Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jesus' Real Light Saber Is A Genetic Weapon In Space

The Dark Knight satellite is beginning to resemble Earthly technology not because we are independently finding our way to an easier life through industrial applications. It is the beacon and instruction for the slaves on the surface. That is the master program and eventually the program will be complete. Solomon's light saber stone, the light sabres tech which was used to cut through stone in antiquity, the material of Tiberius with the malleable 'glass' (a material from another world which appears as glass but can be pounded like gold)...these are signs of the same issue.

The genetic line of Adamu, Lulu, "Gilgamesh". Jesus Christ- they all reflect the function of this weapon. The original war of these people was led by the crusader who wielded a special blade that only those of his creators line would be able to activate. The line has been kept since the flood. The moon arrived with the flood for a simple reason-- incubation. The mining upon it, the Kingu gold production (for we are slaves to Kingu on the dark side, who gets all the precious ores we work for in the paradigm of our organization).

The Dark Knight is the 'handle' of this blade. The Mu/Pan people set it up to complete their program from the sinking of the Pacific continent. The one they intended to wield this power is here now. It relates infinity, immortality, slavery and gold production for an interstellar economy involved with cosmic wars.

Who is the guy? What about the gals that always go with him? Hmm?

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