Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Bill Shatner Is A Christ Figure

Bill Shatner plays the role of James Tiberius Kirk in the series "Star Trek", the most popular movie and tv franchise in the short history of the media. The role of JAMES I as in James the Conqueror of England who battled at Minorca, Majorca, who connects directly with the Zodiac Killer Mafia by the implications of Bernard Sanders using the 'shirt' references of the James I autobiography... resolves into JAMES Tiberius Kirk. James the Conqueror refers openly to the exceptional properties of his favored blade "Tizo" which I will only reveal so much about prior to completing the "Sword of Christ" book in a few months (due out Christmas with Camille Spain editor). James the Conqueror meets Tiberius Caesar with the use of the magical material which the Roman was famous for having pounded like gold but appeared like glass. This is the referenced property probably of the blade which was made for the first man of the Adamu or 'Lulu', hence when James I references his blade Tizo is 'luckier' than most, he is most certainly referring to it being 'Lulu-ier' for the descendent of the Adamu, the Lulu for which it is forged.

This story is the same as the LOTR series where Aragorn son of Arathorn represents James I who is of Arathon in reality. His line is the same as Strider's who is able to reforge the blade, a genetic cycle which connects old with new in the same war. The war is mathematics, slavery, immortality, technology of sacred fires (pyramid genetic science). The blade slew a giant from another world and the bearer was married to an immortal. The immortals are the line of the slave race in the reptilian dominated planetary system so many of our earthly religions center around, the Sirius B area. These long eared elvish like beings are the basis for the symbolism of slavery, of immortality and of a kinship to the Mu Pan peoples.

The history of the 'long ear slaving the short ears' is a running theme within the historical confluence of tribal peoples, Polynesian, Pan/Mu (Atlantean) references. "Atlantis" actually refers to a sacred temple itself upon a larger continental land mass and it was confused many times to represent the sunken land mass. But Mu or Pan was the common word and there are artifacts directly from it. The Spock/Captain Kirk relationship represents this slavery, immortality (and a superhuman intellect, strength). Since the creator of the Star Trek series was a police officer intimate within the circles of Hollywood, can presume he was operating under some intelligence which included some hidden histories. Police are very close to 'slaver' in their actions. Depending on how we see their actions, they are abducting people, beating them or killing them if they are not submitting to being forced to be trafficked, labor for them, surrendering all rights during their enforcement. This is slavery turned into law that we used because of the mathematical certainties of the ubiquitous forensic statutory legal system.

But James Tiberius Kirk was selected as a name for the Captain of the Starship Enterprise not for just being James I the Conqueror in a way, and as Tiberius Caesar who beheld the same stuff as the blade for Christ (in the same time period), but also for the "Kirk" reference to the Black Dahlia murderer, who was revealed by my analysis of the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram of 11-9-69. Kirk is the last name of the abortion Doctor who is named as one of either two or three murderers of the beautiful Elizabeth Short of Medford, MA. Dr. Kirk was arrested for charges related to involvement in an abortion ring which was handled in the legal system by LAPD Officer Ed Jokisch, the person I claim is the real life Warner Brothers evil villain 'The Joker". The smile on the Black Dahlia's face which was a result of a cut from her outer lips to near her ears is very overtly characterized by the Batman films where the Joker does the identical cutting of victim's faces (particularly female). There is a Napoleonic reference within the Rosetta Stone being represented (from materials in her innards), and the Egyptian hieroglyph she was arranged to be found as. The heiroglpyh means 'bearded man' but could reference laws of Hammurabi.

Gene Roddenberry being LAPD would have available insider information about the nature of Jokisch's crime. This is not a conspiracy possible at the level it functions under without complete understanding and participation by most police forces. Police departments were probably not for very long anything like honorable representations of justice since the time the citizen lost the same level of power in their civic powers. Those will be seized back all at once by a revolution as the instance of law is the survival instinct capitulated into the long-winded arrangement for government to encourage survival of its population. But the LAPD connection to "Kirk" in the abortion ring, the inside 'joke' of LAPD that they arranged the killing of the Dahlia with Warner Brothers as a statement about their Egyptian rituals is relevant to Star Trek because of this name.

James Tiberius Kirk is a concoction of words representing the Christ figure and his sword. For Jesus Christ came with a sword and he used it to enforce the laws of God.

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