Sunday, July 30, 2017

Is It Legal To Annihilate Freemasons In A FreeMasonic Temple?

This is an ugly question and not normally one I'd prefer to ask but the occupation by Freemasons of us by using governments is more important than the US Constitution to our state of affairs. We ARE at war with Freemasons who use every advantage possible against us from positions of power they
engineer with a vast conspiracy. Their oaths are anti-American and illegal to make, they cannot legally be in government positions since it is a criminal mafia which swears to commit crimes to enforce their illegal acts. This is open and unquestioned, a tolerated racket that dates back to before Jesus Christ. It got a lot worse around Jack the Ripper's time when the evil concentrated, the rape and child slave production rings from government tightened their reigns over us.

But the question remains-- what laws prevent a person from a mass execution of Freemasons on Freemasonic Temple grounds? One would think this is of course against the laws of every country, mass murder and mayhem are prohibited by every government unless the government does it in the name of the government. But the reality is that Freemasons claim 'no crime may be committed within a Freemasonic Temple'. This is backed up surprisingly by many countries! You have to really look into it to verify the fact or not and when you realize it's true, then will understand the question I am asking a lot better. I am against violence and avoid Freemasonic Temples as a rule but the legal issue here is that the Masons conspire 'legally' there in their temples until we go there and root them out.

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