin to this nice weird old guy who used to live in the building. The guy comes up to me, I tell him not to get in 5 feet of me, he does. I tell him I didn't want to discuss anything with him, he stays and forces me to. I asked him for his full name, he refused. But he wasn't threatening me or being more than a dislikable person who was incapable of respecting boundaries or my words, in other words he wasn't appearing as a menace more than a lunkhead at that point. I really have the interest of being cool with people and not having unnecessary friction so I talked to him.

The guy would not let me complete a sentence. He kept raising his voice over mine and butting in about the cops. This was months ago now. But in the end we sort of made a peace and moved on. At this point, things are fairly settled in terms of the way we are relating, I don't have animosity at all and he's not doing anything to me now. But that was not the last time, after the discussion at the stairwell. The next thing what happened is that the guy nearly beat my door in!

It was maybe 5-6 weeks ago now. I was SINGING this time in my apartment. This is recommended by counselors and doctors sometimes if you have extreme stress to cope with. I am also a musical artist who enjoys singing, does this sometimes to prepare for singing outdoors. So I was singing the Righteous Brothers 'Loving Feeling" song and the guy *pounds my fuckin door in*. I mean, it was so bad that I thought it was police or something using a battering ram! After living with the cops busting my head in, starving me, censoring, raping my life, intimidating and harassing and bullying and lyin on me, making me the enemy of their goverment wouldn't have shocked me. The door is now pushing in slightly more than it used to because of the force. The lock feels a little bit softer in terms of its position in the wood framework.

If he didn't look just like the Zodiac Killer I might not think there was some other motivation? But he -- DOES? And since I was intimidated so directly after the solution of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram I made was published online, since it's so relevant in my life with all what has happened, it is kind of obvious this is a set up here. A few blocks away I found a '7Dees' store and the name of the newspaper which predicted a terror event, is causing the rape damage and is connected to the Katy Roe crime directly is "Seven Days". There is a store next to me that has a castle that looks like the Burlington Police Department in Vermont's official image. There's a 'Woodward" on the block, the name of a building a few doors down-- think about this a moment with the relevancy: Woodward and Bernstein were famous journalists who broke the story of the WATERGATE case. Wood is like WOODS, like Owen Woods of the Katy Roe disappearance (Woods, a false character invented by US government was portrayed as missing as of 2 am, same time as Katy Roe). Bernstein-- Bernie Sanders, the "Bern" and "STEIN". Paul Stine is the name of the victim the Zodiac Killer murdered in San Francisco, the one whom I claim with my decryption of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram manifesto was murdered by Bernie Sanders himself! And Stine was -- A JOURNALIST. In fact, he worked for the "Tulrock Journal" which brings us to the "Tully Monster", the symbol of abortion that the Zodiac Killer Mafia uses. The ZK Mafia is all about abortion rings, sexual slavery, human trafficking and genetic breeding programs! This was being explored deeply in my book but that was stopped by the Katy Roe crime, a clear message to stop my work-- again. The State just won't let me complete any of my work here! So Bern/Wood/Stine...and there is a bar downstairs. A bar is like the COURT which is all over the Roe crime symbolism, court is used repeatedly. "The Bar" is what lawyers pass to practice law!

Then more on the court. 2 blocks down there is a DORI lawyer. I am at DORI COURT apartments. I don't particularly like exposing my private address for the world but in this case, it's exposing a criminal ring against me for the world so hopefully it works in my favor. 2 courts, do RO's and a DI/like 'two' is 'di'. Lady Di is also of Wales and Whales factor very very centrally into the Depoe Bay equation of Katy Roe for she disappeared at one of the best whale watching sections of
water in the entire world itself. It also happens that one of the tenants so strongly resembles my sister in appearance that it startled me. I happened to note on Rense.Com from a Vermont fair from 1940's post claiming many pictures were from a fair in that State at that of them had something about a sexual relationship with family members, one breast...there was a message I determined to be French Intelligence talking about having access when someone is away.

I claimed before moving here that my case was being brought to the World Court once I can find a nation to file the claims of GENOCIDE, STARVATION, TORTURE and other crimes, such as copyright infringement. My evidence is largely on this computer as is my $10,000 budget motion picture which for the last 6 months or so have almost completely stopped progress due to the strain and pain, the ideation that people may be hurt for me going on with it. This idea of WATERGATE and DOORS "doory" like "Dori" makes me feel the management could be using keys with tenants pre-placed to do things to my place while I'm gone. I actually used an audio-recording to check if something was going on and I actually found a key turning a lock sound and then something very much like a dish was being slightly altereed...rubbed or moved out of place? That's disturbing.

4-5 days ago I noticed three 'WB" labeled padlocks on what appears to be a municipal sort of meter for gas or power outside the building. The use of '22' is so direct to the Roe case and the Arianna Grande overt '22, 22, 22' with an explosion leads me to feel that once again (this has happened to me for so long it doesn't shock me anymore), the State used me as a catalyst to make an example of their power. They want to show that they can slave me and hide everything, make broad statemnts about the entertainment industry and their power. My first film was stopped, my second film was stopped...I cannot directly say my musical career was stopped by the State but one of the members , the one who breached contract and obliterated the band (we had a $5000 recording deal with an internationally famous producer for 1 song, possible booking on Kimmel, David Bowie, Robert Smith, Carmen Electra and others were listening to the tracks, we had a manager who could book us $5000 a night...)-- the member of the band who broke it apart at the moment of success had worked with a person who was intimate with Phish, actually. I guess the bass player of Phish worked with the drummer who was influence my bassist to leave? And the name of the band that he was leaving for supposedly was called 'learning to swim'. Phish I consider to be a direct entity of the government and a mental health worker I knew was beaten in the head on the exact same evening and time as the Phish song was played nearby at a special VT concert--- which describes being brutally beaten in the head.

'WB" is like the Warner Brothers signature to the Prince/Chyna deaths (when you see Warner Brothers is directly labeled by the Zodiac Killer to be the source of the Black Dahlia murderer-- in other words, the real life JOKER character did it (with TULLY, KIRK and HODEL). Vermont is directly labeled by the ZK Cryptogram as being an organization point for the ZK Mafia which is coincidentally laden with NAZI symbolism! The German DLR is what I deduced the signatur ---through VERMONT--- and the French poem "Garston" appears to be a coded work, seemingly for pedophiles in my opinion though I've not done much to look into that aspect of it.

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