Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Am A Victim Of American and Israeli War Crimes

Terror, Genocide, Torture, Attempted Murder, Entrapment, Rape, Obscenity, Child Pornography, Trademark and Copyright Infringement, Libel, Fraud and Swindling, Gangstalking, Treason...

This is a partial list of things I can prove in the World Court of The Netherlands. The States of OR, VT and the Federal government have selected me out from justice and instead as a target. This is
directly due to the infinity formula I concocted (censored by the same newspaper which is committing many other crimes with VT), my 9/11 truth about Israelis and Nazis in the USA masterminding and pulling off the cop, for exposing a criminal rape ring run by the State of VT
with Federal powers, a crooked rape crisis center called HOPE WORKS covering it up, organizing its, prospering on it.

Everyday is a battle with the rapes of 30 men on girls as young as 12, attempted murders. This is the beginning because the Rape Trauma Syndrome (which is diagnosed officially) is concentrating an unusually high amount of trauma in my brain and body with the enormously bizarre circumstances. The newspaper defrauds a movie project which was an account of rapes by survivors themselves, in their own words. The city of Burlington stole the picture with the State of VT, getting the profits all
the way into the State Capitol building with the rape crisis center. Their fraud is open and absolute,
their thinking Ivory tower and foreign. I experience murder, rape and fraud on my name every day.
If I do not wake up screaming in pain then it is considered a rare lucky day.

This situation is threatening my life not just from the suicidal tendencies involved with RTS (I am not going to do that but it is a most common side affect of RTS even without malicious pressure to activate it, making it worse, prolong it). This is also the effect on the rape victims who wanted charges on the journalist, some of them mothers, women with disabilities and little money, people who had serious problems already with RTS in and out of suicide wards. This is a conscious murder to show us the power of the government is an occupation which gives them Rape Rights over us. I am the mascot for their abuse.

Let me say I am totally unafraid. The only thing I consider is the damage to my film company members, my family and some true friends as to what will occur should I be finally forced to defend myself and country from the hostile occupiers in this territory. Police are officially labeled as a world threat here outside these borders, all civilized countries are warned not to travel here for fear of being murdered, beaten, raped, perjured on by the insane nazi police force. The Israeli leadership and training of police from the Federal level has converted their protective ethics into one of degradation, programming for slavery, abuse outright as if we are the new Palestinians. Some of us have had enough and some of us even have training to defend themselves from this bullshit kind of occupier.

I can tell you I've had enough. Those pussies don't worry me. If they wanna end me, they might not have a real nice ending themselves. I might wind up whipping they ass. I've already reached out to a few governments for assistance, even asylum. My money and ability to make it has been removed and stopped directly by law enforcement which defrauds my royalties mechanically as a film maker, musical artist, etc. I would have been long gone if not stopped. For eight years I've done huge amounts to get something going and all projects were attacked-- musical act in VT on verge of financial success, tours, large paying gigs, etc.-- sabotaged by a person who worked with Phish. My string quartet for a film to launch the getting of work was almost stolen by another sick, crazy, wildly dishonest manipulative Napoleonic VT fuckhead. My journalism/film making was defrauded and stopped, stolen directly while I was beaten, starved, imprisoned for trying to eat, my cat was TORTURED and STARVED to death in violation of Federal and State law...then I come to OR and my new film is defrauded by fake shootings done by cops with VT court, my actors are fuckin' intimidated, then they abduct a woman from the grocery store near me who was going to go to my movie possible upon opening. The journalist Ken Picard puts her name in the picture of an article 2 days before the State steals her.

You wanna fuckin kill me? It's a lot better than what I'm going through to defend my rights. I'm unconcerned . What a bunch of fuckin PUSSIES.

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