Sunday, July 30, 2017

Do. I look like this guy? Canadian Hockey man

Derek Joslin

I found out my Dad who is a published respected genealogist has discovered we are truly not Phelps' at all but 'JOSLIN'. Ironically, I may be a Phelps in another line and am related to Phelps' by blood in a myriad of heredity complexities but my assuming the name of Dana Graham Joslin for my 'Sword of Christ' book is to presume the relevance of the new identity.

JOSLIN means 'running water' in the Germanic origins and is the name of the Bishop who was important to William of England in the first reign of the new King. The most important era in history since Rome was conquered in some people's minds?

I am now theorizing in my new work that the two dots of the 'ii' so prevalent in the Zodiac Killer code that it goes to ancient history is in some way related directly to the ROME and LONDON founding by the same entities. We are getting to a Hittite context sooner than later, which is of course one of the major transitions and returning to underground for the little ones.

Since I am putting forth the concept of the King James bible prescribing a NEW war against Giants, the controversy grows as the Mounds being plundered by the European invaders was only a minor reward of their conquest. Also Abraham Lincoln appears to have a connection to the Mound Builders which has been well covered up, along with his well-known Rothschild engineered assassination.

I never played hockey but was a very natural ice skater, in fact my speed was so great within a few days of putting some skates on that was keeping up with the highly skilled older skaters with the special speed skates, me being much younger with rented blades and no lessons. Perhaps would have been a fair player.

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