Friday, July 28, 2017


Camille Spain, employee of SCi CO as a multi-faceted talent for web/graphic design, book editing, publishing, marketing, etc. was assaulted last night in Laurelwood Park outside of SCi CO FILMS headquarters in Portland, OR! She was working the park early morning (4 am or so). The appearance of the individual was: 30s-early 40's, Latino, roughly 5'6, stocky build/pudgy, khaki pants, long sleeve red and black shirt. This person indicated many things that made it clear this was
*NON RANDOM*, that she was targeted deliberately as a SCi CO Team member.

The aggressor told her that his ex girlfriend's name was "Francesca" (one of Dana's ex's is Francesca), that he wanted to 'kill her boyfriend" (meaning 'kill Dana'), that he had worked previously for 20th Century Fox FILM Studios in Los Angeles, that he had previously 'broken the nose of his friend' (Dana broke Ned Harris' nose, friend from youth at time he knew Francesca), that he had blood in his pants from breaking his friends nose, that he 'wanted to KILL all his friends', he indicated that he knew about her educational history (that she had not finished her bachelor's degree? he knew this?).

 These are indications that this person was aware of intelligences which relate to SCi CO FILMS and to Camille's personal history. The use of language seems INTIMIDATING and THREATENING. She was assaulted on her breasts over her clothes. Camille went to the Plaid Pantry a block away and the store clerk eventually asked the man to get off the property, who had followed her and loitered around waiting for her.

We are going to get this on police record. It did take place in a public park.

Before night fell and we were working in SCi CO studios, a loud lady and someone else sang
Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer'...this is interesting in how obvious, distracting it was outside SCi CO's windows and because of the connection to the Wing Wa/Wing Sing Bon Jovi singing Chinese restaurant issue which goes with the Katy Roe disappearance. Precipitating the attack in the Park?

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