Sunday, July 2, 2017

Charles Bronson's Nephew CHRIS BUCHINKSY

It's pretty clear now to me this guy Chris Buchinsky, a famous artist in Hollywood who does storyboards, movie posters and lots of behind the scenes work. This guy responded to an ad
I had for a poster maker on my micro-budget indie NON UNION movie. Unfortunately, my belief
now is that he did this specifically to cause damage to it and to insult, impeded me and my movie!

Chris said several things in our conversation which bothered me. It wasn't his talks about cocaine use and celebrities that bothered me but more about how he 'ghosts'. Ghosting means infringing, stealing,
using someone else to do work then applying their name to it. Then Chris began to ask me for every
link to every clip, every model I worked with, everything about the film. My feeling is that he may
facilitate infringement and fraud for Paramount Pictures and/or other studios, other artists. I am
now feeling as though I am the victim of Fraud by Chris Buchinksy.

Chris was given $300 cash in December before Christmas to complete the poster. It is now July and he has had excuse after excuse after excuse. While he does nothing (after claiming he could 'do the poster while paying a phone bill'. it was so light a job...) about the work, he collects my unpublished
movie segments, details about my method, pictures I've taken as an artist, names of local models-- anything he can, before I stopped trusting him and 'clammed' up.

Chris told me HARRISON FORD is a pothead, CAMERON DIAZ has horrible acne and is nowhere near as good looking in real life, he talked about MARK HAMMIL and how cocaine had caused the famous accident. He told me something about that evening he claimed to be an industry secret but
now I wonder if Chris is a lunatic. My guess is he is a pedophile working in a ring to continue dominating over all competition. If he has the connection to Bernie Sanders I expect to uncover, it would become so clear.

But he told me after I fired him and he committed a CRIME in Oregon to get this communication to me-- he goes, 'GOOD LUCK MAKING IT IN *MY* INDUSTRY". Chris Buchinksy believes he owns the entire Movie Industry. This extends out of Hollywood and into teeny NON UNION Independent first time director/producer films. My film apparently belongs to Chris Buchinsky in Chris Buchinsky's mind. I take that comment as a THREAT since he was specifically told not to contact me again or it would be a State violation of law, then secondly that he claims dominion over the entire movie industry, which includes my work. His threat is that I will now encounter the racket of his big UNION and I better watch out.

This fuckin' asshole went out of his way to solicit a tiny, barely above water independent picture from another state and then he sucks 6+ months out of the project with a bunch of bullshit. Then he threatens me with his goddamn Union. I don't have any problems with the Union but if he's going to be busting my balls after swindling and damaging my little production, then I'm not going to be interested in one from him. Fuck his bullshit.

He did many things which were bizarre, my spiritual inclination is that he enjoys children from toddler to about 7. That's a guess. He is a mentally ill person in my opinion who plays with people psychologically, expects to be treated as some kind of royalty. First of all, Charles Bronson was accused of being a Nazi spy and pedophile many times. I don't know if it's true but judging from his nephew Chris-- probably. Chris seems to me an insane delusionary person who molests children,
does things to potentially murder and stop independent film makers, and he does it for PARAMOUNT PICTURES and VERMONT. Charles Bronson had a big connection to Vermont which is the State attempting to murder me for about eight years now.

Fuck you, Chris. You're an asshole and you doused piss all over the faces of my cast and crew.
The fact that my film is RAIDERS OF THE LOST CLAM!!! and you work for PARAMOUNT PICTURES which produced the RAIDERS...movies, tells me you are an agent to inspire destruction on my work as competition.

It will be some time, but I'll be confronting his double-talking fraudulent ass in court.


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